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"You should go to him. He needs you."

It was Tsuna's intuition that told him it was urgent. Gokudera didn't need to ask, and didn't need to know anything more. "I'm on my way."

He put away his cell and was on his bike in no time. The storm guardian was racing through the narrow alleys of the old part of the Italian town at top speed. People were jumping left and right, and pressing themselves against the walls as they heard the whining engine.

Gokudera didn't pay any heed to the enraged shouting that followed in his wake as he sped up the winding serpentines of the hill on which Yamamoto's and his summer home stood. It was a very old, small villa at the side of the hill. Its backside overlooked a lush valley of old olive trees. They had turned it into their little nest away from the buzzing stronghold of the Vongola Family. It was neither big nor fancy, but it was a nice and cozy building with history. The most special feature of the old villa that had won them over when they had looked for their own place was the big balcony before their bedroom that granted a beautiful view of the valley.

There was a wall and gate that separated their estate from the street, and big, old trees further shielded them from view. All of the Vongola were famous in this town. Usually, Yamamoto and Gokudera didn't mind this, and even the bomber had learned to be more open and get along well enough with the townspeople, but this was their home, their sanctuary, their little nest. Here, they wanted to have their peace and quiet, and their neighbors respected that.

When Gokudera rode up to the villa, a few rain drops started to fall. He didn't care and just left the bike at the front steps to their home. The urgent words of his boss still rang in his ears, and all he cared about was Yamamoto. The feisty Italian was pretty sure he knew where his lover would be if something bad had happened. He stormed into the building and raced up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.

Upon entering their bedroom, the storm guardian stopped in his tracks. In the middle of the floor, discarded like a crumpled, used tissue, lay Yamamoto's katana. A fearful, panicky gaze raced around the room until he saw the back of his lover out on the balcony. He was but a dark shadow against a blood red sun descending toward the horizon. Even though the sight assured Gokudera that his lover had returned from his mission in one piece, the sword lying on the floor right in front of him was proof enough that something must be horribly wrong.

The katana was Yamamoto's most precious possession besides his Vongola gear. It was his father's sword. The rain guardian had always treasured it, and treated it with the utmost care. For him to have thrown it to the floor and left it there, something very, very bad must have happened. Gokudera swallowed audibly, begging to whatever God might listen to him that he would be able to help.

The storm guardian stepped out onto the balcony. Warm rain fell from the heavens. Yamamoto's shoulders were hunched as he stood in the falling rain, his face turned to the setting sun. As he approached his lover, the other didn't react in any way. There wasn't even a twitching muscle that assured him Yamamoto even registered his presence. Finally, Gokudera was close enough to the rain guardian to see his face. Pain and anguish were etched into the beautiful features that were usually lit up with happiness. It felt like it was tearing the storm guardian's heart apart to see his lover hurt in this way.


The next second, his arms were tightly wrapped around the other. With a growth spurt sometime in his late teens, Gokudera had almost managed to catch up to Yamamoto's height. Only a few centimeters separated them, yet. Although he was burning to know what had happened, he kept silent for the moment; just holding his beloved and trying to make him feel safe and loved. The rain running down the swordsman's face might have been able to hide the tears, but the red eyes still gave him away. It pained the storm guardian to see his lover like this. He vowed to do everything in his power to make it better, to relieve the other's pain.

Dazed disbelief clouded his mind as Yamamoto stumbled his way into the Vongola estate with half of the men he had taken with him on his latest mission. Nothing made sense to the rain guardian anymore. Nothing.

He could hear the concerned murmurs of his men behind him as he blindly made his way down the hall towards Tsuna's office. Yamamoto had walked the familiar path enough times over the past year that he didn't need to be conscious of his actions as he stumbled his way down the hall on unsure feet and opened the ornately decorated doors of the head office.

Yamamoto didn't even realize he was in his boss' office until Tsuna was shouting out his name in concern. The dark-haired man blinked several times, his mind rousing from its turbulent thoughts as he brought his gaze up to meet the wide-eyed concern of his boss and best friend. Yamamoto quickly averted his eyes afterwards, and his stomach turned wildly. How did it look to Tsuna to see one of his closest friends come back from a retrieval mission with blood all over his suit?

"It…it didn't go as planned, Tsuna…" The dazed rain guardian choked out on shaking breath as he clenched his fists at his sides, the hand holding his sheathed katana (which he had forgotten to strap onto his back after the chaotic mission) shaking with a mixture of intense anger and grief. "Angelo is…dead…along with half of my men…"

There was a short silence then, the two of them unable to say anything as Yamamoto's words sunk in. The taller man didn't realize how more real the whole scenario seemed after saying it out loud.

"I understand," Tsuna's quiet voice reached Yamamoto's ears the next second, his friend's tone understanding, although the rain guardian personally thought the other should feel disgusted and disappointed in him. "Go home and wash up, Yamamoto. I'll get the rest of the information from one of your men."

Yamamoto bowed then, his emotions starting to turn and twist inside of him erratically to the point that he didn't know if he wanted to scream, cry, throw up, or all three. Seeing as he couldn't even face the people around him (all of the Vongola would know what had transpired during his mission by the end of the day), the distraught swordsman walked as fast as he could out of the Vongola base.

The drive home…well, to be honest, Yamamoto couldn't even remember the drive home. It was like it had never existed. If only… if only his mission had never existed…

Feeling himself take in a shuddering breath as he stood in the entryway to the small villa that belonged to him and his lover, the dazed swordsman just leaned back against the front door as he covered his eyes with his free hand. At the thought of Gokudera, though, immense shame practically slammed into Yamamoto at top speed. He had never thought of Gokudera's reaction to his mission's outcome! What would the other think of him now? Would the other ever see him the same way again?!

His stomach turned so abruptly then that Yamamoto barely had time to make it to the closest bathroom before he upended his food for that day into the toilet.

After he was done retching his guts out, and feeling even weaker in the knees than before, Yamamoto feebly made his way over to the sink after flushing the contents of his stomach down the drain. From there, the young swordsman looked directly into the mirror overhead and stared straight on into his reflected image. His tan skin seemed paler, and his eyes…they were so dark and turbulent compared to their usually bright hazel color. He looked…lost…sick…confused…horrible

That was when Yamamoto noticed the dried blood splattered all over his white, buttoned-up shirt and black suit jacket. He had always known it was there, but seeing it in the bright, bathroom light made it look even more grotesque than before.

And then, there were his hands. His hands were covered in blood, too.

Yamamoto's eyes widened in dismay as he stared down at his crimson stained flesh. This was Angelo's blood…one of his former comrades…one of his most trusted men…

All of a sudden, his hands felt heavy, and so did his chest. It was like the blood that covered him was beginning to weigh down on his conscience; like the iron contained within it wanted to drag him down into the earth where its former owner would soon be.

It was then that the usually composed man turned on the water in the sink to full blast and started to wash his hands at a frantic pace, unable to feel clean despite the fact that his hands were no longer a dark red from the blood anymore, as it was swirling down the drain. His hands were a bright red from his desperate scrubbing, though, which only dismayed the tall swordsman even more. Why wouldn't the red go away?!

Unable to take the sight anymore, Yamamoto turned off the sink, grabbed his sword (which he had dropped in the bathroom during his mad dash to the toilet), and stumbled out of the bathroom and up the stairs to his and Gokudera's bedroom. He needed to go to the balcony…he needed fresh air…he needed to stop thinking!

As soon as he stumbled into the room, he tossed his sword onto the floor without a care. He personally felt betrayed by it, even though he knew it wasn't his sword's fault for what happened; it was his own.

Pushing open the balcony doors the next second, Yamamoto staggered to the large, white, balcony banister, and leaned heavily against it. He stared out across the valley below him then as the sun just began to set, casting the world in a deep red. Yamamoto couldn't take anymore then. His shoulders slumped, and his head hung in defeat as he began to sob. It was like he couldn't escape it. Everything was trying to remind him of the terrible thing he had done; even the sky itself.

Wracking sobs shook the rain guardian's body as memories of the last few hours replayed in his head. Why had he done it? Why had he killed him?! He was usually so controlled over his own emotions, so how come he didn't control them then?! He had killed another man, a man who he was supposed to capture and take back to the headquarters for questioning, a man he had dined and laughed with, a man who had watched his back in the heat of battle, a man with a wife and two kids! He was a murderer!

Yamamoto didn't know how long he was out there, but soon, he felt warm drops of water splash against his head. The anguished swordsman brought his head back up to stare out at the red splashed valley as a light rain began to pelt at his skin. He felt his mind trying to help him by numbing his emotions, then. It was like it wanted to forget immediately about what had transpired, but Yamamoto knew that he would never forget, despite his automatic attempts. This was something that would haunt him. He would never forget about it, and nothing could redeem him.

The distraught rain guardian was startled from his thoughts as he heard footsteps approaching him. He didn't turn to look as the person came out onto the balcony beside him. His gut was telling him that it was Gokudera, but Yamamoto didn't care if it was his lover, or if it was someone from an enemy faction coming to assassinate him. Personally, both would be just as bad, although the assassination attempt sounded like something he deserved in that moment. Either way, he knew that he couldn't face Gokudera now; not after what had happened. He wasn't happy-go-lucky Yamamoto anymore. He could no longer be the pure beacon of light and hope that his lover saw him as. From now on, Gokudera would be holding a murderer; a monster. Or, maybe, he wouldn't be holding him at all…

At this thought, he heard Hayato's voice call out his name in worry and anguish, like it physically hurt just to say his name. Yamamoto tried not to flinch away as his lover brought his arms around him then, hugging his side. He didn't hug the other back, though. Had Gokudera heard what had happened from Tsuna and his men?! Had he learned about Angelo?!

He felt more than saw, Gokudera's eyes on him; the piercing green staring hard up at him at the slight angle that was created after his lover's growth spurt. Yamamoto couldn't take this anymore. Everything felt wrong; this moment, the rain, even Gokudera's (the most precious person in his life) touch didn't feel right!

"Hayato…don't…" Yamamoto choked out then as he turned his gaze away from the sunset to stare at the wall beside the balcony; at their shadows on the wall. He could feel tears begin to run down his face again as it mixed with the rain there, his body shaking as he said the most difficult thing he had ever brought himself to say. "…don't…touch me…please…I don't…I don't deserve…"

He couldn't bring himself to talk anymore, though, so he let his sentence hang. He felt so much shame then. How could Gokudera hug someone like him? Wasn't he disgusting? He was a murderer! He was still covered in the blood of the man he had killed!

Yamamoto's body was stiff in his arms. The storm guardian wanted to turn his lover around to him, to hug him fully, but before he could start on the action, the other's anguished voice stopped him. The other's face turned away from him, facing the wall. Next thing he knew, the rigid body in his arms started to shake as his lover told him he didn't deserve to be touched. It weren't the words so much as the belief with which they were spoken that made Gokudera's heart clench.

"What the fuck?! Don't sprout nonsense like that! I'm not gonna let you go. Tell me, Takeshi! Tell me what happened!"

His assurance had the opposite effect. Yamamoto pushed him off, getting distance between them like he couldn't even bear the proximity. It was only then, when he saw his beloved fully, that he realized that the wetness he had felt in his arms wasn't from the rain alone.

Even though the world was drenched in red by the setting sun, there was a much darker crimson splashed across the swordsman's front. A panic wanted to rise in the silver-haired man, but he quenched it. This wasn't Takeshi's blood. It couldn't be. If he had physical wounds, they couldn't be too bad judging by the way he moved. This was the blood of someone else. There was only one explanation for the blood, the anguish, and the discarded sword, and it pained Gokudera when he realized it. He had known this day would come, even though he had wished his beloved could be spared. For over a year Yamamoto had been in Italy now; in his full capacity as a guardian of the Vongola Famiglia.

Tsuna had managed to turn the family's ways around to the example Primo had set. Still, the mafia business was dangerous and dirty. For over a year now the rain guardian had managed to stay untouched. It was like the flow of the rain flames had been a protective layer, keeping him clean. Gokudera wished it could have been like that forever, but it was not to be. His angel had been touched by death, the pristine white wings drenched in crimson blood. It was almost more cruel that it took so long for it to happen. The storm guardian knew his lover had clung to the belief that somehow he was different, that he could somehow make it work, and wield a deadly weapon that didn't kill. This belief would crush Yamamoto, too, with its own force.

The urge to go and hug Takeshi and hide him from the cruel world was almost overwhelming, and showed in the Italian's half raised arm. The storm guardian managed to stay put, though. Yamamoto needed the space, and as cruel as it was, he needed to come to terms with what he had done. As much as he wished otherwise, in their line of work, it would happen again. Everyone had to find their own way of dealing with it. Hiding from the fact wasn't one of the ways, though, and that was why Gokudera stayed put.

The storm guardian himself was so used to killing that it was sickening. His first kill was almost half his life back. He had merely been twelve. A kid that should have been at school, fooling around with friends, but, instead, he had been out in the streets, homeless, hungry, and desperate. Even though he had to rely on his only skill for survival, even though it had been a kill or be killed situation in the end, he had still been sick to his stomach when all was said and done. But he had been alone; a scared, shivering kid out in the streets. The way Yamamoto looked right now, reminded him of what he himself must have looked like. But Takeshi was not alone. He was here, and he would help him deal with it.

"Tell me...fuckin' tell me what happened, Takeshi," Gokudera demanded again, looking at Yamamoto unflinchingly. His lover needed to say it; to work it out of his system.

He heard his lover's angry response and how the other demanded to be told what had happened, but he ignored it. After all, it was obvious now that Gokudera didn't know what Yamamoto had done. He was sure that the other wouldn't want to hold him again after learning.

The slightly taller man felt his lover grip him tighter, as if his body was acting out the conviction of his words, and Yamamoto felt himself suffocating then. Why wasn't Gokudera letting go?! Couldn't he smell the blood?! Yamamoto was certain he reeked of death, and yet how come Gokudera couldn't smell it? Why wasn't he disgusted with him?!

Unable to stand it anymore, the dark-haired guardian, for the first time in his life, pushed his beloved away from him and backed away. He couldn't deal with Gokudera being there. The poor rain guardian knew that he couldn't bring himself to tell his lover what happened either. It was one thing for Gokudera to find out from a third party about what had happened and be disgusted by him, but the thought that his very own words would make his lover fear him—hate him even—that was just too much.

Yamamoto felt the rain coming down a little harder then, like it was reflecting his turbulent soul, and silence reigned between the two guardians. The former baseball-player didn't know what to do then, and he still couldn't bring himself to look at the other as he stood before him, the blood on his clothes now on full display for his lover to see. Maybe that's why Gokudera was so silent?

It was here that Yamamoto heard his lover demand that he tell him what had happened during his mission again, and when the taller man glanced up, Gokudera's piercing jade gaze was staring directly into him. Yamamoto knew that there was no way he could get out of talking now, because his love wouldn't take kindly to him leaving or avoiding the question. If he tried, he might even make everything worse.

Shaking breath, sweating palms; Yamamoto swallowed thickly as he tried to find the courage to actually speak about the events that had transpired only a few hours ago. It was hard considering the fact that Gokudera would never look at him the same way ever again, and possibly be disgusted with him, because the taller man knew that he would never be the same Yamamoto that his lover had fallen in love with.

Feeling utterly terrified at the prospects before him, but knowing that there was nothing he could do to avoid the situation he was in without making it worse between him and his love, Yamamoto took in another shuddering breath before he shakily announced, "Angelo is dead."

The rain guardian knew that Gokudera had known of his mission, and of Angelo. The other man had been one of the most trusted men in Yamamoto's unit, and had even eaten dinner with him and his family on several occasions.

"Y-you know how difficult this…retrieval mission was for me to begin with," Yamamoto shakily started out as he turned his gaze to the side to stare out at the setting sun. Darkness was slowly starting to come in. "I never…expected Angelo to betray our family like this…"

In truth, the Vongola had been desperately setting up several important meetings with different enemy factions in order to negotiate peace, but every time the Vongola members had a meeting with an enemy faction, another faction would interrupt the proceedings and attack both of them. It was obvious that information about the meeting places was being leaked, and since it was happening whenever the Vongola were having a meeting, there was no alternative than for there to be a snitch in their ranks. That's when Yamamoto had found out that Angelo had been meeting up with several enemy families at night and exchanging information. Angelo had noticed this and had immediately ran, and Yamamoto was too stunned to chase after him. After reporting the incident to Tsuna, his boss issued Yamamoto the responsibility of retrieving Angelo for questioning.

"I…I took six of my men with me, and we started searching around Angelo's regular haunts…" Yamamoto continued, his voice filled with sadness and a hint of anger. "We found him easily…too easily…but I was too distraught by Angelo's betrayal, so I didn't…pay heed to the warning signs. My men and I were able to corner him without any problems, after that. I…Instead of bringing out Kojiro to slow him down and trap him, though, I just…started to yell at him. I was begging him to tell me why he had betrayed everyone who cared for him, but he just laughed in our faces, like it never even mattered. It was then that I realized that I couldn't move."

The taller man swallowed thickly as he balled his hands into fists again, his whole body beginning to shake as he replayed the past hours' memories.

"I never realized that we had entered Angelo's trap. He had set off his rain box weapon and trapped all of us in it. We…we couldn't move at all, no matter how hard we struggled."

Yamamoto felt tears come to his eyes then, his voice choking up as he actually realized the reason as to what had happened next.

"Angelo brought out his gun then and…and shot three out of my six men in the head without any remorse. T-They d-died because of my ignorance….They're all dead because of me…"

The overwhelmed rain guardian hung his head in complete shame then as he brought one of his hands up to cover his eyes. He must look pathetic to Gokudera, who was used to death and the mafia life.

"I…I begged Angelo to stop…and he did…for the moment…" Yamamoto choked out through shuddering sobs. "He only stopped to laugh at me, and…and tell me that he was going to sell information about the Vongola…es-especially information on the guardians; where we lived…the people closest to us. I…I don't know what happened then…but I just thought of all of my friends getting killed…I thought of…of you dying because I was unable to stop him…I…I had never thought I could ever despise someone…but…I did then…"

Yamamoto took his time to regain his breath and try to calm himself down, but it was getting harder to breathe; harder to think. He still couldn't understand what had happened in those next moments...it was all a blur.

"I…I only remembered my anger then…because everything went quiet…and dark…like I was somewhere else entirely. I didn't even feel myself move. How I was able to release myself from Angelo's trap is still a mystery to me…but…when I was finally conscious of my actions again…A-Angelo w-was before me...practically s-sliced in t-two…"

At remembering the traumatizing image, the distraught swordsman's world turned so violently then that he thought he was going to throw up again. He immediately rushed over to the balcony's banister, both hands leaning heavily against the plaster as he bent over it and dry heaved. Since he had thrown up all of his stomach's contents prior to Gokudera's arrival, it was no surprise that he couldn't retch anything up at the moment. That still didn't stop his sickened body from trying, though.

There was a long silence, but this was to be expected. The storm guardian could understand that Yamamoto needed the time to put his turbulent thoughts and feelings in some kind of order to be able to tell what had happened. It was obvious how hard it was for his lover to talk about it. He knew it would be painful for the swordsman, but as much as he wanted to keep him from harm, it was necessary to help keep him sane. If Yamamoto kept the painful memories to himself, they would slowly devour him from the inside and drive him crazy.

Finally, his love uttered the words that Gokudera had expected. So, it was Angelo's blood that dyed the clothes of the swordsman the ugly crimson of death, forever taking his innocence away. The hand that had started to reach out for his lover was clenching into a fist at his side now. At the thought of what the traitorous, fuckin' son of a bitch had done to his beloved Yamamoto, Gokudera wanted to kill him once more in the most horribly painful way possible. There was no compassion whatsoever for Angelo in his heart. The man had betrayed the family and the trust of his lover. He deserved what he had gotten, and much worse in Gokudera's opinion, but he knew those feelings couldn't be shared by Yamamoto. His lover had a warm, kind, and forgiving soul.

Slowly, the other explained what had happened then. The storm guardian listened without interrupting him. The main reason for his silence was that he did not trust his voice. With every word the rain guardian uttered, Gokudera's hatred for the dead Angelo grew. Yamamoto doubted himself, blamed himself for the deaths of his men, and surely for the death of the true culprit, too!

As the memory replayed itself before his lover, he seemed to shrink into himself. The weight of the horrible incident and the guilt he hogged to himself were crushing the swordsman right before him. Yamamoto covered his eyes then, but this action would not be able to block out the images he was sure to see before his mind's eye. When his lover shook with grief, Gokudera's body trembled. His fingernails dug into his palms so hard as he clenched his fist that he could barely hold himself back from closing the distance between him and his lover to hug him and try to console him. It was not yet time.

The next words revealed to the storm guardian the reason Yamamoto's natural inhibitions had broken, and why the kindest soul he knew had turned into a killer. He had wanted to protect his family; had wanted to protect him. Gokudera knew the feeling only too well. He would kill anyone that threatened the family, especially Takeshi, without remorse. And there exactly lay the difference. Gokudera was used to the mafia lifestyle. He had been tainted by blood and death for far too long. He had learned to deal with it in his own way. One thing he had decided for himself was that anyone who threatened his own life, or the life of one of his Famiglia, had lost the right to live, and once he took said life, he would never waste another thought on the person.

Yamamoto was different from him. Gokudera knew his own view on this matter could not be shared by his lover. But in his shock at the bloody deed, Takeshi didn't see something very important. He had not killed in cold blood, it had been self-defense, and he had saved three of his men who otherwise definitely would be dead, too.

Suddenly, the swordsman looked very sick, and, the next second, he was leaning over the banister. Violent tremors shook Yamamoto's body as he tried to throw up but couldn't. Nothing could hold back Gokudera anymore. He rushed to his lover's side then.


The last rays of the sun were drowning in the rain that had picked up while the other had spoken. The storm guardian put his hand on the soaking wet back of his lover, stroking it then. At least the rain was still warm. It took a moment before the dry heaving stopped, but, once it did, Gokudera gripped the wet swordsman's shoulders and turned him around to face him, holding him there. His eyes were blazing with the fury he felt at the dead Angelo and the pain of seeing his beloved hurt and torn up like this.

"Now, you listen to me, Takeshi! There was no way you could have known you ran into a trap like that! After looking all over the place for that fucker, there was just no way of knowing he could have expected you and set a trap! Yes, you lost three good men, but it was Angelo who killed them, not you! You saved the other three men because you managed to kill that fuckin' son of a bitch first! And, what's most important, you took out the bastard before he could take away the most important thing in the world from me. Takeshi, it was self-defense! Are you listening to me? You killed him before he could kill you and the rest of the men. That fucker would have had no remorse to kill you like the rest. You were faster than him. That's all there is to it. It was self-defense! You saved three of your men and who knows how many more, because you shut the son of a bitch up for good. Stop tearing yourself apart over a dirty traitorous dick like that... I don't fuckin' know what I would have done if he had hurt you."

Gokudera's raging rant ended on a heartfelt, desperate whisper. His arms wrapped around the rain guardian then; crushing him closer to himself in order to hold him as tightly as possible.

"You survived... you're here... I can never lose you," he told Yamamoto as he held him like he truly never wanted to let go of him again.

He felt Gokudera's hand soothingly stroke his back as he coughed wildly over the balcony banister. His dry heaving finally stopped a few moments later, leaving Yamamoto out of sorts as he took in staggering breaths to try and calm himself down. Before he could get his breath back, though, he felt his lover's hands on his shoulders.

Yamamoto stiffened in fear as he was turned around with ease, his hazel eyes meeting Gokudera's directly. His lover looked absolutely furious then, which only made the taller man flinch with dread. This was it; this was where Gokudera would tell him how disgusted he was with him, and how he'd never want to see him again.

The bomber's words were desperate, frantic, and filled with anger then, but Yamamoto was quick to realize that Gokudera wasn't angry with him. In fact, his beloved was begging him to not feel guilty about the whole situation, but how could he not?! He could have possibly realized he was running into a trap, so three of his men were dead because of his ignorance, and he had murdered another man who had a family waiting for him!

Before the rain guardian could mention this, though, he heard his lover's voice trail into a saddened whisper before he felt Gokudera crush himself against him in a desperate hug. Yamamoto staggered back from the force, his confusion increasing with every second that passed by. He heard his lover's next words then; how he couldn't afford to lose him. The astonished swordsman felt his throat constrict as a mixture of emotions attacked him from all sides. How could Gokudera be hugging him with everything he had? How could he stand hugging him when he was covered in another man's blood?!

Shaking hands came up to grasp his smaller companions' elbows, half of him wanting to pull the other's arms off of him, and the other half wanting to hug the other back with just as much force.

"Y-You don't hate me? You're n-not disgusted with me?" Yamamoto questioned hesitantly; disbelievingly. "I...I don't think I can…ever be the same after this, Hayato…I…Angelo might have betrayed us…but it doesn't change the fact that three of my men are dead because of my ignorance…or the fact that I killed a man. I could have just knocked him out instead, Hayato! I didn't have to kill him! He has a family! I'm no better than what Angelo was. I killed another person who had loved ones; loved ones who will despise me because of what I've done!"

Yamamoto's voice grew louder and louder with each word that left his lips until he was so overcome with his guilt that his voice actually started to crack. Unable to face Gokudera again, the confused and guilt-ridden rain guardian turned his gaze away from the other, his face contorted with grief and self-loathing.

Confusion and doubt were written all over the swordsman's face. The disbelieving questions pouring from his lips made Gokudera sad. How could his lover think anything like that? Yamamoto had done nothing to deserve his hatred! The bomber even felt like his lover was unable to ever do anything to make him feel that way towards him.

As he explained his thoughts and fears, Yamamoto's voice rose and cracked. He turned his head away, obviously unable to look at him anymore. A new wave of fury washed through the storm guardian at the pain that dominated his lover's gaze.

"How the fuck could I hate you? You made it out of that trap alive! You protected three of your men, even the whole Famiglia. Yes, Angelo has a family, but he should have thought of them before he went and betrayed us! It's not your damn fault! I won't lie to you. You won't be the same again. No one can give that innocence back to you. There might have been a way to just knock him out, but he might just as well have become conscious again and either killed you, or escaped and sold our secrets to the highest bidder. What you did was you killed off a very real danger to our family. Your instincts are better than anyone else's. If there had been any way to know it was a trap, your gut would have warned you, I'm sure. If anything, next time you will be even more careful. But no matter how much you agonize, Takeshi, what has happened, has happened. It's Angelo's own fault."

Gokudera had spoken to the side of Yamamoto's face the whole time. Now, he reached up, cupping his lover's face, and made him look at him again.

"I know what you're going through. Although it was so long ago, I remember my first time vividly. But at least you acted in self-defense. If you hadn't stopped him, he would have killed you and everyone who means anything to you."

As the last rays of the sun finally lost their fight to the pelting rain, darkness settled over the valley; only held at bay by the soft glow of the town that was reflected by the heavy, low hanging cover of storm clouds. In the encroaching darkness, Gokudera looked into Yamamoto's eyes.

"I don't hate you. I love you. I'm just thankful you survived and you are here with me. I love you, idiot. I'll always love you."

Stretching himself a little, the storm guardian kissed his beloved softly then.

Yamamoto continuously blinked in disbelief as he stared out at the dying sunset, his lover's angered, yet honest, words reaching his stunned ears. Gokudera's words were filled with reason, understanding, and they sent a spark of hope through the taller man's system. He wanted nothing more than to believe what his beloved bomber was saying to him, but an inkling of doubt and guilt still remained in him, and he wondered if it would actually ever go away; if he could actually forgive himself for his actions someday.

Feeling a gentle hand cup the side of his face, Yamamoto allowed his lover to turn him around to face the other. He stared imploringly down at his love as the slightly smaller man shared words of empathy with him; telling him that he had at least killed out of self-defense, unlike him. The stunned rain guardian wanted to tell his lover that he shouldn't compare the both of them for their wrongs, because Gokudera had killed in order to survive on the streets. There really wasn't much a young kid could do to survive on his own, after all.

Before he could open his mouth, though, words of devotion and love tumbled from Gokudera's lips. As the sunset finally faded and darkness engulfed them, Yamamoto could still see his lover's jade-green orbs reflected by the lights of the city below them before the bomber drew closer and pressed his lips gently against his. Overcome by such raw emotions then, the swordsman closed his eyes and kissed his beautiful partner back, the kiss becoming more desperate as time passed them by. Yamamoto could feel tears of happiness and hope run down his face then, but a part of him still doubted that what was happening couldn't be real; that Gokudera could still love him even though he would never be the same now.

"H-Hayato…" the former baseball player stuttered out with yearning as their lips finally parted for breath. "Is it t-true? Are you really telling me the truth? Please…I don't want this to be a lie…I-I don't want to lose you…I don't want you to hate me…"

As he said this, thunder boomed overhead as if to emphasize the importance of the question. Yamamoto continued to stare at his lover desperately, his hazel eyes wet from the rain and his tears. He had lost something important that day, but he couldn't afford to lose Gokudera as well. He needed him more than anything to help him through this; to keep him sane. Yamamoto needed the other more than ever then.

Once their lips touched, the swordsman reciprocated instantly. He seemed desperate for the touch. Gokudera understood his lover. He knew the emptiness and the cold that crept upon you after a kill, so he held tightly to his lover and kissed him for as long as their lungs allowed them.

When they parted, Yamamoto's eyes were swimming with new tears. He was so insecure, so desperate. As thunder rolled in the turbulent sky overhead, his bleeding heart was opened up to the bomber.

"How can you ask this?" Gokudera asked softly. He suppressed the fury he felt for Angelo. It would only confuse and mislead the hurt swordsman. He needed to concentrate on heeling Yamamoto's bleeding heart. "I would never lie to you about something like that. I can't hate you, because I love you."

It was obvious that words were not enough. They had no chance of getting through the turbulent thoughts surely whirling around the rain guardian's head. Gokudera needed to silence the doubts that were eating at his lover's core. He needed to drown the whirling thoughts. Except for baseball, there was only one other thing that could make Yamamoto forget about everything else, and he needed to forget right now, if only for a little while.

Once more, Gokudera stretched to kiss Yamamoto. Words were lost in this situation. Even though the bomber had gotten better at them, he was still better at action. He would make his beloved understand that way. This time, he claimed the rain guardian's lips demandingly. His tongue entered the swordsman's mouth purposefully, ravishing him thoroughly. He made Yamamoto take a step back, and pinned him against the banister.

"You can't lose me, 'cause I'm not gonna let you go...ever," Gokudera promised breathlessly against the other's lips when he parted for air.

He licked at the scar at Takeshi's chin then. He still hated the thought that he was the one who had put it there. A stupid mistake, but the both of them had learned to live with it, and they would learn to live with what had happened today, too.

Nipping along the jawline, Gokudera made his way to his lover's neck. He needed to get Yamamoto out of the clothes that tainted his body. As his hands got to work, he sucked at a soft spot at his lover's neck. When he was sure he had left a colorful hickey, he looked up.

"You will always be my Takeshi. Nothing can change that. I will always love you."

Again, thunder rolled above, and Gokudera saw lightning flash across the sky behind his lover's back as he pushed the other's jacket off his shoulders and let it fall over the balcony and down the hill. Yamamoto didn't need any reminders of what had happened today.

Gokudera's response was soft with disbelief and sadness as he stared up at Yamamoto's pleading eyes. The desperate rain guardian practically drank in the other's words like his lungs did for air. His lover was being so gentle with him, his voice so tender that Yamamoto had to believe him, because it wasn't like Gokudera to show his tender side all that often. But still, surprisingly, the doubts lingered at the back of the taller man's mind. His mind kept telling him this was all a dream, that Gokudera couldn't still feel the exact same way for him after knowing what he had done.

It was then that he felt his beloved forcibly press his lips against his, the sudden action causing the swordsman to gasp. Gokudera took the initiative then by delving his tongue deep into Yamamoto's mouth, light shudders and moans leaving the taller man's throat as he felt his lover's tongue swarm over his entire cavern, leaving no place untouched in his desperate quest. The poor rain guardian was so thunderstruck by what was happening that he could barely react to the kiss with his own tongue. Instead, he just took the kiss greedily as he held Gokudera as close to him as possible. He wanted to forget; he wanted his love to make him forget; to show him that he was still loved despite his mistakes and faults.

Distracted by the kiss, Yamamoto didn't realize the other was pinning him up against the balcony's banister until he felt his lower half meet a solid surface and air hit his back. When their lips finally parted, he felt Gokudera's words whispered breathlessly against his skin then, heavy with promise and devotion. The taller man shuddered with happiness, his heart beating erratically in his chest with hope that everything really was happening, that Gokudera really did love him, and that he'd never want to lose him like Yamamoto would never want to lose the other in turn.

He felt his lover's tongue lap at his chin where his scar was then. He had received the scar back in college after pissing Gokudera off so badly that the other attacked him with his dynamite. Usually, Yamamoto was able to dodge his lover's explosives with ease, but he had miscalculated and a bit of shrapnel from the explosion had cut a good size scar into his chin. He knew that Gokudera had been furious with himself for reacting so violently, for hurting him, but Yamamoto had been able to put any bitter feelings his lover felt for himself to the side after he explained he didn't mind the scar because it made him look like a bad-ass. Needless to say, Yamamoto felt like the scar truly fit him now, but not because he was a bad-ass. He was the complete opposite, in fact. His scar was the scar of a mafia man; a killer.

Clenching his eyes shut as he felt himself begin to choke up again at the thought, the distraught swordsman forced himself to push his depressing thoughts away and focus on his beloved's movements. Gokudera's teeth were nipping against his jawline and down to his neck before the other began to suck on Yamamoto's most sensitive spot there. The former jock gasped at the possessive display, forgetting about his problems for the moment to revel in the fact that Gokudera was marking him as his own despite what the swordsman had done.

Gokudera's next words were just as possessive, in fact. He could sense the truth behind his beloved's statements; his words of love. Yamamoto shuddered with need as newfound tears found their way down his cheeks. Gokudera truly did still love him, and nothing would change that fact, even if Yamamoto changed from his experience.

"H-Hayato…" The overcome rain guardian choked out then, his voice raw with emotions that he effectively couldn't put into words. Even if he wanted to say something else, though, his next words would have been drowned out by a roll of thunder. It was here that a flash of lightning lit up the sky behind him as well, letting the swordsman get a better, and more distinctive look at his lover's face. Gokudera was staring up at him with such complete determination then that it left the rain guardian breathless, and just as equally curious. What was his lover going to do next?

Yamamoto got his answer in the form of Gokudera's hands pushing off his suit jacket. The taller man felt a slight chill go down his spine as he felt his attire become lighter, and as he heard the jacket flutter through the air. He didn't hear the jacket land, though. Yamamoto wasn't sure if it was because of the rain that was now coming down harder, or the fact that Gokudera had really just tossed his jacket over the edge of the balcony, but the fact remained that the blood-stained jacket was no longer there; it had disappeared as if it had never existed.

Feeling his throat constrict at the thought, Yamamoto stared deeply into his lover's jade-green orbs, his hazel eyes shining desperately with hope.

"P-Please…" The trembling swordsman stuttered out as his hands gripped Gokudera's arms with such force that it wouldn't be surprising if he actually left bruises. "P-Please H-Hayato...make it all disappear…I don't want to remember…I don't want to feel like this anymore…I just want you…Please…I don't want to remember anymore…"

His deed seemed to animate Yamamoto. The swordsman's hands closed around his arms like vices, yet the desperation in his voice was more painful to Gokudera.

"I will make you forget...for tonight, I'll make you forget," he promised then.

The event would always stay with the swordsman. It would have its effects, but for tonight, for a few hours, he could make them disappear, and he would.

Again, Gokudera kissed his beloved, but this time his kiss was gentler. Teasingly, he licked Yamamoto's lips until a soft moan opened the way, and even then, he caressed the resident tongue with his own, inviting it to play. As their wet muscles danced around each other, the storm guardian opened the blood-stained, button down shirt and tried to push it off just like the jacket. It was harder to get this off of his lover, though, because it was absolutely soaked and stuck more stubbornly to Yamamoto's skin. This only made the bomber stroke along the well-toned body a little more, appreciating the rippling muscles under his fingers.

Though the work was a little slower, he finally pulled the shirt off and threw it over the balcony, too. A gust of wind caught it then, making it spread like wings. Another flash of lightning highlighted the stark crimson markings of death before another gust blew it away.

Gokudera's hands roamed over the naked chest then, searching for the other's nipples that were hard already because of the cooling rain. His thumbs rubbed them softly before he rolled them between his fingers. The low moans of yearning pouring forth from Yamamoto aroused the bomber. He rubbed himself against his lover to show him his desire, to make him understand that nothing had changed. Yamamoto would always be the only one to him, and he would always desire him, even when they were old and gray and wrinkled.

The sweetest promise left his beloved's lips. Yamamoto knew that he would truly never forget, but if it was just for a moment, a few hours, the taller man would take any relief he could get.

The rain guardian's relief came in the form of a gentle kiss placed against his lips. He felt his lover's tongue lick along them, enticing the swordsman to open his mouth with a shuddering gasp. The bittersweet taste of his love met Yamamoto's taste buds once again, making the taller man moan with delight as his tongue tangled with Gokudera's in a loving dance.

The sensual feeling of the other's tongue against his sent thrilling pleasure down Yamamoto's spine, but when he felt Gokudera unbuttoning his bloodstained shirt then, the swordsman almost felt breathless from anticipation. He kissed his lover with more fervor then as he felt the wet, heavy shirt slowly being peeled away from his skin. It felt invigorating, like he was shedding an old skin to grow a new one; one that was harder and more resilient.

As soon as the shirt was free from his person, Yamamoto felt the wind pick up behind him, hitting his bare back with cold gusts as lightning flashed through the sky to emphasize the action. He was finally free for the moment, and even though the pelting rain and the wind made him cold, Gokudera's touch kept him warm enough to go on.

"H-Hayato," Yamamoto gasped out again with desire as he felt his lover's fingers roam across his naked torso again, the light, delicate touches turning him on like nothing else. When he felt the bomber's thumbs rub up against his nipples then, he gasped breathlessly as the touch sent him reeling. He could feel himself growing weak in the knees and hard as his lover began to twist his sensitive nipples between his fingers.

Unable to think straight, the taller man grabbed blindly at the hem of Gokudera's suit jacket as he felt the other press his hard on against his crotch. Yamamoto gasped in unrestrained pleasure as he rubbed back against his lover's clothed erection. Gokudera truly still desired him; that was more than evident.

"Hayato," the breathless swordsman whispered out wantonly, pleadingly, as his grip tightened around Gokudera's suit jacket. "Please…Please…"

Yamamoto's voice was practically begging as he tugged on the jacket, indicating that he wanted it off. The taller man's head was so overcome with need for the other that he couldn't think clearly. In fact, Yamamoto actually didn't want to. He didn't want to think anymore, nor do anything else for that matter. For the first time, he was completely okay with just sitting back and having Gokudera pour all of his love onto him. He craved it more than anything else, like a starving man for sustenance. He just wanted to feel Gokudera flush up against him in the most intimate of ways; wanted to feel Gokudera give him everything he had.

Yamamoto's pleading threw the bomber off for a second, not knowing what the other asked for. Only when he felt the feeble tugs on his jacket did he understand. He was quick to comply with the request, then. Gokudera opened and took off his jacket and shirt as fast as possible, dropping them carelessly to the ground. They were wet already anyway.

He felt the cool rain on his naked skin, but one look at his hot, yearning lover was enough to heat his body so that he didn't care. Once more, he pressed into Yamamoto, rubbing himself against him. With a growl, he welcomed the feeling of his lover's arousal. So his plan had worked out. He would do his best to tire the rain guardian out enough so that he could fall asleep. Gokudera knew this wouldn't be too easy, though. Even though Yamamoto had to give up baseball, he was still very athletic, and his stamina was just crazy. The storm guardian's hope was that the emotional impact and stress the incident had on Takeshi had already sapped some of his strength.

Again, Gokudera teased his lover's nipples as he kissed and licked at the side of his neck. Since it was so close, he nibbled at Yamamoto's earlobe.

"You're so hot...I can never get enough of your hot body, Takeshi," he whispered in his lover's ear before he licked along the outer ear, slowly following the contours.

Once he had played enough with the sensitive flesh, he slowly made his way down. He planted sucking kisses to the side of Yamamoto's neck, dipped his tongue into the hollow at his lover's collarbone, and continued on until he finally reached a straining nipple. Teasingly, he licked it, looking up at the rain guardian at the same time. Once his jade gaze met the hazel, he closed his lips around the puckered skin, sucking at it. At the same time, he made room a little lower so that his hand could cup the caged hard flesh and slowly rub his palm up and down it.

His silver-haired companion gave him a curious look before he finally understood what Yamamoto was getting at. The taller man moaned with yearning as he watched his lover strip himself of his wet shirt and jacket. Gokudera's smooth, porcelain skin was drenched with rain, along with his hair; the tiny rivulets of water gliding down his body and accenting his muscles. The sight was beyond arousing for the taller man. He needed to feel the other more than ever then.

Yamamoto got his wish the next second when he felt Gokudera press his clothed erection against his. The rain guardian hissed at the pleasurable feeling, rubbing back in time to his lover's movements. Sadly, the moment didn't last too long. Yamamoto almost whined at the loss of friction, but his mind was quickly occupied once again when he felt Gokudera rub his fingers against his nipples, and felt the other's lips and tongue upon his neck. The aroused swordsman gasped and moaned in delight at the stimulation as Gokudera sucked and licked along his neck before nibbling at one of his earlobes.

Pleasurable shudders ran down the rain guardian's spine at the other's ministrations; his lover's next words only turning him on all the more.

"A-And I can't get enough of you loving me…inside of me…" Yamamoto moaned out breathlessly in turn, his member twitching with anticipation as Gokudera licked along his outer ear.

The swordsman's anticipation only escalated then as his beloved bomber started going lower, trailing sucking kisses and licks down his neck, the hollow of his collarbone, and down to his chest. He felt the other's wet tongue lick tentatively at one of his nipples then, causing a light gasp to leave the taller man's lips, and for the rain guardian to look down at the other. Yamamoto never expected for their eyes to meet, or for Gokudera to keep eye contact as he purposefully sucked on the nipple next to his mouth.

"Shit!" Yamamoto hissed out in rapture as he turned his head away, unable to keep eye contact with the most arousing sight he had seen in a while. When he felt Gokudera's hand cup his crotch then and start rubbing up and down the taller man's restrained length, Yamamoto practically lost it.

"Hayato!" The swordsman screamed out in ecstasy as the most sensitive places on his body were attacked simultaneously. His lover's actions were small compared to what was to come, but Yamamoto felt so hot and so damn sensitive then that he wondered if his lover could bring him over the edge just by touching his skin alone.

"P-Please…want to feel you…" Yamamoto gasped out as he arched his back into his lover's touches, his chest wanting more of Gokudera's mouth, while the swordsman's erection thrust against the other's hand for more attention. "…Need to feel more of you…Hayato…"

Yamamoto's pleasure filled cry made shivers run down the storm guardian's back. He was never in doubt if what he did was good for the other one. Takeshi was pretty vocal, and Gokudera loved it. He loved the moans, the screams, and, most of all, he loved it when Yamamoto was so lost to passion that he cursed. It was a major turn on to the smaller man.

His mouth was about to switch over to the second nipple when his lover pleaded in need for more contact. Gokudera felt his member twitch at the words. How much he wanted to take Yamamoto right then! He wanted to possess him and wipe his mind; drown it in passion!


Gokudera growled deep in his throat. He needed to keep a cool head...or at least as cool as possible. He had a goal, and if he didn't keep it together, he'd never reach it. As resilient as Gokudera was, under normal circumstances, he could not compete with Yamamoto's stamina, but he had to make sure he exhausted the other completely. If the other one retained just a little energy, he would stay awake, his mind overflowing with gruesome memories that would drive him crazy. He swallowed hard then as he tried to calm himself down.

"I'll make it better," he promised huskily.

Both hands stroked along the chest and stomach then as he slowly dropped to his knees. He kissed his lover's navel; his hands going to work on the pants. Once they were open, he pulled them down, helping Yamamoto to get out of the shoes and socks, too. Shortly after, he looked up at his lover who was bracing himself on the banister by now, before he pulled down the boxers, too.

Yamamoto's hard flesh sprang free; hot and red, and just begging to get touched.

"I want to taste you, Takeshi. Don't hold back," he told the swordsman before he wrapped his hand around the throbbing member and licked around the head.

Gokudera's passionate growl and husky promise had Yamamoto trembling; weak in the knees. The taller man was desperately trying to keep himself composed enough so that he wouldn't come at the slightest touch of his love, because he wanted the moment to last. He didn't want to remember anything else from this night.

As he felt the feather-light touches of his lover's hands that were roaming down his torso, the rain guardian shook with hardly restrained anticipation. He could see that Gokudera was lowering himself to his knees, and Yamamoto could barely wait for what was going to happen next.

"Oh Hayato…yes…yes…" the turned on swordsman moaned out in emphasis as he felt the kiss against his stomach while Gokudera stripped him of the rest of his soggy clothes. When he was clad in only his boxers, and shivering in the rain from his excitement, he saw his beloved glance up towards him, the fingers of his lover curling around the hem of his underwear.

Yamamoto placed his hands back against the banister then, bracing himself for what was to come. The taller man swallowed thickly as he felt his lover pull his final article of clothing off and his erection spring free. Yamamoto let out a light, shuddering gasp as he felt the cool wind from the storm touch his sensitive, heated cock, but his gasp turned into an erotic moan a second later when he heard Gokudera's words, and felt his lover's hand grip his heated flesh.

The overcome rain guardian didn't know how to respond to his lover's demand. He just moaned deliciously as his lover's tongue swirled around the head of his pulsating erection, the action actually causing precum to bubble and drip down his shaft.

"Take it, Hayato…" Yamamoto begged with desperation in his voice as he pressed his lower half up against the hand gripping his erection. "Take what's yours…only yours…"

As soon as his tongue caressed the heated flesh, thick pearls of precum gathered at the tip. Eagerly, the swordsman's hips strained into his touch. His words were sinful and devoted at the same time, then. Gokudera growled once more before he licked at the creamy, salty fluid, looking up at his lover. He moaned deeply when the full aroma of Takeshi hit his taste buds.

Since the rain was still pouring down, every part of them was wet and kind of slick. Gokudera's lips closed around the head then, his tongue swirling around it as he softly sucked, urging more of his lover's essence to come forth. He moaned again when his efforts paid off.

Slowly, he took in more of the hard length then. One hand grabbed a firm, round butt cheek, massaging it. The other one cradled the swordsman's sac, gently rolling the balls. Sucking softly, Gokudera bobbed his head, lips pressed tightly to the rigid flesh for the perfect friction. He was skilled from years of experience, and knew exactly how Yamamoto liked it. He could tease his lover and get him close to the edge, only to stop right before to make him go crazy when he craved it. He also knew how to prolong the experience for his love.

Tonight though, he didn't play around. Sure, steady movements got Yamamoto ever more excited, his sounds of pleasure attesting to it. Gokudera got ready to follow through with the plan he had in mind. As he sped up his head movements, his tongue pressed against the underside of the throbbing cock, heightening the pressure and the friction. At the same time, his hand groped the swordsman's backside even more possessively.

It didn't take long for his lover to heed his words. As soon as Yamamoto's pleas left his mouth, he felt Gokudera's lips engulf the head of his erection, a shuddering gasp leaving the taller man's throat soon after. His gasp turned into sweetened moans soon afterwards as the bomber's tongue swirled around his tip, followed by a gentle suck of the other's lips. Yamamoto felt more precum begin to dribble down his length then as he trembled in rapture from the feeling of the other surrounding him.

As Gokudera took more and more of his hardened length into his mouth, the shuddering rain guardian took one of his hands off the banister behind him and combed it through his lover's wet, silvery strands before he grasped ahold of Gokudera's hair. His fingernails dug into the bomber's scalp as soon as the taller man felt a possessive hand come up to massage one of his back cheeks. A little cry of shock flew from Yamamoto's lips before his breathing escalated with excitement, shock, and unending desire as he felt Gokudera's other hand come up to massage his ball sac at the same time.

He was breathing so fast then from the pleasure that took hold of him that Yamamoto could barely even gasp with every movement of the other's hands and lips as Gokudera started bobbing his head in time with his hands' massages, creating the perfect rhythm and friction that only years of practice could achieve.

Needless to say, Yamamoto was a writhing mess as he tried to keep his weakening knees from going out from under him. His hands on both the banister and Gokudera's head clenched just as tightly as the swordsman's abdominal muscles began to coil. This seemed to be Gokudera's cue, because he felt the other's tongue press up against the underside of his pulsating member, the friction of his beloved's movements increasing exponentially as Gokudera's one hand dug its fingers into his backside with more vigor.

"A-Ah! H-Hayato!" Yamamoto cried as his lover's ministrations increased in tempo, his muscles coiling as the pressure increased within them. With one last, powerful suck, his lover's teeth expertly grazed against the gland on the underside of his erection, and Yamamoto came completely undone. He screamed out his beloved's name as he ejaculated his load into Gokudera's mouth, his fingers digging so possessively into his lover's hair that he wondered if he would draw blood.

The fingers that had wound their way into his hair clawed at his scalp, showing the bomber how close his lover was. His own needy length twitched in his pants as his lover cried out his name. Gokudera sped up his actions once more. It was only a matter of seconds now; he knew. At the right moment, he let Yamamoto feel his teeth and sucked.

With a rapture-filled scream, Takeshi's body arched, and his full load squirted into the awaiting storm guardian's mouth. The desperate way the fingers dug into his skull then, almost made Gokudera ax his plan. Short nails scratched his skin in intense rapture, making the smaller man groan, but, somehow, he managed to keep himself from swallowing.

Usually, the storm guardian wasn't averse to doing so, but today he had different plans. Letting the slackening length slip from his mouth, he spit the mixture of his lover's semen and his own saliva into the hand that had groped Yamamoto's backside.

Gokudera stood up then. He wrapped his arm around his lover, holding him tight. One leg he pushed between the rain guardian's; spreading them slightly. With the full taste of his previous action still predominant on his mouth, he kissed the other demandingly as his wet hand went for Yamamoto's butt crack to slick him up.

His still fully clothed hard on pressed into the rain guardian's wet thigh. Gokudera moaned with the urge to feel his beloved. He lured the raven-haired's tongue into his own mouth then as his slick finger teased the entrance. Soon, the muscle twitched eagerly under his ministrations, making the storm guardian growl with desire.

Even though the wind seemed to pick up, driving the rain in whooshing sheets before it, the storm guardian didn't feel any cold. He was hot; heated up by the desire to possess his hurting lover. He would show Yamamoto the depth of his feelings, would show him that nothing had changed. As he sucked softly on the tongue in his mouth, his middle finger entered his lover's tight heat, giving him a taste of what was to come.