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Summary: Hard working Arthur Pendragon takes a few well deserved days off work and decides to go to the new theme park that has opened, determined to have a great and relaxing time. That is until he meets Merlin. AU

Warning: Malexmale. AU. Ygraine alive, Nice Uther.

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"Remind me again why I was so nervous about meeting your mum again?" Merlin asked Arthur as he climbed into bed beside the blond.

"I have no idea. You seem to get on really well."

"That we do."

"See Merlin, meeting your boyfriend's mother isn't bad is it."

"I am glad you said that Arthur because next week you will be meeting mine."


"Yes. And father is yet to tell her that you tried to ban me from his theme park."

"Merlin I don't want to go." Arthur moaned as he pulled Merlin closer to him and started kissing his shoulder.

"I met your mum for you. Are you saying you won't do the same for me?"

Arthur looked up and saw blue eyes staring back at him. "I do Merlin but your mum will be mad at me when she finds out I tried to get you banned."

"And most likely mad at me for how I treated you when I first met you. I know dad told me off. Dad will explain all and mum knows what I am like, she will find it funny... I hope, like I said I have already been told off by dad." Merlin said as he pushed Arthur on to his back and rested his head on the blonds bare chest, his fingers idly stroking the taut stomach. "Please Arthur?"

"Okay Merlin. I will meet her." he answered, placing a kiss on the brunets head, smiling when he felt Merlin's lips on his chest near his nipple. "Night Merlin."

Merlin hummed and moved his hand down to hold Arthur's clothed cock and squeezed. "Night Arthur." Merlin smirked but jumped when seconds later he found himself on his back staring up at Arthur.

"You just had to do it didn't you Merlin."

"Oh yes."

Arthur laughed and lowered his head to capture Merlin's lips in a searing kiss.

It was the following week when a smiling Merlin and a nervous Arthur were stood outside Merlin's parent's home. "Leave it alone." Merlin said as he slapped Arthur's hand away from his collar which he kept on tugging.

"Sorry Merlin I am nervous."

"I told you there is nothing to be nervous about. Mum will find it funny." Merlin leaned over and kissed Arthur on the cheek just as the door opened.

"There's my baby." Hunith said as she pulled Merlin into her arms and kissed his cheek. "Have you been eating properly and not just the fast food at the theme park?"

"Hunith dear, let our son go." Balinor chuckled.

"Oh shh you fool. Have you baby? I know how you get." Hunith asked.

Merlin smiled. "Yes mum I have been eating properly." Merlin reached over and linked his arm with Arthur's. "Mum this is Arthur."

Hunith looked Arthur up and down before smiling. "So you're the guy that tried to ban my baby from his father's theme park."

"I didn't know that at the time. In my defence Merlin came on a bit strong I am not used to that."

"Merlin said you were a lawyer? Do you win anything? Your defence is very weak; you need to work on that if you ever hope to win anything." Hunith patted Arthur's cheek before taking Merlin's arm and leading him into the house.

"Win anything?" Arthur asked as he followed Merlin inside. "I win plenty of cases."

"Of course you do dear." Hunith smiled. "I'm sure it can't be that hard to win and baby court."

"Baby? What do you mean?" Arthur asked.

"Dear I only meant that you win the small cases." Hunith smiled. "Now who wants a drink?"

"A beer please love." Balinor said smirking.

"Mum Arthur wins big cases. If it wasn't for him I could have lost my theme park."

"What?" Balinor asked.

"Oh baby what happened?" Hunith placed her hand on Merlin's arm.

"It was that George." Merlin said as he sat down, smiling and thanking Arthur who hold the chair out for him. Once they were all seated Merlin explained what had happened. "It is only thanks to Arthur that I still have it."

"Really? Baby what happened?" Hunith asked placing her hand over Merlin's.

"Like I said, he tried to take it from me, says he knew what was better for the park and that if I continued with the prices and giving away free day passes I would soon go bankrupt it was on those grounds he decided to fight against me."

"Wanker. Oh baby." Hunith smiled.

"Thank you Arthur." Balinor nodded.

"No need to thank me. I was happy to do it." he said, reaching for Merlin's hand and taking it in his.

"Aw, young love. Remember when we were like that dear?" Hunith asked.

"We're still young love." Balinor chuckled.

"Mrs Emrys I am sorry about what I tried to do with Merlin."

"I know dear. My son does tell me everything and if not Merlin then Balinor. He even told me what you did Merlin. You should have left Arthur alone and let him come to you." Hunith smiled.

"I can't keep anything from her even if I want to. Damn woman knows how to get me." Balinor laughed.

"Sorry mum." Merlin said before smiling at Arthur. "See I told you there was nothing to worry about." Merlin looked from his boyfriend to his mum. "He was so nervous about tonight. Thought you would yell at him for what he tried to do."

Hunith laughed. "Aw bless you sweetheart."

Balinor chuckled.

Arthur went a bit red and dropped his head and quietly began to eat once more.

"Oh isn't he so cute Balinor." Hunith giggled.

"Mum please you are embarrassing him. He isn't used to you yet."

Hunith just laughed while Balinor leaned over and kissed his wife.

Later that night Merlin unlocked his front door and opened it, turning to face Arthur. "See. All those nerves for nothing."

"Well how your mum was when she first met me I thought she hated me."

Merlin laughed. "She was just winding you up. She knew you would be nervous."

Arthur shook his head and moved forwards and kissed Merlin on the lips that quickly turned passionate, only pulling away when air was needed. "Good night Merlin."

"You are not coming in to stay the night?"

"I would love to Merlin but since we first had sex we haven't spent a night apart. I have either slept here or you have slept at mine."

"You saying you don't want to sleep with me then?"

"No that's not what I am saying. I am happy with how I am but I don't want you to feel we are moving too fast."

Merlin smiled and moved forwards, wrapping his arms around Arthur's neck. "Arthur if I thought it was moving too fast I wouldn't have asked. Do I need to ask again?"

"Fuck no." Arthur answered, lifting Merlin up who wrapped his legs around the blond who walked in and kicked the door shut behind him.


Arthur woke up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked at the clock and saw it was thirty minutes past nine. He turned over and threw his arm across in order to pull his husband of two years closer to him and opened his eyes once more when his arm found nothing. Merlin wasn't in bed; his side of the bed was cold so he must have been up a while.

"Merlin?" he called out, lifting his head up. "Merlin?" he called a little louder. Getting no answer Arthur threw back the covers and shivered a little when the air hit his naked body and stood up and walked from their bedroom and to the bathroom where he relieved himself, he moved to the sink and washed his hands, looking up he saw a note pinned to the mirror.

'Morning sexy. Happy second anniversary. Believe me I wanted to wait for you to wake up and kiss me senseless just like you do every morning but as today is our second wedding anniversary I have something planned. Please get yourself ready and meet me where we first laid eyes on each other three and a half years ago. I love you. Merlin xx'

Arthur smiled and turned the shower on, sooner he got to Merlin the better. One hour later Arthur pulled up outside Balinor's theme park, paid at the front and went in, searching for his husband. Arthur went straight to the place where he first laid eyes on his husband to find no one there. After five minutes of waiting a voice whispered in his ear.

"I bet I can score more than you."

Arthur turned to see his husband standing there smiling at him. "Bet you can't. But what would you get if you did win?" Arthur asked, a smile on his face, reciting the words they had said when they first met.

"A kiss."

Arthur moved forwards and wrapped his arms around Merlin. "Oh I think I can do that."

Merlin laughed and kissed his husband. "Happy anniversary Arthur."

"Happy anniversary sweetheart." Arthur replied drawing Merlin into a kiss that quickly turned passionate.

"Keep it clean there are children about."

Arthur and Merlin turned to see Balinor stood there, a smile on his face. "Morning dad."

"Morning son. Happy anniversary to you both. Are you still alright for dinner tonight?"

"We are. Are my parents still coming?" Arthur asked.

"They are. Enjoy your day the both of you." he said before leaving them both to it.

Merlin looked around. "What ride do you want to go on first then?"

"Whatever ride my husband wants to go on we will."

"Ferris wheel."

Arthur smiled and placed a longing kiss on his husband's lips. "Let's go then."

Merlin and Arthur walked over to the ferris wheel hand in hand and stood waiting in the cue, Merlin's back to Arthur's chest, the blonds arms wrapped around his husband. "Do you know the ferris wheel rules?" he whispered in Merlin's ear.

Merlin turned his head. "No. Owning a theme park you think I would." he said, a small smile on his face.

"If it stops at the top you have to kiss."

"Only kiss?"

"Yes, don't want others to see more than they have to."

"Hey Merlin your dad said you and Arthur are spending the day here." Mike, who ran the Ferris wheel, said.

"Let me guess. It costs nothing for a ride."

"You guessed right."

Merlin laughed and got on, not seeing Arthur slip Mike some money asking him to stop them at the top a few times.

After going around once Mike stopped the Ferris wheel and Arthur smiled at his husband. "Rules are rules sweetheart, get over here."

Merlin grinned and put his arm around the blond. "I can hardly move to your lap with this bar across us."



"Shut up." Arthur said, smiling as he cupped the brunets face and moved in for a kiss.

Merlin pulled away when air was needed. "We are moving again." he panted.

"So we are." Arthur answered before capturing Merlin's lips once more.

"I would ask if you enjoyed the ride but given how swollen your lips are I think it's a safe bet that you have." Mike said, laughing at the state of Merlin and Arthur, hair messy, lips swollen and red.

Arthur laughed and threw his arm over Merlin's shoulder and kissed his temple.

As they walked around the theme park Arthur smiled and pulled Merlin over to the water side of the park.

"Arthur where are we going?" Merlin laughed.

"I believe I still owe you that race." Arthur winked as they stopped outside the changing rooms.

"That you do." Merlin smiled and kissed Arthur's lips before walking into the changing room with Arthur following close behind.

Once they were both changed into their swimwear Merlin took Arthur's hand and together they walked over to the water slide.

"Last one down has to bottom for a week." Merlin smirked.

"But you already bottom love." Arthur laughed and kissed Merlin.

"We'll see." Merlin chuckled.

When they were told to go Arthur watched Merlin push himself down the slide and smiled.

"Dude you going to go or what?" the lifeguard asked.

"Yeah just waiting." Arthur smiled before pushing himself down the slide and splashing into the water.

When Arthur swam to the side he found Merlin smiling waiting for him.

"I win, but I feel like you let me." Merlin laughed.

Arthur grabbed Merlin and pulled him close. "You know I did baby." and with that said Arthur captured Merlin's lips and kissed him passionately.

"Can you please take that somewhere else there are children around."

Merlin and Arthur pulled apart and look up to see who had spoken and smirked.

"Sure dad, anything for an old timer." Arthur joked.

Uther chuckled before looking over his shoulder.

"Waiting for mum?" Arthur asked.

"She went on one of those rides where they shoot you into the air then back down into water. Woman wants to give me a heart attack." Uther informed them as they got out of the pool.

Merlin laughed as Arthur laughed at his father. "We'll see you tonight at dinner?"

"That you will son." Uther said before walking away.

Merlin walked into the cubicle and started to dry himself and jumped when he felt two arms snake around his middle. "I figured I could help you dry."

Merlin dropped his head back on Arthur's shoulder and reached up with his hand to hold Arthur's head in place. "Liar." he breathed out, moaning when he felt his husband's tongue on his neck.

They both jumped when a bang sounded on the door. "Can you hurry up please there are people out here waiting to change."

Arthur and Merlin quietly laughed before quickly drying and dressing.

After walking around the theme park Merlin stopped outside a stall. "Win me a soft toy Arthur."

"You want a soft toy?"

"Yes. I play with my favourite hard toy every night."

Arthur laughed and kissed Merlin before paying the man and picking up the bow and arrow. "Hit the target four times mate, you get five goes. Hit all four you get one of the big prizes."

"No problem." Arthur said and aimed before firing. Five minutes later Merlin was looking at all the big toys, wondering which one to pick. "I want that white dragon." he said, pointing at the large soft toy.

The man took it down and handed it to Merlin who kissed Arthur. "Thank you."

"You are welcome. So what are you going to call your toy?"

"Um... how about...Aithusa."

"So, where do you want to eat?"

They spent the rest of the day on different rides and when the theme park closed at six Merlin pulled Arthur aside. "Do you want to have dinner with our parents?"

Arthur looked at his husband. "Well it has been planned."

"I know. But there is a new ride at my theme park. It is finished and has been tried and it officially opens tomorrow."

"A new ride?" You didn't tell me there was a new ride."

"I know. It was because of what we have that made me want to have it."

Arthur smiled and moved to hold the brunet. "What is this ride?"

"A love ride. Want to try it with me?"

Arthur took his phone out of his pocket and rang his dad. "Dad?"

"What's wrong son?"

"Me and Merlin are going to have to cancel dinner."

"Oh? Why is something wrong?"

"Things can't be any better. I have just had a better offer from Merlin."

Uther laughed at the other end of the line. "Okay son. See you tomorrow at work."

Arthur put the phone down and pulled Merlin close. "Get in the car sweetheart I am going on that ride whilst you ride me."

Merlin smiled and kissed Arthur and quickly got in the car. "Come on then." he said when Arthur hadn't moved.

Within thirty minutes Arthur and Merlin had just sat on the ride. "Can you set it so we go around three times?" Merlin asked Alan who was in charge of the ride. Merlin had called him in asking for him to start it up.

"Of course I can. I will get it started and then head off back home. "Enjoy the ride Merlin, Arthur." Alan said as he set the controls up and turned it on, when the ride started to move Alan left them both to it.

As soon as Merlin saw Alan leave he started on Arthur's shirt, straddling his thighs as he joined their lips together, thrusting his hips forwards, showing Arthur how hard he was, moaning when he felt Arthur rip his shirt open and pull it off his shoulders, pushing it down his back and out of his arms, placing it on the floor along with his.

Lips still glued together, they each started on each other's belts. Soon they were both naked and Merlin was panting. "We... don't have any lube."

Arthur smiled and raised two fingers. "Suck." Merlin took the greedily in his mouth and sucked and licked and wet them. "You ready sweetheart?" he asked when he pulled his fingers from the brunet's mouth.

"For you Arthur, always."

Arthur kissed Merlin and slowly pushed one finger inside his husband, smiling when he heard the brunet moan and hold on to him tighter as he started to fuck himself on that finger. "Merlin..."

"More Arthur... please." he panted, his head thrown back.

Arthur pushed in a second finger and attached his lips to the long and pale neck in front of him. His fingers opening in a scissoring motion to stretch the brunet, stretching him before fucking him with his fingers.

"Oh!" Merlin cried out when Arthur found the spot he was looking for.

"Got you."

"You always have had Arthur." Merlin moaned and joined lips once more with the blond.

Arthur pulled his fingers out and lifted Merlin up; he lined his cock up with the brunet's entrance and slowly brought Merlin down. Merlin, once feeling the head of Arthur's cock inside him, slammed down causing Arthur to moan out loud. "Fuck Merlin."

"I thought that was what you were doing?" Merlin answered, a small smile on his face.

Arthur growled and tightened his hold on Merlin's hips, so tight he would no doubt leave bruises, but Merlin didn't seem to care, he wrapped his arms around Arthur and with his head thrown back once more he started to ride Arthur with all he had.

Taking one hand from his husband's hip, Arthur took Merlin's hard cock in his hand and started to pump it, thrusting up as Merlin slammed down.

"Oh fuck... Arthur... fuck I'm close."

"Me too. Come with me sweetheart."

"Yes." Merlin all but hissed as he came, spilling all he had over Arthur's hand and both of their stomachs, Arthur following seconds later filling Merlin up, screaming his name.

Merlin collapsed in Arthur's arms and buried his face in the blond's neck, panting whilst trying to get his breath back. "Happy anniversary Arthur."

"Happy anniversary Merlin. I love you."

"Love you too." Merlin answered, turning in Arthur's arms and attempted, along with his husband, to enjoy the new ride that was now on its second turn around.

The end.

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