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The moon glints down upon Sapporo Japan, when Ritsu is given the call to rush away. Marukawa is all but dead, aside from the small group of diligent editors. Thankfully for the zombie men, it is time to go to print. The surplus of coffee is starting to have a negative effect, with each editor feeling the slight irregularity in the beat of their hearts. Though, this is rather standard and easily ignored because the haze of their surrounds is much more distracting. To say that they are at passing out point is an understatement, and the Emerald Team need to get home asap, or risk falling asleep on the spot...Or worse, on the train.

Ritsu isn't afforded the luxury of bed time, as he finds himself rushing down the elevator to reach the printers in time. They are cutting it really close and he is surprised that they are even accepting it. That's Takano for you, he could persuade a man without legs to buy dancing shoes. (Not that the thought isn't reprehensible.)

Actually, Takano hasn't been too bad lately. Ever since the Hospital incident, the older man has made Ritsu eat meals each and every day, he has also mother henned him a lot more, but the accosting has lowered considerably. The young editor wonders if it has something to do with engaging more with his former love. Perhaps things are on the up and up. Just yesterday, Ritsu held Takano's hand while they watched television and he didn't get felt up once! Now that is progress if he does say so himself.

Reaching the desired floor, the man bolts out of the sliding doors quickly and legs it to the printing studio. Unfortunately, there will be no handing over the manuscript and saying good morning.

No, there are only unfortunate circumstances waiting for Onodera Ritsu.

"Ohayou Gozaimasu." The brunette greets tonelessly, still able to produce a weak smile. The front desk is empty and the editor shuffles his way to the back where he knows the magic happens.

Pulling open the door, Ritsu opens his mouth to speak but is hindered by the sight of gigantic printers making high pitched fizzing noises. The workers are yelling at each other with frazzled expressions and nothing can be heard at all.

With a loud 'pop', silence covers the area making everyone let out a sigh of relief, but before anyone can speak the noise starts up once more.

The workers start to argue even more and Ritsu questions what he is going to do.

Then...the printing studio explodes with a loud shriek and debris flies everywhere. A very large boom follows as a second printer blows.

I'm going to die. Ritsu thinks as flames soar through the air and white noise fills his ears. As his eyes slide shut, the man can only think of Takano Masamune.


Green eyes fly open and the scared man takes in a big lungful of air. Shooting upwards, Ritsu glances around the room quickly before holding out his arms and legs to inspect.

"I'm not dead." Onodera says to himself with a surprised tone. He can't believe he isn't dead! What are the odds?

Getting up out of bed, the man wobbles a little at the strange pain in his nether regions. Frowning, he wonders why that is. He hasn't had sex with Takano in awhile...Unless his boss has been a sneaky pervert while Ritsu was out to it! That teme!

Though, as the editor focusses on his surroundings, he realises a few key differences. This is not his own apartment, nor it is Takano's bedroom.

Just what the hell is going on? He wonders, and forest green narrow in calculation.

It would seem that Ritsu is in his bedroom at home and not his own. He is without a doubt at his parents house...but why?

He must have been asleep a damned long time, and if so work is going to be furious! However, Ritsu can't really do much about an explosion. He is just lucky to be alive.

Striding lazily into the en suit attached to the room, the brunette picks up the red tooth brush and dabs on some much needed toothpaste. Glancing up at the mirror in habit, Ritsu freezes mid brush.

"Holy shit." The man's toothbrush muffled voice echoes through the small room. Reaching upward he touches his face tentatively, focussing on his very pointed chin...

"I'm a teenager." He gasps again, this time removing the impeding object. Ritsu's eyes are wide as saucers and he slaps himself once just to make sure.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. The freaked out 'teen' thinks over and over as he slams open the bathroom door and rushes over to the desk. If he is right then there should be a calendar here somewhere.

"Fuck." Ritsu murmurs, holding the rectangular apparatus in his tight grasp. If the calendar is correct, he is indeed 15 years old and...yesterday was the day that Takano...No Saga, broke his heart.

"Kami help me." Onodera breathes out in complete and utter shock.

Now I know exactly why my hips hurt. His brain says inappropriately, unable to help itself.

Just what is Ritsu going to do?



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