Idea and fic pic from this photo (with permission): halorvic dot tumblr dot com slash post/37848314643/christmas-ish-doodling

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The Doctor bounded around the TARDIS gleefully, but quietly. His Ponds were asleep. He had moved the best sitting room closer to the console room, and was bringing all of his Christmas decorations in from all of his storage rooms. He had set up 5 different trees and finally found a box labelled 'Christmas lights'. He opened it up to find many different kinds of lights all tangled together. He pulled them out and sat in an armchair to untangle them. He wound up hanging a few sections around his neck to keep them from getting tangled again, pulling some free with a foot because both hands were occupied, standing and jumping and stumbling around until he fell over, so tangled he couldn't hardly move.

"Um…" His screwdriver was back in his bedroom. His Ponds were asleep. There were tiny lightbulbs poking him in the back. He reached out mentally and asked his sexy baby for help. He faintly heard her chuckle. All he could do was wait and hope.

"Sweetie?" He heard River call not much later.

"In here." He replied, trying and failing to stand.

"What did you do that caused the TARDIS to wake- oh." She smiled as she entered the room, wearing socks, pajama pants, and an old shirt of his. He thought the shirt might be from his ninth incarnation.

"Little help?" He grinned.

"Oh, alright, stay still or you'll just make it worse." She knelt next to him, moving bits of cord to better assess the damage. "You've gotten yourself in a right bit of trouble." She grinned.

"My screwdriver's on my desk in my bedroom." He offered.

"Be right back, then." She pecked his cheek and ran off. Not long after, she returned, her parents behind her.

"River!" He complained.

"Sorry, Sweetie, too good a chance to pass up." She grinned. Amy was giggling unabashedly and Rory was pressing a fist to his mouth. Amy ran off, promising to be back soon and they'd better not help him before she returned. The Doctor wondered what she was going to get. He heard her padded running fading and then returning. She entered holding her phone and he groaned.

"Really, Amy?"

"Don't you want to see what you look like, Raggedy Doctor?" She teased.

"Amy, does your phone take video?" River asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Just a moment." River grinned and stepped nearer the Doctor. He glared at her and tried to wriggle away, rolling a bit, but she just grabbed a handful of the christmas lights wrapped around him and he was stuck. "Be a good sport, love." She crooned. "You got yourself in the mess, let us have a few minutes laugh before getting you out."

"Okay." He sighed.

She dragged him over to an outlet and plugged a loose end of one of the cords in, and suddenly all the lights wrapped around him were flashing. Red and blue and yellow and white and green… He began to laugh gleefully. He was a Christmas tree! Amy was holding her phone as steady as she could while giggling uncontrollably. Rory and River were of no help, either.

Eventually they all managed to calm down and unplugged the Doctor, helping him into a chair to relieve the pain from the tiny lightbulbs poking into his back. With the help of the sonic screwdriver they untangled him, then decorated until all three Ponds fell back asleep on the comfy sofa. He smiled as he grabbed Amy's phone and took a picture of them.