I told myself I would never post chapters with no stories, but here is it anyway.

So here is the two year awaited response to my lack of updates along with a major apology. I have been spending my time working on my very first novel, of which I have published to Amazon! Scroll down to ignore my book description, and just hear the apology, or read the book description.

Please if you enjoy my writing check it out! dp/B00UUQ76S8

Jason Kerrings is a walking cliche: the football player who gets all the girls and doesn't care, or does he? He sure seems to care about pushing a certain journalist's buttons.

Natalie Daniels is relying on a journalism program to stay away from her parent's dreams of Ivy League. The only thing standing in her way is one egotistical Neanderthal who is determined to make her assignment a new kind of hell.

Jason wants to prove what he's always known and Natalie wants to change their past. Jason wants Natalie to just admit that he was right all those years ago, and Natalie wants Jason to see just how wrong he was. Either way, they're at war.

Who wins when words break both their hearts?

APOLOGY STATEMENT*********************

I know that everyone wants updates to their favorite stories, and that two years of silence is extremely too long, so for that I apologize. But in my current state I am unable to spend long lengths of time updating old fanfictions. So, if any writers want to take this story over, you can have it! Just pm me and I will give you permission to take the story over.

Thanks for all the support you have given me over the years, and please check out my book. Thanks again and a million apologies.