Chapter IV
Meeting Percy

"Don't feel bad, I'm usually about to die."

The right response to this sudden announcement was up for debate. To be fair, a lot of emotions had to be catalogued in before the proper response could be given. There was confusion (I mean, Poseidon suddenly had a son? Was he just born? Right at this moment?), there was happiness (everyone had seen the longing look in his face whenever he spied the gods and goddesses watching their children), slight rage (really? You tell us you have a son, now?), and just all around disbelief.

Thankfully, the two heirs of Olympus had no such trouble in cataloguing their own emotions, which was happiness. They were happy for their uncle, at the same time thrilled to have a new addition to their small group.

"Congratulations!" Thalia said with a wide smile as Nico nodded along. "Is it a boy? If it's a girl, tell me it isn't the annoying type!"

"He is… a boy." Poseidon said, sea green eyes distant. Athena's eyes narrowed at the tone, there was something he was not saying. "A boy of mere ten or eleven years in age."

"Ten?" Zeus said in disbelief and Hera pursed her lips. Although she had accepted Thalia and, begrudgingly, Nico, the unfaithfulness of the gods still struck a never in her. "Have you been keeping him a secret from us, brother? Trying to raise him as a secret weapon to turn on us?"

"Father!" Thalia said just as Nico frowned at his uncle. They knew that the king of the gods had issues when it comes to his seat of power, but still this was ridiculous.

"Peace brother." Surprisingly, it was Hades who spoke this time. His dark eyes were trained at Poseidon who looked lost at the moment, no doubt trying to see with his powers the state of the boy he claimed his son. "This is Poseidon we are talking of, he is not that underhanded and most certainly not me. He may have had his reasons to keep the boy hidden and to suddenly blurt out his existence in the middle of the meeting."

"Or else, he did not know of the boy's existence until now." Athena injected as most of the Olympians turned to her. "It is a possibility, if we take into account his own surprise."

"Uncle, is this true?" Dionysus was the one who asked out of curiosity.

The Sea god sighed and sat back in his throne, massaging his temples, "It is. I have not known I had a son until now. My last er-" He gave a wary look in Hera's direction, "Conquest was of a woman named Sally Jackson. I did not think that our meeting bore fruit. Amphitrite found out eventually and- I never saw her again after that one night."

"One night stand? Never thought you were the sort, uncle!" Ares gave the earthshaker a roguish grin." The king of the Seas frowned as Hermes smiled at the false accusation and interrupted.

"Well, this is all well but I prefer to see the boy myself if it's alright? Hestia?" Hermes inquired softly to the goddess by the hearth.

The young girl smiled as her eyes burned with the warmth of Olympus. She raised her hands, effectively spreading the flame upwards as everyone gazed into it.

Poseidon's grasp on the arm of his throne tightened as his brief vision of his son flashed in front of them. Except this time, without the disbelief and surprise clouding his senses, he was able to see that something was terribly, terribly wrong.

"Oh!" He heard Aphrodite gasp from somewhere.

The scene showed of an alley near the docks. A thin boy with dark mussed up hair and green eyes, swollen black and blue was shivering and coughing as he sat on the cold pavement.

"Is that-?" Thalia's small voice registered before it abruptly stopped as she swallowed thickly. "Uncle, that's-"

"It can't be because of the monsters." Hephaestus grunted, "He's ten you say? But those wounds don't seem like they come from monsters."

The young boy with Poseidon's face tried to stand up, wincing at his movement as he rubbed at his eyes in irritation.

"We should-" Dionysus looked highly uncomfortable, "Shouldn't we do something?"

Ares grumbled, "Kid's tough." He said when the young boy of Poseidon winced but gritted his teeth as he tried to stand properly despite the many wounds on his knees.

"Hermes." Hera said in a clipped tone, but her eyes were tinged in something close to concern. "Go offer him your assistance."

Hermes nodded hastily, disappearing on the spot as everyone kept their eyes trained on the flames. Hestia was frowning herself, as she looked at the scene unfolding.

Almost instantly, a shadow appeared by the alley. Hermes was wearing a postman outfit an umbrella on hand, probably an attempt not to scare the young boy. He rounded the corner and was not surprised to see Poseidon's son, struggling to stand up. He offered a wary smile as his blue eyes scanned the lad from head to toe.

"Hey, boy, would you want some help there?" Hermes stepped forward just as the dark-haired boy turned to him. When he was close enough he placed a hand inside his bag and produced a thermos filled with a small amount of nectar to help him heal. "I have something here that can help with your pain-"

However before he could finish the sentence, the small version of Poseidon straightened and limped through him as though he wasn't there.

Hermes dropped the thermos just as all the watching Olympians eyes, widened.

Artemis stood up and placed a hand on the flames. "Hermes, come back immediately." And just like that, the god disappeared from the alley and reappeared in the throne room, panting.

"What was that?" Nico demanded in surprise and disbelief. "Was he- Is uncle's son dead? Is he- Is he a ghost?" He glanced at his father, whose black eyes were wide. Hades shook his head and exchanged looks with Zeus.

"The boy does not believe in gods." Zeus said and he turned his old eyes to Poseidon who had buried his face in his hands. "In any gods. We cannot intervene or guide him at all."

"But-" Thalia protested as he turned to the flames which were slowly going back to its normal size. "We have to help him! We have to do something!"

"True, the boy must be turned immortal or else," Demeter nodded gravely, "He will be the one in the prophecy and by his state, I do not think he would be fit in making any decision."

"But what can we do?" Aphrodite said, looking at her fellow gods.

Athena was the one who answered, her stormy gray eyes turning to look at both Nico and Thalia, "Simple. We make him believe."

Poseidon lowered his hands, turning to look at the wisdom goddess, "How do you propose such a feat?"

"We will send the heirs of Olympus to deal with him personally, to convince him." Athena said calmly as everyone settled down and turned to her. "Thalia and Nico will be sent to the mortal world to retrieve their cousin."

"NO!" Zeus and Hades said at once, causing almost everyone to jump in surprise. Thalia and Nico, who were surprised by the sudden offered plan, turned to their fathers in curiosity and at the same time, defiance.

"There are many monsters who will be after them." Zeus said in a grumble, "Even if they are immortal, they can still get injured."

"And their scents are extremely potent and powerful, monsters within a ten-mile radius would be attracted to them." Hades said with a glare.

"Do you have a better idea?" Athena challenged and the two immediately quieted.

"And what do you say about this plan, uncle?" Apollo asked the sea God who had become quiet.

"I do not wish harm on my niece and nephew," Poseidon said tiredly, "But if they can help my son in any way then-" He turned helpless sea green eyes towards his brothers.

"Husband," Hera said as she placed a gentle hand on Zeus' arm. "I think it is up to Thalia and Nico to decide whether they want to help their uncle. After all, we owe your brother as much, don't we?"

"Frankly, I don't see the problem." Ares said as he crossed his arms, "These two are definitely strong enough to handle any monsters. They've, after all, being trained by me personally."

"But it is still up to them." Hermes said, he sounded tired from being walked through by Poseidon's boy. "They can think of this as a quest of sorts. I will help in any way I can. I'll find information about uncle's son."

Hades finally turned his sight away from his brother and looked at his son, "So? What is your answer? Will you go despite my objections, Nico?"

Nico and Thalia exchanged a quick look and a nod. They had always been close ever since Thalia had been turned immortal and through the past years they had strengthened their bond, easily being able to read each other through movements and eye contact.

"We'll go." Nico said as Thalia gave them all a stubborn glare. "We'll do it for uncle and his son, at least."

"And I know you don't like hearing this, dad. But try to imagine yourself in uncle's shoes. What would you do?" Thalia turned her electric blue eyes to her father's, who sighed.

"You are stubborn." Zeus said with fond exasperation. He cleared his throat and said, "Very well, you have my blessing. We will help with the preparations and in a week's time you will be sent to the mortal world. Hermes do your best to gather information, Artemis and Apollo help them pack the necessary supplies, Ares train them as best as you can for the next several days, Hephaestus upgrade their weapons, Aphrodite you can help in making them appear as mere mortals, and Dionysus-"

The wine god nodded as though he read his father's mind, "Yes, I'll inform Chiron. He can pose as a History teacher there and maybe help in pounding some Greek history into the brat's head."

"Very well." Zeus noted the expression of relief in Poseidon's face before he turned to them, "Any objections or questions?"

The Olympians murmured a negative.

"Then we can be dismissed." Zeus said as thunder rumbled and pretty soon most of the Olympians were gone on their preparations.

"We'll start training later. Aphrodite and I have somewhere to go." Ares said to Nico and Thalia as said goddess linked her arms with him.

The two heirs nodded as they turned their heads towards their fathers who had turned towards Poseidon.

"Thank you brothers." The Sea god said heartily, "You do not know, how much this means to me."

"Trust that my son and Zeus' daughter will be able to guide him where we can't. Once he has seen sense, you can speak with him." Hades said quietly.

"Yes." Poseidon sighed, "I must go now, please send Hermes to my palace once he has gathered information. I wish- I want to know why my son is in such a state."

"Of course." Zeus said in a serious tone as the Earthshaker vanished into air. The two gods turned to Nico and Thalia who had been listening on the sidelines.

"We will not fail you. We'll make uncle's son believe at the very least." Thalia said confidently and with a smile. Nico just nodded beside her, looking young despite the fact that he was older by four decades.

"Of course you will." Hades nodded as though it was already decided. "Protect your cousin as well as you can in the next few weeks."

"Yes," Nico agreed, "We owe uncle Poseidon at least that much."

A week later…

Two kids entered the halls of Yancy Academy, a private school for trouble kids in upstate New York. Most kids and adults paused as they entered that halls, obsidian and electric blue eyes taking in their surroundings with practiced ease as they made their way to the administration office where a certain centaur awaited to greet them.

"Aphrodite did a good job in making sure we fit in." Thalia complimented the goddess of beauty under her breath as she gave a steely glare to the older kids that were looking at them funny. The two of them were wearing a pair of comfortable jeans and t-shirt instead of the traditional Greek clothing and armor back in Olympus. To Aphrodite's horror, they both picked the color black, refusing to back down when she forced them towards brighter ones. The lady of the doves had to make do, choosing them stellar t-shirts and jeans despite the dull color, making them stand out slightly in the crowd of students.

"I can't believe that she made us change outfits twelve times before we left." Nico grumbled, "And add to that, we look like twelve-year-olds again!"

"Oh the horrors of undergoing puberty twice." Thalia smirked, "We're eleven by the way, not twelve. Don't blow your cover. And besides, it's just the mist. Hecate just adjusted it so we look like eleven-year-olds to them. Technically we're still the awesome teen immortals we were before."

"Right." Nico said with a frown and Thalia couldn't help but muss up his hair in affection. "Hey! I'm older than you, you know!"

"You became immortal at fourteen, I was fifteen." The Sky princess said in a singsong voice, to the annoyance of her cousin. Just as the Underworld prince was about to reply, a certain person in a motor wheelchair interrupted them.

"Ah, you must be the new students." A middle-aged man with thinning brown hair, bushy eyebrows, and intense brown eyes greeted them knowingly.

"Yep." Thalia said as she extended her hand, "Nice to finally meet you, Chi-"

"Mr. Brunner. The name's Mr. Brunner, you may call me 'sir'." Chiron interrupted Thalia who flushed once she realized what she was about to say. Nico flashed his cousin a look that seemed to say 'look who's blowing our cover now'. "You must be Ms. Thalia Grace. I've met your father." His brown eyes twinkled in amusement before he turned to Nico, "And you-"

"Nico Di Angelo, pleasure Mr. Brunner." The young prince said, shaking his hand as well.

"Yes, yes indeed. Well, I'm the new History teacher here." Chiron explained his role. "Unfortunately, the old one decided to go on retirement, which is very odd since he was just twenty-five from what I heard."

Thalia tried to hide her grin as she said knowingly, "Yes, very odd indeed." Nico had to elbow her on the side to prevent her from giggling.

"So, I have your schedules here and your dorm assignments." The centaur handed them a couple of papers, "Your bags had already been sent over a few hours ago. Curfew is at nine, if you're seen outside your rooms beyond that, detention for a week." He said with a twinkle in his eyes that seemed to say, 'so you better not get caught'. "Your first class is History with me, which will begin in a few minutes. I'll be assigning a student to tour you around later, but for now, it's best if you follow me so I can introduce you to your classmates."

The old teacher turned towards the door as the two demigods immediately followed.

"I'm sorry you aren't given time to adjust to your new dorms, but seeing as you transferred in the middle of the school year, the teachers thought it best to get you started right away." The disabled teacher said, although this was not true. It was actually the gods who decided to get them to work quickly the moment they arrived.

"We don't mind." Nico said honestly as they kept up with him down the hall before the centaur veered towards a room.

"Alright, settle down all of you." Mr. Brunner called to the class as he entered. As expected in the school for troubled kids, paper airplanes, spitballs, and loud noises were the first things that greeted Nico and Thalia when they entered. The princess of the Sky could almost imagine her stepmother up in Olympus frowning in disgust at the display. After all, the Olympians were watching their progress.

"Mike, that's detention for you, what did I say about sticking spitballs in Molly's hair?" The hero trainer said without even looking up from where he was.


"Sebastian, get that pencil out of your nose or I'll stick it somewhere it hurts." Chiron warned again. A few people laughed while 'Sebastian' groaned in annoyance. "Now, settle down all of you, don't you want to meet the new transfer students?"

At the words 'transfer students' everyone became surprisingly quiet as they turned their sights on Thalia and Nico. Almost immediately, there were hesitant sounds of chairs being dragged and sit on as the History teacher gestured for the two demigods to join him in the center front of the class.

Chiron nodded at them in affirmation.

"Hi there, name's Thalia Grace nice to meet you." The punk-haired girl said with a smile as narrowed electric blue eyes scanned the classroom full of kids. She stopped searching when she caught sight of a certain dark-haired teen with green eyes by the window. There.

"Nico Di Angelo." The prince of the Underworld introduced himself briefly as he followed his cousin's gaze without being noticed. They didn't look at each other but the way their bodies shifted already communicated their messages.

Thankfully, Chiron had already set up empty seats beside their target, making it easier for them to corner him.

"Hey, are you two in a relationship or something?" A crude boy siting on the front gave Thalia a wink, making the princess scowl at him. Somewhere outside, thunder rumbled. Chiron looked out of the window warily.

"We're cousins." Nico said patiently to the vulgar minded kid.

"Oh really? Did your parents send you here then, because you're in a relationship with your cousin?" A girl snorted in disgust as the rest of the class laughed.

"No," Thalia said, her eyes narrowing, "We were sent here to teach idiots like you a lesson."

Somewhere in Olympus, Ares was shouting an 'Atta girl!' for Thalia's sass.

Chiron cleared his throat when the sky outside began to darken and Nico nudged at his companion to keep her emotions in place.

"Enough of that, now Ms. Grace and Mr. Di Angelo, you will both be sitting next to Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson raise your hand please." The centaur called out.

Perseus Jackson, more preferably known as 'Percy ', raised his hand without looking at the new students. Obsidian and electric blue eyes gazed at him unashamedly as they approached their new desks. As they closed the distance, the son and daughter of the eldest gods catalogued the worn out appearance of their unknowing youngest cousin.

He seemed withdrawn and pale, the bruises fading into his skin but still visible to their eyes. His legs seemed to be in an uncomfortable position, maybe sprained or swelling they couldn't tell. Thalia reached out to tug at Nico's sleeve and the eldest prince nodded at her worry.

They were going to help fix him and bring him back to Olympus to Poseidon.

The two of them sat on their respective seats, Nico behind Percy and Thalia on his left. They gave a sideway glance at each other and Thalia spoke first.

"Hi, my name's Thalia, what's yours?" The heir of Olympus introduced herself in a low tone, nothing but an act not to get in trouble. She doubted Chiron would reprimand them even if they were shouting.

Sea green eyes, so very much like her uncle's, turned toward her. Encouraged, Nico spoke up too.

"And I'm Nico, her cousin." The Underworld prince inserted himself into the conversation, Percy turned to take a look at him too.

"There's no use introducing yourself you know." A girl whispered to the two transferees. Thalia turned to her with a scowl. "He won't give you a reply no matter what you say."

"How do you know?" Thalia said at the same time Nico injected, "What do you mean?"

The girl inclined her head towards Percy' direction, the young boy already looking away. "He doesn't talk." She replied, relishing the surprise on the two cousins' faces. "At all. Why'd you think he was so quiet?" She mocked as she turned her attention back to Mr. Brunner.

Black and blue eyes turned to Percy immediately at the sudden discovery.

It seemed like they were into more trouble than they thought.

Author's notes: I really want to make drabbles about Nico and Thalia's lives in Olympus before Percy, but we'll get to that in time. I've been busy editing the first three chapters of this fic, so feel free to see the changes. Also, yes, Mr. Brunner can be seen by Percy because he isn't a god, technically he's an immortal human with a horse's arse. Technically, but not really.