YO! I'm here with another chapter of Shinobi no Cocoon. Okay someone asked me to list the official harem so here it is. Lebreau, Lightning, Vanille, and Fang. That's Naruto's harem for this story. Okay well I hope you guys enjoy the chapter…PEACE OUT!

Shinobi no Cocoon

Confused, lost, and alone Naruto finds himself in a new world where he meets a number of interesting people. He later finds himself turned into his new homes worst enemy, but for some reason it feels oddly familiar to him. He will then adventure with a group of people to fulfill their focus in this world. NarutoXHarem. By JPClaw

Chapter 6: Cie'th

With Snow

"I should have known I would lose those two." Snow stated with a sigh as he climbed off his bike he had more important things to worry about, and he knew Naruto and Lebreau could handle themselves.

With Naruto and Lebreau

"Owwww..." Naruto groaned as he slowly pulled himself out of the flying bike like thing which he still didn't know what it was call, but it didn't really matter much to him. Looking towards the bike he spotted Lebreau in there who seemed extremely disoriented judging from the swirls in her eyes. Standing up and walking over to the smoking bike he gently pulled her out of it. Once he was a bit away from the bike he gently shook her shoulders. "Hey Lebreau-chan you okay?" Naruto questioned lowly as the girl finally seemed to shake the dizziness.

"Yeah just fine." She answered as Naruto smiled then slowly gained a playful smirk.

"I thought you said that you had that?" Naruto questioned playfully as Lebreau slapped him on the arm gently.

"Don't be mean and it's not my fault you screwed up the steering system when you crashed it the first time." She said as she stood up along with Naruto who was still smiling.

"Yeah I know...sorry baby." Naruto said as he gently kissed her on the lips that she gently returned, but soon pulled away.

"Okay now where are we exactly?" She questioned as she turned around just to see a ton of different routes and monsters roaming around. "Inside tower?" She says as she looks up to see what seemed to be the inside of the giant structure. "Check. Not sure exactly where?" She said as she looked around again to see all the different routes. "Check." She stated with a sigh as she looked back to Naruto who seemed to be thinking something over. Then he pointed to something a bit away which looked like a glowing switch type thing.

"I say we make that our first objective." Naruto stated as he started walking though he stopped a second later when he noticed something. "We lost Snow?!" Naruto suddenly yells in realization which caused Lebreau to face palm.

"You're just noticing now?" Lebreau questioned while Naruto scratched his cheek in embarrassment.

"Well I wasn't really paying much attention till now." Naruto commented while Lebreau sighed from hearing this.

"Well we just have to find him." She commented as she walked over to the hole they made when they crashed and it looked like the bottom of the tower so that meant they almost missed the whole thing completely. "Well this could be good now all we need to do is search on the upper floors since we're on the bottom it seems." Lebreau commented with Naruto looking as well.

"Okay let's go touch the glowing thing over there." Naruto comment while pointing to the same switch as before. When Lebreau looked closely she noticed all the monsters that were blocking their path.

"You do realize how many monsters we're going to have to fight to get to it?" Lebreau questioned while crouching. When she looked up she noticed a large smile on Naruto's face that really made her nervous.

"Who said we had to fight them?" Naruto questioned as he picked Lebreau up and walked on the side of the wall. He continued walking till he was right next to the switch and dropped down near it.

The second before he touched the switch he noticed the tower shift and new path ways began opening up which made Naruto raise an eyebrow till he heard a very familiar voice.

"Don't worry Sarah your Hero's on his way!" They heard as Naruto sigh while Lebreau giggled from hearing this. Finally pushing down on the switch he noticed that they began to move upward since it must had been an elevator.

"Up we go." Naruto commented as they continued to go up floors seeing many levels that were filled with monsters. Naruto guessed that they had to touch it again if they wanted the elevator to stop. Thinking to himself he suddenly sat down in a cross legged position getting a raised eyebrow from Lebreau.

"Naruto-kun what are you doing?" She questioned while Naruto didn't answer her and just stayed in that position. Soon she noticed orange begin to surround his eyes which just confused her even more.

"Serah is in the center of the tower." Naruto commented then continued to sit there for a few more seconds. Suddenly he stood up and touched the switch again causing them to stop.

"Why did you stop it?" Lebreau questioned while Naruto just smiled to her and pointed to a door in the distance.

"Because we're meeting up with Claire." Naruto commented while Lebreau widened her eyes. How did Naruto know all of this?

"How do you know we will meet her there?" Lebreau questioned while Naruto smiled.

"Because when I'm in this mode I can scenes everyone around me. Speaking of which Snow is six floors above us. Lightning and someone else is behind that door over there...and there's two more signatures two floors below snow." Naruto commented while Lebreau just stared at him in shock she never knew he could do that.

With Lightning and Sazh

"Still won't budge?" Sazh questioned from his spot leaning against the wall. He had be sitting here for the last few minutes just watching this soldier girl slash at a door with her gun blade. Slowly pushing himself up, he walked up behind her. "I think the door is winning." He commented while Lightning rolled her eyes.

She then touched the door as she spoke. "Why didn't I listen?" She questioned herself while Sazh just seemed confused.

"Uh, beg your pardon?" He questioned while Lightning continued to ignore him.

"It was me." She stated as she held onto her new necklace tightly. "This is my fault."

"Yeah...still don't understand what you're talking about back here." Sazh commented in annoyance this girl was so difficult to understand.

"Cover your ears!" Lightning yelled out suddenly which got a confused look from Sazh before he understood.

"Oh, blast charge? Hold on, hold on!" He yelled out as he turned around and got to the floor with his ears covered. "All right, go for it! Make it happen!" He yelled out from his spot on the ground.

Nodding to him she turned around and touched the door. "I'm so sorry." She whispered with her head down. "Please let me in." She finished as the door flashed different colors till it settled and opened. Sazh feeling the vibration from the door opening stood up and turned around in confusion.

"What the- Hey!" He yelled as he ran up beside her. "What did-how'd you do that?" He questioned while Lightning simply ignored him and walked forward bring a sigh from Sazh's lips. "After you." Sazh commented as he followed after Lightning.

The two were surprised when they heard something drop down behind them. Being as jumpy as she was at the moment Lightning switched he sword to gun mode and shoot right at the noise. When she turn to see what she shoot at she widened her eyes when she saw Naruto and Lebreau standing there with Naruto holding one of his swords out in front of himself.

"Damn talk about some reflexes." Naruto commented with a sweat drop he could have died if he didn't have quick reflexes of his own. He then looked up with a smile from Lightning's shocked face. "Hey Cl-" He started, but stopped instantly when he saw her glare at him then discreetly look towards Sazh. "Hey Lightning." Naruto corrected with a smile while she just nodded towards him. It seemed she didn't want to show her softer side here.

"Hello Naruto, Lebreau." Lightning stated as she nodded towards her Rival/Best friend, but it's not like she would ever admit it to her. Seeing that Lightning was all business right now Naruto spoke.

"We need to go up three more floors to reach Sarah." Naruto stated and Lightning nodded in understanding there was only two people she would ever trust with her life and that was Naruto and Lebreau so she had no reason not to believe him.

With Hope and Vanille a few minutes earlier

"Hang on Sarah your Hero's on the way!" They heard as they also noticed a few more paths open up.

"He is here calling himself a Hero...what a joke." Hope commented as he balled his knuckles. "I wonder if that other guy is here as well." Hope whispered as Vanille raised an eyebrow.

"What other guy?" She questioned while Hope glared towards the ground.

"The one that couldn't save my mother." Hope stated while Vanille looked at him sadly she knew Naruto and he must have tried his hardest to save her.

"Naruto is a good person. If he could have saved your mother he would have." Vanille said while Hope suddenly looked up at her.

"But he didn't!" Hope yelled out while Vanille grabbed Hopes shoulders.

"He tried though." Vanille countered while Hope held his head down. He knew she was right, but it was hard he may be able to forgive this Naruto person, but Snow was a whole other story. "He's coming our way it seems." Vanille said while looking towards the door that had just opened up near them.

"What should I do?" Hope questioned in sudden worry.

"Tell him what you need to." Vanille stated with a smile.

"But nothing I say will change what happened." Hope commented as Vanille discreetly rolled her eyes he may be a kid, but this was getting out of hand deciding to go along with her same personality she had been using she raised her hand to her chin in thought.

"We could just run away!" She suddenly said as she mentally slapped herself from sounding so stupid. Hope just looked towards her and nodded his head. (Yeah if you couldn't tell yet I'm changing Vanille personality a bit because I don't like how happy she is even though all the stuff she already went through she yeah I'm making her a bit more serious.)

A few minutes later

"What are they?" Hope questioned in fear as he watched a bunch of monsters walk towards himself and Vanille.

"Cie'th! L'Cie who failed!" Vanille answered quickly with narrowed eyes she was think if she had to reveal that she was L'Cie herself to get them out of here. "This is what happens-when L'Cie don't complete the Focus the fal'ce have given them." Just as she was about to reveal she was a L'Cie she heard suddenly yelling which caused her to lower her glowing hand a let it become normal again. Looking towards the sound she noticed Snow run up stairs and tackle one of the Cie'th and proceeded to punch it in the head till it stopped moving. When he was done he stood up and went over to the two.

"Let's even these odds!" He yelled out as Vanille just stayed silent and nodded while Hope glared at Snows back. Deciding to start it off Snow dug in his jacket and pulled out a few grenades. Throwing them at the Cie'th he took out four of them. Vanille quickly took care of her own two that were in front of her while Hope took care of one. Seeing that they were all taken care of Snow turned to the two of them. "How did you get in here? You got to leave." Snow stated as Vanille chuckled awkwardly and Hope just continued panting trying to catch his breathe.

"Well..." Vanille started as she put her hand together. When he noticed she wasn't going to answer him Snow sighed.

"Okay, listen. Find someplace to hide and keep quiet. Once I find Sarah, we'll all leave together." Snow stated as he walked past the two completely missing the way Vanille's eyes widened when she heard Sarah's name, but she tried to play it off. "You'll be home in time for dinner." Snow said while this time it was Hope who had a reaction to that as he glared even harder at Snow.

"Wait! Who's Sarah?" Vanille questioned with a hint of guilt in her voice that no one picked up.

"My wife. Future wife, that is. She's a pulse L'Cie." Snow commented while Vanille flinched from hearing it. "She's here somewhere along with that fal'Cie. I've got to find her and set her free." Snow stated in conviction.

"What's wrong with you?!" Hope suddenly yelled out which caused Vanille to jump back a bit from the sudden rush. "Why do you want to help a L'Cie? Their the enemy!" He yelled out while Vanille looked away. "How can you save a L'Cie, and not..." Hope yelled out then stopped since he knew he couldn't finish his sentence. "That's insane!" He finished as he stomped his foot.

"You're probably right." Snow stated with a small laugh. "But, I gotta do something, right? Wouldn't be much of a fiancé if I didn't. I'll be back!" He yelled as he turned around and started running in the opposite direction.

"I think we should follow him." Vanille stated and was startled once again when hope punched the ground with his fists.

"I'd rather go to Pulse! Why is this happening to me? When they found the fal'Cie the other day, we were just visiting Bodhum. But the army took us. Threw us on that train..." He yelled out while Vanille looked at him softly. "And because of that guy, Mom is-" he couldn't finish the sentence again. "And he wants to help a L'Cie?" He questioned as the two heard breathing and looked up to see Snow standing there waving to them.

"Hey there." Snow greeted while Vanille greeted back then couched down in front of Hope.

"Let's go with him. You need to talk to him, Hope." Vanille stated as He slowly nodded from hearing this.

With Naruto and company

"What's gotten into you solider? You came for a fight right?" Sazh questioned as Naruto looked between the two. What had lightning told this guy?

"My sister..." Lightning stated as Sazh raised an eyebrow.

"Your sister?" He questioned while Lightning nodded her head.

"She was taken here by the fal'Cie." Naruto stated from behind the two. "She's a L'Cie." Naruto stated as Sazh widened his eyes from hearing this.

"What? A Pulse L'Cie?" Sazh questioned while Naruto and Lightning nodded at the same time. "Is she still...?" Sazh questioned while Lightning started walking again which lead to Sazh running in front of her. "What was her Focus? When she became a L'Cie, what did the fal'Cie order her to do? It wasn't blow up Cocoon,' or anything like that, was it?" Sazh questioned.

"I didn't ask." Lightning stated with guilt laced in her voice. Naruto was about to tell Lightning it was okay till all of them heard a strange noise causing all of them to look up towards the door that glowed red and disappeared.

"Listen to me." Sazh started sadly as he looked towards the monster coming their way. "When a person gets cursed by a fal'Cie they become a L'Cie." Sazh stated while Naruto got closer to him to hear this he was still confused on how these things worked. "Then they get given a Focus, right?" He said then sighed as he passed his hand over his face. "How do I put this? If they don't carry it out, they end up becoming one of those things." Sazh stated as he pointed towards them. Naruto hearing this widened his eyes. If Sarah didn't complete this Focus thing she would turn into one of those.

"Interesting..." Kara stated from inside Naruto's head.

"What I'm saying is, if your sister's gone that far..." Sazh stated as Lightning turned away from him she didn't want to hear anymore. "I mean-! She might still-! How can I-?" Sazh stumbled on his words then sighed. "There's no way to turn a L'Cie back into a human. Even if she completes her Focus, there's no changing her fate." Sazh stated as an un noticeable tear slip down Lightning's face. "She will live her life as a fal'Cie slave." Sazh finished as Naruto went as stiff as a bored. Lebreau seeing this walked up behind him and hugged him from the back as she hid her own saddened face.

"Why don't you just say it..." Lightning whispered as Sazh raised an eyebrow. "Any L'Cie..." She started as her voice began to get louder. "Anyone who might ever become a L'Cie should be wiped off the face of Cocoon!" Lightning yelled then turned her back to him. "It's people like you who started the purge in the first place." Lightning stated as she started walking towards the Cie'th. She needed to calm herself down.

"So that's a Cie'th, huh?" Lebreau questioned as she stared at it carefully.

"Yep some innocent kid gets picked as a L'Cie one day, and winds up as one of those." Sazh commented sadly while Naruto frowned from seeing so many of them.

A few minutes later

"We're close." Naruto stated as all four of them got on the elevator. Running up the stairs the four of them spotted Sarah lying on the ground. Running up to her Lightning quickly picked her up and turned around to leave though stopped when she saw Sazh staring at her brand.

"That girl is a L'Cie." Sazh stated as Lightning looked at him in annoyance.

"I already told you that." She stated as she settled Sarah better in her arms.

"Pulse L'Cie are enemies of Cocoon." Sazh stated as he slowly reach towards his gun, but stopped instantly when he felt cold steel against his neck. Slowly turning his head he flinched when he saw the piercing gaze of Naruto who did not look happy.

"Even try to threaten one of my friends again and I won't hesitate next time." Naruto said coldly as Sazh slowly raised his hand back up he really didn't want to get on the blonde's bad side especially how easily he seemed to take care of all the enemy to this point.

"You came..." The sudden voice caused all of them to look towards Serah who was now touching her sister's face. Lightning was about to ask if she was okay when another voice rang out.

"Serah!" Snow yelled as himself and the others came down the elevator with him. Not waiting for the elevator to stop he quickly jumped off and ran over to Serah as he grasped her hand.

"Is that my Hero?" Serah questioned as Snow nodded slowly.

"Yes Serah I'm here everything's going to be okay now." Snow stated as Lightning spoke.

"Hands off her. I'm taking her home." Lightning stated coldly as Snow looked towards her slightly hurt.

"But sis-"

"No, I'm not your sister. You couldn't protect her. It's your fault she-" She said though she was suddenly interrupted.

"You can save us." Serah suddenly declared as everyone looked down to her.

"Serah?" Naruto questioned as he crouched down in front of her wondering what she meant. Looking towards him Serah smiled.

"Hey Naruto-Nii-Chan." Serah said as Naruto smiled to her. Though she got back on topic. She knew she didn't have much time left. "You can save us...Protect us all. Save...Cocoon." Serah stated as her eyes began to close causing Naruto to widen his eyes.

"Save Cocoon? Serah is that you Focus?" Lightning questioned as she noticed Serah close her eyes as well.

"Anything, I'll do anything. Leave it to me-you'll see. I'll protect Cocoon! I'll save everyone!" Snow declared while he watched a small smile grow on Serah's face.

"Somehow, I'll make things right." Lightning stated.

"You don't have to worry anymore I'll take care of it." Naruto stated as he tried to have Serah have as little worry as possible.

"Thank you." Serah stated as she started to glow which caused everyone to cover their eyes from the bright light. When they all looked back they saw that Serah had indeed turned into crystal just as the legends stated.

"Serah...Sweet dreams." Snow stated as Lightning suddenly snapped as she pushed Sazh out of the way and got in Snow's face.

"Sweet dreams?" She questioned as she grabbed onto Snows jacket. "She's not sleeping!" As she pushed him away from her and walked over to Naruto she didn't know why, but being close to Naruto always made her feel better.

"She's alive." Snow declared as Lightning glared at him. "The legend! Remember the legend. L'Cie who fulfill their Focus turn to crystal and gain eternal life. It's the same with Serah!" Snow stated as he walked up to Lightning. "Serah is my bride-to-be I don't care how many years I have to wait-" he stopped when he saw Lightning fist coming towards him, but it was stopped by a gloved hand.

"We need to all just calm down." Naruto stated as he gave Lightning a hard look. "We aren't going to figure anything out with all this fighting." Naruto stated as Sazh walked up to him.

"Do have any ideas?" He questioned while Naruto thought about it for a bit.

"Yes I do...can anyone point me in the fal'Cie's direction?" Naruto questioned as everyone widened their eyes. Though all conversations were stopped when the whole place started shaking.

"What now?" Vanille questioned as Sazh answered.

"The army." Sazh stated while they all continued to try and balance themselves. Then they noticed the building was collapsing and and crashing around them. They all soon calmed down when the place stopped shaking and a door suddenly opened up at the top of the stairs. Snow began walking towards it till Sazh ran up to him.

"Trench coat. Where you going?" He asked as Snow looked towards Naruto.

"You wanted a date with the fal'Cie right? Maybe we can have a three way." Snow stated with a smirk that was mirrored by Naruto as he followed after Snow.

"You two are serious? You're going to ask it to help her?" Sazh questioned as he shook his head this was ridicules.

"I don't see why not...it basically our only option left, and if it doesn't help...I'll destroy it." Naruto stated as he continued walking with Lebreau going to catch up with him.

"Are you kidding me that thing wants to chew us up and spit us out." Sazh stated as Snow suddenly turned around.

"Well what do you want us to do?!" Snow question as Sazh seemed at a loss for words. Lightning just decided to follow after Naruto since she really didn't know or like anyone else here besides Naruto and Lebreau.

Sighing to himself Sazh decided to follow them which he was closely followed by Vanille and Hope.

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