.I can't believe I wrote this and I apologize this isn't the next request either but an anonymous request that AmI insisted I do next~

Pairing: Flakes/Flaky

Rating: M

Word: Crossdressing

Warnings for crossdressing, lime, incest, dominant!Flaky and yeah, I think that's it.


A shower of white specks drifted to cover the wooden floor as a form twirled appreciatively, the bottom of the red dress fluttering up attractively with the movement; heels clacking lightly on the floor. Coming to a stop, the figure glanced into the full length mirror with a content smile.

Soft palms drifted up the silky material to hold the empty cups, squeezing lightly, thin lips pulled down into a frown at the space between the flat chest and bra. Giving a low sigh, a hand instead traveled up to ruffle short, unruly strands; if only he had a wig, he could complete the look.

His sister and him had the same face after all, no one would be able to tell the difference between them if he were to grow his hair out. Though, he was decidedly more feminine than his tomboyish twin; that would be the only thing setting them apart.

While his palms were extremely soft and well taken care of, his sister's hands were rough and full of callous from how much sports she plays while he always prefers to sit off to the side watching.

Not caring if it's considered gay, Flakes embraces his feminine side - to the point where he even enjoys dressing up in female clothing and admiring himself in the mirror like now. He would have tried on some makeup too if he could; but Flaky of course was not a fan of painting her face like all the other females her age - it was a miracle that she even had dresses.

That she only ever wore for special occasions; always preferring pants or shorts.

He will never understand why she likes pants though.

In his opinion, she has very nice legs.

Sometimes he thinks they were born with the wrong gender; he relates more with their female friends then males and same goes for Flaky who relates more with males.

He was currently trying to style his bangs into a neater style when a soft voice nearly made his heart stop.

"...Flakes, what are you doing?" Small hands placed themselves on his hips, glancing up into the mirror, he caught identical crimson eyes burning into his from over his shoulder. They would've been at the same height if it wasn't for the heels he was wearing.

"F-Flaky," he stuttered, feeling breasts push up against his tense back as her fingers laced together on his abdomen. Pushing up onto the tips of her toes, the redhead pressed her lips into the side of his neck; corners of her lips curving up at the tiny gasp.

"You're such a naughty boy Flakes, who said you could wear my dress?" Unlacing, her slender fingers began their descent, one heading to the front of the dress to cup the slowly forming bulge while the other wandered to the bottom of the thin material.

"Y-you n-never wear it a-anyways," he squeaked out with a rosy red face as her hand managed to find its way beneath the dress and grab a handful of his ass. Feeling the bare flesh, that same hand wandered sideways until it found a familiar string.

"Ah...you're even wearing my thong, naughty, naughty boy." She chuckled, biting down on the junction between his shoulder and neck, enjoying the quiet groan from her hand palming his growing erection through the dress.

Getting sick of the silk blocking her way, the female slipped her hand beneath to grip him; noticing the thong being stretched by his erection, she pushed it to the side and wrapped her fingers around the throbbing length. As her other hand found its way into the cups of the bra to latch two fingers around a pink nipple, rolling it between rough digits until it pebbled beneath her ministrations.

The hand wrapped around him jerked upwards as her fingers pinched his sensitive bud, sending spikes of pleasure throughout his body as he arched his back; hands not able to do anything but fist into the outfit as she repeated the same motions over and over until he was shivering in her hold.

"Lift up the dress," she whispered into his ear, biting onto the lobe as he obediently obliged to her demand, using trembling hands to pull it up just above his erection that was being furiously pumped by his twin, his face matching his hair at the sight, his eyes swirling with growing lust. "Higher, hold it in your mouth."

Nodding, he lifted it higher without hesitation, a wanton moan escaping his lips as soon as they parted to allow the bottom of the dress to slide between his teeth. They grounded down against the silk, a bit of drool escaping the corner of his mouth as his glazed eyes rolled up into his head at the wonderful friction of Flaky giving a particularly rough jerk of his throbbing cock, fingers pinching his nipple unmercifully.

He can't deny that he loves the rough treatment that she was bestowing on him.

"Open your eyes," she murmured. He couldn't find the strength to do that just yet with the speed she was pumping him at. She paused, fingers tightening around him. "I said open your eyes." Groaning at the loss of friction, he steadily let his eyes slide open to gaze at himself in the mirror.

Her free hand, having grown bored of his nipple descended down to play with his balls as her hand resumed their previous movement albeit at a slower pace. "Look at you. You love this, you little...slut." Groaning appreciatively, Flakes twisted his head to the side to let Flaky press her lips to the corner of his mouth.

Pulling back, she abruptly released him. Only able to stare at her in a daze, Flakes watched as she wandered in front of him and lowered herself to her knees. With an impish smile, she grabbed hold of his painfully hard length and began pumping him with long, hard strokes as she stared up at him through her lashes with a heated look, her pink tongue slipping along her full lips.

"You're such a dirty boy," his breath had picked in pace, "you love this," he groaned, fists tightening.

"You," her hand slid down, "are," it slid back up, "such," down, "a," up, "sl-"

"Aaaah!" He cried from between his teeth unexpectedly, seeing stars as his hips unknowingly jerked forward.

Flaky gasped in surprise, just barely managing to close her eyes in time as warm liquid hit her eyelid. Flakes moaned, his release shooting out in small bursts to coat his twin's face who by then had completely closed her eyes and mouth. She didn't dare move until she felt the throbbing beneath her hand stop as he softened.

Letting go of him, she whimpered as she wiped the sticky liquid from her lids so she could see. "F-Flakes! W-what the h-heck was that?!" She cried, sending him a pout, looking to have a complete change in personality - now looking flustered and shy instead of confident and dominant.

"I-I didn't even get to.." She didn't even get to give him a blowjob, it was a miracle how she was even able to keep the facade up and call him those nasty names like he wanted.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled, still in his lust hazed state. "I didn't think I would enjoy being the submissive one so much."

Flaky pouted with a light glare, still grouchy about being squirted in the face. "I don't w-want to roleplay anymore.."


This was weird, but I still had fun writing it. xD