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The story of Evy Hallow


"...But when he asked the old lady where her granddaughter was, he found out that the girl he has giving lift to, actually died in a car accident several years ago, on the very same spot that he picked her up," Jamie said in a low whispering tone, having the flash lamp under his chin in front of his friends, "and she always comes back to the very same place so she can hitch another driver to drive her home to her grandmother…The end."

Monty let out a small squeak, Caleb and Claude gasped at the same time while both Cupcake and Pippa exchanged bored looks to each other and looked back at Jaime.

"Boooring! You call that a scary story?" Cupcake said, rolling her eyes.

"I heard it before from my cousin," Pippa said as her big mouth opened, making a long big yawn, "but in that the girl was a witch and she tried to eat the drivers' soul!"

"I-I think it was scary!" Monty adjusted his glasses, a hint of paleness beginning to show on his face.

The night sky was clear, the moon was full and below its shining face Jamie, Claude, Caleb, Pippa, Monty and Cupcake were all gathered together around a small campfire at Jamie's backyard. Except for light from the kitchen window and a loud whining from a certain young sister ("I don't want go to sleep mommy, I want to be out, please, please, please!"), the fire in the centre of a ring of pillows and sleeping bags was the only source of light in this slightly cold summer night.

"Well, if you think you can do better, go ahead," Jamie muttered and tossed the flash lamp to Pippa.

"With no zombies or ghosts in it please!" Monty said passively while he poked a stick into the fire to keep the flames going a little bit longer; their wood stock was getting low.

Pippa cleared her throat, sat back on her pillow and putted on the flashlight again and moved it under her chin so that the light was on her face.

"This is a tale that should scare the pants off of me! A long time ago, on a dark dreary night there was a-"

Just then, she felt something grab her shoulders. The others could see two stark white hands coming out from the darkness behind Pippa, sending cold shivers through her body, which had tensed up in fear at the sudden feeling.

Then a soft voice whispered into her left ear; "Boo."

Pippa screamed and fled to the other side of the fire, joining her group of wide-eyed and scared comrades from the laughing attacker's cold grasp.

Wait... Laughing?

Realizing who it was Jamie shouted. "Jack!"

Glancing over the fire, they saw Jack walking into the light, laughing hysterically.

"Ha ha ha, sorry Pippa," Jack said through his gasps, "I just couldn't resist!"

"It wasn't funny!" Pippa muttered as she removed her arms from Monty's small shivering form.

"Yes it was!" Caleb said as he and his brother Claude snickered.

Jamie smiled with joy as he saw his best Spirit friend."I thought you couldn't be here until next month!"

"It`s not easy to be around when the air is so hot but I think I can handle it a for while 'til the sun comes up."

"Do you want a marshmallow or a hot dog?"

"Marshmallows sounds nice but no hot dogs, too warm for my taste."

"Don't ever scare us like that!" Cupcake said.

"But isn`t that you want? To get scared?" Jack asked teasingly, "your story was good Jamie, but don`t you know any story that has something with snow or ice in it perhaps?"

"Tonight is horror night." Pippa explained. "Each of us is going to tell a scary story and the one with the best will win this." She showed a golden, plastic trophy with the inscription '1st' on it. "It's a tradition!"

"So you`re all gathered here around the fire in the middle of the night, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows and telling each other ghost stories about Vampires, Ghosts and the Boogey-man! Kids, you might bring an unwanted attention to a certain spirit you know."

"Pitch Black?" Jamie said worriedly, "We never thought that he might…the stories are all just made-up, nothing really true to be scared of."

"Ouch," he winced, "so you mean that you believe in Jack Frost and the Boogey-man but not Werewolves?" Jack made a long sigh, "Poor Wolfy, he`s going to be sad when he hear this."

Seeing the kids shocking faces Jack laughed again. "Just kidding, just kidding! But if you keep going, she might come, she just loves ghost stories, especially new ones."

"She?" Everyone asked, several tilting their heads in curiosity.

"You don't mean that Pitch Black is actually a-"

"No no no!" Jack laughed and shook his head. "Evy!"

"Who is Evy?" Jamie wondered.

"Evy Hallow."

"And who is Evy Hallow?" Cupcake said, irritated.

"The creator of Halloween of course!"

Everyone stared at Jack with surprised looks, first with disbelief but quickly morphing into big smiles.

"What? Wow! That`s awesome!" Jamie said. "What does she look like? What kind of spirit is she?"

"How come we haven't heard about her?" Cupcake wondered, interrupting Jamie's questions.

Scooping up a couple of marshmallows with his hand, Jack flopped his body against a tree.

"Answer this question first," he said before he took a mouthful of this fluffy sweet candy into his mouth, "whoot kind of sssymbo or things do yo associate with Hallowee?" He asked through the marshmallows.

The question was easy and everybody opened their mouths to give their answers.





"Trick or Treat!"


Jack grinned at their enthusiasm as he swallowed the last marshmallow before he repeated back. "Correct. But why do you celebrate it when it's actually representing `Fear´ and `Horror´?"

For a moment they were all completely silent untilJaime opened his mouth and carefully said. "Because it`s…fun?"

"Better word; Exciting! She is the reason why people are telling ghost stories more as entertainment than serious facts, like it did in the Dark Ages."

"I see no difference in it and be damn sure that I don't like it!" Bunnymund suddenly appeared behind Jack. "It's just another bad reason to let kids' stays out late, get high on sweets and throws toilet paper at their neighbours' houses."

"Hi Bunny!" Jamie greeted and so did the others, excited to see their friend again.

"Ello Mate, good to see you all again!" Bunnymund said, shooting a quick smile to the kids, before going back to giving Frostbite his most irritated glare.

"And what do we owe the pleasure of your company Kangaroo?" Jack said, ever so slightly sourly.

"To bring you back to North, there is couple of things you still need to fix before you take your little "time off". Besides, summer is NOT your season." Bunnymund said, pointing down at him with his boomerang.

Jack shrugged while twirling his staff carelessly. "I just wanted to stretch my legs, besides, the Ice wont melt that fast."

"Considering the global warning it might while you are here telling them about Evy and all her stupid projects!" Bunny said furiously.

Jack rolled his eyes and moved down to sit beside Jamie."Well, that`s all part of her plan you know!"

"Then I don't understand her plan, I will never understand her reasons to carry on like this!"

"What's she like?" Claude wondered.

Bunnymund made a disgusted face."Irresponsible, selfish, spoiled, wild and scheming and double it with Jacks fine qualities. Too many kids don't have enough nerves to get through it you know! You say that you are not scared of frightful tales but at the end of the evening when you go to your beds, at least one of you will get nightmares thanks to Pitch."

Everyone turned to look at Monty's small form, quivering in his sleeping bag."I`m not that scared," they heard him whispering.

"Evy can't help it, it`s how she is! 'No life without a good scare!' she always says." Jack explained.

"And thanks to her "Nightmare before Christmas" and "Nightmare on Elmstreet" go hand in hand on Halloween!" Bunnymund said sarcastically.

"Don't forget 'Treehouse of Horrors,'" Jack mumbled to Jaime, "you know how`s she like, variations and experimentations!"

"She should have quit her 'experimentations' in the 1930s," Bunny growled. "Damn how pony!"

"You`re not still mad because she stole your place right after North?" Jack said teasingly.

"NO I`m not!" Bunny scoffed!

"Yes you do!"

"No I`M NOT!"

"Yes you-"

"Will someone please explain to us why we don't know anything about Evy Hallow?" Jamie's loud voice interrupted Jack and Bunnymunds banter. They had completely forgotten they had a young audience, staring at them curiously.

"No offence, we all love Halloween but we have never heard her name before or believed there was a Halloween Spirit. Perhaps Jack O`lantern but we just…I don't know…we believed that Halloween- "

Bunnymund sighed and rubbed his eyes with his paws. "Jack, just tell them the whole story who Evy really is and where she comes from," he moaned, "only her birth makes a lot of sense where her temperament comes from."

Intrigued, the kids looked back at Jack eagerly.

"Yes please tell us!" Jamie pleaded as he tugged at Jack's left arm.

"Tell us about Evy Hallow!"

"Is it a good story?"

"Will it be thrilling?"

"A lot of witches, spirits and monsters and stuff?"

"Is it going to be scary?" Monty whispered nervously, having his head still half down in the sleeping bag.

Jack grinned. "Not really Monty but be sure that at the end of the tale, that trophy will be mine." He looked over his shoulder, into the darkness. "And perhaps, tonight we might have the chance to meet her."

"But if they get any nightmares after this, it's you they can blame," Bunnymund grumbled as he sat down beside the slightly nervous Monty.

And with that, Jack began to weave his tale about Evy Hallow.

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