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"The boy is miiine! I'm sorry that youuu...seem to be confuuuused!" Sherry sang loudly as she danced around the kitchen with a broom. She was a fresh 15 year old now, standing at 5'4 with shoulder length, blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"God Sherry, you've been playing that song over and over!" Shouted Claire over the loud music. This only made Sherry turn the volume up and sing even louder. *Sweat drops*

"Well now you know how I felt about 5 years ago, don't you?" Chris said, smiling and sitting at the couch comfortably.

"Yeah, well sorry for being such a PAIN IN THE ASS!!" Claire shouted the last part so that Sherry could get the hint. That didn't seem to make a difference so Claire sat down sighing as she brushed a long strand of hair from her face. Her hair was now quite long. It reached almost to her waist but whenever she thought of cutting it, Chris and Leon would threaten to kill her.

'Well atleast Leon likes my hair.' She thought bitterly. 'If only he could like the REST of me.'

Sherry was now in the living room grinding with her broom. Yes GRINDING.

Chris's eyes popped out. "Where the hell did she learn that from?!" he shouted, glaring at Claire.

"Don't look at me, it's MTV! She's always watching those hip hop clips, where the girls are half naked and getting on to the guys like there's no tomorrow." Claire said simply.

"What, and you LET her?" for some reason, that was totally against Chris's morale's. And when it came to Sherry and Claire, everything was against Chris's morale's.

"Well, yeah, she's not 12 anymore Chris." Replied Claire sternly.

"Well that..that thing she's doing...it should be made illegal no matter how old you are!" Chris said with a frown. "That's it. Not more school dances for that young lady."

"Oh please Chris. You know you'd love it if JILL were to dance like that for you." Claire teased as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down while making kissing sounds with her lips. She was then greeted with a pillow in the face.

Sherry turned the music off. "Wooh! That felt good yo!" she put a hand on her waist and looked at Chris and Claire, who were now both staring at her. "Uh...I finished cleaning the kitchen." She said with an innocent smile. They kept staring. "What??"

"Sherry, please tell me you don't dance like that at school." Chris said, frowning, his strong arms folded in front of him.

Sherry went over to Chris and gave him a hug. "Awww, course not bro.....I only dance like that with guys AFTER school."

Chris jumped up. "WHAT?!" Sherry then ran as fast as she could to her room laughing. Claire couldn't help but laugh too.

"I don't believe her! She's not allowed out AT ALL, that's it!"

Claire was still laughing at her brother, who's face was as read as a tomato now. He always took those kinds of jokes seriously. Even when he knew Claire and Sherry's most favorite thing in the world was to pull his strings. He was so overprotective but just recently started to leave Claire alone since she was 22. Now it was Sherry's turn to suffer.

Just then, Leon walked in from the kitchen door. "Howdy neighbors!" He greeted in a southern accent as he came and sat on the couch next to Chris. Leon wasn't joking when he said 'neighbors.' They literally ALL lived next to each other. Since they had gotten quite rich after defeating Umbrella, the gang decided to live near each other in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (A/N: Yes, where Freddy Prinze Junior lives^_~) The street they live in was even named 'The survivors St'. The only person who lived far away was Barry, who was still in Canada, but visited every holiday.

Claire looked down at herself and saw that she was still in her boxers and tank top. Usually she wouldn't care about these things. But with Leon it was different.

"Yes Leon, feel free to stroll in whenever you want. This house is yours after all." Said Chris jokingly.

"Hey the back door was open and inviting...besides you're one to talk Chris, you walked into my house when I was naked once!" Leon exclaimed.

"Well that's not my fault. I didn't know that it was your naked hour whenever Carlos went out." Chris said with a chuckle as he remembered that hilarious day. Claire had gotten into a fight with Leon as always, and ordered Chris to go over and get her CD's back. Chris walked in from the back door and saw Leon sitting on his couch naked watching TV. After that, he lost all self-control and burst out laughing as an embarrassed Leon grabbed the popcorn bowl to cover his 'privates', while shouting and swearing at Chris to get out.

"Well I learnt my lesson Chris. No more naked hours for me." Leon said, slightly blushing when he saw Claire was staring at him, mouth wide open.

"Thank God for that, I wouldn't wanna go through that horrific experience twice!" Chris said as he turned to Claire. "Seeing Leon naked was even scarier than being chased by Nemesis!"

Claire blushed as she imagined what Leon might look like naked. 'Stop thinking this way you perve!' she scolded herself.

"Haha Chris, you're sooo funny." Replied Leon sarcastically as Chris lost himself in another fit of uncontrollable laughter. Leon instantlyregretted reminding him of that day.

"ANYWAYS," said Leon trying to change the subject and ignore Chris's laughter at the same time. "Guess who's coming to stay with us tomorrow!"

"Who?" asked Chris and Claire at the same time. Claire in a very unenthusiastic manner, and Chris still in between chuckles. He was finally getting over it.

"Ada Wong!" Exclaimed Leon, smiling like a fool. Claire's heart skipped a couple of beats. She felt as if someone had slapped her HARD across the face. 'Ada?? Wasn't Ada dead?'

"Umm...I don't understand." Mumbled Claire, looking at Leon confused.

"Yeah I know, I thought she was dead too. But isn't this great! She called me 3 months ago and we've been talking on the phone since. She told me this morning she'd be coming tomorrow!" Leon's eyes were glowing as if it were the best news he ever heard. Obviously Claire was not sharing his enthusiasm and looked away.

"Come on Claire, you remember Ada don't you? Beautiful, Chinese woman, with the red dress?"

"Oh yes, how could I forget?" Claire said, gritting her teeth and feeling a pang of great jealousy.

Ada Wong was apparently Leon's love interest during the horrors of Raccoon City. God, how Claire despised that woman. She's been best friends with Leon for the past 3 years, always hoping, always dreaming it would become something more. But now it seemed hopeless. Why? Because Ada decided to come back from the dead and bless them all with her presence.

"Uh...Who's Ada?" Asked a confused Chris, as he looked from the happy face of Leon, to the disappointed face of his sister.

Before Leon could open his mouth to answer, Claire immediately snapped. "Well Ada is some bitchy spy, who betrayed Leon in Raccoon City. That's all." And with that, she stormed up the stairs to her room and slammed the door hard.

Leon and Chris stared after her, shocked. "What's with her?" Asked Leon, genuinely confused by Claire's unexpected answer.

"She...obviously doesn't like Ada." Chris answered, shrugging.

Leon frowned. 'Why can't Claire just forgive Ada like I did?'

Claire sat in her room thinking. 'Why is it that when something good happens to me, somethin else always has to come along and mess everything up!' she closed her eyes and sighed. Not one person knew how she felt about Leon. The only person that actually noticed Claire's strange behavior was Jill but she never really confronted Claire about it.

'God Ada, you're such a BITCH! Maybe if I was as old as Leon's mother and betrayed him, he'd like ME...can't believe Leon's goin for a girl friggin 5 years older! What a dick!'

Claire felt tears form in her eyes. She might as well say goodbye to Leon now, since that Ada would be arriving tomorrow. 'Why didn't he tell me he's been talking to her behind my back for the last 3 months! Atleast then I could've been prepared....oh stop crying you idiot. What happened to Redfield pride?' She took out a tissue box and dabbed her eyes. Her bedroom door then knocked making her jump slightly.

Claire wiped at her tears quickly. "Uh...who is it?" she said, trying to sound as cheery as possible.

"It's Leon. Claire open up." Came his voice from the other side of the door. He didn't sound so happy. He sounded ticked off.

'Shit!' She thought as she quickly tied her hair back and blew her nose as quietly as possible. "One sec, I'm coming." She said as she skipped around the room clumsily, while putting on her comfy, baggy trousers.

She then ran to the door and opened it, forcing a smile. "Hey, what's up Leon?" She said quietly trying to avoid his gaze. He didn't return the smile.

"I think we need to have a talk." Leon said sternly, not taking his eyes off Claire's flushed face.

'uh-oh,' she thought.

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