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Living with Naruto had become everyday life by now. He had gotten used to sharing his space, to come home for dinner every night, because he now had someone to share it with, and he had also become used to having his way with the blond, as often as either of them pleased. Which meant just about every day; one of them was still a horny teen after all, and the other had never been in love before. They were quiet the pair.

He was quite pleased with everything, no scratch that and let's be honest; he was in the seventh heaven. Having a younger lover had quite a few benefits, and he didn't mind his role as the older and more experienced bread winner in their relationship.

Naruto was still going to school, which was probably for the best, and Sasuke earned enough to provide for the both of them. He had lived a frugal lifestyle for years, so his savings alone could easily kepep them fed and with a roof over their heads.

Though he might be gay, he had always seen himself as quite masculine, and felt that he suited his role in the relationship perfectly. His earlier experiences with being submissive to anyone hadn't exactly been pleasant either, so he figured he'd never have to try that again.

Of course he underestimated the libido and curiosity of an adolescent male when it came to sex.

He learned this lesson, barely two weeks after they went all the way for the first time.

He had snuck into Naruto's room, already prepared for some less than innocent playtime, and Naruto had been more than eager to abandon his books in favor of being pleasured by Sasuke's mouth and nimble hands.

But suddenly Sasuke had found himself on all fours on Naruto's bed, with the blonde behind him. Before his mind had time to catch up with what was happening, he had taken Naruto virginity in both senses of the word.

Afterwards the blond had confidently stated that they should do it in Sasuke's bed the next time; his own creaked and bumped against the wall, making so much noise that he thought it was about to fall apart halfway through. Sasuke had only been able to nod weakly, very satisfied and surprised at the turn of events.

He had never considered himself to be the bottoming kind, since he had never enjoyed it much before, but… well, let's just say that night had changed his perspective on certain things.

Other things weren't as easy or pleasant to get used to. One of those things was the increasing amount of people running in and out of his apartment. Naruto's friends had been joined by his own colleagues, who thought it would be appropriate to hold a party for him to celebrate that he was no longer single. A party in his apartment.

Sasuke was convinced that it was only as a means for them to get to see where he lived, and of course to meet his mysterious love interest. Naruto had had Kiba over when they suddenly burst into his home, bringing him more alcohol as gifts than he'd normally drink in a year. They had also helped him dispose of said alcohol as the evening progressed, and if Sasuke hadn't kicked them out at two in the morning, they would probably have stayed the night.

The only good thing about that day, had been Kiba's face when Ino had gone right up to him and Naruto and asked;

"So, which one of them is it?"

Disbelief and shock had quickly been replaced with pure killing intent and the savage had yelled something to Ino about being as straight as a ruler, and how he'd rather die than be involved with the Uchiha in such a way.

Sasuke had agreed with him on the later and didn't stop Kiba from trying to intimidate Ino the rest of the night.

But ever since the party, they had for some unknown reason, assumed that it was okay to stop by all the time. Kankuro came around to pick up Gaara and stayed for much longer than necessary. Neji came to discuss work and even Hinata stopped by now and then, though her visits were more tolerable than the other two's since she was quiet of nature.

An unfortunate turn of events had also been when the beast fell for the beauty; aka Kiba falling for Hinata. How that happened after just meeting once baffled Sasuke to no end. The result was that Kiba tried to figure out whenever Hinata might stop by, and stuck around at their place for way too long, waiting for her. If he hadn't been annoyed by Kiba's increasingly frequent visits he might have felt sorry for the guy.

The cherry on top was Itachi, who seemed to think that he should spend more time with Sasuke, telling him some crap about how it was more like a family, now that they were three instead of two. It took a while for Naruto to get used to his older brother, though Sasuke wasn't sure whether it was the kissing incident or the you-hit-my-boyfriend part that made Naruto somewhat uncomfortable around him.

His life had truly been turned upside down.

"Sasuke are you ready to go?" Naruto yelled from the hallway.

"I'm trying to find a pair of socks that actually match!" Sasuke hollered back. Their stuff would always get mixed up, even though Naruto technically had his own room and place to store his clothes. Especially when it came to socks.

"It doesn't matter if they match or not, it's not like anyone is gonna look at your feet."

Sasuke growled and rummaged through the drawer's content. It was true that it would have mattered when it had only been his socks, because all of them were black. At this point it looked like a fricking rainbow had thrown up in it with all those stripes, dots and cartoon figures everywhere.

"Come ooon Sasukeeee! I told Iruka we'd be there by noon!"

"Fine, I'm done anyway." He said and settled for one black and one brown sock.

They were going to visit the foster home and Naruto babbled on about it excitedly as they sat in the car. He cranked up the AC to get prevent the windows from fogging. Light snow covered the ground outside and their breaths were visible in the car. Sasuke still felt a little uncomfortable about the going back to the foster home, but he knew how much it meant to Naruto. Besides, it would take a ridiculously long time for the blonde to get there on his own, if he had to use public transport.

The ride didn't feel as long with someone by his side. When he pulled into the parking lot he felt much calmer than the last time he'd been there, though the same couldn't be said about his younger counterpart. The idiot didn't seem to be the least bit troubled by old memories. No, instead he bounced out of the car and dragged Sasuke along impatiently.

As soon as they entered the ground, several kids noticed them and one of them ran towards Naruto at full speed. It was impossible to see whom, since the kid was in full winter outfit, with a huge scarf covering half of his face.

Naruto's face split into a grin and he ran to meet the kid. Sasuke felt his own lips tugging upwards involuntarily at this display of affection. It would almost have become a real smile if not for what happened next.


A snowball made a perfect line from the boy's hand to Naruto's face. The blonde stopped for a moment to splutter and wipe the snow from his face.

"Konohamaru, you little shit!" He yelled and ran even faster, as the boy did a 180 to escape. "I'm so gonna get back at you!"

Naruto caught up to the little villain in no time and tackled him to the ground. They rolled around in the snow and another kid ran over to join the fight. Sasuke sighed as he watched them. So much for a little peace and tranquility. A third kid joined in too and Naruto was quickly overpowered.

"Sasuke! Help me!" Naruto yelled in between laughter and squeals.

"Nu-uh you brought this one on yourself." He said and smirked.

"No fair! You can't just opt out!"

"What are you talking about; I was never involved to begin with." He turned his head to look at Iruka who watched them from the open doorway. The older man waved at them and smiled. Sasuke raised his own hand in greeting just before he felt a cold wet thing collide with the back of his head.

"Ha! I got you!" Naruto laughed triumphantly. "That's what you get when you don't help out your boyfriend in need!"

Oh no, he didn't just do that.

He turned his head slowly and was met with the sight of his Naruto just about to topple over from laughing so hard. If Naruto hadn't learned not to poke the sleeping lion by now, it was his own damn fault, Sasuke thought and disregarded the fact that none of his clothes were suited for a snowball fight. He smiled menacingly and went to get his revenge.

"Boyfriend?!"Iruka yelled from the doorway. "You guys have some explaining to do!" he said and in the glimpse of an eye he was wearing boots and jacket and had a menacing parent look on his face.


They were soaked to the bone and snow had found its way into their shoes and jackets. They had had to team up against Iruka when the foster care worker had caught his former charge and wrestled him to the ground. Luckily it seems like he had taken the news with good humor and anger was just for show, though the surprise was real.

When the fight finally died down and they went inside and Iruka loudly announced that there was warm cocoa for everyone. Most of the kids and teens ran for the door, closely followed by Naruto and Sasuke. It was chaotic as everyone tried to get the wet clothing off at the same time. The blonde purposely stepped on the tip of Sasuke's mismatching socks to make it even more difficult. He kicked Naruto in the shin as payback.

The kids lined up in the kitchen to get a cup each and one of the other foster care workers filled the cups with the steaming hot liquid. Iruka got them a cup each and they sat down next to them at a bench in the kitchen.

"Mmm, this is perfect!" Naruto hummed as he took a big gulp of the cocoa. Sasuke snorted and reached out a finger to wipe off the blonde's whipped cream moustache.

"So.." Iruka started. "How did this come to be?" he gestured between the couple and continued; "-And when did it happen?"

"Hehe you see…" Naruto smiled sheepishly. "It's a long story."

"Oh, do tell."

Sasuke listened to Naruto telling their story and zoned out when he was sure that his boyfriend didn't mention anything particularly embarrassing or stupid. He looked out the window and saw that to kids were still outside building a snowman. It was a little boy and what he assumed must have been his big sister, because of the physical resemblance.

The scene reminded him a little of Itachi and himself. They might have been a little older than the pair of siblings outside when they were orphaned, but not by much. He wondered how he would have turned out if he had been placed in a foster home such as this. It didn't seem too bad, and he might have been a little more… social… if he'd been surrounded by other kids all the time.

"Neh, earth to Sasuke, what are you daydreaming about?" Naruto asked him.

"Huh? It's nothing really."

"Hmm, you liar."

Naruto followed his line of sight out the window and smiled. "Ahh I see what this is about." He said smugly. "Your inner clock is ticking, right?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Are you insinuated that I'm feeling old, just because I'm surrounded by kids?"

"Nooo, that wasn't what I meant." The blonde put an arm around him and grinned. "Don't worry I get it. You're almost thirty so of course you'd start to think about that."

He looked to Iruka for help. "What is the idiot talking about?"

"I'm totally fine with it, just so you know-" Naruto continued unperturbed."I'm an adult now, and we're in a serious relationship so of course I've thought about it…"

His voice was getting a little too happy and Iruka looked just as confused as Sasuke felt.

"I think it would be great with kids, but we've gotta get at least two though, don't you think?" Naruto mused without even glancing at his boyfriend, whose jaw had gone slack.

"Maybe we should adopt Konohamaru!" Blue eyes were suddenly focused at him, shining like he had just told Sasuke the best news in the world. "And a dog too! And then we'd move into a huge hou-"

"NO!" Sasuke said his voice a pitch too high and hand clasped over the blonde's mouth. Black eyes had gone wide in panic. He had never ever had those silly dreams about getting a big family with lots of kids, not to mention a dog.

Naruto has gone insane. He can't be serious. He-he knows that I'm not the type for all these things, right? Right?! Oh god no, I don't want to disappoint him- No wait he's only 18! There's no way in hell we're letting any of those small devils into our place, not to mention when he's this young!

The blue eyes were still shining brightly and he could feel the lips beneath his palm form a big smile. He carefully removed his hand and slowly. He mustered up as much self control as possible and slowly said:

"No. Kids." His voice was stern. "I don't know why you'd think that was a good idea-"

"Not even a dog?" Naruto asked and wilted in disappointment.

"N-no. No dog either." He responded shakily.

"Not even a little one?"

He winced. "I'm not a dog person, okay? I know you like animals but-"

"A cat then?" his boyfriend asked hopefully.

"What? Why would we get a cat?"

"A kitten?" the blue eyes staring at him were weakening his defenses.

"I don't know-"

"But you'd rather have a cat than a dog or a child?"

"Well yes." He'd rather have anything else to be honest, but he didn't say that out loud.

"So no kids, and no dog, but a cat is okay?"

"Yes, I guess we can get a cat someday if you really want to…"

"Yay!" Naruto shot up from his seat and threw his arms around Sasuke's neck. When he pulled back he was wearing the biggest shit eating grin.

"Gaara's cat got kittens yesterday and they're super cute! He said I could have two! One for me and one for you! Isn't that great?"

Sasuke eye twitched when he realized what had just happened. He could hear Iruka snickering uncontrollably next to them and gave the man a piercing look.

"Naruto." His voice was dark when he asked; "You didn't even want children to begin with, did you?"

"Hehe, I guess you got me there…" he scratched the back of his neck. "But look on the bright side; we're going to have kittens! You're gonna love them, I promise"

Iruka just about died laughing, as he watched Sasuke trying to strangle the hell out of Naruto.


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