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Shinobi no Cocoon

Confused, lost, and alone Naruto finds himself in a new world where he meets a number of interesting people. He later finds himself turned into his new homes worst enemy, but for some reason it feels oddly familiar to him. He will then adventure with a group of people to fulfill their focus in this world. NarutoXHarem. By JPClaw

Chapter 1: A New World

"Huh? What happened?" Naruto questioned lowly as he opened his eyes to see the most beautiful blue sky he had ever seen. "What...where am I? How did I get here?" Naruto questioned himself as he sat up with his head in his hands. He looked around to notice he was surrounded by weird building that he had never seen before. The feeling underneath him was the feeling he would get when he stayed at one of the camps in Mist...sand which meant. Turning to his right he saw a large ocean that looked amazing to him the water was so blue and pretty.

Standing up he looked down to notice that the top of his jumpsuit was gone with only his black shirt and black pants. Shaking that off he walked over to the dock he saw located by the ocean and walked all the way to the end as he sat down and admired the blue sea. At the same time he was thinking about his predicament. He didn't remember how exactly he got here the last thing he remembered was talking with Bee about some weird temple that was found on Uzu Island and now here he was nothing else to remember.

"Hey kit I decided to give you a little space since it seemed you were sorting some stuff out, but we really need to figure out what's going on here so get your ass up!" A voice yelled from inside Naruto's head causing Naruto to jump a bit at the volume of the voice till he remembered the creature he held inside.

"Hey Kurama what's up man?" Naruto asked as Kurama just rolled his eyes in annoyance the kit and himself couldn't remember shit on how they got here, how was he taking this so calmly?

"Kit I don't mean to sound mean, but I hate you right now." Kurama stated as Naruto pressed his hand against his chest in mock hurt.

"Ku-Kurama how could you say such a thing." Naruto stated as his gaze returned to the blue sea. Kurama once again rolled his eyes this kit was really getting on his nerves.

"Kit quit your day dreaming right now and figure out what's going on?!" Kurama demanded as Naruto winced from the volume of his voice.

"Okay, okay I'm going keep your pants on." Naruto stated as he stood up and walked towards the nearest building he saw located on the beach area which seemed to be a small cafe of types. Walking over to it he noticed that it seemed kind of homely and welcoming. Seeing a young girl that looked to be around thirteen standing behind the counter reading a magazine he walked over to her then tapped the counter to get her attention. This of course caused the young girl to jump a bit because she wasn't expecting to have any customers till late in the afternoon and it was still pretty much morning.

"Ye-yes?" She questioned with a stutter and a blush as she gazed at the man in front of her. She may be thirteen, but hormones were already in overdrive at the moment. Of course as oblivious as Naruto was he completely missed this and asked his question.

"Umm...I was wondering if you could tell me where I am?" Naruto questioned as the young girl blinked a few times to fully digest his question.

"Well at the moment you are in my cafe." She answered as Naruto shook his head with an amused smile from the girl seemingly claiming the cafe, damn that was young to own your own business.

"No, no I mean what village is this and if you could tell me which way Konoha is that would be great." Naruto stated as the girl blinked again then she turned around and pulled out what looked like a map.

While the girl was preoccupied Naruto decided to take in her appearance a bit more. She had shoulder length black hair that look beautiful on her. Then there were her light chocolate brown eyes that matched perfectly with her hair. Naruto also couldn't get over the way she spoke to him she seemed so mature for a girl her age. He was taken out of his thoughts when she spoke up again.

"Ummm...sir I can tell you where you are right now which is the city of Bodhum...but I have no idea where this Konoha is. I can't find it on the map anywhere…see." She stated as she flipped the map over to show Naruto. Naruto looked at it for a good minute with determined eyes that made the girl blush a little harder from the sheer determination she felt coming from him.

"Kurama?" Naruto questioned with a stern voice that caused the fox to raise an eyebrow.

"Yeah?" Kurama answered as Naruto just closed his determined eyes for a second then reopened them to show the eyes of a kicked puppy.

"I can't read this at all! I've never even looked at a map before in my life!" Naruto yelled then he felled his knees crying anime tears which caused the girl to freak out and run out from behind the counter to help him. All of this put together just caused the massive fox to sweat drop with a heavy sigh, his container was always a one for dramatics.

"Kit calm down and look at the map again for me. And please stop crying you are making a terrible first impression as always." Kurama stated tiredly as Naruto just nodded his head with a small pout from Kurama's comment. He then turned to look at the map again and stayed there for a good minute or so till the old fox sighed.

"What is it?" Naruto questioned in worry as Kurama just hummed to himself for a second then decided to answer.

"There can only be two conclusions here." Kurama stated as he was quiet for a bit and Naruto being the impatient one.

"And they are?!" Naruto questioned in mild panic, for some reason he had a really bad feeling about this.

"They are one we are in a whole different dimension from our own or the second conclusion would be that...that map is fucked up." Kurama finished as Naruto face faulted which caused the girl next to him to worry even more.

"Uh...sir are you okay?" The girl questioned as Naruto just smile towards her and nodded his head.

"Oh that reminds me I never got your name. Mines Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto stated as the girl smiled towards him as well.

"Lebreau, Lebreau Asakawa. So by your reaction can I take the guess of you being lost of sorts?" She questioned as Naruto nodded his head sadly he still didn't even know how he got here in the first place. This of course caused Lebreau's eyes to soften a bit as she gazed at the handsome blonde in front of her. "Well I'm sure you'll find your way home sooner or later." She stated as Naruto smiled at that till he was shut down.

"I highly doubt that kit, traveling dimension are supposed to be impossible it was only done by the Rikudō sennin there's no way we're getting back so just accept your new chance at life." Kurama stated as Naruto froze a minute, but Lebreau didn't notice because she was washing a plate.

"Ho-How could you even say that Kurama?! What about the war and everyone still fighting do you expect me to just forget about them!" Naruto demanded as Kurama seemed silent for a moment till Naruto exploded again. "And what about Madara he will complete his plans even without you remember he just needed you to be his pawn again, and speed up the process of reviving the Juubi! You just going to forget all the pain he caused you and me! He took away my parents which caused me to live alone in a village that hated me for years!" At this point Naruto was inside his Mindscape glaring hatefully at the bars that caged his tenant as he continued. "I grow up alone to be the village's scape goat! I was beaten and battered to the point I almost committed suicide! But no I stuck through the pain and created that damn smiling mask of ignorance till when they beat me I would just smile to them and they stopped because they found no pleasure in hurting the demon child unless he screamed for mercy! Then once that was over they simply ignored me like the fucking plague and sent me into a world of loneliness, but I kept that damn mask so they wouldn't see the damage they were doing to me! Why should I give them the pleasure of knowing what they were doing was working?!

Then there's you." Naruto said lowly which caused Kurama to growl. "Separated from your family to be used like a pawn in the hands of Madara when he fought Hashirama. He stepped on your pride a thousand times when he put you in that genjutsu from his damned eyes and controlled you as he wished. Then once he lose in the end you were sealed before you had the chance to return home to your family. Sealed in Uzumaki Mito the first Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, you waited there and waited for the chance to return to your family, but no after years of waiting you were simple sealed into another Uzumaki your second holder Uzumaki Kushina my mother. You then began to give up on the chance of going home and decided to let your hatred swallow you up. Then it happened, Madara used you again to attack Konoha by extracting you from my mother. You destroyed and destroyed until my father released you from his hold and the few seconds of freedom you had was you being held down by my mother's chakra chains. You could only watch in horror as they sealed you up again into their baby boy...me. And now you are expecting me to just forget everything he has done to us?!" Naruto demanded as Kurama had enough. Slamming all Nine of his tails against the bars he yelled with teary eyes.

"Of course I don't want to forget it! But there's nothing we can do now Naruto so stop! It's over we tried dammit what more can we do there's no way to cross dimensions! Trust me if there was I would know and we would be on our way back by now so please just...no more." Kurama begged as his tears were falling freely down his face he didn't want to remember the past and neither did Naruto, but Naruto had to try something to understand the foxes feeling and now he did.

"Okay Kurama I understand and I'm sorry about what I said, but I will always be looking for a way back home." Naruto stated as he began to fade from his mindscape.

When he reopened his eyes he was back at the bar still looking down at the map Lebreau had let him see. He then looked up to see Lebreau staring at him worryingly she also looked to be contemplating something.

"Hey Naruto am I also right in assuming you have no place to stay?" Lebreau asked with a strange gleam in her eyes which caused Naruto sweat a bit, but nodded otherwise which only lead to Lebreau grinning. "Well how would you like to stay and work here for now?" She questioned as Naruto blinked a few times at her offer and nodded slowly which caused her to jump for joy. "Yes now we can sell alcohol here and we could make even more money!" She screamed in joy as Naruto sweat dropped for second till her words hit him.

"Wait I'm only sixteen." Naruto stated as she looked at him in shock for a second how could this man be only sixteen granted yeah he was the same height as her friend that was also sixteen, but he was always tall for his age. But…but look at those muscles there's no way a sixteen year old should have such a fine body, she had thought Naruto to be around twenty one or so. That thought made her grin return full throttle.

"Oh don't worry, we'll just lie simple as that trust me no successful business is made off of truths." She stated as Naruto had to nod his head to that, just take his old job they lived off of lies.

"Umm one question where will I be staying?" Naruto questioned as Lebreau adopted a thinking pose as she rubbed her chin.

"Well you'll just have to stay here with me I have an extra bed in the room in the back." She stated then she glared at him lightly. "You will be sharing a room with me so don't do anything perverted or I'll hurt you. I may not look it, but I could hurt someone when I put my heart to it." She stated as Naruto just nodded his head in understanding as she was all smiles again. "Oh and one more question how would you like to join NORA?" She questioned as Naruto looked at her strangely so she decided to explain it to him.

Seven hours later 6:00 pm

"So handsome how long have you been working here?" Questioned a tipsy woman that looked to be in her late twenty's she had long blonde hair that went all the way to her butt and teal blue eyes. She was wearing a skimpy dress that went down to her thighs. He just smiled to her as he passed her the drink she had just ordered again.

"Not long, I actually just started today." Naruto stated as he filled another glass of alcohol for a man a bit down the bar who had just ordered it. "Here you go sir." Naruto stated with a smile as he handed the glass to the man who was grinning like a fool. Naruto continued to cater to the customers while the girls attempted to flirt with him and the guys would have small talk. He never even noticed the group of five who had gathered in the resting corner of the café who were staring intently at the blonde.

"He's good." Stated a guy with orange hair stated as he stared at the blonde.

"I know isn't he?!" Lebreau said excitably as she was literally jumping in her seat.

"Yeah sure I could totally do that." Stated a man with light blond hair with a black bandana wrapped around his head.

"Oh is someone jealous?" Lebreau questioned as the other blond just huffed and turned away from the scene.

"His outfit could use some work though." Stated a boy that was around the same age as Lebreau stated as he shifted his blue hair to stay out of his eyes.

"Yeah I have to agree with you on that one." Lebreau stated as she frowned slightly at her workers attire.

"I like him he seems nice." Stated the youngest member of the group who had blonde hair as well.

"He is pretty nice." Lebreau stated in a dreamlike state ever since she had learned he was only three years older than herself her hormones had been going haywire she really needed to fix that.

"So what did he say about joining NORA?" The guy with the black bandana questioned.

"He said to give him a few days to think about it, Snow." Lebreau stated with a small sigh the man now named Snow just nodded his head in understanding.

"I understand, it's not every day you get asked to join a Monster hunter group." He stated as the others nodded their heads as well.

Four hours later 10:00 pm

"Man I'm beat I never talked so much in my life…Wait I take that back." Naruto stated as he walked out of the restroom after showering to see Lebreau already in her bed sleeping. Naruto just smiled softly towards her as he walked over to his bed that was located on the other side of the room by the only window in the room. Sitting on the bed Naruto went over the day's events in his head. First he learned that he was no longer in his world and was stuck in another dimension. Second he had a small argument with Kurama that caused the fox not to speak with him since. Then lastly he took a job as a bar tender and worked for a girl three years younger than himself. Yeah someday he's had, Naruto then bit thumb drawing a bit of blood and placed it on the floor whispering a small "Kuchiyose no Jutsu." And the results were as he expected…nothing, nothing at all he was lost no one would be getting him out of this mess he was all alone in this new world. Finally breaking he allowed the tears to fall from his eyes as he slammed his head into the pillow letting low sobs out. He had finally accepted it…there was no going home from this.

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