This is going to be a little collection of oneshot requests for Flaky pairings. More will be explained at the bottom, credit for summary belongs to the awesome AmlObsessed, thanks for the help! ;D

And so here's oneshot number one requested by AmlObsessed

Pairing: Nutty/Flaky

Rating: M

Word: Dishwasher


Nutty was a bit of an unusual person, everybody knows that. So, it actually shouldn't be any surprise that he would pick the strangest times and places to get frisky.

Like now, one second Flaky was loading dishes into the dishwasher and the next second she found herself locked into a deep kiss with the hyperactive male, her shirt already tossed carelessly onto the ground with her black bra following it.

The taste of chocolate and sugar filled her mouth as his tongue snuck inside, the pink muscle venturing throughout the moist cavern of her mouth.

Her foot was pressing down on the open door of the dishwasher as she tried to keep her balance when he pushed himself closer to her. One hand tangled into her red locks as the other reached behind her for one of his many bowls of sugar.

If there's one thing that Nutty can't do - its having sex without sugar.

He always has to include it somehow, whether it be melted chocolate, whipped cream - hell, even jellybeans.

She heard the clatter of the cover of the bowl being thrown aside as he lifted a spoonful of sugar.

Gripping the back of her hair tightly, he tugged it backwards until her head was facing the ceiling and her back was arched delicately towards him.

His one good eye stared lustfully at her nicely sized breasts, his tongue slipped hungrily over his lips as he carefully poured the sugar over her body.

Flaky blushed darkly when she felt the minuscule pieces of sugar trickle down her exposed chest, tickling her slightly. She gasped when Nutty unexpectedly dove down and latched his mouth around one of her breasts, nipping lightly at the pink bud, causing the timid female below him to tremble at the pleasure.

His hand lightly squeezed the other one, fondling the globe of flesh insistently and happily taking in every gasp and pant that escaped the red head as she leaned further back against the counter.

Teeth letting go of her nipple, the candy addicted male dragged his tongue along the skin of her collarbone, catching some of the lingering sugar pieces that didn't roll off her.

Flaky had to admit she was terrified the very first time they did it and he poured chocolate on her. She kept getting horrifying images of him losing control and eating her alive in the middle of it.

But surprisingly, he never used any teeth at all. Only tongue. And it was wonderful.

Nutty bounced a bit on his feet when the sugar entered his mouth, he reached behind her and poured another spoonful of sugar onto the red head.

Gripping her thighs, Nutty easily lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist as he eagerly grinded against her core, letting her feel his arousal.

For someone who ate nothing but sugar, Nutty was actually quite strong demonstrated by how he was able to pick her up like she was nothing but a bag of candy.

Black skirt bunched up at her waist, Flaky felt Nutty reach between them to move her panty to the side as he pressed the tip of his arousal against her entrance - and she briefly wondered when in the world did he undo his pants without her noticing.

All thoughts were cut off as he slid inside with one smooth thrust, Flaky tossed her burning face back, teeth latched onto her lower lip as he slowly slid in and out, becoming adjusted to being inside her once again.

Eventually, he picked up a steady pace, pushing in and out of her hot body fluidly, making her breasts bounce gently to the movement.

Lowering his head, Nutty licked up the tiny pieces of sugar sticking to her moving breasts. He giggled, the sugar fueling his energy as he began to thrust into her harder and faster, her back pressing almost painfully into the counter behind her as he picked up the pace, body beginning to jitter with the excess amount of sugar.

Flaky couldn't help it any longer, her mouth hung open letting out a loud drawn out moan, the extra friction from his shaking body adding even more pleasure as he continued sliding his tongue along every patch of heated skin he could reach, slurping up even more sugar.

The red head could do nothing but moan helplessly as the candy lover took her mercilessly, pumping into her continuously at an unbelievably fast pace, the sound of his skin slapping against hers arousing him more, his grip tightened on her waist, tongue lingering on the smooth flesh of her chest.

He swiveled his hips around, changing the angle of his thrusts that nearly drove Flaky mad as he found her sweet spot and hit it repeatedly. She lost it when one of his hands left her waist to press against her swollen pearl, rubbing it roughly.

Nutty clenched his eyes shut, groaning quietly as he continued rapidly pumping into the red head, even when her velvety heat tightened around him sporadically. Flaky could only pant heavily as she slowly came down from her high, only to see that Nutty wasn't even close to finishing, still thrusting into her with that same hyper pace, eyes closed in bliss.

She smiled softly, knowing one way to make him come. Shakily moving one hand from the edge of the counter, the exhausted red head dipped two fingers into the bowl of sugar than turned towards her lover.

"N-Nutty." She panted quietly.

His eyes slid open halfway to gaze at her at the call of his name, and Flaky sent him what she hoped was a sultry look, she made sure his eyes were glued to her as she lifted her fingers from the bowl, covered in sugar.

Than slipped her tongue seductively over her fingers before sliding them into her mouth to suckle on.

Nutty's green eyes widened at the erotic sight, a guttural moan escaped him, pushing as deep as he could before spilling himself inside her.

They stayed in that position, basking in the after throes of their passion. Finally, Nutty gently lowered Flaky back to the floor, pulling his softened member out of her. Their juices slipped from between them to drip onto the still open dishwasher.

With trembling legs, Flaky turned towards the counter and leaned forward against it, still trying to catch her breath. Feeling something sprinkling onto her back the red head looked back only to see Nutty emptying another spoonful on top of her before lowering down to lick at her overly sensitized flesh.

Nibbling her lip, she glanced down at the dishwasher with tired eyes, quickly spotting the clear liquid that dribbled down one of the plates.

Looks like she'll have to clean the dishwasher again.

After all, she wasn't exactly comfortable with Nutty's spunk floating around in there while the dishes were being cleaned.


So, as I said this is going to go by requests, for any Flaky pairing, and I mean ANY(even the girls can get paired with her). Even Flaky/Cub is fair game(though I will be making him older obviously.) I'll even do Flaky/Male!Flaky. xD

Though I ask you to follow these rules when you request, otherwise I'll ignore it.

First tell me which character(s) to pair her with, yes more than one character can get paired with her, though please try to limit it to only two characters with her. xD

Then tell me whether you want it to be rated T or M.

And lastly tell me a random word to base the story around, like the above one was dishwasher. xD

If there's anything you didn't understand, than feel free to PM me and I'll try to explain it to you.

Anyways, thanks for reading! :D