Hey guys! I'm back, I've had SERIOUS writers block and I've just been busy. I can't count the time I've opened my text files and sat down to write but nothing comes, I'm sorry but I'm here to stay now! I'll be catching up on all my old stories but in the mean time, check out a new one! I hope you enjoy! (2 OC'S, one new, one old but renewed!)

Chapter 1 : Scarred beauty.

I've never been too proud of my looks. I was made fun of all through school for not being what everyone wanted me to be, bleach blonde, covered in make-up, skimpy clothes, social, went to parties, drank at the weekends. I was the kind of girl that sat in doors, locked away in her room on her laptop. I have jet black hair that comes down to my shoulders, my bangs sweep across my forehead and threaten to cover one eye, my ears are both pierced multiple times and I love it. I wear skinny jeans and band tees, I wear multiple wrist bands and I wear converse, so basically, I'm your typical American angst-y emo teenager… except for one thing. Looking over myself in the mirror, I sigh.

"My name is Andie Hawke, I'm 16… and I'm a burn victim." I say to myself in my mind, I move my hair over the left side of my face. Scars run down the entire left side of my face, beginning at my temple and running down my cheek, to my neck, down my arm and inner rib and all the way down the outside of my leg. I was 10 when it happened, I was traveling to my uncles house before our car toppled can set on fire, my brother was 5 years older than me, when he seen the fire, he wrapped himself around me to protect me, he's still alive but his entire back is scarred but he's happily engaged and his girlfriend loves him all the same.

I'm too afraid to leave my house because people gawk at me, they point and laugh, whisper names. I have friends but mostly online and in different countries. People call me beautiful online but they've never seen my scars. But the thing today I'm most grateful for is moving. I'm leaving Florida for good and moving to France, a country where I'll have a new start, new school, I speak the language perfectly because of my classes in school.

"Sweetie! It's time to leave!" my mom calls from downstairs, I fix myself in the mirror giving my clothes a tug, for better or worse, I'm moving to France.

Sitting down in the terminal, I stare around, there is a crying baby to my left and it's beginning to give me a headache but I smile through it. I hear whispers to my right and throw a quick glace over and see a young girl, tugging her mom's sleeve and pointing at me,

"Mommy, what's wrong with that girls face?" she asks her mom, her mom looks at me before mouthing a "I'm so sorry.", I wave it off and smile while shaking my head, quickly she leads her away by the hand.

My attention suddenly directs to my stomach, I realize I have to go to the bathroom so I excuse myself to my parents and make my way to the bathroom, as I turn the corner I see two boys, roughly my age, standing there laughing, looking down at the floor I walk past them but not before one of them stands in my way,

"Where you going honey?" he says, grinning, I don't want to look up at him,

"Leave me alone." I whisper, he takes a step forward, "Please."

"That's not a very nice thing to say, so why don't you raise your head so I can get a good look at you." He says pulling me into him by my shoulders, I break away from him and take a few steps back before looking him in the eye,

"OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE, YOU FREAK?" he cries, him and his friend start bursting out laughing, I feel my eyes well with tears and I run past them and into the bathroom. I dart into one of the stalls and sit on the lid, softly wiping my eyes.

I wash my hands after going to the toilet and slowly make my way out, I poke my head around the corner to see if they were still there, they were. I take a deep breath and quicken my pace as I walk past them, they notice me and one of them calls,

"Hey freak, where you going? Come back! We can put you in a show and make millions!" he calls, they both burst out laughing as I begin running back to where my parents were, I get back and sit down and instantly pull my knees to my face, I feel a hand on my back.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" my mom asks, I wipe my eyes and force a smile,

"Nothing! I just hit my elbow and it made my eyes water was all." I say with a grin, she smiles but her eyes still showed worry.

"We're about to board now, you ready?" she asks, I smile back and nod, we make our way over to check in, hand our passports and tickets for inspection before being handed them back,

"Thank you and enjoy your flight!" the air hostess said with a smile, we smiled back and got on board, took our seats and buckled in as the plane took off for France.