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Percy's POV

"C'mon Annabeth," I whined. "I'm telling you, that thing wasn't human."

"Whatever you say, Perce," Annabeth responded, not looking up from her book.

I still don't get how she walks and read without tripping, getting lost or wandering into the street. She says it 'skill', but I've had to save her from loads of near death mortal experiences.

"Well, look at that kid over there…" I pointed to a kid lying face-down on the pavement, "He looks dead to me…"

Finally she looked up, then she turned to me, her eyes wide. "That's cuz he is dead Percy…"

Castle's POV

"Beckett." Kate answered the phone, conveniently bringing an end to our conversation. Suddenly, she sat up, "Where?" she scribbled something on a paper, "Okay, we're on our way."

"Dead body?" I asked hopefully.

"You got lucky Castle," she grinned, rising. "On your first paper-work-day."

Minutes later we were at the crime scene, due to Beckett's wonderful driving. There's a couple standing near the body, kids in their late teens. The boy with jet black hair, the blonde girl.

"Damn…" Kate muttered, climbing out of the car, "A pair of kids found 'em. They'd be traumatized…"

"Counselor Beckett to the rescue…" I mocked, posing like superman. She just rolled her eyes at me.

About ten steps away, I realized I know this kid, the boy. I'd seen him somewhere… We stopped right in front of the couple, with me frowning at the boy. He looked at me quizzically then mirrored my expression.

"Percy, don't mock the officers," the blonde girl chided. The boy ignored her. But how had she seen him, her eyes were gray; wasn't she blind…?

"I know you…" he and I said at the same time, pointing accusingly. I could just imagine Kate and the girl looking at each other and back and forth between us.

"From where?" Kate asked finally.

"I don't…" then it clicked. "Wait! Your Paul's wife's kid!" The boy's face lit up.

"Yeah," he added quickly. "You're Paul's step-brother…"

"Well that's one impossible mystery solved…" Beckett muttered dryly.

"Now for the real mystery," the blonde girl added. Beckett smiled at her before turning to Lanie.

Beckett's POV

While Castle stared at the boy witness, the girl and I headed over to Lanie.

"Michael Thomas," Lanie said, standing. "Murdered early this morning. Mr. Thomas suffered multiple blows in the head with a blunt object. Much more than the necessary. He was probably dead after the first blow." Then she looked around us, looking at Castle and the boy.

"Castle find a new muse?" she asked finally. Both the girl and I snorted at Lanie's dry humor. "And who's your new side-kick Beckett?" she asks, glancing at the girl.

"Oh, sorry," the girl said, "I forgot, I'm Annabeth Chase and that's Percy Jackson, my boyfriend." She pointed to the boy and Castle, who were now playing the 'Mirror Game'. How did she know they were there? Isn't she blind?

"Dr. Lanie Parish. Nice to meet you Annabeth…" Lanie smiled, "Looks like your side-kick prioritizes better than you, Beckett," she grinned at me then walked away, ignoring my glare.

"Um, what's she talking about?" Annabeth asked nervously.

"Nothing, she's just being Lanie." I sighed. "Anyway, let's get you guys back to the precinct and find out how much your boyfriend saw. Let's go, Castle!"

"I saw too…" Annabeth raised an eyebrow at me.

"But your eyes… You're blind, right?" I asked, confused.

"Cops…" she muttered under her breath, "No, I was born like this. I can see you perfectly fine. You have long brown hair and brown eyes. You're very pretty, your partner likes you and you like him and you know how to dress."

"Wait, what was that last one?" I stared at her.

"You know how to dress..?"

"Before that."

"You like your partner." she said, "What? It's really obvious, especially after what Dr. Lanie said."

"Yeah, what did Lanie say?" Castle said, appearing out of nowhere.

"Tell you on the drive." I muttered, walking away.

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