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"Alright, I got it. We do not know anything about this guy other than he controls other demons and bookreaders. It's a mystery that we have to stop before it goes too far and others, like possible friends or even ourselves become infected as well."

Kimiko nodded slowly, her book in her lap and her hands on a cup of tea. "Yeah, that's what we know right now."

"Well, to be able to take over so many people must mean they are stronger than we thought before, which means that you and I alone probably won't be able to win against this guy." Kenja taking a sip from his cup before blinking his mindful azure eyes. "We are going to need to find more people to team up with us if we want to make it out here."

The girl sighed to herself, Kenja wasn't wrong on this one. Well, he was barely wrong, but this time was more serious than the other times. Sure they had managed to fight people before, but what if this person was stronger than they had anticipated and took down the two with ease? Sure, training could help them, but strength also comes in numbers during a war. It doesn't matter how strong your right hand soldier is, your entire army better be strong and two demons weren't enough to make a proper army. "I guess that means we need to make more friends while we gather more information on whatever is doing this."

The blond boy only nodded, taking another sip before turning to see Kesai and Tsumi, both watching one another with serious glares as the school boy only tried to laugh their tension off. It was beyond him why the two couldn't play nice, but he knew that stepping in the middle wouldn't help. They'd make friends in their own time, or at least he hoped they would. "Well, these two will need all the help they are going to get. There is no use in not trying anyways; the worst we could end up with is a refusal to help."

Yeah, there wasn't really that much to lose when it came to making decisions on their next plan of action and although making friends had never been an easy thing for Kimiko, there was no doubt that she could figure this out and find at least one team willing to fight alongside her and Kenja in whatever happened next. At least one more friend to help build this duo into a trio of worthy power.




"Did you see this article by any chance?"

Kimiko looked up from her breakfast, rubbing her eyes in exhaustion before looking to her mother who held the lively Taiki on her hip. The brunette looking down to the newspaper her mother had thrown onto the table to get the girl's attention. "Hn, no, I hadn't seen anything." Placing her chopsticks down and picking up the newspaper to see what was on the front page.

'Another Bizarre Destruction; Town Continues to be Destroyed by a Mysterious Force.'

'A mysterious force?' Kimiko biting into her lip as she looked to the article, finding the photograph of an old abandoned building half destroyed. Finding that it took place in Sendai instead of Otaru where she lived. However, as she looked over to picture and continued to frown. Nothing could do this better than a demon, which meant that there were things going on over there. Weather it was a good or bad thing she didn't know, but it could be useful no matter what it was. "Wow, that's amazing, look at that building."

"I wonder what had the strength to do something like that." Her mother leaning against the table after sitting Taiki in his high chair. "One side is completely blown off, it's frightening."

The brunette nodded, trying not to think about the fact that she would end up going there most likely today. "Yeah, I don't even want to think about what did it." After all, since her mother knew nothing about the demon battle she had no reason to mention what she was positive had done what they were both looking at right then.

"I hope we can figure it out soon enough, that way we can make sure it won't happen again."

Tsumi then walked into the room, rubbing his eyes viciously before taking a seat beside his bookreader. She turned to him the moment her mother went to get the demon child and her son something to eat, holding out the newspaper. "There are demon battles going on in Sendai and we have to investigate."

"Why?" Tsumi's voice soft and still slightly asleep. "Can't we let them sort this out on their own instead of getting ourselves involved?"

Kimiko shook her head, whisper getting slightly more serious. "No, we need to see if they would be willing to be allies with us, Kesai and Kenja. Remember what we talked about yesterday?" The little boy nodding slowly with a slightly more awake blink of understanding. "Yeah, but what happens if they want to fight instead of make friends?"

"Then we get to rack up some battle experience. Alright?"



"A train!"

Kimiko looked to Tsumi, seeing the child get excited as their train pulled up and people began boarding, his eyes wide as he looked over the outside of the locomotive with pure joy spread across his face. The teenager laughing softly as she watched the child clench his fists together, keeping himself still but feeling nothing but excitement. "Calm down, Tsu, it's just a train."

"Nuh-uh." The demon child looking up to her with his excitement still in tact. "Look at how cool it is!"

Well, maybe a train can be exciting the first time you see one. Let's just hope he composed himself when the train starts moving. Kimiko looking to her partner once more before boarding the train, the poison demon following at her heels. His eyes wide as he took a seat, looking to Kimiko who respectfully sat on the opposite bench so she could face him, the excitement in him seeming to die down slightly when he watched her pull out the newspaper from before. "So, this is really serious, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I don't think Rachido could do something like that," The brunette placing the paper on her lap and facing him. "Something powerful and controlled did something like that and I'm not sure how they managed to do it."

"Maybe their spells send things to mysterious locations or just make things vanish. They could just have broken everything into pieces so tiny nobody can see them."

Kimiko softly smiled at Tsumi's idea of what happened, shrugging to him slowly. "I guess they could have, but we're going to have to find out, aren't we?"

"Yeah, but are you nervous about what's going to happen?"

The girl blinked, having to consider that question very carefully before she even thought about answering the simple enough thing. "I guess I am, everytime we do this kind of a thing we're taking a risk that could easily destroy us or benefit us. However, if we didn't risk everything every time we went into a fight, I don't think we'd be able to keep going on like we do."

Tsumi blinked, nodding slowly. "Everything is a gamble, isn't it? We never really have a choice with what happens next, but dumb luck keeps protecting us."

"Nobody ever said dumb luck, maybe we're just doing the right things but don't know it."

The poison demon smiled softly, that's true enough. Nobody ever told either of them that they had nothing but dumb luck, even though he had always secretly wondered why everything had been going so smoothly up until that point with them. Sure they had been in fights, but unlike Kimiko he was completely aware of how bloody these fights were supposed to get when it came down to it. Maybe not yet, but eventually his blood would spill.

"Welcome to Sendai."

Tsumi looked around the train station, his eyes wide as he watched the train leave. "This is where we had to go?" The girl only nodding to him before beginning to walk out of the station, the demon following behind her loyally but continuing to look around.

After wandering around for a little while, the both of them managed to find the way out of the station, Kimiko frowning to herself as she looked around before pulling out the news article again, studying it for only a moment before beginning to walk again.

"The weather is nicer here, not as cold." Tsumi couldn't help but say this as they began to walk down the sidewalk.

"The climate is much nicer here, not as hot as Tokyo and not as cold as Otaru." The girl smiling slightly at his interest in this place. He obviously had never been very far in Japan, maybe the kid did have some dumb luck. Tsumi only nodding after she explained, figuring that he liked this much more than most other places.

The two then began to walk, Kimiko purchasing a map from a person on the street and after sitting down only to figure out where the building there were looking for before getting right back up and beginning to walk again. The entire time she found her heart pounding with anticipation, her right hand relaxing on the white satchel she was carrying with her that held the book just incase they were suddenly jumped by whatever really was that managed to destroy half of what they were now looking for.


"It's too hot!"

Tsumi couldn't help but whimper as the warmer November climate began to bother at him, the child removing his cloak in frustration in hopes that a black t-shirt and grey shorts wouldn't be as back as his dark and thick cloak.

The girl went to say something to him, but suddenly stopped. They were getting close to the building right then and now something managed to catch her attention. Walking in the opposite direction that they were was a duo that looked a little peculiar when compared to the rest of the people on the streets that they had managed to encounter.

A rather tall and pale young woman managed to catch Kimiko's eye, having long white hair that managed to grace her knees and grey eyes that seemed very soft. She was wearing a long and flowing white dress that cut low at her shoulders and managed to hit her knees just as her hair did, a sword across her waist that was bound to a belt across her torso. However, what interested the girl the most was that the woman had two horns sticking out of the back of her head, gracefully rounded and curved.

The boy standing beside her was slightly more normal, having slightly tanned skin. He had long black hair tied back in a ponytail that managed to reach the middle of his back and having lively light green eyes. He wore an unbuttoned black t-shirt, tan shorts, black shoes and a black fedora, having a rather feminine appearance but with his open shirt and athletic build Kimiko had no doubts that he was a boy.

Tsumi couldn't help but feel that something was wrong as well, the two teams crossing paths before stopping basically shoulder to shoulder. At once Kimiko turned to face them, hand on her satchel, ready for whatever was about to happen. "I take it you are a demon and bookreader."

"Yes," The boy watching her carefully for a moment. "But we're not looking for a fight or anything."

This is perfect, more than dumb luck. "Neither are we, we're looking for something else." The girl looking down to Tsumi who only stood there for a moment, not sure what to say but more than curious with what his bookreader was going to say to get these two strangers to listen to her. "We're looking for allies to help us and another team out with something that's going on right now."

The female demon looked over the brunette, biting into her lip and saying nothing as if she had something to say but deeply feared saying it. The raven haired boy speaking instead. "Alies? You can do that in this kind of a thing? Isn't this survival of the fittest, so one person only fights for themself?"

"Not always, at least for now something isn't right. If you're willing to listen, I'll explain what's happening that we need to worry about and get ourselves ready for."


"So, that's why we need to get rid of this person no matter what. They're basically destroying this battle but controlling different people."

Kimiko took in a breath as she finished explaining what was going on, the bookreader, who had introduced himself as Kyo Yakage only nodded. "Well, wanting to make this a fair fight isn't a bad thing to help with." Turning to his partner. "Amera, do you know any demons that could do something like that?"

The woman thought about it for a moment, slowly shaking her head soon enough. "I am afraid I do not."

Kyo gave Kimiko an apologetic look, Tsumi looking from one to the other before speaking. "So, would you guys be willing to fight with us?"

"We haven't really gotten into many fights, we only have one spell and the last time we got into a fight our enemy ended up destroying part of a building that's now been on the news for whatever mysterious thing happened." The poison duo exchanging looks to say that they found the answer they used as their excuse for coming here as they did.

Tsumi wasn't going to let this chance slip through his fingers. "That's fine, we only have two spells and we've only fought a few times. We can both pick it up together."

Kyo smirked, figuring this would be alright. "I guess so, it'd be good for us to get some fighting experience in."

Kimiko smiled in joy, the group passing the building Kyo had mentioned moments ago. "That's great, we're going to need you to be there." Tsumi suddenly stopping in his tracks and looking around as he noticed a faint light glowing from inside the rubble, recognising just what kind of a light this was and frowning. "Kimiko."

The girl noticed he was completely frozen, stopping herself and pulling out her spellbook. "Alright, I got it."


With that Kimiko and Tsumi both reacted, the school girl pushing Kyo and Amera back before holding out her own book. "Rerano!"

Amera and Kyo watched in shock as a flurry of small drills shot forward through the darkness of the abandoned building, a shield appearing before the poison duo and beginning to spin around them both. However, right as they went to calm down about them being protected, they managed to hear Tsumi let out a cry of sheer pain. The shield fading along with the drills only to show one of the little things had managed to stick itself into the poison demon, who ripped it from his flesh and shuddering right away, blood dripping from his arm as Kimiko gritted her teeth. "Just great, a fight."

The other two rushed over to the poison duo, Kyo removing a yellow book from his bag and giving the brunette a reassuring look. "Hey, don't forget us, we're not going to let you fight alone." Amera nodding in agreement.

Kimiko smiled softly, bowing her head in gratitude for a moment before watching for their enemy who left the building to face them. Just as always Tsumi noticed the soulless eyes of the bookreader and demon, biting at the loose skin on his lower lip. "They're under that spell."

"So, this is what you were speaking about?" Amera looking to their enemies in fascination. "Well, it will be interesting to see what they are capable of while in this state."

Kimiko smirked playfully. "More a pain in the ass than interesting."


Tsumi looked to Kimiko, this time both were more than a little aware that Rerano was only good for when the spell was one solid entity instead of a flowing one or something that was made up of smaller things entirely. The girl going to say something when Kyo stepped forward. "Sorusen!"

Amera took her sword from it's sheath, the blade turning from a dull silver to a bright gold as she lunged forward, using this sword to cut through the drills that headed towards the other three with ease. The woman landing on her feet and the tiny bits of remaining drill falling around her body moments later to the awe of the poison duo.

"That was amazing!" Tsumi leaping in joy for a moment. "Amera, you were so fast!"

The young woman was a bit surprised by the child's amazement in what she had just done, voice slightly nervous as she spoke. "T-Thank you, but it was no big deal. I don't need praise or anything."


Tsumi glanced over to the next attack coming towards them, which was what seemed to be steel spears flying towards them both, smirking to himself before looking to Amera. "Alright, well can you at least help me burn this book?"

The young woman nodded, holding out her sword. "Of course."


Kimiko sighed to Kyo as the train going to Otaru pulled in, obviously a little dismayed by this. "Oh, that's our train. I guess that means we have to get going."

"Well, for now." The brunette looking to him with a cock of the head as the boy explained. "After what we did today, it's like we're supposed to fight together. Anyways, we all have to group together to figure out who's doing that mind control thing."

The poison bookreader nodded, smiling as she took the old article out of her pocket and a pen from her bag, writing down something before handing it to the raven haired boy. "There, keep this with you."

"What is it?" Kyo studying it closely and frowning.

"It's my cellphone number. That way we can keep in contact all the time, through updates about what we've discovered and what new spells we have. Simple little things to keep our alliance strong."

Tsumi and Amera exchanged fond looks, having no problem with this exchange as Kyo gave the girl a smile. "Yeah, I'll call you later, okay?"


Another friend, thank god that wasn't as hard as it should have been. It's going to get harder though, because for some reason I am beginning to feel something that's frightening me more than anything else.

It's a dark feeling that makes me feel like everything is beginning to fall apart and that there isn't enough time left before something I cannot explain happens. Maybe those spells are getting to my head, but something is coming and I'm scared.