Spirit Travelers


Chapter Three: Excursion


Hoshiyo stared in amazement. "The future... It's so! So-!"

"So futuristic?" Kise said for her, giving another long sigh. Yesterday, the Doctor had deemed it safe for Kasamatsu to leave the hospital, but was told to come in for a checkup after a couple days, just in case. So, today, Kasamatsu had demanded for him to take him on an 'Excursion', as he so put it. Kise, not fully understanding what the word meant, had accidentally agreed.

"Sempai... I still don't think it's safe for you to be outside." Kise said flatly, after a moment of thought. He wanted to choose his words more carefully, but apparently his mouth had a mind of its own.

But, then again, the more excited and happy he saw his sempai, the more scared he became.

"Kise! I told you, it's not "sempai", or "Kasamatsu". It's HOSHIYO!" She corrected, glaring at the blond. Her frown melted, and she latched onto Kise's arm. "I'm sorry, Kise. I can't stay mad at you..." She apologized, making Kise sputter awkwardly.

Passing people gave them curious and weird looks, some frowning, others smiling. Kise felt the heat grow on his cheeks, rising up from his neck and all the way to his ears. "Se-... Hoshiyo... You d- don't have to keep hugging me in public." He mumbled quickly, tripping over his words.

Hoshiyo gave Kise a stare, before pouting. "Is it because of this body? If I looked like myself, you wouldn't be complaining."

"I guess... But, you look like my scary sempai from school, so, act like it,... maybe?" Kise offered, deciding to just go along with it. Hopefully, on their little 'excursion', Kasamatsu would get some sense along the way, and return back to normal...

"... Okay." Hoshiyo put on a glare, but then it broke the second she stared giggling. "I- It doesn't suit me!" She stated, looking almost proud at the fact. "Can we go to Tokyo tomorrow?" She asked after a moment, staring intently at Kise.

"T- Tokyo? What about school?" He asked, huffing.

"Eh? Oh yeah. I haven't gone to school in years!" Hoshiyo mused, a blank look on her face.

"... Right." Kise nodded slowly, eyes darting around awkwardly. "We... could go on the weekend." He offered quite lamely.

"Okay! I-" A sudden unsettling feeling swept over Hoshiyo, and she shuddered. "Get down!" She shouted, tackling a confused Kise to the ground. A black shadow zoomed past, and Hoshiyo followed it until it buried itself in a tree.

She stood, running over to the tree. The shadowy mist disappeared, revealing a small silver dagger. "... Dammit. I didn't expect them to catch on so soon." She cursed, pulling the dagger free of the bark. The tree seemingly groaned, as if in pain, as the wind caressed its leaves in a calming manner.

Hoshiyo smiled warily, and hid the dagger up her sleeve, before making her way back to Kise, who was sitting on the ground. People stared curiously as Hoshiyo helped Kise up. "We need to go find the others! They're going to be in danger, too!" She pleaded urgently.

"Who?" Kise demanded, a cold shiver running through his body.

"Akashi, Aomine, Kuroko - everyone! You need to take me to them right now."


Kasamatsu opened his mouth, but no words came out. It was like he couldn't form anything, even though he had the words planned fanned out inside his head. He gave up after a few seconds passed, and then he sighed.

An overwhelming force dominated the room, and he looked up to watch Akashi Seijuurou step in, almost carefully. His piercing golden eyes seemed to glow in the dimness of the bloodied broken down room.

"We need to get out of here." Akashi stated.

Kise nodded eyes on the ground. "I'll go wake the others." He offered, slipping past Akashi, leaving Kasamatsu alone in the room with the hetero-chromatic man.

"So." Akashi spoke, voice low but clear. It startled Kasamatsu, and he found his eyes drawn to the now normal dim color of Akashi's golden eye. "You must be very confused. But, you are not dreaming." He stated, almost coldly.

"I don't know why Hoshiyo chose you, of all people, but it must have been for a good reason." His eyes narrowed as he advanced towards Kasamatsu. Kasamatsu took a few steps back, moving away from the bed.

"You will submit to me, Yukio. You will not disobey me, as I am absolute." He claimed, his hand thrusting forward just as Kasamatsu backed into a wall. He leaned down, the air churning dangerously as Kasamatsu tried to stare equally into his mismatched eyes.

Kasamatsu looked away frowning, and Akashi smirked, pulling away from the shorter boy. "You are to follow us, and never leave our side." He commanded, turning away as he headed for the door.

He paused, and Kasamatsu could hear others approaching from the rushed voices and the heavy footsteps. "Is that understood?"
Kasamatsu nodded, biting his lip as to retain himself from speaking out in anger, frustration and confusion.


"Will you please just tell me why you're going crazy!?" Kise demanded, panting heavily as he tried to keep up with his older sempai.

"Which way?"

Kise groaned, and it took him a moment to search his memory, "Left." He said finally, watching the short haired boy disappear around the corner swiftly. Kise quickly followed, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Is that it?" Kise nearly breathed a sigh of relief as Kasamatsu stopped. A large school building stood only a few blocks away, almost hidden by the tree's around it.

"Yeah, that's Seirin." Kise moaned out, his legs tired from running all the way from the train station. "Sempai, I really don't see why we needed to come all the way here just to see Kurokocchi..."

"Kise! I'm not your sempai! I'm Hoshiyo... And Kuroko, along with the others, are all in danger!" Hoshiyo shouted, slamming her fist against a wooden fence. Kise flinched, watching parts of the wood break under his sempai's strength.

"Whatever you say..." He murmured, closing his eyes for a brief second. He opened them a moment later, and noticed that Kasa-... Hoshiyo - was already half way up the road, running full throttle towards Kuroko's school.

Kise whined loudly, half coming out as a growl, as he raced after Hoshiyo. Once he caught up with his sempai, he slowed down, and used the shorter boy for support.

He half expected for him to punch or kick him away, but nothing happened. 'This is getting weirder by the second...' Kise thought, wetting his lips as he was about to speak.

"Who's next?" Hoshiyo suddenly asked, blue-gray eyes looking into deep yellow orbs.

"What do you-"

"I mean, who's closest? From here." Hoshiyo elaborated.

"Uh, I think... Aominecchi's school? Touou... I think it takes over an hour to get there, though..." Kise felt like a big day was ahead of him, and the sun was already beginning to descend, the evening chill setting in slowly.

"Next; just give me everyone else's schools, in order, please and thank you." Kise's eyes widened a fraction. 'Please and Thank you' was a few words he had not heard from Kasamatsu in a while. They were words he rarely used with him, so it oddly made him feel special.

"I-... I think, Shuutoku, Midorimacchi's school... Uhh... Akashicchi, then Murasakibaracchi. But, Akashicchi is all the way in Kyoto, and Murasakibaracchi is all the way up at Akita..."

"Well, I hope you have money, cause I know I don't!" Kise let his head drop, a pout in place.

"Y- Yeah..." He muttered after a second. He had some money saved up from his modeling, and he was going to spend it on a joyous trip with his sempai?

"Alright, let's go find Tetsuya," Hoshiyo said. Before she took off towards the direction of the gym, she stopped to look around, scanning the area. Scoffing, she shook her head, and hurried off.

Kise had agreed quietly, and followed after his out-of-it sempai, but at a slower pace.


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