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Warnings: Language, slash.

Set one year after the movie.

Daniel walked to the door of their apartment and grabbed his cell phone and wallet. He then turned to face the living room.

Henley was flipping through an outdated magazine, Merritt was sitting on the couch with his arms folded over his chest, ankles crossed; resting on the coffee table. His Fedora covering his face as he slept.

Daniel looked at his boyfriend, Jack, who was seated beside Merritt, he was flicking cards into one of Merritt's Fedoras lying the ground across the room. He hadn't missed one yet.

Daniel couldn't help but to think how adorable the youngest magician looked as he concentrated before making the card soar across the room. They had gotten together almost immediately after Dylan had showed them The Eye.

"I'm going out," He said, getting everyone's attention, well except Merritt's.

"An old buddy of mine is meeting in a bar downtown. I'll be back around midnight." He walked over to Jack and kissed his right temple.

"Don't wait up for me Darling."

"Okay. I - I love you," Jack said and blushed a color that made a rose look bad.

Daniel chuckled. Jack would blush at any sort of public display of affection. He thought it was simply adorable.

"Love you too." He smiled brightly.

With that said he walked out of the apartment and onto the street. He flagged down a cab. It took almost thirty minutes to get to the bar his friend had told him to meet him at.

It was surprisingly quiet inside of the bar, minus a booth full of men shouting at a football game on the television, there was a few girls giggling at him as he walked further inside.

"Danny!" A tall man threw his arms up excitedly.

Daniel walked over to the bar where the man stood.

"Hey Ronnie! It's been years!" He gave the other man a one-armed hug.

"It's good to see you, Danny. I just got out of the office. It's been really hectic lately."

The man was tall, taller than Daniel, his hair was alight brown, he wore blue jeans, a light blue button up shirt and nice black dress shoes.

Daniel motioned for the bartender to get him a beer, "Yeah, tell me about it."

"I saw you all over the news. " Ronnie said quietly so no one else would hear him.

"Yeah, we've had to keep in the shadows for the passed year."

"You're a wanted man Daniel." He stated, a little amused.

"I know," Daniel took a sip of his beer, "I don't regret anything though. It's weird, but I had so much fun it's unbelievable."

Ronnie shook his head smiling, "You were always the bad kid in high school."

The two friends talked late into the evening, catching up on things.

"Hey, check it out." Ronnie discretely pointed across the room to two young women.

"You still my wing man?" His words a bit slurred.

Daniel shook his head, "There's something I've been needing to tell you."

All thoughts were on his Jack.

Ronnie slung an arm around his friend's shoulders, "Oh, just for a few minutes won't hurt. Come on." He lead him over to the girls' table.

"Hey ladies!"

They giggled at him.

"How are you supermodels doing this fine evening?"

They giggled again.

The blonde one motioned to the other chairs across from them, "Why don't you guys have a seat."

The two men sat down.

Ronnie ordered them all another beer.

Daniel looked at his wrist watch, blinking until his vision was cleared.

"Ronnie, I have to get going soon. I told my friends I'd be back by midnight. It's almost 2!" He had told Jack not to wait up for him, but he always did even if Daniel just went down to the gas station or the grocery store. Jack must be worrying out of his mind.

"Oh live a little Danny boy! More beers!"

This would be Daniel's eighth beer. That was his limit...his movements were getting shaky and he couldn't think straight.

The red haired girl slid a chair over next to him and began whispering his ear and blowing on his neck. He doesn't remember much after that.

Meanwhile back at the Four Horsemen's apartment Merritt and Henley had long since gone to bed. Jack had picked up his deck of cards out of the hat for the tenth time since Daniel left. His boyfriend was two hours late and he couldn't help but to think the worst. For instance what if he had gotten arrested? Or if he was mugged and laying in some back alley somewhere bleeding to death?

Henley came into the living room in a loose white t-shirt and blue stretchy shorts. Her long red hair was a tangled mess as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with the heels of her hands.

"Hey Sweetie," She went over to the young boy and rubbed his back, "Daniel still isn't back yet?"

Jack silently shook his head and flicked another card into Merritt's Fedora.

"Try not to worry too much. Daniel must have lost track of time, that's all. It happens."

"But he's never been this late before. What if something happened to him?"

He stood up and walked over to the door and grabbed his signature black leather jacket off of the coat rack.

"I'm going to look for him." He unlocked the door and opened it just a crack before Henley reached in front of him and closed it.

"You will do no such thing. It's almost 3 o'clock in the morning. I am not letting go out this late."

"Henley, thanks for like, you know, being all motherly and stuff, but if you have forgotten...I grew up on the streets."

Henley grasped his upper arm gently with one hand and with the other took the boy's jacket out of his hands and hung it up.

"Come on Street Rat."

"Hey!" He looked at her offended.

She ignored him and led him into the kitchen.

"You won't be able to sleep until Daniel comes home, right?"

Jack shook his head.

"Didn't think so. So, that is why I am going to give a Calm. It's natural, but it helps you sleep. I came in here to take one too...I'm worried about him as well and I can't sleep."

"Henley, no. I couldn't..." Before he could say anything else she trust the tiny white pill in his hand and as she walked over to the sink she grabbed a glass and poured him some water.

"Here, take it." She urged.

He sat the pill on his tongue and downed half the glass of water.

Henley crossed her arms over her chest.

"Let me see." She ordered.

Jack rolled his eyes and opened his mouth so that the girl could check to see if he had swallowed it.


He sighed and lifted up his tongue.

"Okay, you're good."

"I am not a little kid." He groaned.

"You just turned twenty years old. You're a kid to me," She got herself a pill, "But you're our kid."

She took the glass out of Jack's hand and drank the rest of it.

She then rinsed the glass out in the sink and walked over to Jack.

Rubbing his back softly, "Let's get some sleep. Daniel will come stumbling in sooner or later."

The two friends retreated into their rooms.

The next morning Jack reached over to cuddle into Daniel's side, but his hand came in contact with the cold bed. He shot up, alert.

Where is Daniel? Did he not come home last night? He thought as he jumped out of bed and walked into the living room.

His eyes fell onto the couch, it was pulled out into a bed. There was his Daniel...

Daniel was sprawled out across the bed, a thin sheet came up to waist, a woman was in a lacy pink bra. Her head rested on Daniel's chest and he had an arm around his shoulders.

Jack stumbled back.

No, no, no! This is wrong! Why would he do this to me?

It felt as if all oxygen was sucked from him. His whole world came crashing down around, burning to gray ashes.

He walked backwards and walked right into Henley.

"Ow, watch where you're going Jack." She scolded.

"Sorry," He let a choked sob as he rushed passed her and into his and Daniel's room.

"Jack, what's wr...?" Her eyes fell on Daniel and the woman.

She slowly brought a hand to her mouth, "Oh my God..."

She ran to Merritt's room. She burst into the room, startling the oldest magician awake.

He shot up in bed, "What the hell?"

"Come on. Get up." Her voice was shaky.

"Something wrong?" He got up and threw on a t-shirt as he followed her out of the room.

"Shit," He cursed as he saw his friend on the couch.

"Has Jackie seen him?"

Henley nodded her head.

Soon Jack emerged form his and Daniel's bedroom. He wore black jeans, a gray long sleeved shirt with the sleeves bunched up to his elbows, and a pair of black and white converse high tops. He had his black leather shoulder bag across his body and a duffel bag clutched tightly in his hand.

"Jack," Henley half whispered, already knowing the answer, "What are you doing?"

"I - I can't stay here. Not after..." His eyes averted to Daniel for a brief moment, "I just have to get away for a while."

"Oh come on Jackie, you can't leave." Merritt said.

"Please," He begged with tears in his eyes, "Do not try to stop me."

He looked at his hand. On his ring finger rested a shining black metal band. Daniel had given it to him on their sixth month anniversary. It was also the first night they exchanged their first I love you's. Daniel wore a similar one; a bigger one of course. It was a constant reminder to Daniel just how much older he was than Jack.

It had been the best night of Jack's life. He remembered every vivid detail of that night.


Daniel had taken Jack out to Central Park one night, of course the gates were chained shut, so they had to sneak in. Daniel led the younger man through the trails until they came to stop by a large oak tree. It had white Christmas lights dangling down from it's branches. There was a small round table with two plates of spaghetti and an expensive looking bottle of whine.

"What's going Danny?" Jack asked.

"Well, I am not the person that celebrates one month or three month anniversaries, but for you I am making an exception. Jack David Wilder, you have changed my life, for the better. You are my whole world Jack. I love you. And I want us to be together always. I know this a little old school, but I was wondering if you would wear this?" He held up a black metal band.

"I want everyone to know that you are taken; that you are mine."

Jack was speechless for a moment before blushing.

"I am taking your blushing as a yes?" Daniel asked with a hopeful look on his face.

Jack nodded, "Yes, I'll wear it." He flashed his signature smile that Daniel loved so much. The one where you could see almost every one of Jack's shining white teeth and the corner by his eyes would crinkle up.

Daniel smiled as well and slipped the ring on his boyfriends finger.

He brought a hand up to the back of Jack's head and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. Jack lifted a hand up to Daniel's cheek as Daniel's free arm found it's way to the small of Jack's back. After the heated kiss they stared at each other for a moment.

"Danny?" Jack asked breaking the silence.

"Yes Darling?"

"I love you too."

Daniel's heart sped up and he was scared it jump out of his chest. He smiled and led Jack over to a small hill, passed the table and unfolded a blanket and that's where the couple spend most of the evening making love.

End of flashback.

The ring seemed to burn his skin now. He dropped his bag on the floor and twisted it off his finger.

He looked at it for a long time. It meant so much to him, but it seemed to Daniel that all it was, was just cheap plastic.

Jack sat it down on the kitchen counter.

"Jack," Henley whispered in disbelief, "No."

Jack then walked over to the door and grabbed his black leather jacket on his way out.

Henley walked over to Daniel, with unshed tears in her eyes, and smacked him hard on the chest.

"Wake up you idiot. Wake up!"

He snorted as he shot up, but soon winced and grabbed his head.

"Ow. My head. I feel like I got shot out of a cannon."

"I hope you're happy Daniel Atlas!" Henley screamed.

"Um, it's no big deal. It's just a hangover. It'll go away in a few hours."

"You totally fucked up man." Merritt commented.

"What are you talking about?"

Before his two friends could say anything else.

The woman beside him hummed and slowly sat up, stretching as she did so.

Daniel's eyes widened.

"Hey," She said seductively as she trailed a hand down Daniel's chest.

"Hey yourself, bitch! Get out of our apartment!" Henley was so mad her face turned a tomato red.

The red haired girl scrambled out of bed and picked up her clothes. She didn't get dressed, she ran out of the apartment in her bra and panties, her clothes clutched to her chest.

Merritt found it quite amusing.

Daniel lowered his head into his hands.

"Oh my God. How could this happen? I mean..." He thought back to last night, "Ronnie and me were having beers and then everything is just blank."

"You got shit faced." The oldest magician said.

"Do you have any idea how worried Jack was last night?" Henley asked, her arms crossed over her chest.

Daniel's head shot up, "Jack? Where is he? Does he know...?"

"He was the one that found you two." Merritt said with a grim face.

"W - where is he?"

The other two looked at one another before Merritt said, "He left."

"Left? Where did he go? I - I'll have to talk to him when he gets back." Shame was washing over Daniel like the plague.

"I don't think he's coming back, Danny." The red haired magician said.

"He took his things with him. You broke him man." Merritt said.

"What? No, he has to come back! Why didn't you stop him? No, no, no! This has to be a nightmare!" He pulled frustratingly at his dark locks.

Merritt walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up a small object and dropped it into Daniel's hand. He just gazed at it for almost ten minutes. The only thoughts racing in his mind was; Jack left, Jack's gone, my Jack is never coming back. He was sure of it.

What Daniel did next shocked the other to magicians; he broke out into sobs. He hunched over his lap, his shoulders shaking hard. He held the ring that he had given Jack to his chest; over his heart.

"Oh God, Jack. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Henley sat down beside him and pulled him into a tight hug as he sobbed into her chest.

"Shhh," She cooed into her friend's hair, "It'll be okay. Everything will be just fine. We'll get our boy back."

With Jack:

As soon Jack exited the apartment complex he got into a taxi.

"Where to kid?" The elder man asked him, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

"Uh, I don't know. Um..."

"Come on kid! I don't got all day!" He complained.

"To the docks."

As the man pulled away from the curb he asked, "Why there?"

"I used to perform there."

"Perform? Like sing or some something?"

"I am a magician, sir."

"Oh yeah? You remember those four magicians from a year ago? Now what was their name? The Four Horse People or something...oh that's right! The Four Horsemen. The shit those four could do. Damn, it looked impressive, but it was all hooks and wires, if you ask me."

Jack couldn't help but to give a breathy chuckle through his tears.

"Yeah," He said softly, "I agree."

"You alright there kid?"

"Um no, not really." Jack said truthfully.

"You're not going to hurl or anything right? 'Cause if you are I'll pull over."

"No, I'm good."

"Okay." The older man began to ramble on and on about anything and everything.

Jack stopped listening a long time ago. He couldn't get the picture of Daniel and that girl cuddled up on the couch together out of his head.

Why would he do this to me? Has he been cheating on me this whole time? I wasted a whole freaking year of my life thinking he was the one for me. My one and only and then he goes and rips out my heart and stomps on it, but it's okay though. Really. I am used to being on my own. I don't need anybody. I didn't need anyone when I was growing and I certainly don't need anyone now.

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