Kohryu's Real Ending

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Scene: A cop sitting on his desk in the station. It turns out to be...me!

Fallen Angel King: What you are about to see is true...and by true I mean false. This is all made up from my insanity...AND sugar. Mmmmm sugar *drools*

Sukinai (form my other BR fic): DAMN IT MAN! You get so annoying. I wish you would just die!

Fallen Angel King: huh...and sadly this is my co host. Who will soon be departing. *presses button*

((Sukinai falls down a trap hole an appears in an average room...with nothing but Cronos. No doors or anything.))

Fallen Angel King: As I was saying *screams are heard* I made this up from insanity. So enjoy


Kohryu smiled darkly as he had won the tournament. He walked up to collect his prize. He picked up a heavy bag and saw his prize...the energizer bunny. "DAMN YOU BUNNY! YOU WILL NOW STOP! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Kohryu yelled ripping the bunny's limps off and head.

The bunny sadly to Kohryu's dismay still kept on going. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" He yelled crying which caused him to short circuit. He woke up in a bed and saw his clothes in a pile. "Huh?" He said confused and bewildered.

Then he saw something that would frighten any man...Cronos naked lying next to him. "WHAT THE SHIT IS GOING ON?! WHY ARE YOU IN A BED NUDE WITH ME?!" Kohryu yelled loudly. Cronos gave a playful growl then said. "Well after you short circuited I decided to have some fun." The gay prince said. Then another head of a gay fat man appeared. "Yes my lord? Is there something you wish me to do?" Ganesha said calmly. Kohryu had enough. He began hitting Ganesha, but he was too fat and well nothing happened. He then attacked Cronos, but he was too stupid to feel anything. Kohryu grabbed his clothes and ran outside.

"Damn man that was some messed up shit. Though Cronos did have a nice build." He said gayishly. He then skipped down the sidewalk making Uriko and Kenji throw up at the site. Mostly because he had only put on his shirt. Finally he skipped to a place and saw Cronos sitting down...still naked. He ran to him as did Cronos. Right when they were about to meet...a train being operated by Kenji hit them both. He and Uriko laughed and said, "That'll teach ya!."

Yea I know that was nasty. Ughhhh Cronos naked...god I think I'm gonna puke!

((Kenji holds up a Please Hold On sign))

Man that was nasty. Well review...or I'll sick Sukinai on you after giving him sugar!

((Sukinai looks around really fast since he's hyper. He draws a meat cleaver and looks at the blade before I hit him with a trout))