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Chapter 8: Rebirth


"Yeah, Her. The one with the purple hair."

Kids whisper around me, pointing to the girl who just entered our middle school class. Everybody, including me, was pretty shocked by her appearance. She sits at a desk, blankly staring in front of her, not seeming to notice the other persons pointing fingers at her. Some of them even snicker, probably making jokes about her. Ugh, some people. Can't you even wait one day before bullying the new student?

I twirl my golden braids absentmindedly, waiting for the teacher. When she finally arrives, all the students fall silent. Instead of the usual 'good morning, get out your textbooks', she greets us with. "We have a new student today! Would you like to introduce yourself?" The girl looks surprised at her, and the teacher nods encouragingly at her. The girl stands.

"U-uummm... My name's... Ellen."

I walk through the lunch line, tray in tow, gathering food on it. Once I get all my food, I turn to try and find a place to sit. I scan the area until I find a seat with only one person at it. It's Ellen.

I walk casually to the table and smile at her. "Can I sit here?"

She looks distant. "I guess."

After a few minutes of nothing but the kids in the background, I speak up. "Soooooo... You seem really spacey. Do you have ADHD or something?" She shrugs. Ooookaaayy? Is there anyway to get through to this girl? "Hey." She looks up from her tray. "My name's Viola. Do you want to be friends?"

It was really hard, but I finally got her to open up to me. She lives in a HUGE house, not too far from where I live, with her two parents. But that's all I know so far. Oh, and that she's really sick. Which is weird, because she doesn't miss a day of school.

I... guess you could call her my friend. But I do most of the talking. Or in some cases, defending. I kinda feel obligated to do it, too, because that was me a few months ago.

She really likes cats, too. I notice her once in a while kneeling and talking to a random cat. Anyways, we have six classes together, so I at least get to see her a lot. But she always has that blank stare on her face. After that first day, I made it my personal mission to make her smile. And a few days later, I did it. But on that same day, she went home with stomach pains. After that, I tried my absolute hardest to make her smile again.

It's finally winter break! And I got her to invite me to her house, too! I feel totally accomplished walking home from school to my house. I open the door and step inside, throwing my backpack on the ground. "I'm home! Dad!" No response. He must be out hunting. "I guess I'll ask him later..." I mumble to myself.

"Ask me what?" I turn to see my dad standing behind me. I jump into his arms.

"So did you get anything today?" He makes a thumbs down and sticks his tongue out at me. "Nothing, huh?"

"How was school?" I grin.

"Good! Oh, that reminds me, can I go to Ellen's house today?"

"Uh... I don't know..."


"Where is Ellen's house?"

I tap my foot on the floor, knowing he wont like my answer. "Near the forest."

"No. Definitely not."

"Oh, come on! Pleeeease?"

He sighs. "...As long as you go straight there."

"Yes! Thank you!" I run to the door, and dad calls out for me. "Viola! Be back before it gets dark!"

"I know!" I run out the door and sprint to Ellen's house.

"What? What do you mean you can't go to school anymore?" I clench Ellen's hand.

"Just what I said, I can't get out of bed anymore." Ellen replies weakly. "I'm too sick."

"B-but..." I had been going over to Ellen's house every day for the past week now, and her condition was worsening. I found out she reeeeeally needed a friend, because her parents were out of town for a while, so nobody was there to take care of her. I also... had a little fight with my dad about going to her house constantly, but he left a note saying it was okay when I left this morning.

"I'll be alright... Ah!" Ellen holds to her stomach and yells in pain.

"Ellen!" She eventually calms down.

"Viola... If I could stop this... even for a day... would you help me?"

My eyes go big. "Yes! Of course! Anything."

"Will you... Trade bodies with me? I know how to..."

"How do you do that?"

"Well see... I know a magic spell that will put me in your body..."

"Like... real magic?" Ellen nods. "... Well..."

"It'll only be for one day. I just want to stop being in pain. Just for a day."

I grab her in a hug. "Just for a day... right?" Ellen hugs me back. "Let's do it.

I wake up with a start, finding myself in my own bed, in my own room. Ellen is partially on the bed, her head resting near my legs. She breaths softly through her mouth, sound asleep. I honestly don't know what to feel about all of this yet. Should I be at least a little mad at her? What about sad that Chris is gone? Because right now, all I really feel is... Relief. Relief that it's all over. That kind of sad but happy feel, when you finish a very long story, and it was good and all, but you know that there's no story left...

It was all a dream. A dream of the past. And the whole time, I wanted to shout at myself to stop. I rub my eyes. Ellen breaths deeply, obviously having a very good dream. "Ellen?" I lightly shake her and she blinks awake.

"Wah?" Ellen lethargically lifts her head from the mattress. She yawns and stretches, then rolls her neck. "H-how are you feeling?" She asks me timidly.

I smile at her and rub my shoulder. "Mm, I'm a little sore, but nothing I can't handle." That was true. Even though I had got zapped nearly to death, I still didn't feel any pain, besides soreness in some of my limbs.

Ellen sighs in relief. "That's good. You were still breathing when I carried you to the house, so I was a bit worried." She looks down in shame. "Viola?"I look at her in... well, to be honest, I still don't know. I didn't know how to think of her at the time. But her next question would change that forever. "Even after I did all that to you..." She looks into my eyes, her own pleading. "Can we still... be friends?" My pity, sadness, and grief towards her turns into pure love at that moment.

Tears well up in my eyes, as I begin to form the words, "Of course." She leaps onto the bed and embraces me in a warm hug.

"Thank you! I don't deserve it! Thank you!" I curl my arms around her, returning the hug. We stay like that for a while, until she pulls away and sits on the bed, asking a question that's awkwardness was made apparent by her frequent pauses. "Um... also... can I... stay... in your body?" She looks away, face burning from embarrassment.

I giggle a tiny bit. "Well, I can't say I really want to change my life right now. I mean, I do miss dad, but..." I was going to mention how I'm happy I am living with Chris and his parents, but my last memory of Chris rears it's ugly head. Ellen notices my shift in mood.

"Oh, ummm... Chris's parents are okay, they weren't even that hurt, but..."

"Chris." I put simply, letting out a shaky sigh. My eyes threaten to water, so I blink rapidly to hold back tears.

"Viola... I'm sorry."

"No it's okay, Ellen." I try to smile at her, but it slowly fades away as I think more and more on my last moments with Chris.

Ellen looks at me, eyes wide, and obviously surprised by my response. "Wha-what do you mean? You're not mad?" I honestly don't know how to answer her. I can't... or don't want to feel much of anything right now. My depression deepens the more I think about it. Chris no longer exists. He disappeared. So... why didn't the rest of the world disappear with him? My head slowly leans back onto the pillow, where I get a great vantage point of the mild rain falling, accompanied by the overcast weather. How cliche.

"I-I could..." Ellen begins to console me, but my whole body is already shaking, and I'm letting the salty tears stream down my cheeks as the sobs increase in intensity. "Don't cry..." She says, but she looks to be on the brink of breaking down as well. My shaky breaths and sobs grow louder than the white noise of the rain on the window, filling the whole room with the sad sound.

"Viola! Don't cry! I-I..." I don't even justify her statement with a response. I just curl further into a little ball and sob louder. I use my arms futilely to wipe away the tears away from my face with my sleeves. "Please..." Ellen places a hand on my thigh. This friendly gesture finally makes me look up from my arms.


The little black menace sits the foot of the bed, staring back at me with piercing red eyes. I seriously consider kicking him off the bed. "Sorry, Viola. I know you don't like him, but... he told me that he could help."

I sniffle up the little courage I have to see what kind of 'help' he was offering. "How?"

"It wouldn't be such a hard thing for me to bring back your beloved Chris, you know." The cat states flatly.

"What? How? Why?" I ask him frantically, my eyes wide puffy.

"Oh, please. Think about this logically. What do you get if you take a soul if you are a witch?"

I furrow my brow, not seeing how this has anything to do with... anything. "Magic." My voice still sounds nasally.

"And so what will I give you if you give me back enough magic?" He raises an eyebrow, as if not expecting an answer from me.

"... A soul! Take it! You can have my magic! Give me Chris!"

He raises a paw to stop me. "Now hold on. As I recall, that magic doesn't belong to you." As if on cue, the door opens, and in walks Chris's mom.

"Now, now Shax, I gave my powers to her, so she has free reign over them." The cat, who's name is apparently Shax, sighs. He pauses and stares me down, making my anticipation flare up. He sighs again.

"Fine." He looks away dejectedly as soon as he says it. "But just so you know, I am not responsible for any adverse affects that happen to him. I can bring him back, that's it."

I look to Shax, then back to Isabel. She nods at me. "Bring him home." I nod, a certain confidence bursting from the action, then turn to the demon.

"Let's get started." He says, obviously bored. "Repeat after me. I, one who has made a contract with Marquis Shax-"

"I, one who has made a contract with Marquis Shax-"

"Hereby revoke my contract for the life of one human soul."

"Hereby revoke my contract for the life of one human soul." As I speak the words clearly, a warmth flows over my whole body that I can tell is the power leaving my body.

"Now, think of Chris. Think of how badly you want him back. Use every fiber of you being." I close my eyes and do just that. I concentrate on how I felt seeing him disintegrate into dust, how depressed I felt moments ago when I realize he was gone forever, and how hopeful I was when I learned I could get him back.

But most of all, how happy I was when he kissed me.

I focus hard on all of these things, until I hear Ellen gasp. My eyes shoot open. and standing right in the middle of the room, is exactly the person I want to see.

Chris. It's Chris.

What happens next is a blur. It's pretty much a combination of me jumping from the bed, leaping into his arms, and us falling to the ground. When my senses come back to me, I find that I'm crying an yelling his name like a maniac. Chris's reaction is to let out surprised "Um..."s.

Then, he does something that makes no sense. He pushes me off of him, looking at me frantically. I glance around the room, confused. "Chris? What's... Are you okay?"

Shax sighs deeply behind me. "Uh oh. Don't get mad at me for this."

Chris stares at us, bewildered and confused.

"Umm... Who are you?"

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