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Hinata Hyuga was sleeping soundly in bed until her alarm clock woke her up from her slumber (or how she would call it 'a break from the idiots of this damn world'.) 'Damn clock' she scornfully thought as she began hitting it relentlessly until it turned off. 'Another ten minutes wouldn't hurt' she mused as she went back to sleep.

Neji Hyuga began preparing himself for school that Monday Morning. He wore black pants that were held up with his belt and softly molded his toned and strong legs. His shirt was navy blue with a polo sign on the top left. it had a collar that perfectly fitted around his thick neck. The color of the shirt nicely complimented his chocolate brown hair that's length rivaled his cousin's. He checked his bags to make sure he had all his essentials for the semester including his different uniforms, his toothbrush, his phone, his cleets, spikes, and last but not certainly not least his hair comb. Neji had to have his hair comb. Without it...well let's just say his hair wouldn't be pretty. He began his walk down stairs to the kitchen for breakfast until he noticed his cousin wasn't there he sighed 'of course she's not here yet what could I expect.' he began up the steps and saw his youngest cousin Hanabi.

"Ohayo Hanabi-sama.," Neji said.

"Ohayo neji-niisan," Hanabi greeted. she began to smirk when she saw that he was already dressed and ready for school. "Why are you ready so early? Let me guess there is certain someone at school who you're so eager to see, aren't I right?" Neji held down his blush and was about to say otherwise until she began to continue.

"And this certain someone happens to go to school quite earl for swimming practice doesn't she? She also-" She stopped when Neji stopped trying to hold his blush and began smirking. 'What's he thinking?' she thought.

"You Know I remember Hinata bringing up a certain someone as well...What was his name again?,"Neji spoke. "Was it Konohamaru?" Hanabi glared.'Dammit 's the last time I tell you anything.' she was not pleased. She was about to retaliate until a cranky Hinata burst open the door.

"WOULD YOU GUYS SHUT THE HELL UP?! I'm trying to sleep over here!" Hinata yelled. Neji was going to apologize until he realized the time. "Actually Hinata-sama it's about time you awoke anyway. Please start getting ready now we leave in an hour. Be sure not to be late you have early orientation at school today.," Hinata's eye twitched with anger. She sighed and grabbed her towel and headed towards the bathroom for a hot shower. Hanabi glared at Neji one more time and went to her room while Neji brushed it off and headed downstairs to read the newspaper.

Hinata finished her shower and got out of her bathroom to put on her new highschool uniform. Although she never really showed it, she was actually excited to be moving up to highschool. She could make new memories at Konoha High Academy (KHA).She would leave behind all the dumb teachers that blame her for everything when something went wrong just because she was a little wity and had a smart mouth. Hinata began to put on her new uniform. It consisted of a skirt that hugged her tiny waist and loosened its fit at the end. The color of her skirt was black., and it stopped mid-upper thigh.''What a short skirt, but it either this or that sister skirt and what would I wear that for?' she thought. Hinata put on her white blouse that hugged her huge bust and tucked it in her skirt. The blouse had buttons down the middle of her upper body. She left the top three buttons open revealing just hint of cleavage. She then proceeded to put on black socks that Nocely complimented her skirt. They were just a few inches above her knee. Hinata applied a little lip gloss and parted her bangs to the side. She brushed her down, and let few locks hang in front of her shoulders while the rest hung in back barely brushing her nicely rounded butt . She looked her self over feeling satisfied with how she looked. Hinata checked her suitcase to make sure she had everything she needed for this semester. She headed downstairs to be greeted by Nejii and her sister.

"Well it's about time. You only have 10 minutes to eat your breakfast now.," He stated.

" Don't be such a priss Neji-niisan. We'll get to school early enough to see TenTen ,okay? "Hanabi said with a smirk. Neji gave a warning look to hanabi then sighed Sutherland decided not to respond." Just eat Hinata-sama.,"

Around 10 minutes later their driver came to pick them up. They dropped off Hanabi first at the middle school academy. It was the one that Hinata entered last year.

"Sionara Hanabi-chan. Don't kick the other kid's asses too hard. We don't need Outosan (a/n:father in Japanese anyone?)on our case all semester break.",Hinata said.

" I'll do my best,aniki," Hanabi retorted with a grin and gave her sister a hug.

" Sionara Neji-niisan,"Hanabi grabbed her bags."Good luck with TenTen-san!"

"Thank you.," He smirked and gave her hug shocking both girls. For Neji to break his stoic exterior like that is quite rare. Hanabi began to walk off to her dorm building,and Neji and Hinata entered the limousine again.

Once Hinata entered the limousine she became a little anxious, but when they pulled up at the school hinata replaced the anxiety with confidence. She examined the school and all She could say was 'wow'. The school was huge! It had 12 buildings. Each one had its own purpose three were boy dorms the other three were for girls. One building was for performing arts , another was for English, next science, then history, mathematics,and lastly the gigantic gymnasium and the field behind it for sports activities. Each building was four-side brick and each was labelled what the building was for on a huge plaque in the front.

Hinata lugged her bag out of the vehicle and continued to stare in awe at the school. The schhol was fuul of life. there were many clubs and activities to sign up for. So much so that Hinata would have trouble choosing. She was that she was excepted into this school.

"This school really is...amazing." Hinata stated still awe-struck.

" Hn, you get used to it.," Neji said. Hinata was about to yell at him for belittling the beauty of the school until she remembered he's already a second year. The novelty of the school had already worn off. She breathed in the fresh air and walked with assurance when she exited the limo and walked to her building.

She walked through the doors with Neji by her side to her dorm building called 'Sarutobi' and the first thing she heard was...

"Welcome to Konoha High Academy!"

Hinata looked at the woman before her who had just screamed a not-so-welcoming welcome at woman had black hair that was held up in a spikey bun with a few locks hanging out. She had green eyes and wide grin on her face. She wore black plants that were loosely fitted and a white blouse like Hinata' s, but instead of three buttons open all if them were and she wore tank top underneath that stuck like second skin. It hugged her huge boobs making them seem bigger than they are.

Hinata' s impression of her was that she's too loud and too excitable. Hinata didn't know what she was doung here, but she couldn't wait for her to leave.

" Hi I'm Mitarashi Anko, but you just call me Anko. I'll be your Dorm Advisor this semester and you are?,"

'Just Great I'm supposed to look to this woman when I have a problem yeah right. This woman is too excitable to handle the smallest of problems.' "I'm Hyuga Hinata."

"Okay Hyuga Hinata...oh! There you are. You are room 62D." She informed.

"Who is my roommate?", Hinata askeD

Hinata watched as she flipped through each page until she saw her face light up with realization. "Ino Yamanaka is your roommate this semester."

'great more annoying people to bug me.' She sarcastically thought.' this year is starting out great. So much for having a 'good feeling'. She scoweled. Neji noticed Hinata's moodiness.

" I'm sure it won't be that bad Hinata-sama. Come on let's head to your room.,"Neji said. Hinata scoffed "I've known that girl for years, and she's nothing more than an absolute bitch." Hinata stated in a matter-of-a-fact tone. Neji only ignored the comment as they continued up the steps to her room. The inside of the building was just as amazing as the outside Hinata rails were made of granite and were Victorian style along the stair case. The ceiling was like a dome and there was shandelier in the middle of it, but it wasn't too fancy and it wasn't too laid-back.

Hinata saw her dorm coming up ahead. she took out the key that was given to her and unlocked the door. She looked the room over, and she was satisfied. Not impressed, but satisfied. The room was big enough for at least four people, but only assigned to two girls. There were two queen-sized beds a decent of space between. There was one bathroom, to Hinata's displeasure, and it had two marble sinks. A tub on one side of the bathroom and a shower near was a window above the tub. it had a view of the back of the one of the other girl buildings. there was miny frige next to the computer and the desk top. there was an flat-screen television on the wall. Approximately 42in Hinata had guessed. 'I think I can manage to live here. It's not too bad.' Hinata thought. She was used to this kind of luxury what with being a Hyuga and all.

"At least your dorm is nice.", Neji said.

" I guess." Hinata replied.

"I'm going to be in building 'Sannin'. Call me or come see me if you need me, okay?"

"Neji-niisan. I'll be fine."

"Remember all the first years have orientation at 7:30."


"Remember my dorm number. It's 36C. Make sure you have my number in your cell phone meet me in the lobby here today 4:00 and-," Neji was cut off by Hinata.

"OKAY, NEJI! I got it I understand. You already told me all of this last night. I will be okay. it's just like last year except I'm here with you in the same school. If anything you shouldn't be as worried.", Hinata stated.

" That's exactly why I'm more worried than the other years,"Neji stated. Hinata was confused. "Highschool boys are absolute savages."

"Oh don't worry I know exactly how to deal with perverts." Hinata smiled at the thought of pummeling foolish boys. Neji saw her smiling to herself, and he could already guess what she was thinking. 'Oh the sadism' he thought. " Sionara,Hinata- sama."

"Hn,"She replied, and began unpacking her things. Moments later a vibrant and attractive blond burst through the door.

"Oh look...it's the slut."




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