Spirit Travelers


Chapter One: Reincarnation




The panicked looks on his friend's faces confused him. Why did they look so worried, scared- even?

That stupid Kise's face was the last thing he saw, before darkness blinded his vision, a loud thud and pain echoing in his mind and shooting through his body like an electric jolt.


Kasamatsu woke with a start, gasping. He shot up from the bed and looked around. The surrounding walls had a white color, but were littered with tiny little cracks filled with dirt and plaster. A dark red substance colored parts of the walls. He shuddered, realizing that it was probably blood.

His eyes roamed the room, until they landed on a long black bag. Kasamatsu nearly threw up at what he saw.

A pale hand, peeling skin and raw meat, poking from out of the bag. He bit his lip, a sinking feeling washing over his body as he tore his eyes from the horrid sight.

'The fuck is going on...' He thought, helpless to everything around him. His head thumped in a dull, painful way, as he slowly pushed his body off the bed.

Kasamatsu staggered, and collapsed onto the ground, coughing. He covered his mouth, gripping the dirtied sheets for some sort of support and comfort, as he coughed harshly. His coughing fit finished, and he looked at his palm, noticing it was covered in little specks of blood.

He licked his lips, ignoring the sticky metallic taste of the blood, and shakily stood. He gripped his head, pausing when he felt hair. More hair than usual.

'What... the fuck...' He thought again, feeling the long strands that were pulled into a low ponytail. He briefly wondered if he was dreaming.

He looked around, and spotted the cracked mirror that hung on the closed door. Slowly, Kasamatsu walked over to it, eyes glued to the stained white sheet that covered up the mirror. He tugged on the sheet, not daring to watch it fall uselessly to the floor by his feet, as his eyes traced the figure standing before him.

A young girl, probably in her teenage years, stood on the other side of his reflection, and he jumped back from shock.

Kasamatsu let a choked cry out, wondering if he should have been more shocked at the fact that he's seeing some random girl instead of his own body in the mirror - or the fact that this girl is half-naked. A blood stained white thigh length kimono hung loosely from his - her, hips, only held up by a black sash tied around her waist. Her chest was wrapped up in blood stained bandages, and Kasamatsu noticed for the first time that there was a bit of a newly stitched scar that poked out of the bandaging.

"Okay," He croaked out, voice hoarse. He took notice to the way it sounded. Very girlish, in a way. But soft. "This better be some kind-... some kind of sick, disturbing, messed up dream or joke." When he got no answer, he hesitantly raised his hand for the door handle. The one thing that stopped him was that he found himself wondering what the hell could be on the other side of the door.

Kasamatsu watched in minor amazement as it turned by itself, and the door opened swiftly, knocking him off balance. Kasamatsu again collapsed on the floor, painfully, as a tall figure entered, eyes wide with worry.

"Hoshiyo!" A voice pulled him away from the pain, as he looked at the sudden intruder.

Kasamatsu's eyes widened, taking in the figure in front of him. "... Kise?" He croaked weakly.



It was the feeling that woke her.

It felt like her chest was on fire, even though she knew she wasn't in her body. Hoshiyo groaned, and slowly opened her eyes slowly. It took a moment, but they adjusted. It always took a moment. That was the hard part of jumping into someone else's body. Especially if that person was from the future.

Slowly, she got up. Grasping her head, she felt short spiky hair, and smiled. 'That means it worked...' She thought, before she heard the squeak of a door opening.

Tensing, she looked at the newcomer, and paused briefly. "Ah, Kise... Right?"

"... Sempai! Now you have amnesia!?" The blond haired boy immediately rushed over to her side, grasping her shoulders.

"U- Uhh, no, I don't have amnesia... But, you are Kise, right?"




Yey, new story! Anyways, just an idea that's been floating around in mah empty head... Thought I'd give it a try. :D It's different, from my others stories.

Sorry it's short, by the way... *cough cough* Oh, and I got the idea from Arata Kangatari, but changed a few things, obviously… Lol.

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