Basing this story loosely off the movie What Happens In Vegas. Meant to be a lighter, friendlier story. Not too serious. (Well that's the goal) Starting off T in the beginning. Possibly M later.

She saw it everywhere. She saw it in everyone. The people on the street. The ones in the diner. Even the kids of Henry's class.

Everyone was paired up. Adults, teens, and kids. True love was a pretty big thing here and it was starting to make Emma sick. It wasn't as if she was actively searching for someone for herself but then it would still be nice to at least have options.

She walked into the diner, forcing a smile as a goofy looking couple greeted her on the way in. She spotted Ruby and approached her quickly.

"Hey Ruby." She greeted as she sat.

"Hey there Emma!" Ruby smiled cheerfully, already placing Emma's order down as she had been expecting her.

"Thanks." She said, diving in.

"So what's been going on with you?" Ruby started cleaning up now that things had slowed.

"Ugh…tired. Just left the apartment."

"Still having…disagreements with your parents." Ruby asked carefully, but with a small smile.

"Yeah well…I guess they like making up for twenty-eight years of parenting. I know I've never been the most mature, but now that they're getting comfortable, they've started trying to like…curb the behavior I guess. It's weird. I'm just not used to it…being parented." Emma shrugged, playing with her fries.

"Hang in there. They're just as new to all this as you. They're trying." She said kindly as she went back to wiping the counters. Emma glanced at her for a minute before bringing up the subject that was the real reason she was here.

"Hey…I gotta question." She started, grabbing another fry before continuing.

"What's up?" Ruby stopped and tilted her head, giving Emma her full attention.

"Oh I was…I was just wondering what you were doing tomorrow night… You wanna hang out?" She said casually, looking back to her food. Luckily Ruby didn't seem to notice her discomfort.

"Well I'm hanging out with my new boy Charlie tomorrow. Did you know he was a Knight?" She winked and Emma sighed internally. Seemed she was too late again.

"Oh well…have fun." She went back to eating but Ruby seemed to pick up on her vibe.

"You should come!"

"No no. I'm good." She had no interest in being a third wheel.

"Yeah come on. Well get some more people together and we can all go out drinking." She gave her best puppy dog eyes, more effective being a werewolf.

"I feel like I may regret this." Emma whined.

"Don't worry, I'll have you drinking so much you won't even remember."


"This is great!" Emma yelled, clinking glasses before she threw back another shot. She gave Ruby a high five.

"See, aren't you glad you came?" Ruby slurred just slightly as she threw an arm around Emma. The blonde realized just how close their faces were and blinked a few times.

"I am. Thanks for inviting me." She had to yell over the music. She was enjoying just how touchy Ruby got when drinking. She slung her own arm around the brunette and smiled.

"You're welcome. I'm so glad you could meet Charlie too! Isn't he sexy?" She asked with a wink. Emma sighed internally, dropping her arm.

It wasn't that she had this long time crush on the girl, it was just that the list of singles in their town was dwindling and it seemed Ruby was now completely off it. She really didn't know of anyone else at this point she was interested in.

"Miss Swan?" A hard voice said her name like an accusation.

Shit. Emma thought immediately. She was already in a mood, she didn't need the Mayor pushing her down further. Ruby made herself scarce immediately.

"Yes, Madam Mayor?" Emma turned slowly to face the glowering woman.

"Where exactly is my son while you're out gallivanting with these fools?" She said angrily, glaring at the slightly inebriated sheriff.

"Gallivanting? Really Regina? Henry's with his grandfather. They wanted some time together." Emma crossed her arms defensively.

"Well what would you call it then dear?" Regina seemed to take it down a tiny notch at the knowledge Henry wasn't home alone like she had initially thought.

"I'm just out to have some fun. I understand you have no clue what that is." Emma grinned, taking a long swig from her drink, finishing it off. She waved the bartender, who came and gave her a refill.

"You think I don't know what fun is?" Regina asked with a raised eyebrow, taking a step closer. She felt challenged and had to react.

"You wouldn't know fun if it waked straight up to you and slapped you in the face." In her current state she didn't have better material but smiled proudly none the less.

"Really?" Regina challenged.

"Really." Emma nodded, reaching for her filled drink.

Regina watched her for a second but then grabbed the drink from her. As Emma was about to protest, the older woman brought the glass to her lips and threw it back, taking the whole thing like a shot. Emma's own mouth dropped slightly at the sight. Regina slammed the glass down and smirked.

"You were saying?" She asked, her eyes still challenging.

"We'll see." Was all Emma said as she signaled the bartender again. She put up two fingers and saw the surprise cross the man's face as he took in her new companion. He shrugged though and brought the new drinks. "Let's have some real fun Regina." Challenging her again, she threw back her drink. Regina eyed her for a moment, seemingly debating her options. When she saw Emma roll her eyes and start to turn away. She grabbed her drink and downed it.

"Not stopping on me now dear, are you?" She smirked and signaled the bar tender herself.

"Never Mayor Mills."

"I didn't…I didn't even know you could do that!" Emma slurred a bit, leaning in on Regina.

"Do what, dear?" Regina asked as she calmed down, the alcohol making her confused expression comical.

"Laugh! You know without being all evil and shit." Emma grinned.

"I do laugh. I do." Regina looked off like she had to think it through herself.

She was used to her cider and had assumed she could handle these drinks just fine. She figured she would play the part and use this to prove Emma's incompetence. Well, she underestimated Emma and wildly overestimated herself.

They just kept trying to one-up the other. Emma didn't seem like she had any problem continuing all night. Every time Regina thought they should slow down, Emma would make another crack at her and the brunette had to respond twice as hard and raise the bar.

She had never drank like this before. Ever. So she never imagined she would find herself in such an inebriated state and later, when her brain was functioning at the proper levels and only if she could remember, she was going to be horrified. Now though, both were having a surprisingly good time.

"Well you don't do it enough, you have a sexy laugh." Emma giggled, trying to grip her drink.

"Of course I do. That's why I don't use it often. It's powerful." She attempted her smirk but again, the alcohol distorted the move and while one eyebrow lifted, the other ended up closing until she ended up blinking awkwardly. Emma burst out in a fit of uncontrollable giggles then.

"What is going on here?" Ruby asked, suddenly right behind them. She had held slightly more control over her drinking, especially since the Mayor had joined and Ruby wanted to make sure she remembered exactly how this went down. She had noticed these two becoming closer and closer throughout the night and was fascinated.

"Have you heard Gina laugh?!" Emma asked her excitedly.

"Did you…did you just call me Gina?" Regina narrowed her eyes and swayed a bit.

"Yeah cause it's short for Re-Gi-Na." She enunciated, giving a 'duh' look. Ruby was laughing at the two of them who were studying each other closely.

"Madam Mayor I have never even imagined you drunk. This is very...interesting." Ruby winked and Regina tried to glare.

"I am not drunk Miss Lucas!" She objected, trying to stand from her stool but gave up when dizziness struck.

"Yeah okay. Well you two don't do anything I wouldn't do." Ruby laughed before spinning around. She went back to Charlie and sat next to him. "Yeah they're hammered. Should be an interesting day tomorrow."

"Ugh." Emma said as she spun around on her stool to face the room.

"What?" Regina eyed her curiously.

"Charlie." Emma rolled her eyes, taking another sip of her drink.

"Who is Charlie?" Regina asked, looking around.

"Ruby's new boy. A fancy knight. I'm a knight." She muttered the last part. "Ugh, I was gonna ask her out." Emma pouted and Regina's eyes widened a bit.

"You were going to ask Ruby out?"

"Well I had to." Emma emphasized and Regina knit her brow further.

"What does that mean? Why?"

"Because there is no one else! There's no other true loves around here! I mean damn it, Regina, you didn't curse enough people!" Emma looked angry and Regina was shaking her head.

"…what?" She repeated.

"Look around Regina." Emma wrapped her arm around Regina's shoulder and turned them. "What do you see?" They turned slowly and Regina took in the room.

"A lot of very irresponsible citizens Miss Swan." She said confidently, crossing her legs somewhat elegantly, completely blinded to her own level of inebriation.

"Irresponsible citizens in love…look." She pointed out one couple at a time with her finger.

"You asked out Ruby because she's the only one left?"

"One of them, yes!" Emma said in exasperation.

"Well I'm sorry dear, but she seems quite taken with her newest…gentleman." They looked over to see Ruby in the man's lap, personally pushing the room's limit from PG-13 to R.

"Shit." Emma grumbled.

"So very eloquent my dear." Regina managed her sarcasm despite her state.

"Well...I guess that just leaves us?" Emma said, standing and leaning closer to Regina. The older woman blinked a few times.

"I beg you pardon Sheriff?"

"There's no one left Regina. Everyone else is taken. By the simple process of elimination, we gotta be together." Emma threw her hands up, her eyebrows lifted and she shrugged. "Sorry." She leaned in a little closer.

"I…we…that's- you…we are not." Regina was shaking her head, trying to digest Emma's words. Emma just rolled her eyes.

"Come on Regina. You don't wanna be alone forever. I don't wanna be alone forever. Obviously, we gotta pair up."

"You are drunk Miss Swan, and talking more crazier than normal." She said and then squinted her eyes, shaking her head at her own words. She absentmindedly took another sip from her drink.

"Oh it's not even crazy. And don't pretend you don't wanna piece of this." Emma lifted her chin smugly.

"You are much too cocky Miss Swan. Don't think you can just…plow me with drinks and then…get lucky."

"Lucky? Now who's cocky Madam Mayor?" Emma smirked.

"Not cocky at all. I know what I look like. You'll be lucky to get this." She smiled before sipping from her drink again.

"I bet I will." She tilted her head. "But I've seen the way you look at me. Hey, I look at you the same way. I don't know why the hell we aren't making out right now." Emma slung her arm back around Regina's shoulders, bending her neck to bring her face closer. Regina swallowed, momentarily distracted.

"Miss Swan, this is…highly inappropriate." She tried, still looking up between Emma's intense eyes, only a shred of green visible, and her alcohol moistened lips.

"Ugh, I should have known you were way too uptight and scared. I told you… No. Fun." She spoke slowly and started to pull back.

Regina's foggy brain only registered challenge. And Regina never backed down from a challenge.

Just as Emma removed her arm, Regina reached out. She grabbed a fist full off Emma's t-shirt, right in the center of the Sheriff's chest. Emma barely registered what was happening before Regina jerked her forward. She wasn't gentle in the least as she slammed her lips onto Emma's.

Emma's eyes were wide for a split second until her brain registered the warm soft lips behind the crushing kiss. She sighed as her eyes fluttered closed and she moved her own lips against Regina's. The Mayor pulled her closer in as she leaned back. Emma's hands fell to either side of Regina, gripping the bar behind her.

Emma felt even more intoxicated now. Her mind growing hazier. Instantly an addict, Emma just wanted more. She wasn't thinking clearly enough to stop herself from slipping her tongue past Regina's lips. The brunette's reflexes were a little sluggish, but once she registered the move, she was immediately fighting against her. Once again, she was unwilling to back down.

The next several moments were spent with eyes pressed closed, mouths sealed, tongues trying to dominate each other, neither gaining the upper hand. Regina still had a clenched fist in Emma's shirt and the blonde didn't care to even try and free herself. They were both much too preoccupied to notice they held the attention of nearly everyone in the bar. Or Ruby with her camera phone and a huge smirk.

Finally after a good ten minutes, both woman had sore mouths and spinning heads. Regina pulled back with a quick nip at the tongue that tried one last swipe at her. Emma tried to shake her head to clear it and when she opened her eyes again, Regina was smirking lazily.

"You keep underestimating me Miss Swan." She licked her lips slowly and Emma watched them closely, feeling a bit too dizzy to pull back just yet. Slowly a smile pulled at her lips.

"You're right. How about we get out of here and continue our fun?" She asked with the same tone again. Regina wasn't about to lose now.

"Lead the way Sheriff."

Her head was pounding. Like, jackhammer to the skull, pounding. She hadn't even opened her eyes yet and already knew it would be absolute torture. Sure enough, just cracking one lid the slightest amplified her pain and she pressed them closed again.

Her cider never did this to her. Just one of the many reasons her selection is superior. Then again, Regina had never drank to excess before. Never lost control in such a way in her whole life. She couldn't even remember having so many. She knew she had wanted to prove a point to the obnoxious blonde but had no idea when things got out of control.

Keeping her eyes closed, Regina stretched out, testing her aching body. As her hands pushed through fabric and her body sunk into the mattress, Regina suddenly froze. This was not her bed.

Too shocked to register the sharp pain, Regina's eyes shot up as her body did. She took a few stunned seconds to take in the room but breathed out slowly upon realizing two important things: First, she was just at the bed and breakfast, not a stranger's place. Second, and to her bigger relief, she was alone.

She almost laughed out loud in that relief. She had a few thoughts, hopefully dreams, about a somewhat compromising situation with the Sheriff. Waking up alone, took most of that stress away. She could hardly believe she would have found herself in this position but smiled in relief, bringing her hands to her face as she sighed. And then she froze again.

She had pressed her eyes closed as she put her hands to her face. Now, she was very slowly lowering them, keeping her eyes closed tightly. With her hands in front of her, Regina hesitantly and nervously opened her eyes. And then she just stared.

At first it was just confusion. She was staying calm and just staring, trying to comprehend. Then when realization started creeping in, Regina forced herself to stay calm and tried to convince herself she was still just confused. Soon enough though, the truth started overpowering her. She realized with a random thought, that this was the moment in movies the girl would screech and jump up, flailing around madly. Regina was tempted.

They even had songs about it. One of which she had heard recently. While she did enjoy Carrie Underwood, she scoffed out loud when hearing, "I don't even know my last name!" If karma manifested as a living being, Regina would rip it's heart out. "Oh no what have I done?" Was certainly another applicable line in this moment.

She lifted her hand again for inspection, looking at the new band and seeing the light bounce off the surprisingly tasteful diamond. Where the hell it came from was a mystery. She stayed calm though. She could easily get herself out of this. She was Regina Mills for God's sake.

Her stomach dropped when she had the sudden thought she might not be. She really didn't know her own fucking last name! Still though, she knew she could easily reverse this. It was Storybrooke, the town she created and ran. Annulment was an easy and quick fix and she knew covering it all up should be simple enough.

Shaking off the initial panic, Regina used the fingers of her right hand to pull the ring off.

It didn't budge.

She laughed once, shaking off the growing nerves. She must still be feeling some effects of the alcohol. Hallucinating possibly. Yeah…that had to be it. She tried again.

The ring wouldn't budge. Her stomach flipped again.

She was married...the ring wouldn't come off...

Magical Binding...her mind supplied and Regina thought she might throw up.

This couldn't be right. There is no way she had been so inebriated to perform that kind of magic but not remember. There was just no way…No way.

Throwing the covers back, Regina immediately grabbed her pants, trying not to over think her underwear sleeping attire, and her shirt. She was quick and efficient. Just at the door, a note caught her eye. Pausing and breathing deep, she lifted it.

She really did want to throw up.

We need to talk. Meet me in the diner.


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