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Last Time -

"From now on, you tell me everything." He states, and the sated youth nods back lazily.

"I promise." Ritsu replies with a smile.

"Good." Masamune says. Pulling away with a sensitive flinch, he falls to the floor beside his counterpart.

They have made a mess of themselves, and the floor. There are scratches and love bites over himself, and Ritsu's back is completely red with the rubbing of the carpet, (as well as almost purple markings in which he made). But those don't matter because their hearts are beating again as one. Even if Masamune has no idea of Ritsu's ultimate plan or what their future together will hold, he won't care as long as he can always be by Ritsu's side.


The week passes by relatively quickly, all thanks to the afternoons in the library, sitting side by side. Ritsu hasn't been to Saga's house since their weekend together, regretfully. He is a teenager though, and the freedom that he is accustomed to is not so easily granted. Thankfully, his parents trust him completely. Why wouldn't they? Ritsu has always been the epitome of good grades and reliable behaviour.

Still, it is a difficult transition from fully grown man to teenager. Especially since he is more proactive now than ever. Ritsu has a goal, and the finish line looks very far away.

It doesn't stop him from enjoying now however. Because being here is exciting. Which is why a large smile slides upon his pointed face, as the boy stares down at the incoming text message.

He only left the library half an hour ago, and Saga is already contacting him. It makes Ritsu's ears burn, and he feels giddy inside.

It shouldn't feel this good to be like this. It's so different to the sort of relationship with Takano, and he somewhat wishes that they could have experienced it.
Shaking his head a little, Ritsu thinks that they will be able to, in the future. Everything is ahead of them. But so are life's obstacles.

He doesn't ponder on those however, as the centre button of the phone is pressed, opening up the inbox.

Want you here. The standard script says below the sender. The contact is just named, Saga. It never ceases to make Ritsu smile like a school girl. It's actually rather embarrassing, and is a good thing that no one is here to see him.

Except there is, and the brunette squeaks in surprise.

"Ricchan." The familiar feminine voice sounds from beside him, and the teen unconsciously clutches his phone to his chest. "What are you doing?" Ann-chan asks, peering up at him suspiciously. Ritsu can see the direction of her gaze and hastily pockets his phone.

"Ah. Nothing!" He exclaims awkwardly, unable to help it. Ritsu was born awkward. "I just got home." He says with a smile, stepping through the large entry way where Ann is standing.

"What are you doing here?" Ritsu asks, trying to sound very casual. There is a knot forming in his stomach, and he wants to whip out his phone. He hasn't replied to Saga yet, and the boy is certain that this falls under important information.

It can't hurt to tell him later...Right?

"Onodera-okaa invited me for dinner." The girl beams, seemingly bouncing on the spot. "Aren't you happy to see me?" Deep brown eyes look innocent, but Ritsu knows that this is deception. Ann-chan has always been good at getting what she wants, and information gathering is all part of the process.

So, the teen replies, "Of course I'm happy Ann-chan." Calling out to his mother, who can be heard pottering about somewhere, Ritsu makes his way to the stairs. The sun has set and dinner will be soon. Then Ann-chan can be picked up and this mess will be behind him.


"How was school? Did you see your girlfriend?" The brunette asks conversationally, following the boy up to his room.

Hearing this, green narrow with suspicion. "Ann-chan." Ritsu replies warningly. "We aren't going to talk about that." He intones seriously, with no room for argument.

Of course, Ann manages to find some wriggle room.

"I just can't see why you won't tell me." She whines, and her flouncy skirt ruffles with her movement.

"It doesn't matter." Ritsu snaps. Thankfully, his voice is rather bland. He isn't ready to deal with all of this, but he should have seen it coming.
This is what he gets for having a care free week.

"It matters to me." Ann-chan exclaims, starting to sound upset.

A buzz sounds, followed by another, indicating that Ritsu has just received another text.

Wanting to read it, and get away from the questions, the teen sighs in faux defeat.

"We'll talk about it later, okay?" Pausing, Ritsu hangs his bag over the back of his desk chair and grabs the towel hanging up. "I need to wash up before dinner." He explains, like it is the only reason for his delay.

"Okay." Ann responds in a dejected voice, but she bounces back quickly. "I'll go help in the kitchen." She beams, and although it is completely innocuous, the youth can't help but think it somehow malicious.

The girl pads daintily to the bedroom entry way, and emerald narrow again. Before she disappears, he needs to make sure.

"Ann-chan." Ritsu calls her attention, and the young woman pokes her head around the corner.

"Yes, Ricchan?" She addresses with familiar doe eyes.

Sighing shortly, the brunette scratches the back of his head. This is definitely awkward.
"You're not going to say anything, are you?" He asks softly, all defensiveness gone.

A frown falls upon her face, like she is affronted. She probably is.

"I promised didn't I?" Ann says, with an edge to her words. Then, before Ritsu can reply, she is gone.

Her words placate him though. If she said not to worry, then he won't...To an extent.

Walking over to the door, he quickly shuts it and clicks the lock. Pulling out his phone again, Ritsu reads the second text before replying.

I 'really' want you here. The message informs, and a smile creeps upon his face again. Saga isn't even here and he is able to make Ritsu feel safe.

Typing a quick, [I'll call you later. I wish I was too.] the somewhat stressed boy makes his way into the conjoined bathroom to prepare for dinner.

Hopefully it will be over quickly and painlessly.


Dinner isn't so bad. At least, not to start.

Ritsu's father is unable to be there due to work at the company, so his stress is reduced by tenfold. Still, Ann-chan and his mother have always been close, and remind him of the tittering girls at his school. They laugh and chatter, exchanging stories that have been told thousands of times, and Ritsu thinks that he is free and clear.

The meal is his favourite, and incidentally, Ann's favourite too. It has been since they were children. The phone in his pocket is on silent, and despite making no noise at all, the device feels like it is burning a hole in his loose pants. Ritsu's fingers itch, as they grip the western style cutlery tightly, in a bid to relieve his anticipation. He knows that Takano never liked to be ignored, and he doesn't imagine that Saga will be any different at all. Still, if Ritsu rushes, there will be too many questions.

The last few bites of his meal are almost done with, and it will all be over. Usually Ann-chan leaves at around 8.30pm. However, it is nearing that now.

"You two have always loved the same food." His Okaa-san fawns, and Ritsu's heart drops to his stomach. No. She can't be doing this now.

"Hai. We have." Ann-chan replies, sounding much less exuberant than usual. Which is rather strange. "Ricchan and I have always been similar, ne?" She smiles now, and Ritsu can definitely see a sadness within it. His heart twinges, but it doesn't move from its location. He is walking on thin ice.

"It will serve you well once you are married." Ritsu's mother replies, taking a sip of her drink. Their plates are empty, and the conversation should end here.

Pressing his feet more firmly against the floor, the youth goes to move upwards, ready to excuse himself. The help will clean up the table, just like always.

He doesn't get that far though.

Ann clears her throat softly, and Ritsu stiffens. Still, he tries hard to keep his expression regular. Like he isn't anticipating anything.

"I don't think that Ritsu and I will marry." His friend murmurs, smiling all the while. Her brown eyes look sad, but it might only be he who notices. "We're good friends, but I want us to marry people that we love. Really love." Ann continues, and Ritsu can't help himself. His mouth gapes slightly, and his eyes widen.

His mother frowns, her perfectly sculpted brows highlighting her confused hazel orbs. "Where is this coming from?" She questions rather formally. "Do you both feel this way?" She turns to look at Ritsu, completely serious.

Without a beat, both teenagers reply with lowered heads, "Hai." It isn't intentional, but they have been part of joint scoldings for many years now. Almost their entire lives.

"I just thought..." Okaa-san trails off, gazing from one youth to the other. There is a long pause, before her shoulders relax, as does her expression. Shaking her head slightly, she murmurs, "Love..." Her tone is wispy, just like her dreamy eyes. She is remembering.

Then, as if snapping from a spell, the older woman nods once sharply. "We will talk about this later. Ritsu, your otou-san won't be happy." She informs, but Ritsu knows that already. "I'll talk to him." She says, "After I have talked with you. Tomorrow, after school."

His mother stands, and in an instant the house help enters the room. She smiles at Ann, with a look of knowing. Is there something that Ritsu doesn't understand?

"Stay tonight Ann-chan, it's late. We can have you home early in the morning." Okaa-san offers expectantly, and Ann can only nod.

"Okay. Thank you okaa-san." The girl replies, perking up somewhat. The room beside Ritsu's has always been hers, and has clothes that she can use. The boy remembers his friend staying often when her family were away, or on weekends for fun.

Ritsu never has had many friends.

"Come on Ann-chan." The teen says with a quirk of his lips.

Heading toward upstairs, things feel more normal than they have in awhile.


It doesn't take long for Ann to be settled, or for the two of them to sit and chat, being the friends that they always were. The phone in Ritsu's pocket isn't remembered until the bedroom door shuts and locks behind him.

Then, his fingers begin to burn again, and the teen fishes out the device. Tossing it on his bed, Ritsu grabs out his sleep wear and changes quickly. Thankfully, he and Saga finished their homework at the library. That and a few other blush worthy activities.

Just thinking about all the kissing that they have been doing makes Ritsu's head spin. He is happy. Way too happy. Tonight went surprisingly well, and it looks like Ann-chan might be understanding.

However, he can't get ahead of himself. The higher that Ritsu climbs, the further he has to fall. This time will hurt a lot more too, because it is his last chance.

The picture of an envelope successfully pushes all bad thoughts away. Ritsu forgets about his mother, the wrath his father will reign, the possible intentions of his childhood friend, and the failing of his important relationship. There is only the words on the screen, and his smile refuses to falter.

You better. It says, and Ritsu can hear Saga's voice in his head. Like he is beside him.

Like he promised, the young man presses the call button and listens as the phone connects. He has never called Saga before, and his heart begins to beat quickly. Ritsu is nervous.

"Took you long enough." Masamune's irritated voice filters through the speaker, and all of the jitters float away, forgotten.

"I had to have a family dinner." Ritsu explains, but he doesn't continue. Regardless, his counterpart knows.

"What happened? You sound wrong." Saga says. He seems to be relaxed, by the lilt in his voice. It reminds Ritsu of his boyfriend's bed, and what he looks like when he first wakes up.

"Oh." The boy pauses. Should he say? He did promise after all. "Ann-chan came over for dinner...She – She told my mother that she doesn't want to marry me."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Masamune asks, and when Ritsu closes his eyes, he can imagine that he is here too.

"Mmmh." The boy responds softly. His form relaxes into the mattress, as his forearm covers his eyes. The phone sits on the pillow on its own, and everything is okay now.

Then, Saga's voice changes, turning curious. "Ritsu, where are you?" He asks.

"Lying in bed. It's been a long day." The teen replies unthinkingly, scratching his stomach laxly.

"Hm. I could make it longer." His boyfriend states, and Ritsu opens his mouth to ask what that even means. However, the husky tone clues him in. Or more so, the way his body reacts to it.

"Senpai..." The brunette says almost warningly. They have never done this before, not in this time or the last. However, Ritsu is no fool. He knows exactly where Saga is steering this.

Apparently, so does his lower half, that twitches on its own when he hears an innocent, "Yes?"

"I know what you're doing." Ritsu chides half heartedly. There is no way that he can muster any anger, because he likes what is happening. It's just hard to wrap his mind around.

"Then you should be doing it too." Masamune responds simply, and it takes a moment for the innuendo to sink in.

"I didn't mean that." He murmurs, face now as bright as a tomato. The heat of arousal has climbed from a niggle to a slow burn, and it takes self restraint not to press his palm against the problem.

Saga chuckles deeply, before a quick intake of breath. It is then that Ritsu realises that his lover sounds incredibly erotic. He can't hear much, but Masamune's quickened breath is enough to create a visual.

"I did." The raven haired man finally husks, sending a shiver down Ritsu's spine.

The boy babbles uselessly, not one intelligible sound coming from his mouth. His brain has been fried. There is a very attractive man on the other end of the phone, and he is masturbating. Now, if Ritsu were young and naive like before, he would not feel this way. BUT, he isn't. He is a man in his mid twenties, stuck in this body. He's accustomed to this persons lewdness, and...Ritsu likes it.

"Ritsu." Saga says raggedly, though his breath is more even, causing the boy to imagine a slower pace; A large hand, wrapped around a very warm and wanting erection. Where is his other hand? Beside him, upon his stomach? What is Saga wearing?

Before he can give into his desire to ask, his lover continues. "I want you to take your clothes off." He orders evenly. Following up with, "Are you hard?"

Nodding into thin air, Ritsu squeaks, "Hai." Sitting up, the teen scrabbles up off the bed to find his ear piece. Plugging it in quickly, the boy is free to hear all of his boyfriend's dirty demands. With one last glance at the door (to double check that it is locked), Ritsu flicks off the light and pushes his pyjama bottoms to the floor. His shirt was gone moments before, leaving him in only his underwear.

"Are you naked?" Saga questions, and if he wasn't so turned on, Ritsu would laugh nervously at his eagerness, maybe even scold him for it.

"N - Not yet." He replies, kicking off the last item of clothing. "I am now." The teen informs, moving back to the bed.

"I wish I could see."

Gulping, Ritsu says bravely, "Me too."

There is a short silence, and the breath on the line grows ragged again, forcing Ritsu to take himself in his palm.
"Tell me what you're doing." Saga commands softly, and the sound is enough to make the boy let out a whimper.

Stammering, "Touching it." Ritsu slowly moves his gripping hand in a way that he has always liked. It is different to Saga's touch, but pleasant all the same.

"Touching what?" The voice tries again. "I know that I'm pumping my cock. My palm is covered with lube. I'm imagining that it's your tight hole." Masamune husks down the line, obviously trying to work Ritsu up.

It's working...

"Ah – h." The teen is unable to reply, not to such crass words. Regardless, his whole body throbs to be taken. He wants Saga inside of him.

So, when the man asks, "Would you like that Ritsu? For me to fuck you." Onodera can only groan a needy – Yes.

His hand is moving faster now, after licking his hand for good measure. There is lotion in the bathroom, but it's too far away. Ritsu is almost mindless.

It's almost embarrassing how quickly Saga can make him like this.

"Ritsu." Masamune says, breathing heavily. "Fuck. I want you."

"Me too." The teen replies, gasping out loudly, "Please, senpai." Hips raise in the air now, and his eyes are jammed shut. In his mind, Saga is here with him, and it stokes the roaring fire continually.

"I – I want you inside." Ritsu admits, just as a saliva slicked finger presses against his entrance. It isn't enough though, and a second digit follows quickly. Still, his fingers aren't long enough, and Ritsu wriggles against them, wanting more.

"Fuck your fingers." Masamune demands, his voice is quick now, and it heats the boy up even more. The room is filled with gasps and groans, senpai's and Saga's. Even a fuck makes its way passed Ritsu lips, as he pushes down against himself, gripping his erection tighter. A third finger presses deep, stretching himself just like Saga does. The deep groan on the phone brings his focus to his lover. Ritsu is so turned on, and as a result, very curious.

"Tell me." He pleads, unable to finish the sentence, for the moan that passes his lips. Usually, he is very quiet when masturbating, but this is different some how.

"I'm so close Ritsu. Fuck." Saga gasps, "I want you on top of me, I want to kiss you all over." He pauses, letting out a noise that makes Ritsu keen. "I just...Oh fuck. Ritsu" The wriggling teen knows that voice, what it means.

His boyfriend is about to come, and with one last jerk downwards, and thrust inwards, just hitting his sensitive bundle of nerves – Ritsu arches and spills over his stomach.

It is timed perfectly, as Saga groans deeply, just like during sex.

It's over now, and all that is left is heavy breathing, and the reality of the moment.

"That was amazing." The older youth says unashamedly, still panting heavily. "I still wish you were here."

Limp and almost unconscious, Ritsu replies limply, "Yeah."

There is a rustling that sounds like Saga is cleaning up, and the brunette thinks that he should too. Thankfully, there are tissues close by.

"Stay over on Friday." His boyfriend requests, sounding almost hopeful.

Unable to hold back his sated happiness, Ritsu replies, "Okay."

"I'll see you at lunch." Saga informs, and before the boy can reply, the line goes dead.

Sighing lightly, Ritsu says into thin air, "I love you."


The thump thump thump won't stop, and Ann is about to have a fit. She won't be able to get to sleep at this rate.

So, raising her fist to the wall, the girl is about to bang, and tell Ritsu to be quiet. He always did wriggle in his sleep.

However, a loud "Senpai! Fuck. Saga." causes her to pause.

"Saga..." Ann says softly to herself, as a red hue slowly covers her neck and cheeks.

Unable to help herself, the teen places her ear to the wall and is met with the sound of Ritsu's breathy moans, and muffled talking.

She realises quickly, He is on the phone!

"I want you. Inside." Ritsu's muffled voice says, and Ann must have heard wrong. "Saga. Please."

No. She definitely heard right.

Then it clicks.

"Saga." She says again, a picture of a tall dark haired boy coming to mind. The one from the other day, with the bad joke.

Obviously, it wasn't a joke at all.

What is she going to do now? Should she tell Ritsu that she knows? Should she be annoyed, or angry? Ann supposes that she didn't react too well to the idea before, but what if Ritsu really is gay? That's something that can't be changed, even if Ricchan loves her as a friend.

Sighing deeply, she falls back on the bed. The dark haired girl covers her head with a pillow and ignores the noises coming from next door. It is obvious that Ricchan isn't intending to be so loud, and it's a good thing that there is no one but him in this section of the house.

The noises settle, and so does the erratic beating of her heart.

Perhaps she will wait, and watch.

If this person makes Ricchan happy, then maybe she should see for herself. Not that anyone can ever be better for him than her. But she is still curious.

Yes, Ann is going to do some investigating of her own.

For Ritsu's happiness of course.