Accidentally Wedded

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Chapter 23- Epilogue

Three years later...


Vincent heaved a large sigh and got up to check on his 2 1/2 year old son. He walked into the tots room, and froze.

Samuel Ryan Keller, or Sammie, was currently hanging onto the curtain rod that had formerly hung on his window. The drapes were wrapped around his small body and he was rolling around on the floor, like a turtle that was stuck on his back.

Vincent barked out a laugh, stifling it to a choked cough when Sammie looked up at him, tears in his brown eyes. Hiding the smirk on his face, Vincent stepped over to his son, and began unwrapping him.

"You just weren't gonna be happy until you pulled it down, were ya, buddy?" Vincent said, trying to sound stern. Sammie just watched his father.

Once he was unwrapped, Vincent hung the drapes back up, and picked up the boy. Sammie nuzzled into his chest, and patted his shoulder. Vincent chuckled and carried the boy out to the living room. Setting him on the floor, Vincent got Sammie some cookies and sat back to watch the tot make a mess.

Half an hour later, Vincent heard the front door open. He turned to look and smiled at the beauty before him. "Hello, sweetheart! How was the appointment?"

Catherine wandered over and lowered herself next to him. He reached out, and caressed her rounded belly. Catherine was a little over 5 months pregnant with their second child. Catherine leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. Vincent was automatically concerned. "Catherine? Was everything alright with the baby?"

"Yes, dear. Everything was fine with the babies..."

"That's good. You had me worried there...for..." Vincent broke off, his face a mass of shock. "Did you just say "babies?"

Catherine chuckled. She grasped his face in her hands, and pulled him toward her. Their mouths fused together, and seconds later, Catherine felt Vincent smile against her lips. He pulled back, leaning his forehead against hers. "Twins?"

Catherine smiled and nodded her head. Vincent grinned. He looked over at their son. "Hey, Sammie! You're gonna have two new playmates, instead of just one!"

Sammie looked up at his parents, finally noticing his mother. "Mommy!" he cried, and stood up, walking over to them. He patted her belly. "Baby!" he exclaimed.

"Two babies," Vincent corrected. Sammie gave him a strange look, not really comprehending his meaning. Catherine giggled.

"He'll understand once they get here," she said.

Vincent looked around their apartment. "I guess we need to get a bigger apartment now. I mean, I'm rather fond of this one, seeing as how this is where we fell in love."

"Well, home is where the heart is, so anywhere you are is home to me," Catherine said, cuddling against him. "And besides, if we get a bigger apartment, we can build that sex chamber we've been talking about," she told him, a playful grin on her face.

Vincent smirked. "When do we start looking!?"

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