Chapter 14: R&R.

The wind blew harshly across the courtyard at the students of Kadic, the sun was hidden behind a veil of dark clouds, signalling rain. It was 3 days after Halloween the and excitement had died down at Kadic only to be replaced by the freezing cold of late November.

"It's too cold for this!" Ulrich moaned, the rest of them nodded, him, Yumi, Odd, Jeremie, Aelita and Andie were sat outside at the hot drink machine, Odd put his money in and ordered some soup,

"Come on Ulrich! It's not too bad!" Aelita said, pulling her winter hat further down her face with a bright smile, they gang was currently bundled up in the most heat preserving clothes they owned, Aelita wore a winter hat with two tassles which was white, a light blue fluffy coat with blue faded jeans and white fluffy uggs.

Ulrich, Odd and Jeremie wore pretty much the same clothes, a heavy jacket for warmth, ranging in colours, dark jeans and a set of different colour converse each,

Yumi and Andie wore a black zip up over a hoodie with blue jeans and black vans, they were all huddled in the tiny room the vending machine was in,

"Anybody seen Deane? He hasn't been in this mornings classes and plus, it's lunch! He needs his tea or else he gets cranky!" Aelita asked, the others shook their heads,

"Nope, haven't seen him!" Odd said as the bell for the final classes rang, they all grabbed their bags and made their way to class, they walked to the classroom as they waved goodbye to Yumi who walked in the opposite direction, Ulrich stopped to stare after her and sighed.

She was in her final year, it was almost Christmas, she's be graduating in 5 or so months and he had another year left, he felt his heart sink,

"You okay buddy?" Odd asked, placing a hand on Ulrich shoulder, he nodded and then followed the rest into the class, they all took their seats as the teacher called out the register,

"Ulrich Stern?" she called,

"Here!" he replied,

"Aelita Stones?" she called,

"Here!" she smiled,

"Deane Sheerin?" she called,

Silence followed,

"Deane Sheerin?" she called again, "Does anybody know where Deane Sheerin is?" she yelled, the others coughed uncomfortably, the door swung open,

"Here." A voice mumbled,

"Deane Sheerin, where have you been?" the teacher asked, he glared at her,

"Does it matter?" he shot back,

"Just go sit down beside Aelita." She mumbled, the class stared at him, he looked exhausted, he dropped his bag on the table and sank into his seat, feeling multiple eyes on him,

"Deane? What's wrong?" she asked, he didn't look at her, just down at his lap, "Deane?"

"If you don't want me to get mad at you too, I'd respect if you leave me alone." He replied flatly, she blinked in response, she looked him up and down, he looked pale, his hair was under a beanie but she could tell it was messed up, his eyes had dark bags under them,

"Have you slept the past few nights?" she asked, he sighed in defeat,

"No, I haven't." he replied,

"Well, why not?" she asked, he just blinked in response,

"I'll tell you later." He said flatly, she nodded as the lesson continued.

The last class bell rang and the class packed up, Aelita turned to check where Ulrich, Jeremie, Odd and Andie were but when she turned back Deane was gone, she rolled her eyes, she waited outside for the others as Yumi appeared beside her,

"The others still inside?" she asked, Aelita jumped,

"YUMI! No scaring me! But yes!" Aelita squealed clutching her chest in shock, Yumi sighed softly,

"Aelita, let go of your boob… You're drawing attention!" Yumi sighed in frustration, Aelita looked around and noticed she was indeed right, people around her were staring and suddenly Aelita found herself extremely uncomfortable,

"Yeah, sorry.." she said as her hands dropped to her sides just as the others walked out of class,

"Where'd Deane go?" Ulrich asked, adjusting his bag onto both shoulders,

"He just took off!" Aelita said, there was an uncomfortable silence, "So… It's Friday, what's the plans for tonight?" she asked,

"Well as far as I know, Yumi and I are heading into town tonight, so is Jeremie and Odd, you two girls want to come?" Ulrich asked as he gestured to Aelita and Andie, both girls smiled,

"I'd love to!" Andie said, beaming at Ulrich's politeness, Aelita nodded and smiled,

"Sure! It'll be fun!" she said, the gang began moving to the canteen for dinner but were stopped by Deane,

"Hey Deane! How's it going?" Yumi smiled, no response, he grabbed Aelita's hand and began dragging her off,

"What the hell are you doing?" Ulrich yelled, pushing him away, making him release Aelita, he looked down at her wrist, it was gone red from where he had grabbed her, Deane just smiled and ran off in direction of the forest, the gang looked at each other with worry and ran off after him.

They followed him along the forest path until they lost him,

"Where the hell did he go?" Ulrich said, placing his hands on his knees to catch his breath,

"Where'd who go?" a voice came from behind them, it was Deane who was currently eating an apple,

"Why'd you do that to Aelita?" Odd asked diving onto him, bringing him to the ground, his apple fell out of his hand and rolled across the mucky ground,

"Aww man! C'mon! Get off! I didn't do anything!" he pleaded, Odd rolled his eyes,

"Bullshit! We all seen you!" Odd said, gesturing to the others behind him, Deane managed to wriggle out from under Odd and stand back up and dust himself off,

"I swear I didn't do anyth-" Deane stopped talking, "What the…" he said, raising his arm to point behind the others,

"We're not falling for that Deane!" Jeremie said smugly, Jeremie felt a tap on his shoulder, "What?" he asked, Yumi turned him around,

"Oh god…" Jeremie said, the others turned around to face, Deane?" Andie and Deane couldn't understand what was happening,

"A spector…" Ulrich whispered, the others nodded,

"Guess Xana's attacking!" Odd joked,

"Xana? What's a Xana?" Andie asked, the warriors shared a look of question between them,

"Only one of them." Jeremie said, the others looked at Deane and Andie,

"Deane." Ulrich said, Odd raised his hand,

"I second that." Odd piped,

"Andie." Yumi replied, Aelita slowly raised her hand,

"I'm with Yumi." Aelita said, looking at the ground, she wanted to pick Deane but k new if she didn't it'd cause her and Yumi to fight and she didn't need that, they looked at Jeremie, he furrowed his brow,

"Fine. I choose Andie, now can we get going?" Jeremie said, Ulrich and Odd looked disappointed,

"Fine." Ulrich said,

"But what about Deane?" Odd asked, Ulrich stepped forward,

"Sorry for this Deane. But you won't remember this tomorrow." Ulrich said, placing his hand on his shoulder and pinching his pressure point, dropping him into sleep like a stone,

"Guys! Get Aelita to the factory quick! I can't hold off this spector for much longer!" Yumi who was currently fighting off the spector cried, they nodded and ran deeper into the forest,

Aelita threw a look over her shoulder and Deane laying on the ground and felt bad, it wasn't fair on him, he'd go to Lyoko with her, she'd make that promise to him if he was awake.