That night, Shinwoo returned to his empty house, accompanied by M-21. He was hoping that perhaps Baesook would pay them another visit. Or, barring that, then perhaps Yuriy himself would stop in. He'd be perfectly happy with either, since he had questions for both of them. And so, here he was, against both Frankenstein's and Rajak's advice, accompanied only by M-21. Even Rai had agreed that there needed to be at least one other person, and the silver-haired man had been the first to volunteer, in that soft-spoken, determined voice of his.

"Sorry it's a bit cramped, Ahjussi," Shinwoo apologized as he led M-21 on a quick tour. A glance into his bedroom showed that there were no signs of a struggle. Even the bloodstains had been removed, the walls repainted, the furniture put back into place. If it wasn't for the nearly unnoticeable smell of the recent paint job, and his own enhancements, he might have wondered if the ambush had all been a dream.

M-21 was looking around interestedly. Apparently he hadn't taken the time to look through the house when he had come here the first time, tracking Shinwoo following the boy's abduction. "It's nice," he said simply. "Familiar." Shinwoo smiled; M-21 didn't remember his own home, but perhaps it had been similar to this one, if it felt familiar to the older man.

"Make yourself at home," he offered, pulling two bottles of water out of the fridge. He tossed one to M-21, who caught it easily in one hand. Shinwoo settled down in the living room on the couch. M-21 sat on an armchair across from him, and Shinwoo sighed, tilting his head back. They sat in silence for several long moments, Shinwoo not ready to talk yet, and M-21 naturally reticent.

At last, Shinwoo started talking. "Sorry to drag you out here," he apologized. "But sitting around just waiting for something to happen was going to drive me crazy." M-21 nodded, well acquainted with Shinwoo's need to always be doing something, even if it seemed pointless. "Not that we're not waiting around here," he admitted with a grin, "but at least I feel like something ought to happen. Especially if Yuriy and Baesook have been watching us. Wonder if they'll think it's a trap?" he mused.

M-21 shrugged. "Does it matter if they do?" he asked rhetorically. "Yuriy is following Crombel's orders, whatever they might be. Baesook is following the other Elder's orders. They'll either approach us again, or they won't." Shinwoo nodded in agreement, then lifted his head to stare at M-21 intently. Silver eyes stared calmly back at him.

"Why'd you come with me?" he asked. M-21 didn't reply, and Shinwoo didn't know if it was because he thought the answer should be obvious, or if he was embarrassed. Perhaps he wasn't sure himself. Standing, Shinwoo wandered over to where M-21 sat and settled himself on the armrest. The other man didn't move away and Shinwoo leaned down, the scent of forest and wolf rising to meet him.

Distracted with a new line of thought, Shinwoo suddenly asked, "What's my scent?" M-21 looked at him in confusion, and Shinwoo grinned. "Oh, come on," he teased. "Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. You smell like forest and wolf, and moonlight. Tao smells like electricity. Takeo carries the scent of gun powder and metal and oil. Seira is like snow, or ice, cold and sharp, but no real scent. So I was just wondering what I smell like to you. You have the best nose next to me, right?" he asked.

M-21 shrugged. "I can't describe your scent," he admitted. "It's warm, bright. You carry the scent of the sun, perhaps," he mused, his head tilted slightly as he thought, his words slow and deliberate. M-21 took in another breath, his eyes sliding partway closed, and Shinwoo found himself watching the other man's face, his eyes drawn to the partially opened lips. Without thinking about it, he leaned down and pressed his own lips against M-21's.

The silver-haired man froze, and Shinwoo was slammed abruptly back into reality. Jerking away, his arms flailed as he tumbled off the side of the chair, landing hard on the floor with a yelp. M-21 stared down at him in complete shock, and he grimaced. "I'm sorry," he muttered. "I don't know what came over me. I…" he really didn't know what to say, and all of his courage seemed to have fled beyond his grasp, so he retreated. "I'm going to bed. Feel free to use any of the rooms," he offered, scrambling to his feet before taking off at a near run.

Shinwoo flopped down on his bed, pressing his head firmly into his pillow, his face hot with embarrassment. What the hell was that?! The redhead was rarely apologetic about anything he did, but that wasn't one of his usual teenage antics. That had been something more. The problem was, he still didn't understand it all himself, leaving him even more confused. And frustrated.

M-21 didn't follow him, and Shinwoo eventually drifted off, only to be awoken two hours later. Wide awake now, he sat up in bed, his eyes turned to stare out the window, his ears straining to hear whatever it was that had woken him up in the first place. He didn't see or hear anything unusual, though, and was starting to wonder if he was just imagining things, when he felt it. It wasn't like Rai or Crombel, who had been able to talk to him directly. This was far more subtle, a gentle tugging that told him that somebody was approaching.

Shinwoo slid off the bed, backing into the shadows. If they were coming to attack, he'd be ready for them. There was a low growl outside his room, and Shinwoo murmured his permission. M-21 slipped in the door, silver eyes curious, his body tense. "Shinwoo? Is someone coming?" he asked, his voice low.

Shinwoo shook his head, then shrugged. "I don't know," he admitted, his voice just as soft. "I woke up, and it feels like someone's approaching. But I can't explain it. It's…in my head?" he tried, testing out the words. That sounded about right, but somehow wrong as well. He huffed in frustration, his hands clenching into fists as he stared determinedly out the window.

The presence he felt stopped abruptly, and Shinwoo blinked, confused. What now? They were close, so close. Why had they stopped? Shinwoo strained his eyes, not knowing how to use what he was feeling to get a better hold of what was happening. He felt the roar of power before he saw it, and he grabbed M-21, hauling the other man out of the room as his window exploded, sending shards of wood and glass everywhere. His bedroom wall buckled, and the house rumbled loudly with the damage taken. Shinwoo hauled himself to his feet and bolted, M-21 right behind him.

As soon as he was outside, Shinwoo turned towards the presence. A strong hand grabbed his wrist and yanked him in the opposite direction. Shinwoo resisted M-21's hold, but the other man wouldn't be deterred. "Do you seriously want to take on an Elder yourself?" he asked. "Because if you want to die, there are easier, less painful ways," he snapped.

Shinwoo snarled back, "No, I don't want to die. But I don't want to keep running, either. I just want to kick his ass. I didn't think that was asking too much," he scowled. "Besides, he just blew up my house!" That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it didn't change the fact that the asshole had just attacked him at his own house. Never mind that his whole purpose in coming back here with only M-21 for an escort was to try and entice one or the other of them to make a try for him. He was beginning to think that Yuriy might've been preferable. At least he had only splashed the walls with Shinwoo's blood.

M-21 frowned at him. There was a low rumble, and his eyes widened before he just picked Shinwoo up, dragging him around a corner and slamming his back against the stone wall, muffling his choked cry with his hand. Shinwoo glared up at him mutinously, but M-21 wasn't paying attention, silver eyes trained on the main road, alert and preparing for a fight.

At least, he would be preparing for a fight, if he didn't feel the need to keep Shinwoo pinned against the wall so he didn't do something stupidly reckless. Again. Shinwoo huffed against the hand covering his mouth, his body slumping back against the wall as reason returned to him. Not that it had been entirely gone; it had just been shoved into a corner when his home had been attacked.

M-21 still wasn't paying attention or releasing him, so Shinwoo swiped his tongue across the other man's palm. M-21's fingers curled reflexively at the wet touch, then moved carefully from Shinwoo's mouth. "I'm good, Ahjussi," Shinwoo murmured, keeping his voice quiet. "You can let me go. Besides, he's not there anymore," he said.

Silver eyes turned to stare at him disbelievingly, and Shinwoo shrugged. "Don't ask me how I know," he said. "I just do." M-21 frowned at him, but nodded his acceptance. Warily, he moved further back the side street, Shinwoo following him closely, fighting the urge to turn back around and see how badly his house had been damaged. His dad wasn't going to be happy when he heard from the neighbors.

M-21 moved around the corner, and his eyes widened as he reversed direction. A familiar bolt of light shot through his upper leg, and he choked on a pained cry, his other foot landing firmly on the ground, holding him upright. Without thinking, Shinwoo reached for him, his eyes catching sight of Yuriy, who was smiling, his amber eyes cold as they stared him down.

"I apologize for not greeting you earlier," he said smoothly, his tone giving Shinwoo the creeps. "But there was the matter of a pesky Elder hanging around your place, I'm afraid. I wonder what's so interesting about a failed experiment or two that everybody's interested in you."

Next to him, M-21 stiffened, having caught the implication that Shinwoo, too, was a failed experiment. "Is that why Crombel let me go?" Shinwoo shot back. "Because the experiment didn't work the way it was supposed to?" Yuriy gave him a look that clearly told Shinwoo exactly what he thought of the teen's intelligence, and Shinwoo growled low in his throat. If the blond had just been insulting him, he wouldn't have cared. He was used to it. But that jab hadn't been intended for him, and they all knew it.

Shinwoo found himself briefly distracted, his head turning to face away from Yuriy. The other man obviously didn't approve, because next thing he knew, M-21 was tackling him to the ground, crying out as another bolt shot through his shoulder. Warm blood spilled across the ground, and Shinwoo was nearly overwhelmed with the rich scent. He could feel his body shifting, even as he moved, launching himself at Yuriy, M-21 falling to the side with a groan.

The other man evaded him relatively easily, but Shinwoo was relentless, forcing the blond to keep moving, to keep dodging, not letting him get in any attacks of his own, and not letting him stop to realize what was happening. The darkness actually worked to his advantage, since it didn't seem to be an issue for him. The half-moon and stars provided more than sufficient light for him to see by.

Yuriy stayed close to him, obviously waiting for a chance to attack. Shinwoo had no doubt that he meant to take him out if the opportunity arose. Behind him, he could hear M-21 growling, but he was careful to keep himself between Yuriy and the other man, not giving M-21 a clear shot. He knew that the other man was probably annoyed with him, but if this worked, then it wouldn't matter.

A moment later, Shinwoo took one last swipe at Yuriy, aiming for his eyes. The blond dodged, and Shinwoo shifted to the right, giving M-21 the opportunity he needed. The older man took it, leaping forward, Shinwoo covering one side and the row of houses on the other, leaving only his back open. Yuriy leapt backwards as Shinwoo had intended, but then twisted in midair and changed direction, managing to avoid the bullets that rained down on them.

Shinwoo winced, glad that Takeo was an excellent shot. He'd really hate for a stray bullet to kill some innocent bystander. Tao's whips snapped against the ground, curling upwards almost immediately, trying to snag Crombel's underling, but Yuriy managed to dodge that, too, coming to rest on the roof of Shinwoo's house, staring down at them.

Ignoring the others, Yuriy stared at Shinwoo intently. "You knew they were coming just before you attacked," he observed. Shinwoo just smiled, and Yuriy's gaze suddenly sharpened. "Perhaps, then, he was a bit too hasty in his disregard for you," he murmured. Shinwoo felt his eyes narrow, and Yuriy smiled, suddenly delighted. "I wonder, though, what the trigger is? Not vision, as it should have been, since you didn't notice me at all, even though I excel in hiding my presence."

Shinwoo raised an eyebrow. "Is that supposed to be a compliment?" he asked archly. Because if it was, it was a backhanded one.

Yuriy pushed his glasses further up his nose. "It is," he confirmed. "Very well, then," he murmured. "Since I have no doubt the others will be here shortly, I'm afraid I must bid you farewell. I'm sure we shall meet again," he smiled. "Perhaps next time, there will be one less Elder to interfere." And with that, he was gone. Tao and Takeo moved into defensive positions, guarding them while Shinwoo turned away to check on M-21's injuries.

"Any idea what he was talking about?" Tao asked, once he and Takeo had ascertained that Yuriy was indeed gone, and that there were no other enemies in the vicinity. "And how is it that nobody heard the disturbance?" he wondered out loud.

Shinwoo shrugged. "Maybe it's just an ability he has, to keep them asleep and oblivious? I don't know, but it's best this way, don't you think." He took a step forward and swayed on his feet, yawning widely. "Damn, I'm beat. What the hell?" he muttered.

Supporting M-21, the four men started moving, their footsteps tapping lightly on the streets as they headed back to Frankenstein and Rai. Shinwoo studiously ignored M-21's curious stare, knowing that the other man would talk when he felt like it. Until then, the redhead would continue pretending to be oblivious.

"Did you really know they were coming that much before Yuriy?" he asked at last. Shinwoo nodded. He had felt them coming, in the same way he had felt the Elder. M-21 hummed under his breath. "I wonder what he was talking about. A trigger for what?" he asked, almost to himself.

Shinwoo shrugged. "I don't know, either," he replied easily. "It's not like they told me what to expect from their experiments or anything." The other three winced, which Shinwoo blithely ignored. He was getting pretty good at that. "I just know that I felt the Elder. And Takeo and Tao-hyung. But I couldn't feel Yuriy, and I can't sense Baesook, either," he sighed.

Tao was staring at him consideringly, a light frown on his face, his eyes focused intently like they did when he was seeking hard-to-find information. Like he was digging for something. "There must be something in common with those you can sense, as opposed to those you can't," he murmured. "But what? Why can you sense us, and an Elder, but not somebody like Yuriy? Can you sense Crombel?" he asked suddenly. Shinwoo shook his head; he had already checked, afraid that maybe the Thirteenth Elder had found a way to reestablish the connection between them.

Takeo asked the next question, his voice thoughtful. "How about Frankenstein? Or the Nobles?" he asked softly. Shinwoo thought about, then shook his head, frustrated. Takeo frowned lightly, thinking, but it was M-21 who stumbled across the answer.

"He said something about the experiment being at least a partial success, though he didn't know the trigger, right?" the older man asked. The other three confirmed. "Which means that whatever the trigger is, it's probably something out of the normal for Shinwoo." Three sets of eyes turned in his direction, and Shinwoo stared back, not understanding.

"What do you mean, out of the normal?" he demanded. "I mean, isn't all of this kind of out of the normal for me?" He was going to say more, but he felt the Elder from earlier return. His eyes narrowed, and he flexed his hands, claws scraping lightly against his palms. He was tired of people threatening him, his friends, and there was no way he was putting up with any more crap from these guys. "Baesook!" he barked, knowing that where the Elder was, the other boy was likely to be.

Green eyes gazed back at him, shadows falling away from Baesook as the older boy smiled at him. "Did you know I was here?" he asked. "Or was it just a guess?" Shinwoo didn't bother to answer as he stalked forward. The only way Baesook was going to learn was through his body, and Shinwoo was determined to beat the crap out of him. More importantly, though, he wanted to drag out the Elder. He could feel the other man nearby, watching them.

Baesook watched his approach calmly, a sardonic grin on his face. Behind him, Tao and Takeo shifted uneasily, but didn't interfere. They'd let him handle this, unless he asked them for help. M-21, his wounds still in the middle of healing, took three steps forward, and Baesook's attention was suddenly focused entirely on the other man, his lips curling up into a silent snarl. Shinwoo had had just about enough, and he moved to stand directly in front of the older boy, invading his personal space. His fist shot forward, and Baesook sidestepped it.

Shinwoo's free hand managed to snag the other man's robes, tugging his hood free and exposing his face. Now he had Baesook's full attention again, and he grinned. "You want to know if I knew you were there?" he asked, his voice deliberately low. "I didn't. But I do know this. Your owner is on the rooftop across the street and three houses over." Green eyes widened in surprise, then darkened with anger as Baesook realized the implications. Shinwoo had turned the tables.

While Baesook digested that, debating how much Shinwoo actually knew, and what he was guessing, the redhead reached out slowly, careful to appear non-threatening. Baesook watched him warily, but Shinwoo had guessed right; the other boy still felt something for him. It might not be what they had as children, but as long as Shinwoo didn't attack, and M-21 didn't move any closer, he wasn't going to attack either.

He touched Baesook's cheek, then curled his hand around to the back of his neck, his fingers tangling lightly in brown hair. Baesook smelled sharp, pungent, like burning wood. And just like that, he could sense Baesook in front of him, just as easily as he could see him with his eyes. He held on for another moment, and then let go. The older boy tilted his head, regarding Shinwoo curiously. "You just did something," he intuited. Shinwoo nodded, then debated for a moment, before deciding that this just might tip things in their favor.

"Yeah, I can feel you now. Even if I can't see you," he said thoughtfully. Which meant that Yuriy had been right, and that Crombel's experiment had worked, more or less, if not in the way he had meant it to. He scowled, not liking the idea of Yuriy being right about anything, the smug jackass.

M-21 had worked his way around to Shinwoo's side, and his hand settled lightly on Shinwoo's shoulder, silver eyes staring defiantly at the Union Agent in front of them. Baesook's face twisted into an ugly grimace for a moment before smoothing back out. He did his best to ignore M-21 as he asked his question. "Then the same goes for anyone you touch?" he asked.

Shinwoo nodded, not bothering to explain that it only seemed to work if he touched their hair. If he could touch anywhere and have it work, he wouldn't be having problems with Yuriy. Still, it held possibilities.

The Elder's presence disappeared just then, and Baesook looked up with a frown. A moment later, Frankenstein and Rai landed behind him, Seira and Regis on his right, Rajak on his left. With Shinwoo and M-21 in front of him, Takeo and Tao behind them as back-up, he was completely surrounded. Frankenstein gave one of his professional smiles. "It's such a pity that the Elder left so abruptly," he said. "I was just on my way to give him my greetings. At least it wasn't a completely wasted trip. Baesook, I presume?" he asked politely.

Green eyes glared at him hotly, and the blond smiled wider, deliberately provoking Baesook. "Frankenstein." The warning was spoken softly, mildly, but it had an immediate effect nonetheless. Frankenstein stood down and shot his master an apologetic frown. Rai was watching Baesook, who was starting to look vaguely uneasily. He must've realized that he was outnumbered, and the Elder had abandoned him. Unless, of course, it had been done deliberately, as it had with M-24.

Shinwoo hated that he couldn't trust anything that Baesook said or did, beyond the fact that he probably did want Crombel removed. "You care for him still," Rai observed, and Shinwoo found himself catching his breath and holding it. M-21's hand gave a gentle squeeze where it still rested on his shoulder, and Shinwoo unconsciously leaned back into it, a movement that didn't go unnoticed by Baesook.

Pressure pushed at them, and Shinwoo nearly stumbled to his knees. M-21 grabbed his elbow, holding him up by his arm, his low growl increasing in volume as he bared his teeth at Baesook, who was glaring back just as furiously. If somebody didn't do something fast, the two men would try and tear each other apart. Shinwoo swallowed, staggering to his feet, then just as quickly pitching forward again, his arm wrenching painfully as he fell, M-21 still gripping it.

Bodies were suddenly between him and Baesook, and the pressure eased off a little. Seira was there, offering him a hand, and Shinwoo accepted it before turning back to face M-21. "Thanks," he murmured. The silver-haired man just nodded absently, his attention on what was happening in front of them. With a sigh, Shinwoo turned around as well, focusing in on the conversation. Rai had approached Baesook, but he didn't seem to be using his power on the younger male, holding him frozen with only his gaze.

"So much sorrow, and anger," Rai said at last. "But why is it directed at yourself?" The look Baesook gave him, of shock and anger and embarrassment, was priceless, and Shinwoo held back a smile, his own curiosity winning out. Crimson eyes turned away from the older boy to stare at Shinwoo. "What are you to each other?" he asked next. Neither boy answered, because they couldn't.

Frankenstein broke up the sudden tension, clapping his hands. Shinwoo visibly flinched. "Well, this is nice and all, but the neighbors are likely to awaken at any moment now. Perhaps we could take this meeting elsewhere?" It wasn't really a suggestion. Baesook shifted, and the others closed subtly in on him, letting him know in no uncertain terms that there would be no escape. He sighed, standing down. There would be time for him to fight later. Frankenstein smiled. "Good, good. I'm glad to see that you're so obedient." His words rankled, and green eyes flashed angrily before calming again, Baesook's expression smoothing out into one of indifference.

Tao and Takeo led the way, followed by Baesook, with Rai and Frankenstein on either side of him. Regis and Seira followed behind, leaving Shinwoo and M-21 to bring up the rear. Rajak had excused himself, heading off to do whatever it was he had been sent here to do. Shinwoo kept his thoughts to himself regarding their current positions, wondering if the others were doing it deliberately, or if that's just how it happened. Takeo and Tao had been partners for a long time, as members of DA-5. Seira was Regis' guardian of sorts while he was here in the human world. And of course Frankenstein would watch over his master. That left M-21 and Shinwoo to work together. Shinwoo knew that the older man worked best with the other two men, but he was sort of relieved that things ended up how they did.

The tense set to Baesook's shoulders let Shinwoo know that he was very much conscious of the positioning as well, and that he didn't like it. But he wasn't really in a position to complain right now. If he tried to pull out his own weapon, he'd be destroyed, Shinwoo's hopes notwithstanding. The teenager would not sacrifice his companions for an old friend. He only hoped that he never had to act upon that decision. The fact that Baesook had chosen to come with them rather than attack and possibly end up dying meant that perhaps there was still something left to salvage.

Frankenstein must have communicated his intentions to Takeo and Tao earlier, because the two men headed for the KSA building, rather than for Frankenstein's place. It made sense, since Baesook wasn't injured and didn't need special treatment, to take him to what was, more or less, a neutral party. The KSA's purpose was to work with the Union, but they owed Frankenstein and the others a great deal. Since all everybody wanted to do was to lead a quiet life, the KSA hadn't had any conflicts with them. The trouble always came with the Elders.

M-21 slowed as the motley group landed in front of the KSA building, asking Shinwoo quietly, "Is the Elder there?" Shinwoo shook his head; the Elder was out of his range. Of course, since he didn't know exactly how far his range extended, that wasn't saying much. He could be three blocks down, only a short leap away, and Shinwoo might not know. He hadn't felt the Elder earlier until he was practically on top of them, after all. But he wasn't in the building, that much Shinwoo was certain of.

The others either didn't hear, didn't care, or already knew about his ability to track certain individuals, because nobody called him out on it. The doors opened to admit them, and Baesook found himself met with hostile glares as they walked through the hallways, heading up to the Director's office. Na Yonsu and An Sangeen met them partway, and the mild-mannered Sangeen pointed out that the KSA Agents hadn't taken kindly to having their building destroyed by Baesook.

Baesook made a face, but didn't offer an apology, and Shinwoo held back a sigh. Stubborn ass. It would behoove him to show at least a little remorse. Green eyes turned to meet his own, and Shinwoo very carefully wiped the judgment from his expression. He got a sardonic smile in return. "Nobody died," he said simply. "And the damage was minimal."

M-21 snorted. "Of course it was. If you consider half the building being destroyed as 'minimal," he shot back. Baesook ignored him, and Shinwoo hid a smile. He didn't know what the other man's problem was with M-21, but it sure was proving amusing. When he wasn't busy trying to kill Shinwoo's companion, that is.

Shinwoo poked M-21 playfully. "Yeah, and how many buildings have the rest of you destroyed?" he teased lightly, his good humor returning to him. Ahead of them, Tao laughed loudly, garnering odd looks. Takeo just shook his head, burying his face in his hand. Frankenstein and the Nobles ignored the proceedings entirely.

Baesook was staring at him again, but there was something different in his eyes now as Shinwoo smiled widely, his eyes sparkling with suppressed laughter as M-21 mumbled something incomprehensible that probably amounted to 'not my fault'. Teasing the other man was a lot of fun, especially since M-21 couldn't seem to retaliate with snappy comebacks as he usually did. If he wanted to argue, he had Regis. Takeo and Tao were there for understanding, and for comfort. Shinwoo was…in a category of his own, he supposed. And whatever that something was, it seemed that Baesook knew, and it made the older boy unhappy.

They were expected, and had no problem entering Director Lim Taesik's office. The stocky man stood to greet them, eyeing Baesook warily. The brunette just offered him a politely bored expression, and the Director turned instead to Frankenstein. "I am given to understand that you have need of our facilities on a temporary basis," he stated, cutting right to the chase. Shinwoo grinned; he liked this man. The Director didn't look like he'd take shit from anybody, but other than that, he seemed agreeable enough.

Frankenstein nodded. "Not for long, but we felt it would be more beneficial to have a neutral place with which to speak to our guest here." And by guest, he meant prisoner, Shinwoo supposed, taking another peek at Baesook, who stood stoically, waiting for somebody to make a decision, or for a chance to escape. Shinwoo shifted, moving subtly closer to him, not sure if he'd be able to stop an attack, but more than willing to try.

Taesik nodded. "Very well, you may use the area downstairs. Yonsu will guide you," he informed them. Frankenstein thanked them, and the female agent led them back out of the office.

She frowned at them as soon as they were clear. "What makes you certain that the Elder will not come here?" she demanded, obviously quite put out with their continued presence here.

Frankenstein just gave her his enigmatic smile. "I assure you, the Elder is probably quite busy at the moment. But should he decide to return here, we will know." Ah, well, that explained where Rajak, was. He was either tracking the Elder, or distracting him. Either way, it would buy them some time to talk with Baesook and find out where exactly he stood in the scheme of things.

In short order, they found themselves situated in small, stark room. Seira and Regis excused themselves in the hallway, and Shinwoo wondered where they were heading. To help Rajak, perhaps? Na Yonsu also excused herself after assuring them that they room was not monitored, though there would be guard nearby in case their guest tried anything. But Baesook seemed to have lost all interest in fighting, settling himself easily on the floor, as there were no chairs in the bare room. In fact, there was no furniture at all, and Shinwoo shrugged, seating himself on the floor as well.

Frankenstein's protest was cut off abruptly when Rai settled himself on the floor, still managing to look graceful and dignified. Shinwoo cackled, the sound echoing against the walls and ceiling. "Ah, that's great, Rai! Welcome to the world of commoners," he chuckled. The look Rai gave him was indecipherable, but the Noblesse was blushing lightly, so Shinwoo knew that Rai was embarrassed, at least a little bit.

With a sigh, Frankenstein gave up, walking over to stand in front of Baesook, offering the younger male a chilling smile. "Now," he said, "let's begin, shall we?" Shinwoo just settled in, the others on either side of him. This was going to take a while.