Emma POV

It was all going wrong. I had lived in the small apartment near Uncle Joey and where Uncle Chandler and Aunt Monica used to live when I was younger all my life. Now we have to move, mum said it was necessary because we had to find a new house because someone else was going to move in with us in a few months. I was glad my parents worked things out; I can't count the amount of times they argued when I was born, I was continuously being ushered from 1 appartment to the next.

Funny, you would think I would be used to moving around, but moving across the hall or across the road is hardly a major change is it? My cousins Erica and Jack moved a year or so after I was born, but they had only just met their parents too, they were too young to know any different. They didn't have time to miss it.

The sad thing is that New York has become my home, I know no different. I would miss Central Perk, my friends, Uncle Joey and Aunt Phoebe who moved into town with Uncle Mike a couple of years back.

"Emma, get in the car, we're leaving!" shouted Dad. Sigh. I slumped down the stairs pouting and threw myself in the car.

"You know, if the wind changes your face will get stuck like that!" joked Mum, I just looked at her. I could feel a stray tear escaping but I held it back.

I looked out the car at the disappearing city lights and closed my eyes thinking ahead.

"Emma, we're here!" Dad called. I dreamily opened my eyes to see a house that had to be worth a billion million dollars. It was like a castle!

I eagerly jumped out the car and ran inside, it was great. Mum and Dad appeared behind me and watched me in awe.

"What do you think?" Mum asked.

"Amazing" I shouted and hugged both my parents.

"It is also only 10 minutes away from Uncle Chandler and Aunt Monica" She added. I was beyond words; I think I'm gonna like it here.