The gravel crunched under my shoes as I stepped out of my car and surveyed the house in front of me, Charlie's house, my house. It was now run down, the white paint was peeling and the wood was sagging and rotting. It looked like a strong gust of wind would cause it to crumble down. The surrounding forest has started to reclaim the land. The bushes in front of the house have become overgrown and weeds have taken over the lawn. It's been 127 years since I have been in this area. Coming here was Rachel's idea. She has been trying to convince me for a while to come here and when she found that Charlie's house was for sale she took it as a sign it was time to face the demons from my past. I breathed in deep, tasting the fresh air. I still wasn't sure this wasn't an awful mistake. While the town still seemed to be the same small, sleepy place that I once called home, I felt like a complete stranger. The humans that I once knew and loved are all long dead including Charlie and Jake. I felt a small pang of grief as their faces floated across my mind. At times, especially at my lowest, I thought they were the lucky ones to be able to have tasted the sweet rest of death.

"So this is Forks," a low, gravelly voice said behind me pulling me out of my revery.

I turned around and smiled at Jack. His black hair ruffled in the breeze, his pale skin flawless and perfect to look at. He was a little over six feet tall and was clearly muscular under his clothing. His honey golden eyes looked around appraising his surroundings.

"Not bad. Plenty of room for improvement," he nodded his approval as he started to move some of our things into the house. As far as anyone knew, he was my father. He appeared to be in his early 40's and had an excellent job as a successful author at the moment. He had a way with words and a gift of transporting you into another world. When he would tell his stories it was almost as if a tangible world was created around you and you were living the story right alongside the characters.

I felt an arm slip around my waist and give me hug. "It's going to be alright," Rachel, his mate, said next to me. She had rich dark brown hair that framed her face with perfection. Her skin was a light mocha brown and with her light topaz eyes, her beauty was unparalleled in my eyes. She was even more beautiful than Rosalie. She smiled at me and gave me another gentle squeeze before going into the house.

Rachel looked to be in her late thirties and she was the sweetest person I have ever known. I've never known anyone to be any more selfless and gentle. She had a profound gift for love. Rachel was the one who found me. I was at my lowest then. It had been three years since I was changed by Victoria when Rachel found me. Victoria had come back for me, seeking revenge for her lost mate. She decided that it would be a crueler fate to let me live forever with my knowledge that Edward didn't love nor want me. And she was right. Death would have been a sweet mercy to what I went through. To live was the most vindictive thing she could have done to me. When I first turned I had allowed myself a small flicker of hope in desperation that Alice might have seen my fate and come to help me. But as the weeks passed no one ever did. I started to spiral into a destructive depression where I let the animal inside take over. As a young vampire I was unable to control on my own my lustful thirst for human blood. I murdered innocents for their blood and that tore me up inside. Not only was I unloved and abandoned by the Cullens who could have helped me during this trying time, I was unable to turn for comfort to those who loved me most and thought I was dead. I was turning into the monster Edward feared I would become if I became a vampire and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was in those moments in the black pit of despair and self loathing that Rachel found me. She was like the sun breaking through after a storm. It took me a long time to learn to trust another vampire again, but she was patient and unconditional in her love towards me that I was able to finally able to cling to her light and find my way out of the darkness. When she found me, she took me back to Jack and we have all been a family ever since. Rachel and Jack have now become my rock and I trust them both implicitly.

I sighed with a feeling of peace coming over me. Even though I experienced so much heart break here, I will always consider Forks as my home. Grabbing a box, I followed Rachel and Jack into the house.