Hello there, old and new readers. I'm Kiha717 for those of you who don't know and for those of you who do, I am sorry about being gone for so long but I'm hoping to be able to bring you back into this story. I am excited to write and rerelease a Gash Bell fanfiction with OCs of mind and yours. Now I need you to note that being the owner of this fanfiction I do have the team that will win the demon battle, but I will need you to help out by giving us amazing friends, one chapter or two characters or fun baddies to take down. If you have any other questions, just get into contact with me and I'll reply soon enough. But anyways, if you have a character to send in, just fill this out and if you have an old character, please resend him or her if they haven't been seen in the story yet.

Fill this out if you are sending in a character and if your person has no demon, just fill in the human parts.

-Profile for Bookreader and Demon-

Name of Demon:






Coupling (Of course this will be decided later):



Book Color:



Name of Bookreader:






Coupling (Of course to be decided later):


Demon Partner:


Lives in:

School they attend:

Bond between Bookreader and Demon:

How they met one another:

Good or Evil:

Book Burned How (Only if you want to decide, otherwise I will make the choice for you):

Are they together when introduced:

Anything else important need to be said:

And let's meet my two characters, your main protagonists and heroes!

Name of Demon: Tsumi

Age: 9

Appearance: He had pale grey skin and soft purple eyes. His hair is a black purple color and quite longs, bangs that drift in the wind sometimes. He stands at about 4 foot 7 inches and wears a black body suit, purple-black cloak and purple shoes on his feet. He has a scar on his left cheek he has had since he was a baby and has small white fangs. When he goes to sleep he wears a white wife-beater and light blue shorts and pajamas

Parents: Unknown Mother and (Unknown to him) Brago

Siblings: None

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Coupling? (To be decided): Sure (Claim if you want)

Personality: He is a very sweet boy, a curiousity about the human world welled up inside him. However, he truely wonders about his parents and whose blood runs through his veins. He can be a very mature child when Kimiko needs him to be and knows when to talk and when to be quiet. He is loyal and sticks to his morals when in battle he is strong and protective.

BookReader: Kimiko Isahowa

Book Color: Dark Purple


Rachido- A blast of poison mist and gunk is shot from his mouth at the foe

Rerano- A sheild is formed around them and spins around the caster for powerful protection

Rokuryo- A rather large shuriken with a poisoned tip is given to him, which is to be thrown

Zunsapen- A serpent made of poison is shot from the mouth at the foe, very powerful

Karoataka- A shot of adrenelin is given to the boy, he breifly has amazing power in every punch thrown but this attack takes quite a bit of heart energy

Ranohe- This spell changes the boy quite a bit, he grows to 5 foot 4 inches and gains ninja like wear. He is given some weapons as well. The only problem is he may loose his sense and go on a rampage

Koronaji- A sword of poison is given to the boy, the sword will only be able to remain in the battle for five minutes

Rekiga- If he is given energy from allies, this spell will be able to give him the ability to shoot a poison ray from his hands. Without it, the spell is only a ray of Rachido

GiganoZunsapen- A much larger Zunsapen is created, equipped with giant fangs

Kinopa- This spell gives the boy the ability to foresee three attacks shot from the foe, this attack can only be used once in battle and lasts only ten minutes

Renfuku- This is Rekiga only doubled and does not need as much of the energy from allies

Zundoragon- A huge and bloodthirsty poison dragon is shot from the mouth. It is quite hard to control but amazingly powerful

Past: Tsumi was raised by his parents until he was four when his mother died. His father was so stunned that he abandoned his son and disapeared. Tsumi managed to make it by himself and managed to make friends with Gash who was the king of the demon world. He was placed in the battle because Gash believed he had amazing potential. Tsumi had few friends.

Name of BookReader: Kimiko Isahowa

Age: 15

Appearance: She had the typical build for a freshmen girl, standing at 5 foot 6 inches and weighing 96 pounds. She has long brown hair that goes down to her chest and has hazel eyes. She wears a white dress shirt with a blue blazer and black tie, a black skirt that goes mid-calf and black dress shoes with white socks. She wears a white nightgown when she goes to sleep

Parents: Jeri Isahowa and Deceased Father

Siblings: Azusa (10) and Taiki (2) Isahowa

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Coupling? (To be decided): Yes (If you want her, take her)

Personality: Kimiko is very shy and quiet when first meeting a person but after a while of talking she will warm up to a person. She is caring and will put others, especially people she cares for and good people, before herself. She is quick thinking and can come up with good stratagies for battle only a while into a fight

Partner: Tsumi

Past: Kimiko's family moved around a lot when she was a little girl and by the time she settled in Hokkaido she did not know anybody and grew a bit distant. She was very close to her father and when he passed away she pushed most people away from her. She has few friends and can come across as cold or lonely depending on a person's view on her

Lives in: Hokkaido

School: Seki High School

Bond between Book Reader and Demon: They are very close, having a compassion for one another and a drive to help one another reach their goals. Neither will hesitate to protect the other with their life being risked. The two trust one another greatly and would never betrey the other. However, they do have their fair share of arguements and disagreements. There are times where they will not speak or one with torment the other, but all will be solved soon enough

How they met one another: Tsumi was out on the streets, exausted and hungry, desperate to find his book owner. He was showing a lot of people even though it was pouring rain and he soon grew exausted. When Kimiko came into view, he went to go ask her and lost conciousness in her arms. The girl was stunned but took him home and helped him feel better. When she was drying his clothing, she found the book and that is when both found out she was the bookreader

Good or Evil: Good

Book Burned How (Only if wanted to decide by self{otherwise I will choose}): Only book not to be burned

Are they already together when first introduced: No

Anything else important that needs to be said: Tsumi loves to travel while Kimiko hates airplanes. The both will gladly help anybody who is good and if you are evil and become good, they might give you a chance.