Accidentally Wedded

Summary: Two best friends/ roommates wake up in a hotel room. Apparently, they had a night to remember. Too bad neither of them can! Follow their adventure as they realize they did more than just sleep together. They got married too!

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Chapter 1

Catherine Chandler groaned as she lifted her head off her pillow. The room spun slightly, and she grabbed her head to try and make it stop. Jesus, how much had she drank last night!? She suddenly realized she was naked. Holy shit! Details from the previous night were fuzzy. She could remember her best friend and roommate, Vincent Keller, coming home from work and shouting her name...

"Catherine! Get your ass out here, woman! We are celebrating!" he had yelled from the living room.

Catherine came out of her bedroom, and rolled her eyes at him. "What chick has caught your interest this week?" she asked sarcastically. Vincent chuckled.

"None. I have HUGE news! Get dressed. We are going clubbing!" Vincent said, a wide smile on his face.

"Clubbing? Vincent, it isn't even the weekend. I have to work tomorrow," Catherine told him, skipping over the part about his HUGE news.

"Come on, Cat! Please? I'll even pay for all the drinks," Vincent said, a pleading look in his eyes.

Catherine stared into his deep brown eyes, and lost herself for a second. She shook herself mentally. We are just roommates. Nothing else! Get a grip, Chandler.

"Fine, Keller. What is this HUGE news that you are just dying to celebrate?" Catherine asked. Vincent's smile widened.

"You are looking at the newest ER resident at St. Benjamins Hospital," Vincent said proudly. Catherine squealed. She threw herself against him, and hugged him tight. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her.

"Oh my GOD! Vincent, that is terrific news! Oh my God! Yes, we definitely need to celebrate."

"Put on something foxy, little woman. I want all the guys to be green with envy when they see the hot chick I arrive with," Vincent told her, pushing her toward her room.

Catherine turned around and giggled. "I know you can't be talking about me. I am far from a hot chick."

"Like hell you are. You are a VERY hot chick. If you weren't my roommate, I would totally be tapping that," he said with a devilish wink. Catherine just shook her head, and disappeared in to her bedroom to change.

Once she closed the door, she leaned against it. She hated when he teased her like that. Mostly, because she wanted to believe he was telling the truth. Catherine had been crushing on Vincent since the first day that she had answered his ad, advertising for a roommate. That had been 6 years ago. She had been 19, and in her first year of college.

From the moment that 20 year old Vincent had opened the door, she had been hooked good. He had offered her the place within 10 minutes of meeting. She had moved in that same week.

Now, at 25, Catherine was a probie detective at the NYPD, and Vincent had just finished his Med School training a couple of months ago.

Shaking her head, she quickly dressed in a red halter dress and black spiked heeled shoes. She put on some makeup and brushed out her hair quickly. Giving herself a final look over, she stepped back into the living room.

Vincent turned toward her, and his jaw dropped. His eyes raked over her from head to toe. Catherine began to blush from his scrutiny.

Vincent cleared his throat. "Um...well...that is certainly foxy. You look...Wow!"

"Thanks. So, are going to celebrate or what?"

"Um...yeah. Yeah, lets go," Vincent said, holding out his hand. Catherine took it, and they headed out the door...

Catherine was pulled from her thoughts by a decidedly male groan next to her. She froze. Sweet Jesus...what did I do last night? Or...should I say WHO?

The male groaned again, and a very familiar voice said, "That's it. I am never, ever drinking tequila again! Jesus,my head hurts!"

Catherine turned her head and groaned. Oh God no...

The man turned his head, noticing her for the first time. "Catherine? What the fuck are you doing in my bed?" Vincent asked her. Catherine blushed. Interesting choice of words...

"Um...sleeping?" she said, trying to keep her tone airy. Vincent raised an eyebrow.

"Jesus, how much did we drink last night? You must have been pretty shit faced to crash in my room."

"Um...Vincent? We aren't in your room. Or mine," Catherine said, taking in her surroundings for the first time. Definitely a hotel.

Vincent looked around. "Well, at least we didn't try to drive home." He looked down, realizing for the first time his lack of clothing. He froze, and pulled up the sheet a bit, realizing he was completely nude. He glanced at Catherine, and saw that her shoulders were bare. "Um...I'm gonna try really hard not to embarrass you here, but, you have any clothes on...under the sheet?"

A quick glance and a widening of her eyes told him all he needed to know. Oh...fuck...

She stared at him, her eyes wide. "Did we...?" she asked in a panicky voice, gesturing wildly between them. Vincent inhaled deeply.

"I think so. I don't remember. Do you?" he asked. She shook her head quickly. Vincent ran his fingers through his hair. "Owwww..." he said, bringing his hands down. His hair had caught on something. He brought his hand to eye level and froze. "Uh...Catherine...?" he said.

Catherine ignored him, getting a look at her hand for the first time. Her eyes widened. She gasped, and turned to look at Vincent. His face wore an identical look of horror. Each glanced at the others hand, taking in the wide gold band that encircled each of their left ring fingers.

"When the fuck did we get MARRIED!?" they both screeched at the same time.

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