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Summary: Hard working Arthur Pendragon takes a few well deserved days off work and decides to go to the new theme park that has opened, determined to have a great and relaxing time. That is until he meets Merlin. AU

Warning: Malexmale. AU. Ygraine alive, Nice Uther.

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Uther Pendragon head of one of the best lawyer firms going was sat at his desk, he had just finished going over the paperwork his son Arthur had done and smiled. He knew he pushed his son hard with this project but how he has drawn up this proposal he was glad he did. He knew Arthur would do it but also knew that Arthur himself didn't believe he could which was why he pushed him in the first place.

He reached over and picked up his phone and pressed a button. "Ygraine dear could you come in here please?"

Seconds later his wife walked through the door with a file in her hand. "You know you don't have to be my secretary dear."

"I know love. But I can't just sit at home. I have to be doing something and what better thing to do then to keep you in line at work and remind you of things you forget and sort out all your paperwork. Plus it's nice that I get to go to bed with the boss."

Uther chuckled. "He has done it Ygraine. Arthur has drawn up this proposal and I couldn't have done it any better myself."

"Good. At least now you can give our poor boy a few days off work. I want grandchildren Uther and that is not going to happen if you keep our son here all the time."

"I know dear. What about Morgana?"

"She says she and Leon are trying but we can't rely on our only daughter for grandchildren."

"That we can't. I think I will go and give our son the great news and a well deserved few days off." Uther kissed his wife and then left the office.

Five minutes later Uther was stood outside his son's office, knocking on the door.


Uther walked in and saw his son sat at his desk, leaned forwards slightly reading a document, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his shirt undone by a few buttons at the collar. "Son."

Arthur looked up from his work and gave his father a tired smile. "Did they not go for it?" Arthur sighed.

"Oh yes. Arthur that was the best proposal I have ever seen, you need more faith in yourself. I couldn't have done better if I tried."

"Now who needs to have more faith father, I learned from you after all." Arthur smiled.

Uther smiled back. "Well it is Thursday afternoon. Get yourself home Arthur. I don't want to see you in this office until next Wednesday."

"Father, I can work. I'm perfectly capable to do so." Arthur said surprised.

"Arthur son you are tired. I know you are. I can see it; your mother can see it. Go home and relax or go out and have fun, either way I don't want to see you here until next Wednesday. It is the least I can do after what you have just done for us son."

"But..." Arthur sighed. "Thank you, I guess it would be nice to get out of the office maybe try and pick up a girl or two." Arthur laughed. "But mostly I think I'll be in bed sleeping."

"Get your sleep son and tomorrow or over the weekend you should try out some of those new theme parks that have opened, I take your mother a lot, really helps you wind down."

"I'll give them a go. Thank you again father." Arthur smiled and yawned.

"You are welcome son. See you Wednesday but make sure your mother hears from you before." he said and left the office.

Arthur smiled and packed up his things before locking up his office and leaving the building. Arthur had gone home and showered before collapsing onto his bed where he slept for a few hours. He woke up, ordered take out and after eating and a bit of cleaning and watching the news he was fast asleep again, only this time he never made it to the bed.

He woke up when a loud noise sounded, he lifted his head from the cushion and saw that he had fell asleep with the telly on. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and saw that adverts where on, he sat up and watched the next advert that came on. It was advertising a new theme park that had just opened. He looked out the window and saw that the sun was shining. Good day for a trip to the theme park. With that thought in mind Arthur stood up and had his breakfast before showering and dressing for the day.

When Arthur walked through the Park gates he saw a number of rides he made a note of where the roller coasters were. He really wanted to go on the one with the big drop, he would have to come back another day to go on the one with water even though he could see that the park had full body drier he still had no wish to get wet.

Arthur made his way over to one of the wheels, he wanted to go for the ones not meant for children under ten and thanks to his map he was able to avoid the children side of the park all together, after going on many of the rides and feeling dizzy from being spun round at fast speeds Arthur thought it was time to get something to eat and see what kind of games this place offered and the awards. Arthur expected the prices for the food to be more than six pounds seeing as entrance only cost him two pounds but when it was his turn to pay his meal only cost him three pounds and fifty pence. Arthur couldn't help but wonder how a Park this size could run properly with the prices they charge.

After finishing his meal Arthur headed over to the game side wondering if maybe he could pick up a girl by winning her a big stuffed animal. Of course Arthur knew he would have to win a lot of games to earn the tokens but it had been a few weeks since he had gotten laid and was willing to spend a bit of time and money in order to get some release.

Arthur was still shocked that he only had to pay a pound for each game and he knew that he would be coming home with some of the fifty pound he had taken with him thinking the theme was going to be over the top with hung prices and shit rides, but he was happy to be proven wrong.

"I bet I can score more than you." a voice whispered in his ear.

Arthur turned round and looked at the raven haired man standing too close to him. "Bet you can't. But what would you get if you did win?"

"Why I want a kiss. But if you win I will see to it that you don't pay for anything else for the rest of the day."

"And how are you going to do that? It's not like this place is over the top. And for your information I'm straight." Arthur replied.

"I don't care which way you swing, kissing me can't be any different than kissing a female surely. Although saying that I have turned a few straight men. Will you be the next one on my list I wonder? As for the prices here. I hear they are more wealthy and more popular than any other theme parks, yes the rides and games and food is cheap but you go to one of those expensive theme parks I bet you won't find it as packed and as popular as this one."

"I'm not going to be on your list. The only cock I touch is my own so my answer is no." Arthur snapped making a few people look over.

"Who said anything about your cock? As lovely as I'm sure it is. I was just on about a kiss. Afraid you are going to lose? Or secretly hoping you will?"

"Fine. You'll get your kiss if you win, which I know you won't. But if I win I want you to leave me alone." Arthur growled.

"You don't want me to pay for your rides for the rest of the day?"

"I think I can manage a few pounds, won't break the bank." Arthur replied.

After the game the brunet turned to the blond. "Congratulations on your win. My name is Merlin. You are?"

"Not interested. Good bye Merlin." Arthur said as he walked away.

"Surely a name won't hurt." Merlin called out making the blond stop and look over his shoulder. Merlin smiled and held his hand out. "You won fair and square; it was nice to meet you..."

"James, now good day." With that Arthur walked off.

"Oh it is a good day." Merlin smiled and let his eyes drop to Arthur's arse.

Arthur had gone home not long after that and despite how much he tried to forget that man Merlin challenge him and what he wanted if he won he couldn't stop thinking about it. What would have happened if he lost? He would have had to kiss him. What would it be like? Arthur shook his head. No. He liked women, not men. He fancied going on that ride with all the water though. Tomorrow he would go again and take his swimming shorts with him.

The next day Arthur changed in one of the rooms available and was even shocked to see that you could rent out a locker if you planned on going on more than one water ride while you were still wet, Arthur thought it was a good idea to place all the water rides together that way you're not walking around in wet clothes going to the next ride which could be on the other side of the park.

Arthur had just come down from the water slide and was walking round to try out the underwater ride, it was like a rollercoaster that dipped into a large pool filled with fish. But on his way round he bumped into Merlin.

"Just my luck. I get to see you not only nearly naked but wet also." Merlin said, looking him up and down with a smile on his face.

Arthur sighed. "Now what do you want?"

"Nothing, seeing you like that I already have what I want, perfect for wank material."

"Excuse me?" Arthur asked shocked.

"You heard me." Merlin looked around. "You want me to say it louder? How about the next water slide you go on I join you and race you to the bottom."

"For what another kiss? No thank you." Arthur said trying to walk away.

"I wasn't going to say kiss but now you mention it. Couldn't stop thinking about you yesterday and thanks to the image in front of me I have an even better one now. What are the terms then if you win?"

"I said I wasn't taking you up on your little game." Arthur snapped.

"I know you did but that was yesterday, today is a whole new one. So... terms?"

"No, why are you bothering me?" Arthur demanded.

"I am sorry I didn't know I was, someone like me it is hard to meet new people and make friends, ever had someone wanting to be your friend because of your background and not interested in who you really are?"

"Of course, all the time. But you don't see me coming on a little strong; I mean you're boarding the line between sexual harassment." Arthur replied.

"I am? I thought I was flirting, you didn't think about me at all yesterday?"

"I told you I don't swing that way and you continued and no I didn't think of you." Arthur lied. "I was too busy."

"Really? I must be losing my touch. I thought it had worked when I saw you again today."

"That you are, seeing as I only came to try out the water side of the park."

"Race then?"

Arthur sighed. "No. But thank you."

"Come on what have you got to lose? Scared?"

"I said no, if you continue then I will have to do something about it." Arthur snapped.

"What will you do? Never come here again?"

"Heard of Pendragon lawyers? I am one of them, back off and quit following me or I will make sure you never step foot in another theme park."

Merlin smirked. "You want to bring lawyers into this? Okay I will have my lawyer meet with yours and see what happens then and I guarantee you I will win. You won't be able to ban me from this theme park no matter how hard you try."

"We'll see about that." Arthur said.

"Okay then. Tomorrow morning at eleven in the cafe just inside the main gates, you bring your lawyer and I will bring mine."

"I don't need to bring my lawyer I am one." Arthur snapped.

"And you really think you can win against mine?" Merlin asked, a small smile on his face.

"I'm the best, so give it your best shot."

"Oh my lawyer will. This is going to be fun. Until tomorrow James." Merlin smiled and walked away.

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