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Synopsis:Set at the start of Season One, Dean had been in a wheelchair since his father disappeared more than a year ago and he finally has to tell Sam… There'd been an accident that night and Dean had paid a very high price….one he still doesn't understand. The story will have some hunts from season one and possibly into season two…the brothers will continue their search for their father…there will be alterations to the hunts to accommodate Dean's new situation. I have every intention of returning Dean to good health before this ends…but getting there is going to be bumpy.

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Dean glanced in the rear view mirror and groaned when he saw the whirl of red and blue flashing lights. "Son of a bitch." His bit out as he slowed the car and pulled off to the shoulder.

"Were we speeding?" Sam asked as he made sure that anything suspicious wasn't in plain view as the officer slowly pulled himself out of the cruiser and stalked up to Dean's window.

"No." Dean said simply. He was just reaching over to roll down the window when he saw it. The aura around the man approaching the car. "Shit…." He hissed as he slammed the car into drive and peeled out down the two-lane highway away from the demon.

"What the hell, Dean!" Sam cried as he was shoved into the passenger door and his head made contact with the window…painfully.

Dean was throwing frantic glances over his shoulder as he shot down the road at an almost reckless speed. "It was a demon, Sam…not a person." He said by way of explanation for his odd reaction to the cop.

His brother's mouth fell open and he tried several times before he found his voice again. "A…a…demon? Are you sure? How do you know?"

His face twitched with irritation at all the questions, but he'd just repaired the damage to their relationship last night…and Dean wasn't willing to go back there just yet. "When I lost my eyesight…I gained another way to identify demons…something to do with the whole 'twin souls and destinies' thing. And yes, I'm sure." He glanced in the mirror and again. No lights were following them just yet, he saw a turn off up the road to his right. He slowed and eased the car off the main road and followed the small road into the woods. He just wanted to wait until dark and then they could get moving again.

"So what now?" Sam asked as they rolled to a stop and Dean killed the engine.

"Now? We wait until dark and then we get back on the road." It seemed fairly obvious to him. So he had to wonder why his brilliant little brother was asking him what Dean knew he already knew.

Sam bit at his lower lip and nodded as he leaned back against the seat. He was getting so worn down by the constant running. He felt like that was all they did anymore…run from one life-threatening situation to the next. And then they'd hope like hell that they made it out again. He wanted to find the witch's and the demon responsible for Dean's current condition. Something was niggling at the edges of his consciousness and until that moment he'd been completely unaware of. Sam focused and suddenly he felt a wash of Dean's emotions. The fear at the fact that the demons had found them so quickly was at the top of the list. The nearly debilitating concern that he was feeling because of Sam's vision-dreams running a close second and finally deceit. Dean wasn't telling him something…something extremely important.


Chapter 43

The Past can Haunt the Future

Light filtered through the lofty canopy of trees. The smell of pine needles and rain permeated the air. A small pebble was digging painfully into the small of his back.

Dean was staring up at the softly blowing leaves; the aspen trees were mixed in with the pine trees making for a crazy combination of soft and sharp. He couldn't remember why he was lying on his back, staring up at the tops of the large sequoias. A small stick had pierced his shoulder blade. He blinked several times and finally started to push his way over onto his stomach. The movement sparking a fiery rush of pain along his right side.

"Ah…shit…" He breathed as he pulled into a tight ball. Last thing Dean remembered was following along after his father. They'd been on a hunt for a black dog and John had led them deep into the forests of Northern California. And then he'd felt nothing but blinding pain and encroaching darkness. Memories started sliding back into place and he groaned when he realized that he'd somehow managed to piss off his father again.

Nothing supernatural had done this to him. His father had done it. The man didn't even promise that this would be the 'last' time anymore…he just went on with life like this was normal. Beating his son to the point of unconsciousness…it was just part of their everyday lives. A part of Dean had begun to wonder if this was actually 'needed' to make him as a good a hunter as his father. Had his grandfather treated John this same way? Was that why his own father felt he had to correct Dean's choices in the most violent way imaginable?

For the millionth time he was grateful that Sam wasn't here so see how far he'd fallen. When they'd been younger, Sammy had thought that Dean hung the moon. That he was indestructible and that he knew everything about everything. The prodding feeling of a boot in his side, and the agony that flared through his entire body as a result, had him clenching his teeth to keep from crying out. His green eyes flashing up to crash into the angry blue gaze of his father.

"Get the hell off the fucking ground, Dean." John's raspy voice cut through his pain and had the young hunter trying to haul himself to his feet. The pain in his side letting him know that his father had probably either just bruised his ribs or he'd managed to break them…again.

John's angry face was a bit fuzzy as he glared down at his son. Dean tried to focus, but the obvious swelling in his right eye wasn't helping. A second stronger kick caught him in the small of his back and he groaned as his body slammed back into the ground, his chin connecting painfully as he slid to a stop. He wanted to answer his father…but he knew that it'd just piss the man off even more…so he stayed quiet. He'd learned that particular lesson the hard way.

"Get. The. Fuck. Up. Dean." John ground out. He stalked around the prone form of his eldest boy like a predator waiting for its prey. His eyes darkening with anger and bitter disappointment as he stared down at the pathetic mess of a human being that was his son.

"Mmmm…trying." Dean managed. He didn't look at the man looming over him as he attempted to move. Dean had seen that look on his father's face too often. He knew that his father would be looking at him like a complete waste of oxygen. And he just couldn't handle seeing that one more time…he'd grown accustomed to these outbursts over the last several months. But it didn't make the betrayal any easier each time his father had broken his word. 'It'll never be the last time…' Dean thought silently.

"Try harder." Fingers twisted painfully into his short hair and Dean felt his body being jerked upright. His hands came up automatically and grabbed at his fathers fingers in a vane attempt to soften the grasp. He was trying to alleviate the pain. It felt as though his hair was being torn out by the roots every time this happened.

"What do…" Dean swayed on his feet as his vision blurred and his head spun. "…you want…from me, dad?" He wasn't trying to be disrespectful, although he knew that that was what his father would hear. He just wanted to know how to 'be' what ever it was that John wanted him to be. He'd tried like hell since Sammy left…and he just seemed to fall further and further from the mark.

John spun around and stalked toward Dean's teetering form. His hand shot out and he grabbed onto Dean's chin, hard enough that it would definitely bruise, his angry eyes searching his son's. "Are you back talking me boy?" His fingers dung into the soft skin and he squeezed even harder. "Nothing…there is nothing that I 'want' from you. Do your damn job, Dean."

The words stung more than they should have at this point. It wasn't anything that Dean hadn't heard before, but it never failed to shred another piece of him to the bone. "I'm sorry I'm not…him." Dean mumbled as his father pushed his head to the left and released his face in disgust. He was left kneeling in the dirt, watching as his father turned away.

"So am I." He turned and stalked away from Dean, leaving the teenager to stare after him. The sway in the trees above him made Dean wish he could sink down here in the forest and never leave. His eyes shifted to the slowly darkening forest before he heard the distant call of his father. Dean wrapped his arm around his busted ribs and leaned down to grab the weapons bag. He bit back the pain and started down the path after the man that was supposed to protect him from the evils of world…not be the one leading him into the darkness.


Sam could hear his brother's breathing coming in short little pants. He glanced over at Dean and then furrowed his eyebrows when he saw the pain lines etched deeply into Dean's sleeping face. "I'm sorry I'm not…him." The words were mumbled, but they were clear enough that Sam didn't need to question who his brother was dreaming about. His heart clenched at the thought that Dean was still so haunted by what their father had done to him. He would never have compared himself to his older brother. They were simply too different. Dean was all action and bravado whereas he was thought and planning. They just weren't the same type of person…never had been. But it was painfully obvious that their father had done exactly that. Compared them… and then the bastard had used their differences as a way to control Dean…to make him feel inferior to Sam. The now familiar surges of anger started to build in his stomach as he reached over and gently shook Dean's shoulder.

"Dean? Hey…hey…" He said easily when Dean's upper body jumped and his breathing caught. "It's just me, man. You were dreaming." Dean shifted uncomfortably as he tried to get his brain to engage, his arms shifting down to help move his body to the left slightly. The lack of movement below his brother's waist was still disconcerting and Sam silently wondered if he'd ever get used to it. Somehow he doubted it.

Dean looked over at his baby brother in surprise as he blinked the remaining sleep out his eyes and then pulled in a steadying breath. "Please tell me I wasn't talking?" Dean had started talking in his sleep when he'd been eight years old. It was something that he'd struggled to control his entire adult life. Sam had learned a lot about his brother on those nights…but he never let on to Dean that he'd heard and more importantly remembered what had been whispered in the throws of sleepy dreams.

Sam only thought for a second before he lied, once again, to his brother. "No." Dean had been through enough lately without being burdened with the failings of his own mind. "But your breathing was way off, I was worried. Besides, it's dark out and we should get going." Sam watched as his brother stared at him for a moment before turning to look out at the surrounding area. The idea of hanging out in this area where the demons knew they'd been made Sam distinctly nervous.

Dean's green eyes shifted to the dark sky and he nodded. He reached down and shifted his hips into a seated position before turning over the engine of the Impala. He glanced sideways and saw Sam doing the same readjustment of his own lanky body. "You can sleep if you need to, Sam." He said as he put the car in gear and gently pulled back out onto the dusty side road that lead back to the highway.

"I know that." He bit back a yawn. "I'm fine."

"Yeah, sure you are." It was evident from the tone that Dean didn't believe anything that Sam had just said. He was still trying to clear the remnants of the dream from his head and looking at Sam was a little painful.

"So…you said there's a case in Indiana. What type of case?" Sam reached over the seat and grabbed two bottled waters, handing one to Dean.

"Vampires probably." His brother took the water and set it between his legs as he drove.

Sam's eyebrows shot into his hairline in surprise. "Vampires? Really, Dean?"

Green eyes flashed over to him in irritation. "Yeah, vampires." He didn't miss the fact that his brother stayed unusually quiet. "What's the problem, Sam?" His voice was exasperated and Dean was working to hold his temper at this point. He wasn't really angry with Sam or anything, but he was tired of the questions. He didn't have all the answers…hell; even Bobby didn't have the answers they needed.

Sam shrugged. "Nothing…its just…vampires. I didn't think they really existed, that's all."

"Yeah, dad and me…we ran into one few years back. Thought we were hunting a black dog…turned out it was a vampire. Bobby thought that this nest might know the next move of the coven. Guess they've been working together or something." It was true. The older hunter had told Dean about the hunt and there was a chance that this nest had information on the demon Dean was looking for.

"This stuff came from Bobby?" Sam asked. He looked out at the night before turning back toward Dean again. "Dean, how would Bobby know any of this? Last we talked, he didn't have a clue which direction to point us in. Why now?"

Dean swallowed when he realized his mistake. Thinking that Sam wouldn't put all the pieces together and get his own conclusion. Sometimes his little brother's big brain was extremely problematic. He couldn't exactly tell Sam about what he'd found in their fathers journal. Not until he knew what a 'sacrifice of pure intent' was. "He came across something in one of his books…and he called me and now we're headed to Indiana."

Sam didn't look convinced but he stopped asking questions. Dean thanked god for small miracles, because if Sam had continued to push this then he might have had to explain what was really in Indiana…besides the nest of vampires. Because there was a nest, he hadn't been lying about that…but he hadn't been completely honest about everything they would find in Indiana.


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