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Sasuke P.O.V

"…Fuji Sayuri-"

"Fuck!" All heads turned to the source from which the profanity could be located. Everyone saw one girl who had her hands risen for a moment then they were placed right back down. Hinata.

She sheepishly turned her head to the mirror, and I could see her struggling with something.

"Oh no...It seems my finger has been cut-hold on..." I couldn't watch. I just turned my head as everyone began giggling. Even Kakashi was weak.

I saw him write a slip and hand it to her as he tried in vain to cover his giggles. She got up angry clearly. She sucked on her finger.

I'd I hadn't known better, I probably would have assumed that Hinata was in fact jealous. She would never curse because she got a small cut on her finger, but I had no other choice but I knew better than to dream like that.

Plus, Sayuri is cool. Although, she's a bit vague. Kind of weird, but she didn't give mixed signals or beat me up just for looking down her shirt.

Yeah, Hinata did those things.

She funny too, and pretty flirty. And pretty. She was my no.1. I was planning on making it official actually. I could imagine us being together. But break starts this weekend. Two weeks in Aruba. No reason to start a relationship with her and I won't see her for two and half weeks.

I sighed thinking about the disappointment from my parents. They had all bet their savings on it. Literally. It won't be that bad. I did what I could honestly. If she don't want to be with me, she don't want to be with me. Now here's someone who likes me, and is actually sane. That's literally the first time, this has ever happened. My parents can't just expect me to sit and watch while she has dog-no, bitch boy(how contradicting) is sticking his tongue down her throat.

Sayuri walked towards me with a big smile. I smirked back trying to keep my eyes off Hinata. She pointed behind her with a confused look.

"what was that all about?"

"Huh?" I shook my head to get out if my daze. She looked behind her to Hinata. She was now out of sight, but Sayuri saw her. She looked at her hands probably feeling betrayed. I immediately felt bad. I wrapped an arm around her, and placed chin on top if her head.

I would try to start up her old conversation, but that involved Hinata so things would not go well. I could've talked trash about her, but I could only do that to her face.

"So you any good at MMA?" She wiped her left shoulder with her right hand, then she cockily sniffed.

"I don't like to brag, but..." I laughed. Her giggle was in sync with mine. It was...cute. I felt my cheeks warm. Weird.

Temari P.O.V (Still when Hinata First got sent to principal)

I sat with my head leaning on the glass mirror. The supervisors were being stupid, and delaying the practice for the new girl. To be honest, I didn't have an opinion on her. Ino and Hinata didn't like her, but I just feel mean so I agreed. I don't know why either.

I watched as Ino and Naruto bickered. They were having fun while doing it though. I could tell. My heart quenched a little when he told told her to shut up, and kissed her. I smirked.

Neji and Tenten were doing basically the same but Neji seemed to be losing. A lot. In all the years I've gone to school with him, I've never seen him apologize. Not even in the fifth grade when he knocked that first grader over when she was enjoying her ice cream on the swing set. Sad day it was.

Tenten however, seemed to be joking as she laughed and hit his shoulder. He looked deeply relieved.

I sighed. It was like there was something missing. I don't know what. Something...maybe Hinata' s complaining? I inwardly laughed.

I felt myself become more and more tired as waited. I dozed off a little. I needed a good nap. I wouldn't mind a nice view of the sky with fluffy clouds to top it off. I've been hanging out with Shikamaru way-that's when I snapped awake.

I was missing a first year.

I missed Shikamaru.


Way to go Temari. You did it this time. You fell for a kid.

I need a nap.


Ten minutes later


As I rolled wake, I saw that Sayuri was almost done. I got up, and pulled at my pants.

"Alright, class. We are finally ready to start practice-" Gai started, but Kakashi stopped him, and whispered something.

"Ah, I see. Okay, who would like to go fetch Hinata-san?" He asked. I was about to volunteer, but Sayuri was quick.

"I'll go. It has been awhile since she was sent to the principal."

"You don't need to do that, you just got here. Get yourself acquainted-"

"Kakashi-sensei, I want to go." She said a bit eagerly. I squinted at her, and crossed my arms. I snorted, but I was also confused by her eagerness. Didn't she want to stay flirting with Uchiha?

"What YOUTH! I have high expectations for you Fuji-san! High Hopes indeed!" Gai chanted. Kakashi gave him a disgusted look. Sayuri smiled, and thanked our senseis, and headed out.

As soon as she started towards the exit, a hand poked me on the shoulder. My eyes widened when I saw it was a crouched pinkette looking at me expectantly. What did she want?

"Could you please not touch the material?" She removed her hand. "Thank you."

"Come with me." She commanded like she was top secret agent. Too bad for her I don't take commands.

"No thanks, I would rather continue my boring nap." I stated. It wasn't until my arm was pulled up, did I feel the need to snap her neck.

"Hey-what the hell are you doing?"

"Temari where you going?" Tenten asked as she got up.

"I don't know ask this crazy ass-"

"We are going to go see what this Sayuri girl is all about." Sakura stated. Tenten followed behind me along with Neji, and I saw Ino and Naruto arise too. I saw Sayuri stop just as the door closed on my vision of her.

"So I don't understand why I am coming. And aren't you supposed to be at your own cheerleading practice. I find it quite perplexing that you're even here." I dumbly stated.

"Just come!" She commanded. Again.

"Temari don't go if you don't want to." Ino chimed in. Sakura kept her eyes on me.

"Yeah, Temari. Sayuri is long gone to Tsunade-sama' s office. " Not necessarily...I sighed. If I do go, I might be lead into a trap ending in my "not too pretty, not too ugly" face as Shikamaru describes it, completely ruined. If I don't go, I'll be the fifth wheel again, and stuck be day dreaming about wind. I don't know why wind. Another strange coincidence.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Might as well feed my curiosity.

"C'mon, I saw her stop. Hinata must be there." I said. I ignored the looks my friends have me as I walked to the exit door. Sakura excitedly followed.

They all had reasons to dislike her. They knew her. I just knew of her.

We pressed our ears to the exit door. I wasn't really sure what to think of Sayuri. Like I had said before, I just felt mean, but I didn't know her. For some reason though, everybody but me did.

The door was cooler, but I felt myself squint at the voice on the door. It sounded like Sayuri, but her voice was...different. She sounded so-not like the cheery person I imagined.

"You're sharp. I always knew you were from the first time I saw you..."

Sasuke P.O.V

Sayuri walked away, and I slouched annoyed and bored. I smacked on my gum. Naruto and Neji were flirting with their own. Man, where is Shikamaru when you need him.

I saw straight ahead that, Temari looked as bored as me. She looked like she could've just woken up. She's starting to remind me of him, and he was her. They should just get together already. I got up, about to walk towards her. I guess I will take what I could get. I stopped when an annoyingly familiar girl with pink hair and short shorts grabbed Temari from sight.

I saw the distress in her eyes. She looked angry and tested. Hmm. Maybe I Should help her, but that would involve interacting with Sakura...

As I sat up, Ino and the others filed after them. I followed them with my eyes. They were bickering until Temari actually walked with Sakura to the exit. And like stalkers Ino, Naruto, Neji, and Tenten watched them do God-knows what when they put their faces to the door.

I slouched even more into my seat. Practice really seems like a dub today. I just don't understand why-I jolted with surprise when I heard a scream. I looked over at the exit. People had already rushed towards it.

I got up and scratched my head. I slowly jogged to it. We made easy, and what I saw was...pretty unbelievable.

Sayuri was on the floor. Crying apparently, and Hinata was standing right on front of her looking very angry.

I could assume only one thing: She pushed her.

Sayuri got up sniffing, and pulling her gear. At first, I felt mostly shock, but a protective sense came over me, and I felt a boiling feeling course through me.

I looked up at Hinata, but she made me no attention. Smart move on her part.

What the hell was she thinking? She could've actually hurt her. I saw Hinata get escorted away.

I clenched my jaw. "You alright?" I asked.

"Y-yeah, I'm just a little bruised, but I should be fine." She answered.

"What happened?"

"I, was just walking towards her, and she lashed out on me. Next thing I knew I was on the ground with a lot of pain around my head."

"What did she lash out about?"

"I-I think she mentioned you, I don't exactly remember." She touched her head. I caressed it, but couldn't help but think how I could have caused this.

"Here, I'll take her to the nurse." It was the teacher from the other hall. I had no idea who she was. Sayuri took her shoulder, and headed to the nurse.

I crossed my arms, and shook my head.

"Don't believe her Sasuke. She's a liar." Sakura stated. I felt my face twist.

"Because you tell the truth all time."

"I'm serious!...this time..." She ended weakly.


"We were listening in on Hinata and Sayuri' s conversation. She's not who you think she is we listened to it the entire time, right Te-where did you go?" She turned 360° before calling Temari over.

"Temari!" She called. She was leaning her head on the wall, but she walked over to us.

"Tell him about 'it'." She stated. Temari giggled.

"Alright, so it starts when a boy and girl really like each other, and-" She stated. I let out a small chuckle. Sakura gave her a look. "Alright, alright, so yeah. Sayuri is a liar. She isn't actually as sweet as she puts herself out to be. She apparently has been jealous of Hinata since they were in Suna. She said she always took her 'spot light' away from her, and-but she still likes you, but mainly because Hinata lik-" She cleared her throat. I felt myself lean forward. Hinata what now?

"Not only that, but we're positive that Hinata did not push her. So basically that's it." Temari finished. I sighed. I rubbed my face, and leaned on the wall as I rubbed my temples.

How does one respond to this? How do I feel about this? I'm so unfeeling today aren't I? I'm asking myself way too many questions. I sighed again. I already made my decision, and I would suck by it. So what Sayuri used to be a little jealous and mean? Who cares? It's not like the rest of the school isn't. Okay, she may have lied about some stuff but who hasn't? Her feelings were genuine and true, and that's all I really ask for.

"I'll talk to her about her framing Hyuga to see if it's true or not." I told them. Sakura was jaw slacked and Temari just looked unsatisfied. I didn't like their looks. More specifically Temari' s. I could expect this from Sakura, but Temari? ,"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked her. She cruised her arms and shifted her weight to one side.

"You're making the wrong decision." She stated.

"What do you want me to do? Go tell Sayuri man up and apologize to her? Because that would make difference," I sarcastically added. I was fuming." It doesn't matter what she says to her. It still going to be the same way it was the first time around. That's just how she likes things. Never changing. She stubborn as hell. Fucking Capricorns and stubbornness. Even if Sayuri pours her heart and soul into an apology it wouldn't make a difference. It's like She doesn't believe in change. You'd think you could make her swoon after showing her the difference between her and other gi-people," It was clearly no longer about Sayuri and Hinata. Everybody has a breaking point. And this was mine. "Yes, girls. But does she care? Does she give a rat's ass? No. Oh, then she finds h that fucking bitch is attracted to her . So what does she do? What does she do? You know what she did? She went out with. She let herself like him. You know how much of an insult that is to me? Then you're coming to me saying 'the making the wrong decision.' How? Please explain to me: How?" I was breathing hard and could feel my nostrils flaring. Temari stood in the exact same position, but her eyes softer and a lot more satisfied than before.

"That's a good start, Uchiha." Huh? She smiled at my confusion. "At least you're being open now." Oh yeah.

I shrugged. "I suppose you're gonna go straight to her and tell her all of this?" I asked.

She smiled whole heartedly, and touched her chest. "Why of course I am." I shook my head.

"Thanks." I sarcastically added.

"Look, I might not tell her all of this if you let me help you and one other thing." She said.

I rose a brow. "What's the other thing?"

She looked at me with hardened eyes, and crossed arms. She actually looked scary. That says something coming from me.

"You are to break off whatever you have with Sayuri."

Hinata P.O.V

"Hyuga Hinata, you are assigned an entire month's worth of community service and two weeks of ISS. Kakashi, it's up to you. Is she still on your squad?" Shizune asked.

I looked at him hoping and pleading he would know that I was innocent or at least let me start on the team. I basically squealed at him to let him off my desperation.

He sighed and rubbed his neck. "She is still on my team, however is to be demoted from first spot to our towel agent/water girl." He stated. I was grateful, but I deserved my spot. I did nothing to deserve this.

I glared at Sayuri. They had so easily fallen for her story, but if course they did. I mean she looks like the innocent pure one, whereas I had the 'look at me and I'll kill you' face. She also wore that white bow. White. Purity. Of course. Me? Multiple black sharp ass piercings along my ear. Her body was right for her. It wasn't under developed or over developed-if possible. It was right for her age. Me? I looked like I could smash at least five Times a day. Now I might be boasting, but these were facts, and its probably demise of this situation working in my favor.

"Before you go, Hinata-san, is there anything you'd like to say?" Shizune asked. No. Well...

"Even though I didn't push her, she deserves much worse than a petty shove."

Hinata P.O.V

"So why am I being called when here? It had better be important. I am scheduled for an important meeting soon." My father impatiently added. Yep, that's right. I got a phone call home and a conference for my 'inadequate behavior'.

"Your daughter has in just one day, use a profanity, made another student feel uncomfortable by doing so, pushing said student, and disrespecting said student. You're daughter is in for whole lot of trouble sir." No I wasn't. I only did one of those things. Well, basically two, but one lead to the other!

My father bit the end of his glasses bud. His face was clear of emotion. Almost as if he was trying to absorb the information. "Now that doesn't sound like my daughter at all. I heard nothing but good things from her teachers." He started. Shizune nodded.

"Yes, I know-"

"If you know, then why an I here?"

"It's just that-"

"What's your name sweetheart?" As soon as he said sweetheart, I knew this would be over soon. That's how he always does it when he sees easy wins in arguments.

"Shizune Kato, sir." She informed him. He nodded.

"And what is your position of power?"

"I am regularly vice principal, but-"

"But you are vice principal. Not the principal. Where is the cool blonde one?" He asked. She looked taken aback.

"She-She went home early today sir. She gets back tomorrow"

"Oh, okay. I will speak to her then. In the meanwhile I will be leaving. Thank you for wasting my time." He told her with a small smile.

"But sir we must discuss her actions and her decline of the truth."

"You want the truth? Okay, let's hear the truth. Hinata Hyuga, did you or did you not push the girl?"

"No, sir I did not." I answered.

"Did you use profanity?"


"Were you punished?"

"I have the slip for detention to prove it."

"Did you make her feel uncomfortable?"

"She was a perfect liar. So no." My father smiled again.

"Well there you have it. The truth. As for punishment, all of them are to be expelled. Well, I will be on my merry way. Thank you again for wasting my time. Good day sir."

"I-" Shizune started.

"'I' what? 'I' as in 'I was wrong and wasted a very important man's time' ? 'I' as in 'I know you are a powerful man. Please don't destroy me like you should'? Because I can, but I won't. Solely because I have better things to do. So next time you choose to waste my time by telling me 'your daughter is in trouble' for something she had not done, please rethink it. I've got much better things to do. As do you because I'm sure you've got pile of paperwork you're still slacking on because you keep calling up parents about their children being 'in trouble'," He gestured with questions on his hands. "and my daughter should be in her dorm studying like the excellent student she is. Not held up by by false pretenses made by her own vice principal-excuse me'principal'. So really. I am truly grateful that you had me. Really, extremely grateful. My meeting with the president was so worth it. " He sarcastically finished. Shizune looked like a kicked puppy.

"I-I am so sorry sir."

"Oh, really? Because I never would have assumed. Honestly I thought I should have been the scared one right, Hinata? She has summoned me away from my duties. But what should I expect? She is the vice-once again excuse me 'principal', whereas I am only the C.E.O and acting president of the most productive business in the world. You are are basically king of the world, no?" He asked. Shizune looked smaller somehow.

"I will immediately have all punishments concerning your daughter taken away." She told him.

"Oh please take your time, I wouldn't want you to strain yourself. It's not like you can go back in time and take the initiative by doing so prior my visiting. Oh, but what am I complained about? You are the queen, right sir?" He said. I was positive Shizune was to scared to actually correct him about her gender.

"O-okay, your daughter is of the hook, sir." Shizune cleared weakly.

" I should just invest in my own school if this is what they call 'best quality school' in the country." My father mumbled.


"Hm? Oh nothing, you were just using an a dumb expression concerning my daughter's whereabouts. Anyways, I will be on my merry way," he mockingly curtsied at her. "Good day, your highness."

I am led out after my father today impressed with his tactics, but not at all surprised. That's how he works. He can automatically turn people into his bitch. Make them fear him without effort. He's a sadistic, powerful man. And I aspire to be just like him.

"What an absolute waste of time." He sighed. I walked him to the parking lot. He clicked a button on his key and a car noise went off and I saw his 2014 navy Bentley.

It's parking location?

You guessed it, the handicapped zone.


Hells no.

He walked to the car. "So I will see you in three days?" Wait what?

"Three days?"

"Yes, for Aruba, no?"

Later that Night

"So three days? Yeesh." Tenten spoke.

"Well I'm freaking excited. Two and a half weeks of no school!" Ino basically shouted.

I groaned. This is great. Just great. The thing I had been hoping so badly not to happen, happened.

I sighed. wonder what he's doing now.

"For the 100th time. I am not going too tell you how I am going to help you until you fulfill your end of the deal."

"So if-"

"No ifs no buts. Come back to me when you do what I asked you to." Temari walked away with a surprisingly extremely quiet Sakura.

Well this is a bitch.


Boys dorm


"Hey Sasuke. Where ya been? Everybody left early for practice and didn't see you in the locker room."

"Been talking to Temari bout something." I answered. I threw my body face down in the sofa and let out a low groan.

"What's wrong, champ?" Naruto asked. I sighed into the pillow, and looked up at him.

"Be honest with me...who do-"

"Don't ask me." He cut me off. Huh?

"You don't even know-"

"Yes I do. And don't ask me."

"Then what-"

"You were gonna say 'who do you think I should be with? Sayuri or Hinata?' And I am not saying." Selectively smart bastard.

"Well I answered for you when it was between Sakura and Ino. You're not gonna do me this one service?" I rolled over.

"I am not going to do it because I promised myself I wouldn't. I knew it would come to this and I don't want to be the deciding factor. This is your choice. Not mine. So please leave me out off this one." He said with his hands up.

"So you're not even gonna give me a basic opinion?"

He sighed."Just choose the person who's gonna make you feel the way you need to feel." I squinted at him disgusted. I threw a pillow at him.

"Thanks for the help," I sarcastically said. I told my eyes, and my face went sour. "You sounded like a total bitch right there. The hell was that?"

"My trying to help you." Where the hell did my best friend go?

"No, just stop. Be-be stupid again. I barely like you when you're anything else." He Laughed.

"Think about that next time you dumb."

"No, you need to think of that as a compliment."

"So I've been thinking about this 'take down Fuji Sayuri thing and I'm kind of liking the idea. And maybe if we're lucky, Sakura is still interested." Temari spoke first.

"Don't worry about it. We got it covered."

I cleared my throat nervous."Pardon?"

"Let's just say it's either a really great birthday gift, or the gateway to your never going out with Sasuke..." She muttered the last part, but I heard it loud and clear.

"Do tell." I asked her to explain.

"It's a surprise. Wait on it." She alluded. She laid back down.

I suspiciously observed her. She was unusually lethargic these days.

"So class, we are going on break in a few days, but I have a small assignment for you to complete. It's just asmall character analysis of the book we recently read-Gone With the Wind , choose any character you want, but make the project really represent them." Kakashi stated. The class groaned.

"Partners?" Sakura asked.

"Yes." They cheered."but I assign them." I stiffened. I eyed Kakashi nervously. I was sure had of all the rumors circulating about Sasuke and I. It would be cruel for him tho pull any stunts concerning that.

"Lucky for you, I didn't waste time to conjour up a list at the top of my head, and made one this morning." He waved a thin sheet of paper. He stapled it to the board.

He looked at the class. "Well, don't just stand there. Come look." The class moved in a flock towards the board. As soon as the crowd dwindled, I took a look.

Hyuga Hinata...Inuzka Kiba

Oh, well that's nice of him.

I looked at Kiba with smile glad he was my partner, and no one I couldn't stand. He walked over, hands in his pockets.

"So now that we all have our partners, spread out and make sure you have enough room to think." Kakashi instructed.

"By the window." I pointed to the empty seats. As we sat down, I found my mind already picturing the project. "So of the story did you actually read?" I asked him.

He squinted. "Do I read?"

"I'm serious, how much?"

"I didn't read any of it."

"But you got a 100 on the last quiz."

He shrugged. "I guessed."

I have him fake glare. "Liar. Don't try to get out of this project."

He smiled, and put his hands up. "You got me. I read all of it. Now I can take over the project, and her a 100 for both of us." His tone spelled that of a total lie. I told my eyes.

"Fine. Then the least You could do is write our names on the board, and get some glue and scissors." I said.

"Alright." He got up from his seat and yawned with a stretch. As he extended his body through a full motion, it made me realize just how much Kiba had grown. His muscles were clearly defined, and large. Very large. Bigger than Sasuke' s I think. Probably from football. His jaw looked strong-like it was for cracking nuts. His face was no longer cute, but manly. I smiled at the small stubble on his chin that wansnt there before. The sharpness of his nose, and his eyes were what transformed him the Kiba I knew before, and the Kiba I know now.

When he caught me staring, I cleared my throat awkwardly, but that didn't stop him from eyeing me suspiciously and laughing. "I recognize that look." He said as he walked the glue basket. Whatever that means...

Out of my peripheral, I could see dark locks being pulled on by its person. Sasuke was partners with Naruto.

At least it isn't Sayuri.

Kiba returned in no time. "Here's the glue. So what character are we doing?"

I thought about the main character of the book. He was gallant and brave. A solider of course, but shoulders weren't born. He was a trooper. He fought through his conflicts.

Something I just can't seem to do.

"Hey can borrow that?" My jaw clenched at the voice. My face went sour.


I ignored it. "Excise me." She tapped my shoulder. I grabbed it.

"Don't touch me." I snarled in a painful demonic voice, but she didn't flinch.

"Here." Kiba have her the glue while giving me a confused look. It's not even Sasuke anymore. This was was just a display of my hatred for her.

"That was very disrespectful." She said. I turned to her.

"What don't you get? I don't like you!"

Sasuke P.O.V

"Okay, so the character analysis?" Naruto thought aloud.

"Read it or nah?"


"Of course not."

"Hey! You didn't read it either."

"Did I say that?"

"No, but..."

"Least I had the decency to sparknotes it."

Naruto wore a triumphant smirk. "Ha! Don't give me that! You're just as bad as me."

"Shut up Dobe, we still have to figure out this project. It's not gonna get done."

"Yes it is," He said apathetically. "It's only Wednesday. We've got time."

"Oh really, is this what you do for all your assignments so that they turn our neat and clean like how they always ?"

"Yes sir," I pulled at stands of my hair.

"And besides, if I was you, I would be checking out my main not a stupid project."

My head turned to Sayuri. She was catching up on the book with Shino. I gave a suspicious look. He better not get-

"Not her, her." He pointed past my ear, and I saw Hinata with Kiba. I caught them at the worst moment too. Hinata was starting at him like a piece of meat. I Sherri shrugged off, but I knew my face said more than nonchalance.

I still haven't gotten back to Temari.

"Yeah well I would be more focused on that if I were you." Shikamaru was back from his trip (even though break is in line two days-stupid decision for such a smart family.)and he was partners with Ino. Not to say that they Like each other what with them both moving on, but they had history. Summer of eight grade to the early summer of ninth. I can't fathom how Ino pulled that off without Sakura getting angry. Probably used an excuse of how to get close to me. Everyone knew they played out off as a brother-sister type thing, but it was too obvious. From the sentimental glances and quarels they would never elaborate on-they might as well have put there status on their foreheads.

"Wait, huh?" Naruto shot up alert. "Oh come on. That was like an eternity ago." He shooed.

"I met Sayuri an eternity ago..." That was enough for him to get up and walk over and ask for assistance.

In his absence I watched Hinata work, but all she did was stare at the cover of her book. Then Sayuri approached. Once thing led to another, glue was passed and this happened: "What don't you get? I don't like you!"

Before MMA

So I have invented a way to get Hinata back-"

"I never completely agreed to this."

"Sure you did. You're still a little confused is all."

"Temari she doesn't want to be with me." The words were bitter in my tongue. She sighed.

"You asked her?" I looked up.

"No..." She gave me a suggestive look. Just ask? "Sounds stupid enough. I think I will." Just then, a suspicious Hinata walked around us to the dojo her eyes never leaving us.

If she could stare blatantly like that, then I shall do better.

"Hinata," is what I would have called out had she not already turned to leave.



Pracice was a blur. All I could think about was getting to Hinata. She was in a completely different squad than me.

But that urge quickly waned as she continued talking to Mutt-boy a.k.a Bitch.

Why is he here? He should be doing football things outside. Why is he here?

He did eventually leave, but I never got a chance to even glance at for more than a second.

By the end of practice, I was determined to at least get a word in. After finishing in the locker room.

I stepped out. Hinata was there talking, her back turned to me. She seemed to be in a heated argument.

"You guys keep asking the same question. It gets annoying. That's all we ever talk about: Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. We are not his fangirls right? How about Kiba?" Temari vigorously gestured for her to go on, but my interest was caught. I laid my stuff down in the chair. "I had a talk with someone, and it made me realize somethings. He's chill. He actually likes me, doesn't have a girlfriend I hate and I could picture myself-"

I didn't let her finish. I felt a hefty weight of deja vu. I stormed out remembering to slam the door behind to let her know of my presence.

So what does this mean? She wasn't dating Kiba? It Was happening too fast. I didn't know what to think. I was confused.

No that was an understatement. I was perplexed to the highest level.


Two hours later


I woke up in a daze. The room was dark except for everything but the lamp. I looked around for awhile before setting my head back down.

I rubbed my head. I felt around for my bag. I looked around. Nothing.

Damn it. Not again.

I sighed. Where's Naruto? "Whatever," I got up. I knew if I thought too long, I wouldn't My bag until tomorrow.

I took keys, and headed out. It was raining. of course.

I had no umbrella.


The rain hit my warm body, and consumed it with wetness. "The things I do just to please my father." I grumbled. I held my body tight, angry at the world.

The dojo was in my vision. I let out a sigh of relief. I went up the steps, only to open to a locked door.

I kicked the door, and leaned on it head on. I let out a groan.

"Hey, Sasuke." A feminine voice greeted. How demonic are these fangirls tho come out in the pouring rain just to torture me?

"What do you-oh, hey Sayuri." I haven't exactly talked to her the entire day what with my chasing Hinata around for a lost cause.

She was wearing her signature white bow-which was actually the ink"I thing that I could ensure was her. I stepped down tho her umbrella, but she backed up.

"You only come under for a kiss, and if you accept my gift." I still had yet to even see her face. The umbrella shadowed her from me.

"Sayuri?" I cupped her face, and kissed her deeply. I broke the kiss.

"Sayuri?" She kissed a little differently. I inwardly shrugged.

She had bag in her hand. My messenger bag. I smirked. "Thanks."

"No problem. Well, I'm gonna go." Her voice sounded more vague than usual. Actually kind of deeper. Must be the rain.

"You don't wanna come over?"

"Mmm...I would, but-"

"It's okay. It's only a Wednesday. Could you walk me to my dorm though? Umbrella."

"Uhuh..." She answered. The walk there consisted of squishy shoes and a silence that the rain couldn't deter. As we got to my dorm, she said goodbye.

No goodbye kiss? I sighed. "Sayuri if you heard about that Hinata thing, I will forget her. If you wanna take that next step, I am for it. It really wouldn't work out anyway." I muttered. She stopped, turned and kissed me one last time before running away.

"Should I take that as a no?" I called. She kept running. "Whatever."




I unlocked the door. Naruto was not yet back. I sighed as I unwind on my loveseat. Five minutes later I heard a knock at the door. It was too light to be Naruto so I got up. Again.

I sighed as I opened the door.


"Changed your mind?" I asked. She looked confused.

", I meant to give this back to you, but you left early." She stated. It was my messenger bag.


I looked for the other one. It was on the sofa.

I opened it. It was full of ripe tomatoes, and a warm miso soup. I couldn't put two and two together.


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