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I looked at the picture again. How could this man cause so much havoc? He looked innocent, but then again that was the main idea wasn't. I ran over the assignment again.


"Find this man and make friends with him. Whatever means necessary. Do not – do not – kill him. He can be a vital asset to this corporation. You will be required to know how to get out of sticky situations. He is known vastly for his ability to slip his way into trouble and slip right out. Do not lose him. Do not let him kill you." Amelie demanded, handing me his file.

Myrnin Fwytawr stood out on the file under the cover that had been tagged as RED.

"RED?" I asked.

"Retired extremely dangerous." Amelie eyed me carefully. "Do not take advantage of that label. He may be retired, but he – as it says – is extremely dangerous." I nodded.

When I opened it I expected an older man with battle scars, but I was not prepared to see the young face to look back at me. I furrowed my brow to the small print.

Sensing my doubt, "Early retirement." Amelie stated flipping her hand to shoo me out. "Now go, the plane will take you to France in four hours. Pack light. Nothing personal. We will have your fake identities on the plane when you arrive."

I nodded hurrying out into the smoke filled air. Nobody looked up as they continued to talk on phones and type on the keyboards. The dark room hadn't gotten any brighter as I walked out into the street.

I looked out the window to the plane and saw my destination coming into view. I yawned and stretched.

"The plane will arrive at our designated destination in twenty minutes. Please put your seat in the upright position." The pilot announced and I grabbed my stuff, cleaning up here and there. I tucked the file into the pocket that I knew wouldn't get pick pocketed and watched outside the window the rest of the way.

Finally I could feel the plane begin to make its descent and I took a deep breath. Soon enough half an hour later I was strolling down the streets with a fake name, fake life, fake house, the only thing that wasn't fake were my boobs.

I rattled off in my brain where I was supposed to be. I could see the map in my head and continued to follow the path the guided me to my home for the long haul. After a few missed turns and turn arounds I finally arrived at the house.

I looked at its sharpened Victorian exterior. The panes were painted to match the house and it gave me the illusion that this could be my home. The pointed roof reached for the sky while the foundation was firmly rooted to the earth.

This was to be my home for the duration of the mission, however long it took.

All things considering, it could have been worse.


I usually tried not to frequent the same coffee shops, but I always broke that rule for my favorite café, stopping by at least twice a week. I usually tried to alternate between two-dozen or so cafes I had deemed suitable, never going to the same one more than once in a two-week period, so as not to be predictable. However, I always broke that rule for my favorite café, Reveillon.

It was a careless habit to get into, but the call for my favorite caffeine cocktail was hard to ignore.

As was the girl that was unintentionally making a small scene across the street from me.

She was arguing with a cabby as she tried to yank a small suitcase out of the trunk of the cab she'd just vacated. From what I could tell, they were having an argument over the destination, and though she seemed to be trying to avoid drawing attention to herself she was failing miserably.

Ordinarily I wouldn't care, wouldn't have even stopped to give the scene a second glance, but...

There was just something about her. Something I couldn't put my finger on. Perhaps it was because she looked a little helpless. Indeed, she looked small, much smaller than the cabby, who was at least six feet six inches and must have had 200 pounds on her. Even so, she didn't look frightened, just a little lost and upset that the dozen or so people on the street had stopped to gawk.

Maybe that was it. My superiors always said I had a weakness for damsels in distress.

Whatever the reason, though, I found myself walking across the street, stopping in front of the cabby, and saying "Is there a problem here, sir?" with my best manic smile.

He just glared at me. "No, not with you." he snapped, flicking his glance to his former passenger. She had frozen in the act of pulling her suitcase out of the trunk, eyes wide as she looked at me.

"Well, what does seem to be the problem, then?" I asked, leaning against the side of the cab and taking a sip of my coffee. "You're disturbing a rather pleasant morning. And the kind of language you're using isn't the kind I would use to resolve a problem with such lovely young lady." I gave the girl a wink, which caused her to color slightly. I really could be charming, when I wanted to be.

He scowled. "It's no business of yours, unless you want to pay for the fare she's stiffing me."

At that, the girl broke out of the silence she'd fallen into upon my arrival. "I didn't stiff you anything!" she protested. "You took me to the wrong airport! I missed my flight thanks to you!"

"Maybe if you'd told me the right one to begin with, then-!"

"I did!" She cried, waving a piece of paper. "I even wrote it out for you! And you-"

"Now now, let's not raise our voices." I said amicably. "If we don't all settle down, someone might alert the authorities, and-"

"Now see here, there's no reason for that." said the cabby quickly, cooling off and taking on a more respectful tone, just as I suspected he would. "I see no reason to bother anyone else over a little misunderstanding."

"Little for you, maybe. I might miss my cousin's wedding over this." said the girl angrily.

I turned my back to her and faced the cabby. "Perhaps you should just leave the girl be for now, eh?" I said, holding up a few notes in my hand. More than enough to make up for any fare he'd supposedly lost.

He eyed them and nodded, shaking my hand while taking them. "Sounds fine to me. Be glad to be rid of her." he muttered, skulking around to the driver's side door and getting in.

I looked over to the girl, who had gone back to giving me a wide-eyed stare. "Perhaps we should get your luggage?" I suggested lightly.

She jumped and nodded, moving to the trunk and pulling out a small duffel bag. I stepped around her and pulled the only other item, a suitcase, out. "This it?" I asked her, even though it obviously was. She nodded.

"Y-you didn't have to do that." she said as the cab drove off. "I mean-"

"Think nothing of it," I said, giving her what I hoped was a warm smile. "I can't stand to see a lady in distress."

She blushed at that. "B-but the money..." Ah, she'd seen it. "I have to pay you back. I insist."

I waved my hand. "It wasn't nearly as much as he thought it was. No more than a cup of coffee's worth folded up, really." A very expensive cup of coffee, but still. It wasn't as though I was hurting for it at the moment. "Really, it's not a problem, think nothing of it."


I set her suitcase down beside her. "If you don't mind, I really must be off, if that's okay with you?"

She looked even more flustered, suddenly. "Uh, yes, of course, thank you, sir, I-" I smiled and walked away before she could press the issue any further. When I got most of the way up the street I turned my head around to see if she was still looking at me, but she was already fussing about her duffel, lost in her own world and problem.

I smiled and waited until I'd gotten further around the corner before I peaked down at the identification card I swiped from her bag.

Huh. Claire.

What a lovely name.

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