I have lost my way with my Rizzoli and Isles story so decided to start another one from a different universe. hope this is okay.

Olivia couldn't even think, the pain in her arm was numb now and she was on autopilot. She didn't really know where she was going but clearly her subconscious did. The bust had gone bad, very bad. When it was all over Elliot was making the arrests and she didn't stop to tell him she had been hit. This was her case; she had tracked the serial rapist here. That's all she could think of now, the case and all the things that came to light that evening that she should have known before they organized this raid. If she had looked into the case more she would have known there would be a whole hoard of drunken men there getting high, she would also have known there was a 6 month old baby in the apartment and she would have known that the rapist liked to take his victims home with him.

Upon entering the apartment Olivia knew immediately she had made mistakes. She could hear a baby crying and the scene before was one of chaos, SWAT officers and perps mingled in her line of sight. She saw guns being produced and SWAT officers taking their shots. Something caught her eye, their suspect was slinking off into another room. The place was surrounded and he wasn't going to get away but Olivia followed him, as she moved to follow him the crying grew louder and changed. She was sure she could hear two voices crying out. When she entered the room she saw it was a baby's nursery, her trained cop eyes picked out anomalies in the room. In the corner a baby was crying in a dirty crib, a single bed lay empty on the other side of the room and directly in front of her was her perp only he was not alone, a young woman stood in front of him with a gun pressed to her temple. Olivia had to act quickly; the baby and the girl were here priority. She knew what she had to do; of course she was a good shot but did she have a shot to take. The man held her close; the only part of him open was his right ear. Maybe she should take it, maybe stun him or clip the side of his head.

She had spent too long deliberating her options, Olivia had no chance to react when he turned the gun on her. It went off the she felt the burning in her shoulder immediately, lucky for her he was a lousy shot. She took her chance when the young woman panicked and dropped to the floor. Olivia wasted no time double tapping him in the heart. The pain subsided as she entered the room further; she knelt down in front of the girl and helped her to her feet. Then she turned her attention to the baby, gripping it tightly and heading back towards the living room. The gun fire had stopped and she saw Elliot on the other side of the room disarming a suspect.

"Elliot, call a bus?", she smiled when she saw the concern in his eyes. "I'm fine, it's for these two", Elliot simply nodded and Olivia guided her charges outside. Then everything happened suddenly, on her way down the stairs she held the two close comforting them with hushed tones. Then a she saw a man and he saw her and bolted. Looking back now she should have stayed with the kids and not chased after him. She thrust the baby in the young woman's arms and took off after him. She made it to the street and lost him, well she thought she had lost him. Suddenly she felt something hard hit her and then nothing.

When she woke up there were cops swarming around her, Elliot was leant over her shouting. It took her a few moments to understand what he was saying but her heart sank when she finally understood.

"Where are the kids Olivia? Where are they?" he helped her to lean up onto the wall behind her.

"I left them on the stairs, there was a man. He ran so I followed him", Elliot nodded and then left her. She sat there for a few minutes and then dragged herself up. An ambulance crew came over to her but she ushered them away. Olivia knew she shouldn't go but this was all too much. This was her fault.

So here she was limping down the street, she could feel a wetness running down her arm but her mind was too muddled to realize this was her own blood. Suddenly the surroundings looked familiar, maybe she knew where she was going after all. A building loomed in front of her; it was the DA's office. Now she knew where her subconscious was taking her, the only place she wanted to be.

She took the stairs slowly, the pain in her shoulder was growing again and she felt faint. The door she desperately wanted to go through was now in front of her. She lifted her arm, forgetting her injury momentarily and immediately regretting it. She let out a yelp and finally succumbed to the pain, she fell to the floor now struggling to breathe. This was a stupid idea, she probably wasn't even here it was late after all.

She was giving up hope when she felt the door open behind her, Olivia could no longer hold herself up and she fell onto her back. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the bright blue eyes and shining blonde hair of the woman she had been waiting for, waiting for for her whole life; ADA Alexandra Cabot.

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