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"Hey, Mom? I need you to sit down for a minute; we need to talk about something."

Today was Monday, or rather Monday night and on Wednesday Kimiko and Tsumi were leaving for Xenolith's Castle. The only thing Kimiko needed to do now was talk to her mother about this, something she was very afraid of doing.

The gentle cocoa eyes of Akane Isahowa fell onto her eldest daughter, having just sent ten year old Azusa to bed an hour after two year old Taiki. "We need to talk? About what, Kimiko?"

The teenager bit into her lip as she sat down at the kitchen table with Tsumi by her side. "About something very strange, very unbelievable. But, I just need you to listen to me and understand that I'm being serious here. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to."

Her mother sat down, the teenager drawing in a breath as she placed her purple spellbook on the table. "This little thing right here, well it's kind of special in a few ways." The girl opening it to reveal the page with her first spell on it. "I'm sure the writing gives that away though." Akane bending forward to get a good look at the page, frowning when she noticed the strange writing on the thin pages. "What language is this, Kimiko?"


Right away the mother turned to her daughter in shock, cocoa eyes now wide with both confusion and misunderstanding. "Demon?" Her mind now full of quite a few thoughts, but one beginning to stand out above all others, her voice shaking slightly. "Are you studying Satanism?" The woman fearing the idea of her daughter being a Satan worshipper above all else.

The poison duo exchanged looks of surprise, but the daughter of Akane was quick to turn back to her mother, giving a reassuring smile. "No, Mom, I'm not studying Satanism and I don't plan on worshipping the devil anytime soon. But," The girl pausing while she tried to think of a way that she could explain this to her mother and make rational sense. "This is demon writing. And well, I can read what it says."

"H-How can you read demon?"

"Well, I can only read this book. I don't have the only book with demon writing in it, but only I can read this book." Kimiko said gently.

"And how did you get your hands on this book?"

"I gave it to her."

It was then that both Isahowa women turned to Tsumi, the poison demon finding himself a bit nervous now that he had the attention of both Akane and his bookreader. "Yes, I gave it to her when I came here from Demon World. Since she was my one true partner, the book became hers because only she could read it."

"This isn't a funny joke, kids." The woman finding herself flustered, needing a sense of reality now that her daughter and an orphan her daughter had taken in were talking about demons and something about one true partners. "I want you two to tell me where that book really came from and what language it really is. Playing jokes isn't okay."

"Mom, I'm not playing a joke." A sincere look in Kimiko's hazel eyes as she placed her hand on her mother's palm reassuringly. "Tsumi really is a demon sent here from his world. He's here to compete in a fight to help decide the next king of his home and the only way to fight is by finding the one human that can read your spellbook and using the spells you and your partner unlock, to destroy one another's books. The last one surviving, well they are declared the king and earn the throne."

This shocking reveal of information cause Akane's head to begin spinning, the woman biting into her lip. "You two are involved in a fight? In some kind of a demonic war?"

"Yeah, we are." Her daughter said, voice a bit softer now.

"And how long has this been going on for?"

"Well, ever since Tsumi first started staying with us. We found out we were partners and have been fighting, sometimes unwillingly, ever since."

The brunette's mother bit into her lip, nodding with hidden disapproval. "And yet in the end, you never thought to tell me that this was going on."

A sudden stab of hurt was sent at Kimiko, looking at her mother and realizing just how upset her parent was about this. But what was she supposed to do other than what she had done? The girl sighing as she rubbed her temples. "I didn't tell you because I wanted to protect you, because the more you knew, the more in danger you could be in if you ever tried to get involved. And the last thing either of us wanted was for anybody in the family to end up hurt because of us."

Akane knew she couldn't be hurt by this, nodding as she looked over the two. "So, if you didn't want me to know to protect our family, then why are you telling me now?"

"Because, we have to go somewhere." Tsumi said, almost bluntly but with a rather grave tone in his voice. "There is an enemy that's been controlling the minds of other demons and he wants us more than anything. We don't know why he does, but all we know is that we have no choice other than going after him. This means of course that we'll have to leave for a while, how long we don't know, but we can't put this off any longer."

"You're leaving to go after an enemy, all on your own?" Akane asked, rather stunned by this statement.

"Not exactly." Kimiko shaking her head, figuring this statement would calm her mother down, at least a little bit. "Some of my friends, like Kenja and Kyo, are also bookreaders and we're all going to head over there. There's going to be fourteen of us in total, so we'll be able to take down enemies in numbers."

"I see," Akane slightly relieved, just as her daughter had figured. "And does your group of friends consist of just high school students?"

"Nope, Mr. Kincad is going with us. He has a demon partner as well and decided to band with us to fight."

This was a little surprising, the woman nodding with a bit of hesitation. All of this information spinning around in her head as she tried to comprehend everything that she had just learned. "I see."

"So," Kimiko standing up, her voice a little meek now. "Do you understand that we have to do this? That even though it's scary, that we're going to be okay because we have a lot of people to rely on. And that in the end we have to find this guy and take him out?"

"I-I don't like this idea at all, but I understand." Akane looking into her daughter's eyes with her own slightly misty. "I don't know if I get a choice here, but I'm sure you can handle this with your friends."

The brunette got up from her chair, hugging her mother lovingly as the woman gently sniffled, her daughter smiling. "Thank you, Mom. I promise you that we'll be okay. I'll be safe, the both of us will."

"I know you will, honey, I know you will."




"What was that!?"

Kenja cringed at the sound of a plate hitting the kitchen sink, the sound alerting everybody to the fact that it shattered. "Mother, Father, I need you to be reasonable."

Himaji Sedai was beginning to remove shards of plate from the sink, shaking her head while Yamato stood up to help his wife out, his voice a bit harsh. "Kenja, you make this sound simple. You're talking about demons, about Kesai being some sort of supernatural creature and about fighting some mind controlling villain!"

"Father, I-"

"Kenja, are you trying some different kinds of medicine?" Himaji drying off her hands before placing them on his forehead. "Are you beginning to feel sick again?"

"No, Mother, I am fine." The blond taking a step back from the both of them, understanding their concern but rejecting their attempts to rationally explain this with his illness. "I am not making a joke, nor am I seeing this as something simple or feeling sick. I understand everything and that includes my limits and the severity of the situation I am in. We have no other choice than to fight, but I knew I had to tell you of this before I disappeared along with Kesai."

"And what makes you think we are going to believe you?" Yamato asked him, folding his arms while his wife went back to picking up shards of the plate and throwing them away.

Kenja turned to Kesai, who was sitting at the kitchen table with the orange spellbook sitting on the table before him. The child was wearing a black cap, rather used to wearing hats when in the Sedai home. The kitsune bit into his lip, nodding because even when he wasn't given the order verbally, he already knew what Kenja was asking of him without the use of words.

His small hands rose up, lifting the cap off of his head to reveal the fox ears he had on the top of his head. Yamato grunting in shock while Himaji gasped, causing the fire demon's ears to lower against his red hair. "I'm a demon, a kitsune to be more exact."

"Y-You're kidding, right!" Himaji cried, her eyes now full of tears thanks to strong emotions. "Kenja, please tell me you're playing a joke!"

"I am afraid I am not."

Kenja moved away from his parents and over to Kesai, placing his hand on their orange book which ignited with a powerful aura matching the color of the cover at the introduction of his fingertips. "I wouldn't joke about something as serious as this, I only came to talk because you needed to be aware and the last think I would want is for you to have to learn from a friend's parent."

His mother sniffled, rubbing tears from her green eyes. "Kenja, you're not strong enough to do something like this! What if you get hurt?"

"He'll have me to protect him," Himaji and Yamato turning to see Kesai standing up, the kitsune's green eyes honest and sincere while he spoke. "My goal here may be to become king, but I have already sworn to protect Kenja, weather I have to give up my life in the process or otherwise. I won't let him get hurt, or push himself, not when I'm there to protect and watch over him."

Yamato folded his arms, glaring down the fire demon, causing his ears to go flat against his head. "And what makes you believe that we're going to believe a demon?"

Kenja bit into his lip, seeing this sudden hesitation in his partner that he couldn't explain. The little kitsune recoiling in the bitterness with slight fear before his eyes took on a much darker and more mysterious glint to them. "I don't need you to believe me." The child looking to Kenja, who nodded before speaking.

"In the end, Mother, Father, I don't know if either of us expected you to believe us, but that wasn't the goal I guess. I will admit, I was weak before, but now I have enough strength to help my friends carry this weight on my shoulders. Whether you allow it or not, I have already made my choice and I won't be swayed, I would only suggest that you try and accept it before I leave. Because understanding why I am doing this will make it easier to swallow when I do leave."

Yamato placed his hands on Himaji's shoulders, the woman sniffling as her son picked up his book, turning to retire to his room before the woman broke through the silence and spoke. "Kenja, it's not that we don't understand, it's just that you're too w-"

"I am not ill anymore!" The blond suddenly snapped, Kesai taking a step back in fear with his ears lowering. "Everybody continues to insist that I am ill, or that I am too fragile or weak to hold my own! I am not some child that needs to be looked after! I am more than capable of making my own choices when it comes to my life and I understand that you all want to prevent my condition from worsening. But, I doubt me taking time to live my life is going to kill me any faster and I've already accepted the fact that I may or will die at an early age. But, telling me that I am too weak to handle my own life. It is absolutely unacceptable!"

Both Yamato and Himaji were in shock, seeing the flash of tears in Kenja's eyes before the teenager shook his head. "I am no longer some pathetic child in a hospital bed anymore!" Then turning his back on the both of them before walking out of the room and out the front door.

Finally, Himaji burst into tears while Yamato tried to console her. Kesai looking at the ground with shame before sighing. "I know this is hard, but sometimes we have to do things we don't like because we have to. I wish I could help, but there's nothing I can do but promise you that I will guard him with my life." The kitsune heading for the front door. "He really is strong, you know? I know he is still sick, even though he won't let himself believe it, but I know he'll be able to push through. We both will."

And with that, the kitsune walked out of the house, somewhat proud of himself for being able to get Yamato and Himaji to listen. Even if they didn't say it, he could sense their understanding. Now all he had to do was find Kenja.





Kirii Akihira blinked grey eyes, handing Aislinn another wet dish for her to dry while his kind voice left his mouth. "Yes? What is it?"

"About the battle Cheshire and I fight in," The girl with scars beginning to dry the dish while looking up at her cousin. "Something very important came up and now the both of us have to go away for a few days."

Akira Eisu stopped putting away dishes from the drying rack to look at his boyfriend's cousin, lifting his eyebrow. "You have to go away? To where?"

"We have to go to a small island off the coast of Hokkaido." Cheshire replied from where she sat at the table. "A powerful enemy is there, one that we can't afford to let be any longer."

"What kind of a powerful enemy?" Kirii's voice taking on a more paternal tone as he shut the sink off, much more concerned with Aislinn and Cheshire leaving to fight some enemy he wasn't aware of until now.

"His name is Xenolith," Cheshire said, knowing that she could supply all of the details while Aislinn could probably only recollect certain snippets. Not that she would ever be bothered by her partner's faulty memory, it was barely anything when it came down to it. Her partner could have been more like Kimiko, which in that case she would have tried to burn her own book. "And he has the ability to control the minds of other demons and bookreaders. His favorite hobby happens to be sending other teams under his influence after us and the people we've begun fighting with. And now that he's begun to mess with the minds of our team, we know we can't let this demon exist any longer."

"So, he's an evil psychic?" Akira said, a little mystified by this idea. He had accepted the idea of demons before, but the more he heard of their outlandish powers, the more threatening they felt. Kirii and him exchanged looks, both a little hesitant but understanding. This was Aislinn and Cheshire's fight, which meant that they couldn't do anything about this; they were somewhat powerless in this situation.

"Basically." Aislinn nodded. "But, he's overpowered, which means that the both of us, along with some other demons and bookreaders are all headed to the island he's staying on. We're going to burn his book, because we can't just sit here anymore and let him torture us."

"So, is it going to be dangerous?"

This question was a rather serious one for Kirii, this being the answer to if he was going to have to spend nights worrying about the both of them. Sure, all demon battles were dangerous, at least to a degree. But usually, when they left, it was only for a few hours. This time, it seemed that it would be for more, which would most likely leave her cousin up all night worrying about the girls.

"Of course, but we aren't going to be alone. We will have others to depend on, so the fear of being ganged up on won't have to exist." Cheshire replied, having Aislinn nod once again. "All demon battles are a risk and even though this one is a little more dangerous than the others, I am sure we will be able to handle this."

"And you're going to protect Aislinn right?"

Kirii's grey eyes were now serious, Akira nodding with agreement, needing an answer as well. "You will be protecting Aislinn, right?"

"With my life."

The boyfriends exchanged looks, both seeing this understanding although a bit frightened glimmer in the other's eyes. They couldn't say no, not when they had long since accepted the existence of the demon battles and having Cheshire's word to protect her bookreader with all of her ability.

"Alright girls, just promise to be safe." Kirii said gently. "I know you'll be able to do this and do it well."




"Tora, Flynn, could you put away the dishes, please?"

Kio Fukisa stood up from their rather late supper, Nojiko having just left to put Eri and Esu to bed. Although this was much to Esu's disdain, the child whining in anger while his mother picked him up to put him and his twin to bed.

Tora, being the helpful little girl she was nodded, getting up out of her own seat and began gathering empty plates. However, Flynn wasn't getting up, folding his hands with nervousness as he drew in a breath. "Actually, Dad, I need to talk to you and Mom about something very important."

"Oh?" Kio raising an eyebrow, sitting right back down in his chair. "What do you have to talk about?"

"It's just that, well, I have to go away somewhere for a while with some friends…"

Nojiko walked back in the room just in time to hear about this, lifting an eyebrow. "Where do you have to go with these friends?"

Flynn watched with a swallow as Nojiko walked over to where her husband was sitting and taking a seat beside him. "Well, off to a somewhat remote and isolated island off the coast of Hokkaido." Seeing the surprised looks in their eyes and swallowing. "A few students and I have been doing some work in class and we find that going to an island to get information would probably be for the best."

"But why exactly are you and a few friends going to a deserted island?" Kio then asked, this being a rather important question for the father. This didn't seem to be a normal activity for teenagers, which made him wonder if his son was lying in hopes of doing something else. That wouldn't be very like Flynn to do something like that, but he could never be too careful. Not when his child was involved.

The heterochromic teenager drew in a breath, this part was going to be hard to fabricate. "Well, we have been conducting some experiments in the class during extra time during the day and the freshmen teacher, Mr. Kincad, who teaches a few of the students going, took interest in it. And since the experiment mostly focuses on ocean life and the small creatures affected through seasons and changes, we figured it would be best if we were able to study various creatures in different habitats to see if creatures in unique places would change or develop differently."

Nojiko turned to Kio, seeing the somewhat understanding look in her husband's eyes. He seemed to believe what their son was saying, making the woman a little less on edge about the idea of her son going. "So, will this teacher be going with you guys?"

"Yes, he's going with to watch over us and make sure everything goes over well."

Tora, who had been listening to the conversation while beginning to wash dishes, turned to her brother and parents. "Flynn, you're going to go away for a while?"

The heterochromic teenager's voice softened rather sweetly when his eyes fell onto his sister's pale blue irises. "Yes, but I'll be back before you know it, I promise."

Kio yawned rather deeply before standing up, the man smiling gently. "Well, since you will be supervised by a teacher and you are going with a few other students, I don't see why you can't go. Nojiko?"

"I fully agree." The woman nodded, smiling gently. "Just promise to be safe, alright?"

Flynn nodded, his own face now holding a smile. "Of course, Mom. We'll be safe. Mr. Kincad isn't the type of teacher to let us put ourselves in danger."

His parents, both exhausted from a day of being on their feet in the hospital and working, stood up. Both were ready to go to bed, telling both of their children good night before heading off to their bedroom. Flynn standing up after they left, gathering left over dishes to help his sister get the rest of them done.

He hadn't wanted to lie, but there was nothing more he could do, not without a spellbook or a demon to help him prove this point. He was going to be okay, he was sure of it, but the slight sinking feeling in his chest thanks to lying bugged him slightly. He then grabbed a dish, beginning to scrape it off.

This was just part of life when it came to these demon battles and he knew there was nothing more he could do but go with it.




'Dear Mom and Tsubasa,

Don't worry about me, I haven't run away and I plan on coming home as soon as I can. I just had to go away for a while with a few friends, if you call Flynn's house they'll probably tell you where Flynn is and I'm tagging along. I couldn't find the words or really anything to say, so I figured that I would write this instead because I'm not good with these kinds of things. Anyways, I'll be back soon enough, so you don't need to worry about me. I'll be safe and I won't be going too far, just don't worry or come looking for me. I will be home soon enough,


Setsuna Yuuki drew in a breath as he finished writing the letter, growling with frustration at the fact that it didn't sound all that greator trustworthy. In fact, it almost sounded like he was lying to them. Well, there was no way in hell that he was going to walk over to his mother and little sister and tell them what exactly was going on. He didn't want to talk to anybody, placing the paper on his desk in his dark room.

He then looked to his bed, sighing as he stood up, drawing in a breath as he placed his hand on a book he had left there. His palms sliding up a completely black book, but not just any book.

This was a spellbook.

"I'm going to get revenge for you," Setsuna whispered, feeling the slight linger of tears in his eyes. "I am going to watch those people destroy that bastard, no I'm going to destroy that bastard, for you. He's not going to live much longer, I promise it."

Setsuna then moved the book, sighing with dismay before pulling the novel to his chest. "I promise you." His trembling hands shaking as he pulled the book closer and closer to his body.

I promise you, Nora.




"We have to get up early, okay?"

Kimiko smiled gently as she set her alarm clock for five in the morning, which made her skin crawl. Tsumi looking up at her from his futon. "How early?"

"Five." The brunette replied, listening to the child groan with upset at this idea. Kimiko then rolling her eyes with a soft giggle. "I know, I know. I don't want to get up early either. But, that's when Mr. Kincad is showing up with the car he's renting."



The violet eyes of Tsumi looked up at his partner with a certain sweet quality to them. "How exactly are fourteen of us going to fit into a car?"

"Uh, well," Kimiko blinking as she tried to figure this out. "I guess it'd be something like a mini-bus or something on that line."

"Will we have to squish?"

"I don't know, I don't know."

The poison demon looked up at his partner, seeing this serious and rather nervous look in the brunette's eyes. "You shouldn't be scared, Kimiko." The girl turning to look at him with a little bit of surprise. "If you keep worrying, he's going to go after you. It's going to be okay, I promise that it's going to be okay. We're strong enough to fight back and we're going to take this guy down. Okay?"

"Okay." Kimiko nodded, giving him a gentle smile as she turned off the light. "Now get some sleep, alright? You can sleep in the car, but it'd be best to get as much rest as you can before we leave."

"Alright." Tsumi then snuggling up in his futon as Kimiko climbed into her own bed. Soon enough, everything was completely silent, the brunette drawing in a breath.

We're going to be okay, it is all going to be okay.

At least, I can only pray we will be.