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Space Station Z Chapter One

Space was vast. Space was empty. Space was dark. And space was no place to be stuck alone with Yamcha.

It had only been six weeks and they were already having problems with the B-circuits. While the ship had been built with cutting edge technology and extreme precision, there were very few points to be addressed regarding lemon laws some seventy-five million miles from Earth.

"This one is too small. Give me something bigger," a sultry female voice spoke up from under the piping.

Yamcha grinned as he kneeled, rewiring the sideboard console. He momentarily looked down at the pair of legs sticking out from under the long tubes running the length of the passage.

"Sure," he replied suggestively in his thick accent as he held two wires in one hand. "I've got something bigger."

Chi Chi rolled her eyes and sighed at his comment. She had only known Yamcha for a little over a year and she already had enough of him to last a lifetime. "Here you go, cupcake."

She growled low, trying to contain her anger. She was fighting with herself to be civil with the man, but his attitude was really beginning to wear her resolve a bit thin. His outlook towards women had been one of two things. Either he treated them as children or he treated them as a piece of meat. It had been going on since his arrival on the team, and truth be told, she was a more than a bit sick of being looked at in a condescending manner. She knew he was Italian, but there were times she could only see him as being closer to Cretin.

"I am not your cupcake," she ground out with some effort.

He heard her muffled reply creep up from the piping and he let out an amused snort. Due to the acoustics of the corridor, she heard his reply quite clearly. She ground her teeth together as she pushed herself out from under her work to confront him.

Yamcha was still chuckling to himself and working on some burnt out circuits as a large wrench was waved in front of his face.

"Look," she stated firmly, her slight accent becoming more evident the angrier she became. "I am NOT your cupcake!"

He slowly shifted his arrogant gaze to look down the length of the imposing wrench. She sure did look angry, but despite the death glare he was receiving, he continued to smile. She sure was beautiful when she was angry.

"Oh, I'm looking," he responded as his gaze moved from the swaying object to trail down the length of her jumpsuit. It was unzipped in the front, revealing the somewhat sooty, previously white T-shirt she wore underneath. Her cheeks were flushed and the tight ponytail her hair was in was beginning to loosen slightly. "Do all Russian women look as beautiful when they are angry?"

Her dark eyes sparked with rage as she took in his obvious stare and the casual manner at the situation. Angry? He was mocking her! Angry!?

She clutched the stainless steel wrench tightly as she swiftly and gracefully kneed him in the groin, following up with a powerful smash to his forehead with her own as he bent forward to cover his crotch. She winced slightly at the sharp, throbbing pain in her head, but considered it a necessary evil as she took in his position kneeling on the floor. She had put up with his mouth and male chauvinist attitude since before their launch on the expedition. She was an independent young woman, a fighter. She didn't have to put up with his machismo crap. Angry? She was furious.

That.thing.had hit him! Just what in the hell was her problem anyway?

"I'm done with what I can fix here," she stated coolly. "When Bulma comes by, tell her I'm in section two. And Yamcha? I'm not your cupcake. Just in case you didn't hear me the first time," she finished as she tossed her head back and stomped off down the corridor, ponytail swaying as she went.

Yamcha continued to gasp for air on his knees, torn between holding his head or his nuts. Things had been much simpler back home in Italy, but one thing was absolutely clear to him.

"Oh yeah. She wants me."

"It's only been six weeks. You're not supposed to look so glum," he stated.

She smiled at her reflection in the small circular window as she gazed out into the vastness of space. She knew any type of findings wouldn't come so easily, but she had hoped that once they had made their way past Mars something would have come up. "You miss him, don't you?"

"Yes, I miss him very much, Krillin."

She would admit it to any one of her friends, mostly since they all knew already, and also because she was so transparent whenever the subject was breached. Her childhood had been a happy one, although far be it from normal. Her father, Dr. Briefs, was a well-known, well-respected British scientist. Her mother, Mrs. Briefs was a beautiful, if somewhat spacey, wealthy American socialite who had met the doctor on one of his many business trips to Tokyo, where the two had met and instantly fell madly in love. The result of such a union had been obvious.a successful world corporation heading the fields of technology and science and two lovely daughters who took after their parents respectively. Bulma took after her father, and at the tender age of three had already proven to be quite an up and comer in the scientific community. Her younger sister by five years, Marron, had proven to be exactly like her mother. She had a good heart, but her mind tended to wander far and wide with no signs of slowing.

Bulma sighed, flipping her long, blue hair over her shoulder as she thought back to her reason for coming on this expedition. It had been a crushing blow when her parents had gone missing fifteen years ago while on a deep space mission along with a small team of scientists. Bulma had been eleven back then and fully understood the gravity of the situation, but her curious and questioning nature refused to believe that they were gone forever.

Of course, after the disappearance, the family was torn apart. Bulma was sent to live with her father's family in France, while her younger sister Marron had gone to New Jersey to live with her mother's family. While the two managed to stay in touch and remain quite close, the difference in their respective upbringing was extremely evident in just about every facet of their lives, and none more obvious than in their speech.

She continued to sigh lightly as she looked out of the window. Krillin moved to stand behind her and patted her reassuringly on the back. She smiled when she felt his warm hand massage the space in-between her shoulder blades. Even though he was her sister's age and at least a whole foot shorter, she still thought of him as an older brother.

"Hey gorgeous," a deep voice greeted from the doorway to the small room that served as a type of mess hall. "We've finished the work in section six. Chi has moved on to section two."

She smiled as she turned her head to regard Yamcha standing with a small toolbox and his jumpsuit in a state that screamed a style all his own. He always wore it open at the top, with no shirt and a few gold chains hanging from around his neck. His hair was slicked back into a tight ponytail at the nape of his neck, and it always reminded her of some high fashion model who greased himself up to walk around on the beach catching some rays and picking up women. Too bad they were moving further away from the sun, not to mention that there were only three women on the ship, all of whom knew him enough not to date him.

"You look pretty tense," Yamcha commented as he set his toolkit down near the door and walked over to where some drinks had been set out. He didn't look her in the eye and he was rubbing his forehead with his palm. "Maybe later we could relax together, drink a little wine, get undressed."

Krillin rolled his eyes but chuckled as he waved, taking his drink with him. "I think I'll go help Chi down in section two. You guys behave now," he added, shaking a finger at the pair.

"Yamcha, that was ten years ago. I was sixteen. I was young," Bulma sighed finally, remembering their days together at the science academy in Oslo.

"So you remember?" He questioned with a crooked smile. "Maybe this trip could offer us a second chance?"

"I didn't invite you on this expedition for a second shot at me, Romeo," she stated dryly. "I asked you to come because you're a good physicist." She added, "AND I thought it would be a good time for you to continue your work."

"Some hands on experience?" He added as he moved to stand behind her, resting one of his hands on her hip.

"That's not the kind of hands on experience I was referring to," she replied with a smile. "You know, you haven't changed a bit in ten years?"

"That's not all that hasn't changed.are you sure you won't reconsider?"

"Positive," she stated as she spun around and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "And just to set you straight, THAT part of our relationship never happened."

"Ah," he nodded, "you always did play hard to get."

She took a firm hold of his hand and moved it from her hip as he chuckled and shrugged. They switched positions quickly and quietly, with him gazing out of the small window and her standing near the table and the beverages.

"Hi everyone!" A cheerful voice and happy smile greeted the room's occupants from the doorway. "I've finished with the checklist. Everything matches!"

"Thanks Marron," Bulma smiled and placed her empty mug on the table. "Can you help clean up the coffee break? I have to run down and finish up on the repairs so we don't blow up," Bulma teased with a wink.

Marron looked panicked for a moment, "Oh, phew! I thought you meant we were going to explode for real!" Marron's voice sounded hollow as it echoed off of the metal walls and furniture. The d├ęcor had been picked for its function, not comfort.

"Get going gorgeous. I'll help beautiful here clean up," Yamcha offered from his place at the window. When he turned around, Marron's professional function kicked in and she jumped into action.

"Yamcha! What happened to your head? It looks like you were hit with something!" Yamcha once again brought his hand up to touch the tender spot where the.thing.had smacked him with her own thick skull. Sure enough, there was a large lump beginning to form.

He looked at Bulma's back accusingly as she hugged her sister and headed towards the door. In a way, he blamed her for inviting the other lovely lady on the expedition. Sure, Chi Chi was a top-notch chemist, but did she also have to possess a killer instinct to go along with it?

"OK, nurse lady, take care of our macho man, huh?" Bulma smiled at her sister before walking out.

"Sure thing honey! Bye!" Marron waved happily before spinning around to face Yamcha. She walked quickly over to him and brought her palms up to his cheeks and squeezed them together. "Let's go put some ice on that bump."

He nodded the best that he could while having his cheeks pushed together. He eyed the table so that he wouldn't miss the platter the drinks had been served on. When she finally let go, he rubbed his face and placed his mug on the small tray before walking the whole thing to the cleaning unit installed into a section of the wall. Although he viewed cleaning up as women's work, he felt that it was the least he could do for the lovely ladies in his life. He just hoped it wouldn't have to continue.

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