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White sparks shot out behind his eyelids as Yamamoto's body shook from his orgasm. He leaned heavily against the one arm he had propped on the banister behind him as his bare toes curled at the overwhelming pleasure that spiraled throughout his body. All he could feel in that moment was the ecstasy his lover had been able to give him with his sexy blowjob, and the tight heat of his beloved's mouth still encasing his hard on.

When his load and his body were spent, Yamamoto panted heavily and loosened his hold upon his lover's hair. The rain continued to fall around them; the cool drops pelting against the taller man's heated skin, helping him to cool down a bit as he tried to regain his bearings. Yamamoto could feel how unsteady his legs were then. Before he could wonder if he should actually sit down and rest them, though, his still foggy, pleasure-filled brain thought that it heard Gokudera spit something out.

Blinking slightly in confusion, Yamamoto glanced down towards his lover, only to see Gokudera stand up then and wrap one of his arms around his waist. Feeling his beloved pressing up against him, Yamamoto brought the hand that was still in Gokudera's hair down to tenderly stroke the bomber's face. He felt his Italian companion push one of his legs in-between his then in a provocative fashion.

"Hayato…" the Japanese swordsman murmured out lustfully, his hazel eyes glinting with desire once again as he saw Gokudera move his head forward to claim his lips with a demanding kiss. Yamamoto could barely let out a moan at the kiss as he felt his lover's fingers slide down his backside to his entrance. The taller man's body shuddered in anticipation as the slick feeling of the rain mixed in with what he assumed was his semen and Gokudera's saliva, moved along one of his most private areas.

It was then that he heard and felt Gokudera moan hungrily against his mouth, the vibrations from the sound making the sensitive skin of the swordsman's reddening lips tingle as Gokudera's clothed hard on pressed into his thigh. Yamamoto whimpered with need then, his whimper turning into a shuddering gasp as he felt his lover's fingers swirl around his entrance a second later. That gasp gave his love the incentive to bring his tongue into Yamamoto's cavern, only to entice the swordsman's tongue back into his partner's mouth. The rain guardian moaned in need as he tasted his lover while his beloved's tongue wrestled with his; the bomber's usually bittersweet taste mixed in with what the taller man knew to be his own unique flavor.

Every muscle in Yamamoto's body was practically twitching with excitement by then as he felt Gokudera's finger continue to swirl around his entrance. He could feel the rain and the wind picking up, but he hardly cared. His body was so wound up by that point that he couldn't even feel the chill anymore.

He felt Gokudera's kiss become tender then as his beloved sucked on his tongue in a sensual manner. Yamamoto was practically breathless with desire at the intimate feeling, a loud gasp tumbling from his lips the next second when he felt one of Gokudera's fingers finally breech his entrance. The feeling was a little startling, and it stung a bit, but Yamamoto honestly didn't care as he moaned wantonly into his lover's mouth.

"More, Hayato…more…" He breathed out against the Italian's lips as they finally parted for air, the taller man's member stirring back to life as Yamamoto pressed it against Gokudera's leg.

Their kiss broke after a shuddering gasp and deep moan from his lover. The storm guardian growled in answer to the swordsman's begging. As the other eagerly pressed into the Italian's leg, he could feel the just satisfied organ reawaken again.

"I will give you everything you ask for; everything you need," Gokudera promised. His slick finger pumped into the willing body, then.

Again he attacked the rain guardian's neck, licking and sucking at the soft skin. Yamamoto was moaning and gasping at his ministrations. His eagerness to feel him was turning Gokudera on; his need to possess the other growing with every wanton sound of desire.

A second and third finger opened up his beloved then. Soft groans of distress he smothered in sweet kisses and promises that their union was only moments away. Looking devotedly into Yamamoto's eyes, all three fingers delved deep into the heated body. He curled them at the last moment to hit his lover's sweet spot.

"Yes, Takeshi...that's it. Scream for me." Again, his fingers reached deep, making the rain guardian cry out and shiver in his hold.

"Tell me, my love," he commanded huskily over the rain and the rushing wind. "Tell me how much you need me, how much you want to feel me inside." His fingers slowly moved, making Yamamoto feel the delicious friction and the stinging stretching of his ring-muscle at the same time.

Another flash of lightning lit up the storm-ridden, night sky and Gokudera's jade-green orbs, which were burning with a fire of deep desire. His teasing might have been considered cruel under the circumstances, but it would drive Yamamoto crazy with need. If his mind was occupied with thoughts of lust, there was no room for the pain, and a little dirty talk also got himself into the right mood to go wild, too.

A beautiful promise left his lover's lips as Yamamoto felt Gokudera start pumping the lone finger inside of him at the same time. The taller man moaned at the feeling, the slight friction stirring his erection to harden even more in yearning.

Yamamoto's cries of pleasure escalated when Gokudera started licking and sucking on his neck as he continued to move his finger in and out of him. Pleasurable shudders traveled down his body as the rain guardian lost himself to the feelings his beloved was bestowing upon him. He could barely think, barely breathe, and that was no exception when he felt Gokudera slowly slide in a second finger.

Flinching slightly as he felt his passage being stretched further, Yamamoto tried to control his breathing, but little cries of pain escaped him as Gokudera continued to scissor him, and as the other inserted a third finger. His hands clutched the banister and the back of Gokudera's head then as the discomfort escalated from the addition of the third digit.

It was then that the taller man felt Gokudera's kisses as promises of good things to come tumbled from his lips, the other's tender actions dulling the slight pain that the swordsman was feeling. Yamamoto looked at his Italian lover then with a thankful expression. It was only a moment later that Gokudera's eyes met his then, and he felt the other pull his three fingers out before slamming them back in and curling them at the last second. Yamamoto felt his lover's fingertips hit his sweet spot dead on, making the taller man scream with rapture.

The blissfully shuddering rain guardian barely had enough time for a breather before he felt Gokudera slam his fingers into his prostate again, his beloved's sexy words reaching his ears soon after. Yamamoto could feel precum begin to bubble at his erection's tip again from the amazing feelings his lover was giving him. A low, shuddering moan left the swordsman's lips a second later when he heard his beloved's hot and needy demand.

"Ohh, Hayato~" Yamamoto moaned out rapturously as he felt Gokudera's finger's slow down their thrusts now, leisurely moving to make the taller man feel every bit of stretching and friction the action caused. "I need you so badly…Please…fuck me…I need to feel you inside of me…"

The rain guardian's hazel gaze bore into Gokudera's burning green then, his gasping moans filling the air between them as the wind and rain hit their bodies.

"It hurts, Hayato…My whole body aches for you…I need more of you…all of you…"

Lighting flashed across the sky again, causing Yamamoto to see his lover's face all the more clearly. Gokudera's eyes were burning so passionately that it took everything of the former jock to not come right then and there.

"Oh, fuck…Take me, Hayato…Now!" The rain guardian begged desperately, his whole body yearning to be one with his partner to the point that he couldn't even focus on anything else even if he wanted to.

Just like he had hoped, Yamamoto became a writhing mess in his arm. His moaned answers were even sexier than what Gokudera had hoped for. His still caged member twitched and wet his boxers with precum at the eager words. He kissed his way back up to his lover's ear then.

"Turn around, Takeshi. Show me that tight, sweet ass of yours and brace yourself," he whispered huskily. "I will show no mercy."

To emphasize his intent, he nipped at the other's earlobe before he finally pulled his fingers out of Yamamoto. The sad moan that escaped his lover helped speed up Gokudera's next actions even more. He was so eager to bury himself inside of the rain guardian! Just like his lover, he was aching for their union, and he was aching to somehow make everything better for him. Just a few hours of respite of not thinking about what had happened; that was all he could give, and he would give it with all of his heart.

While Takeshi followed his demand and turned around, he pulled off his soaking pants, shoes and socks as fast as possible. A deep groan escaped him then as his lover leaned forward and braced himself against the banister. His round, firm backside was highlighted by another flash of lightning. It was so perfect, and it belonged only to him. Gokudera tore off his boxers, finally being as naked as Yamamoto. One hand groped a firm butt cheek, while the still, slightly slick other, moved along his hard member, spreading his precum.

"I love you so much...you have no idea how much I crave you...you are the only one...forever," the storm guardian moaned as he prepared himself.

Gokudera would have given anything if he could have spared Yamamoto the pain he was feeling. He wanted to protect his beloved from any harm, but there was just no way. Still, the feeling stayed with him. Takeshi was the most precious treasure to him, and he wanted to keep him safe. The outside world was just too cruel. He wanted to keep Yamamoto here with him in their own little world, away from anything that might hurt him. Possessive feelings overwhelmed Gokudera then. Without any warning, he leaned forward and bit into Yamamoto's fleshy back cheek.

"Mine! Only mine! Mine...mine...mine," the storm guardian growled possessively over and over.

With one hand firmly on the swordsman's hips, he positioned himself then. His stiff member's head pressed against the ring-muscle and slowly moved forward.

"Aaaah, Takeshi!" The storm guardian groaned his lover's name as the incredibly tight heat captured him.

All around them thunder rolled and the sky tried to drown the earth below, but, in that moment, none of it existed for the two men that had just become one.

Mind blowing words, followed by a sexy nip to his ear, had Yamamoto practically reeling from unrestrained desire. The rain guardian could barely focus on anything else as his body begged for his lover's attention; for his and Gokudera's union. When was the last time they had made love? Yamamoto honestly couldn't remember. He knew that the last few weeks had been difficult for the both of them with the crashed meetings…

Before the taller man could fall back into his painful memories, he felt Gokudera's fingers leave him. Yamamoto felt so empty then that he was practically floored. He could feel the rain and the wind then; how the fast moving drops pelted against his cooling skin. A sad, almost pathetic sounding groan left him at the feeling. He needed Gokudera more than anything, because this cold emptiness he felt was almost unbearable.

Remembering what his lover demanded of him, and seeing the passionate impatience in his lover's jade-green gaze, Yamamoto turned around and faced out towards the pitch black horizon, the rain and wind whipping against his face. The rain guardian shivered from the feeling as he leaned both hands against the banister and presented himself to his lover. Through the wind and the rolls of thunder, it was hard to make out what Gokudera was doing then, but Yamamoto was certain he heard his lover frantically discarding his wet clothes. It seemed that his beloved's desperation was as great as his own.

A flash of lightning bolted across the sky again, blinding the swordsman for a second as he stared at the dark sky in wonder. His attention to this didn't last long, though, because he heard a slight growl behind him before he felt a heated hand grope one of his back cheeks. Yamamoto gasped at the possessive feeling, his mind immediately focusing back on his lover and how badly he wanted the other inside of him. Meaningful words of love left Gokudera's lips a short moment after this, overwhelming Yamamoto to the point that he could feel himself choking up. He could tell by the other's voice that his lover was telling him the absolute truth.

"Yes…forever…" the former jock whispered out breathlessly as he pressed his backside into Gokudera's hand, begging for more attention. "Please…I can't wait…"

Just as the words left his lips, he felt a hard bite against the soft skin of his backside. A surprised yelp mixed with a pleasured gasp escaped Yamamoto at the feeling. That had to be the first time Gokudera had done something like that, and the rain guardian had to admit that it had been sexy as hell, despite the slight pain he felt.

It was then that the most possessive words his lover had ever uttered to him reached his ears. Yamamoto was a shivering, moaning mess as the words affected him more than he could have ever imagined. Gokudera was beyond possessive, which only excited Yamamoto more; his hard member twitching with anticipation. The very thought that his lover wanted him and only him, and that he would be damned if he let anybody else touch him, aroused the taller man to the point that he actually thought he was going to come from his beloved's words alone.

"Oh, yes, Hayato…yes…" Yamamoto moaned out in desperate ecstasy as he felt his lover's hand upon his hip then, and felt Gokudera's thick shaft press up against his backside. "Yes…Yes…"

The excited rain guardian repeated himself over and over again, his words becoming more emphasized as his desire and impatience mounted with every second that passed without Gokudera moving. Those very few seconds felt like an eternity for Yamamoto, until he felt his lover finally breach him, and heard the most erotic moan tumble from Gokudera's smooth, addicting lips.

"Nngh…Hayato!" Yamamoto half groaned in pain and half moaned in rapture as his lover stretched him further than before. He could feel Gokudera entering him, filling him with each breath, his girth practically splitting him in two. His unions with Gokudera were the most erotically painful experiences the tall swordsman had ever had the honor of feeling, and he seriously could never get enough of them. Who would have thought he'd turn into such a masochist?

When Gokudera's shaft was fully sheathed inside of him, the two of them stood still for a moment, panting heavily from the erotic exertion as Yamamoto adjusted to the feeling. The rain was coming down so heavily then that Yamamoto was actually surprised he could barely feel it. He knew that he should feel weighed down by all the water slamming down against his body, but all he could feel right then was Gokudera. All he could feel was the other breathing in unison with him, the other's heart beating erratically against his back, Gokudera's wet, heated skin pressing up against him in the most intimate way imaginable, and his lover's hot, pulsating shaft so deep inside of him.

"Move…" Yamamoto choked out hoarsely then as so many emotions bombarded him at once. He had never felt like his very life depended on his lover's next course of action, but it honestly did. Gokudera's movements were paramount, and the only thing keeping him sane at that moment. "Please…move, Hayato…I…I can't wait any longer…move...move…!"

Yamamoto felt tears come to his eyes as he begged like his life depended on it. He had never wanted—no, had never needed something so badly in his entire life.

The storm guardian took his time inching slowly into his lover's tight channel. He yearned to sheath himself in one go, but he knew it would hurt Yamamoto too much, and so he held back. Even with him going slow, Takeshi groaned at the pain, but, at the same time, his name was moaned. Gokudera knew by now that the swordsman liked a little bit of pain; that it heightened the pleasure for him.

When he had finally buried himself to the hilt inside of Yamamoto's sweet heat, the two of them remained still. All around them it looked and felt like the world was about to come to an end. If that were the case, Gokudera didn't mind too much. He was united with his beloved. To him, this was the best way to leave this world.

The rain was pelting down around them, plastering their hair to their faces. It was cooling their heated bodies, but, soon, new heat would infuse them. The storm guardian didn't feel any cold. The fiery desire for Yamamoto was making his blood run like lava through his veins.

Finally, the words he had been waiting for were uttered. In the sexiest, yet most desperate way, the rain guardian begged of him to move. Gokudera would never get enough of hearing his lover eager like that; of the wanton way he begged to feel him.

"Anything you want, Takeshi," he promised as his hips moved backwards.

This time, nothing could hold him back. When only his tip was barely inside of Yamamoto, he rammed himself back in, reaching as deep as possible.

"Ah! Takeshi!" He cried out in rapture at the perfect friction the tight channel granted him.

Both hands firmly grabbed the swordsman's hips then. He set a slow but hard pace, slamming into Yamamoto as he pulled him backward. With the rain between their bodies, their slapping skin made the water splash to their sides.

"Ah! So good! So fuckin' good!" Gokudera moaned as he threw his head back ; the rain pelting down on him as he tried his best to fuck his lover senseless.

His hands that were on the swordsman's hips massaged the skin as his own hips snapped, driving himself into Yamamoto again and again.

Another sweet promise met the tall swordsman's ears before he felt his lover retreat from his tight channel. Yamamoto moaned at the slight friction, a little whine escaping him as well when he felt Gokudera almost leave him completely. He knew he wouldn't feel empty for too long, though.

It was only a second later that Gokudera slammed his hips against his backside, his lover's erection ramming into him so hard that Yamamoto swore he was seeing stars. An ecstatic cry fell from his lips, the sound almost drowning in a roll of thunder as he felt Gokudera grab both of his hips, bring him back, and start ramming himself into him at a constant pace. Even though the pace was slow, his lover's thrusts were full of passion and hitting Yamamoto in all the right ways. Intense pleasure consumed the taller man, his cries of rapture filling the air between them.

"Oh, Hayato! Hayato!" Yamamoto gasped and moaned in ecstasy as he tried everything in his power to not orgasm, or for his legs to give out underneath him from the intensity of their union. "Ohhh…harder…faster…give me everything!"

The rain guardian's demands were beyond greedy, but he didn't care. If Gokudera's cries of pleasure were anything to go by, their greediness for the each other equaled out.

As he felt his lover's fingertips massage sensual circles into his hips while he continued to thrust, Yamamoto couldn't help but want his lover to go absolutely wild, like this really was the end of the world, and they only had this moment to feel alive. He wanted the moment to last forever, so that this would be the last thing he'd ever remember; the only thing he'd think about in the days to come if they lived through the wild storm.

Sweet gasps, moans, and cries made their way over the rushing of the rain and the rolling of the thunder. Gokudera loved every single sound he could make the rain guardian emit. Above all, he loved to hear his name being called out in ecstasy.

Yamamoto begged him for more. There was no way he could deny the request. He would give everything to satisfy his beloved's needs tonight. Just like Takeshi asked, he sped up his movements. Hard and fast, he rammed himself home. His hands, the ones that were pulling Yamamoto back into him, left colorful bruises on the other's hips then.

Their cries of ecstasy matched the roaring of the storm. Still, this wasn't enough for the bomber. There was more he could give his beloved. He leaned forward, wrapped his arm around the other's chest, and pulled him up into a straight position. His chest pressed into Yamamoto's back then. With the changed position, he perfectly hit his lover's prostate.

"Fuck, yeah! Takeshi! Scream for me...yeah," he growled at the taller man's ear.

With renewed vigor, he slammed into his beloved swordsman, every deep, hard stroke aiming for the other's sweet spot. Only when Yamamoto's wanton screams became breathless and erratic did Gokudera reach down. His hand wrapped around the glowing hot rod of his lover. All the rain in this world couldn't wash away the slick evidence of Takeshi's impending orgasm.

Just a few, well timed tugs synchronized with his powerful thrusts, were all that were needed before all the dams broke. The rain guardian arched against him as his orgasm ripped through his body. The pulsing member in his hand shot its load, and rippling, clenching muscles felt like they were trying to eat Gokudera alive; pulling him in with all their might.

Gokudera couldn't keep himself together anymore either. As the greedy channel tried to swallow him, he lost it. With a scream of his lover's name, he filled the tight cavern with his seed. Fireworks exploded behind his eyes while he still continued to ram into Yamamoto, drawing the experience out for as long as possible. Panting, he placed sucking kisses against the swordsman's neck while his hand still pumped the other, milking his beloved for all he was worth.

Yamamoto finally got his wish. The next moment, his lover's pace increased; the other thrusting into him at a ferocious speed.

"Fuck, Hayato!" The taller guardian shouted out in a rapturous gasp as his lover continued to pound into him like it was their last moment on earth. The pleasure was increasing, along with their cries of ecstasy; their breaths and their voices unifying like the rest of their bodies as they made love against the storm.

Just when he thought things couldn't get any better, he felt Gokudera take one of his hands off of his now bruised hips to wrap his arm around his chest. Yamamoto wasn't sure of what to make of the action, and the slight confusion he felt through his haze of pleasure only increased when he felt his lover pull him back. Before the swordsman knew it, he was standing up straight, his back pressing against Gokudera's chest. The taller man was scrambling to put his hands somewhere, and had just placed them against his lover's hands when Gokudera thrust into him again, the other's shaft moving within him so hard and fast that the added angle made it hit Yamamoto's prostate with great force.

"HAYATOOOO~!" Yamamoto screamed longer and louder than he had ever done before, his voice being heard loud and clear over the roaring storm around them.

He heard his lover's sexy growls against his ear as Gokudera continued to thrust up and into him at a crazy fast pace, the pleasure so mind reeling then that all Yamamoto could do was scream and moan in absolute delight.

Just when his moans became breathless, his voice hoarse, he felt his beloved wrap one of his hands around his leaking cock. Yamamoto shifted the hand that had been placed over Gokudera's to grasp his lover's arm as he started to pump him in time to his thrusts. Yamamoto could feel his abdominal muscles coil deliciously before one final thrust and tug made him come undone.

White flashes danced across his eyelids as Yamamoto closed his eyes in ecstasy, arched his back, and came hard into Gokudera's hand. The taller man screamed his lover's name over and over again as his body shook from his intense orgasm, his inner muscles clenching around his lover's length to milk him for everything he had.

When he heard his lover scream in orgasm behind him, and felt the intense warmth of his beloved's seed fill his channel, Yamamoto wondered if it was possible to orgasm a second time, because he felt his own orgasm heighten. The overwhelmed rain guardian couldn't remember a time his orgasm had lasted for so long, but with his lover continuously moving against him in every way possible, and the addition of the other's sucking kisses, Yamamoto just took his other hand off of Gokudera's (the one not wrapped around his cock) and grasped the back of his lover's head to go along for the ride. Yamamoto's fingers dug into the silver locks as Gokudera continued to suck on his neck, the taller man turning his own head towards the other to moan rapturously into his beloved's ear. He didn't know how it was possible, but Yamamoto was certain that every time he and Gokudera made love, no matter who was on top, their bond strengthened all the more. And as the two of them rode out their orgasms together, their cries of passion dwindling until they were both spent, Yamamoto could feel that more than ever.

For as long as possible, Gokudera moved against his lover. When his member finally slackened, he stood still to remain inside Takeshi a little longer. His head came up from the other's neck to kiss the mouth that had breathed its moans into his ear.

Both of his arms wrapped around Yamamoto then, holding him tightly against him. He was panting from the exertion, but he couldn't stop himself from touching his lips to the other's between gasps for breath. He needed to feel his beloved in his arms, needed to feel his life pulsing through him, needed to feel him in every way possible. He had told himself that he needed to make love to the rain guardian to exhaust him and keep him sane, but he realized now how much he needed it himself. He had almost lost his love today. That thought was weighing more heavily on his own mind than he cared to admit. If he ever lost Yamamoto, nothing would be able to save him. He'd be lost along with his love.

"Don't ever leave me...Don't you ever leave me," he suddenly whispered against the other's lips as he held onto him even more desperately.

The storm guardian hated how he felt his eyes burn then. A choked sound escaped him and he buried his face against the back of Yamamoto's neck. Fuck! Since when was he such a pathetically emotional idiot?! And especially when he was supposed to console the other one, no less!

After a few seconds more of berating himself, his hand took hold of the one that was stroking his hair. Tenderly, he kissed the palm. With a sad sigh, he slipped out of his lover in the end. Gokudera turned the swordsman around in his arms then.

"I just love you so fuckin' much," he whispered as he looked into the other's hazel eyes.

Even though lightning was still ripping across the low hanging clouds, the rain let off a little bit. Gokudera held Yamamoto to him in the rain, stroking his back. He had never thought it was possible to love a person like he did Takeshi, and for the other to love him back was still like a dream to him sometimes. It meant everything to him. In their line of work, their relationship was a dangerous thing. They were both in the line of fire way too often. But as dangerous as it was, their love for each other lent them a special strength, too. Both of them would do all they could to return home in one piece for the sake of the other.

Yamamoto had told him that he had no idea what had happened but that he was suddenly free of the rain flames' influence, and that he had killed the man that had tried to kill him in turn. Gokudera would say nothing on the matter, especially not tonight, but he was convinced it was Takeshi's will to return to him that had given him the strength he had needed. Takeshi knew that it would kill Gokudera to lose him, just as surely as if he took his sword and ran him through. But the same was true for Gokudera. He would do everything in his power to return to Yamamoto alive. Their relationship was something special and deep. They had only two choices. To stay alive together or die together in battle; anything else would be torture.

Nudging Yamamoto gently, he got him to look up again. Gently stroking the side of the other's face, the storm guardian kissed his beloved again. Their lips met softly. Teasingly, he licked the soft lips. He just enjoyed tasting Takeshi like this.

"Oh, Hayato…" Yamamoto moaned out through trembling lips as he felt his lover remain inside of him after everything was said and done. The very thought that the other wanted to stay inside him for as long as possible, that he wanted to stay connected, made the taller man fall in love with Gokudera all over again. Their bond was definitely deeper than anything he had ever experienced, and when he felt Gokudera turn his head for their lips to connect, Yamamoto tried to pour those thoughts out as he kissed back with all the tenderness in the world.

He felt his beloved's arms shift in order to wrap around him completely then, the other's hold desperately tight as he continued to kiss the rain guardian with a little more fervor. Gokudera was panting from the exertion, but he still continued to kiss Yamamoto between his breaths for much needed air, and, in all honesty, the other's actions were starting to worry the swordsman. He didn't know what set the alarm bells inside his head off, but he just knew that something wasn't quite right; that something in the atmosphere had shifted. Although he could feel the rain was becoming a bit lighter, Yamamoto knew that wasn't the shift in atmosphere he was picking up on. He had always had a sixth sense when it came to his lover, so he knew that something wasn't quite right with Gokudera then.

Sure enough, he felt his lover's breath against his lips a second later after their last short kiss, and heard his desperate pleads. The rain guardian's eyes widened in slight concern as he felt the bomber's hold tighten around him, like if he let him go, Yamamoto would be taken away with the wind. When he heard a choking noise behind him, and felt his lover bury his face into his neck again, like he couldn't even face his taller counterpart, Yamamoto knew that something was definitely bothering his beloved, but his still pleasure-addled brain couldn't figure out what.

Feeling a little out of sorts at the thought that their positions for comforting the other had shifted so dramatically in the last two minutes, all Yamamoto could do was stroke the hand that was still clutching the back of his lover's hair, through his beloved's silvery locks as words of comfort tumbled from his lips. He had no idea if he was helping or not, and it was bothering the poor swordsman that he couldn't understand why his love was so upset, but his thoughts were occupied a second later when Gokudera placed his hand over the one that Yamamoto had in the Italian's hair, took it off, kissed it, and then slid out of the taller man's heat. Yamamoto whimpered at the sudden cold and empty feeling that overcame him with his beloved's absence, but, a second later, he felt the other turn him around to face him.

Loving words met the swordsman's ears as a passionately sad and desperate jade-green gaze met Yamamoto's own. Lightning flashed behind them, lighting up Gokudera's face to make his expression all the more defined. The look his beloved was giving him practically floored Yamamoto. The emotions in Gokudera's eyes were so raw, so heartfelt, that the confused rain guardian couldn't even fathom on what to say back.

Unable to comfort his beloved with words at the moment since he found himself so speechless, Yamamoto wrapped his arms around Gokudera in turn and buried his face into his lover's neck. He felt Gokudera rub soothing circles against his back, although he wasn't the one that needed to be totally comforted at the moment. Seeing this as a problem, the taller man stroked one of his hands through his beloved's hair again, while the other rubbed up and down Gokudera's back. Something was really bothering his Italian lover and Yamamoto would be damned if he just stood there like a bumbling idiot without comforting the person he cared for the most.

He felt a nudge against him a few minutes later, which made Yamamoto look up. He stared down at his lover questioningly as he felt Gokudera reach a hand upwards to stroke the side of his face. The touch was so gentle, just like the kiss his beloved placed against his lips a second later. Yamamoto hummed softly into the kiss, a light gasp leaving him as he felt his lover's tongue teasingly lick against his lips. He let Gokudera enter his mouth then, his beloved bomber roving around his cavern with a delicacy that had Yamamoto even more concerned. His lover was acting like he was super fragile, like if he pushed against him any harder he'd break into a million pieces and disappear forever.

Unable to stand this anymore, Yamamoto brought his own tongue into action to entice his lover's into a slow, intimate dance. The movements of the taller man's tongue picked up in pace, as if to tell his emotionally overwhelmed lover that everything was alright.

When the two of them separated for breath, Yamamoto brought both of his hands up to cup the sides of his beloved's face, his thumbs darting out to wipe away what was either tears, rain, or both from the other's cheeks. Still catching his breath, the rain guardian closed his eyes and placed his forehead against the smaller Italians', the taller man exuding small bursts of rain flames then to help put his lover at ease all the more.

Feeling as if he had used enough flames, Yamamoto drew back a minute later to stare down into Gokudera's jade-green orbs, his own hazel shining with loving concern.

"I will never leave you," the rain guardian was finally able to whisper out as his thumbs rubbed soothingly against his storm guardian's cheeks. "I could never do such a thing, Hayato. To leave you would be like leaving an essential part of myself behind. Without you, I'd just wither away into nothing."

Yamamoto felt his lips tremble at the thought of living in a world that his lover was no longer a part of; the loneliness consuming him at an almost suffocating rate.

"W-with that said," the taller man stuttered out on emotionally shaking breath as he stared imploringly down at his beloved companion, "that means you can't leave me either, alright?"

His teasing tongue made Yamamoto gasp with pleasure. Gokudera used the opening to slip into his lover's mouth. Very gently, he roamed around the wet cavern, tasting the other to the fullest. After a short while, Yamamoto's tongue nudged back, teasing him into action. Another surge of pure possessiveness gripped him. Why the fuck was he so emotional now? He was supposed to comfort his lover and not the other way round, like how it was feeling at the moment. Again, his eyes burned, and the rain mixed with salty tears on his cheeks as his tongue danced around Takeshi's, trying to be lively.

When their kiss broke after what felt like an eternity that was still way too short, Yamamoto's hands cupped his face and wiped away his tears. Fuck. Why did the other one have to catch on to that?! The swordsman's forehead touched his then, like he always liked to do when he wanted to be especially close and needed a moment before he would tell him something important. Only this time, a cool wave flooded the storm guardian's overactive brain. In its wake, a calmness blanketed his thoughts and put him at ease.

A moment later, Yamamoto withdrew to look into his eyes. His words of comfort only confirmed Gokudera's own thoughts. They were meant to be together, for which he was thankful, but they also were nothing without the other. The Italian's heart ached at the thought of what might happen to Takeshi if something bad ever happened to himself. He just couldn't allow that.

Fear shone in the swordsman's hazel orbs then. The other's lip trembled as he stared down into his eyes.

"I will do everything in my power to always return to you. I could never leave you of my own accord. You are the most precious thing in the world to me, and I could never hurt you like that."

Gokudera's eyes were on Yamamoto the whole time and he tried to make him see that he was serious, that his words came from the bottom of his heart. He was softly stroking the rain guardian's back while he spoke.

"You own my heart, and I am nothing without you. I will always give my best to return to you and you will have to do the same, because I need you like I need the fuckin' air to breathe."

Takeshi's rain flames had calmed his troubled mind. He needed to concentrate on his lover again. Yamamoto was the one that needed comfort. His own comfort was that his lover was here, alive, and in his arms.

"Let me show you how much I love you. Let me cherish you the way you deserve," he begged of the rain guardian then.

Gokudera answered his question almost immediately, his eyes shining with pure, unhindered determination. What his lover spoke of was the truth, and there was no other alternative. Gokudera promised that he'd do everything in his power to return to him no matter what the situation or consequences were, and he expected Yamamoto to do the same.

"Of course," the taller man whispered out, his voice raw with emotion and determination that matched his beloveds'. "I could never leave you alone…not after everything that's happened between us…not after the life you had to live before we met. If I ever left you to be by yourself, I'd be a failure, and I wouldn't be able to rest peacefully because of that."

He saw the change in Gokudera's jade-green orbs then, his words seeming to be the exact ones he had wanted to hear. The other's eyes were alit with unbridled passion as his next words came out as a begging whisper. His beloved should have never had to beg for such a request, because Yamamoto was always too willing to receive whatever Gokudera wanted to give him.

"Oh, Hayato…" Yamamoto's voice choked out through shuddering breath. He could feel his eyes watering of their own volition as his love for the man in his arms practically overwhelmed him. "You never need to ask for that…I'm only too willingly to let you have all of me…all I ask is that you give me everything in return…I won't settle for less…"

With that, the rain guardian leaned forward and planted a slow, meaningful kiss against his smaller counterpart's lips.

"Love me, Hayato…" Yamamoto whispered out as he drew only a few centimeters away after their kiss, his breath ghosting over Gokudera's skin. "I don't care how fast or slow…just…love me…please…"

At the look in Yamamoto's eyes, the bomber had to swallow hard. He was sure his lover was crying, which hadn't been his intention. It was just a highly emotional night for the both of them, it seemed. Just like Takeshi a moment before, Gokudera felt overwhelmed by his answer. It spoke of absolute devotion, and only asked the same in return.

"I always d-..." Before he could finish the sentence, his lips were captured in a sweet and sensual kiss that was full of love.

After a long moment, Yamamoto withdrew, but only a few centimeters away. When he begged to be loved anyway Gokudera wanted, his warm breath dancing over the bomber's lips, it made the smaller Italian groan with new awakening yearning.

"Fu~ck, Takeshi, you've no idea how much you're turning me on," he breathed back in answer.

A low growl rumbled in his throat then as his hand buried itself into Yamamoto's wet hair. Gently, he pulled the other into another kiss. Eagerly, his tongue made its way into his counterpart's mouth. He invited his lover's tongue to a slow tussle. Sweet moans mixed in their mouths as they enjoyed the sensual feeling of their rubbing muscles.

When they finally parted, both of them panted. Gokudera looked at Yamamoto's beautiful, wet face. A new flash of lightning lit up the sky and the rain picked up again with a gust of wind. They were too exposed to the newly raging elements, the storm guardian decided. Also, he wanted to face Takeshi this time when he fully showed his feelings to him. It would be better to have something to support his lover's back then.

"Come along with me."

He took the swordsman's hand and guided him to the wall next to the glass front. In the shadow of the house, the wind didn't get to them as badly as it did farther out on the balcony, and the wall was still kind of warm from the heat of a full day of sunshine.

Gently, he pushed Yamamoto up against the wall and covered him with his own body, sheltering him even more from the elements. He looked up at his strong yet fragile lover, and then he stretched a little to capture his lips once more in a kiss. As their tongues tussled again, he tenderly stroked Yamamoto's sides.

"Takeshi," he softly whispered the other's name when he broke the kiss, his voice filled with love.

The storm guardian kissed the scar then, and licked along the smooth skin that never again would grow hair. Gently, he nibbled at it then before he moved along the jawline to playfully nip at the swordsman's earlobe.

Yamamoto smiled in satisfaction as he heard Gokudera's admittance.

"I like the sound of that…" the taller man whispered back, his voice husky with desire. "You being aroused turns me on as well."

His lover growled sexily in response, before he felt the Italian's hand grasp the back of his head, his fingers combing through his wet, black locks as he pulled Yamamoto forward for another kiss. The movement was both possessive, yet gentle, and when their tongues tangled together intimately the next moment, it took everything Yamamoto had not to melt into a shivering puddle. The swordsman moaned heatedly into the kiss, his lover moaning back in turn, causing constant vibrations to travel up their tongues.

They parted on panting breath a few minutes later, lightning flashing across the sky behind them to emphasize their features as the two men stared deeply into each other's eyes. The wind was picking up again, sending fast moving rain droplets against their skin, but Yamamoto hardly cared. His entire being was focused on the beautiful man before him.

When he heard his lover's next request, the thought of disobeying never even materialized in the taller man's head as he allowed Gokudera to take his hand and lead him wherever the smaller man wished. Where his beloved was leading him could be to the end of the earth for all he cared. As long as he was with his precious bomber, nothing else mattered to Yamamoto at all.

It was here that the taller man felt his lover push him gently up against the wall next to the sliding glass door of the balcony, their bodies both underneath the outcropping of roof above said door. With the better cover, and the adjacent wall, it blocked out most of the wind and rain, and Yamamoto could still feel the slight warmth from the sun that was still present in the plaster behind his back. The rain guardian didn't think on this for long, though, as he felt Gokudera press against him then, further shielding him from the elements he wasn't even paying that much attention to.

A visible shudder traveled down Yamamoto's spine as Gokudera's sweaty, rain-soaked skin pressed up against his, the warmth of their bodies mingling along with their breaths as his lover's eyes met his for a second before the aroused swordsman was brought in for another kiss. Yamamoto held his beloved against him as they kissed slowly, tenderly, their tongues naturally joining together again like their bodies would eventually.

As soon as they parted from each other, their tongues the last to disconnect, Yamamoto heard his lover whisper out his name in the most loving tone imaginable.

"Hayato," the rain guardian whispered back on shaking breath, his voice filled with need as he felt his beloved kiss the scar on his chin.

Yamamoto shuddered in delight as the other's kiss turned into a sexy lick, followed by erotic nips before his lover traveled upwards until his teeth were teasing his ear lobe. The atmosphere between them was beyond sensual. Yamamoto could distinctly feel his member twitch back into life as Gokudera started spreading kisses down his neck.

"Make love to me, Hayato," the swordsman breathed out erotically, his breath coming out in short pants and sharp inhales as his lover's light touches set his body aflame. "Please…" he whispered out wantonly. "I need to feel you again."

Gokudera planted sweet kisses on the swordsman's long neck. His fingertips played over the ridges of the other's six pack. At his thigh, he felt his lover's member reawaken. The storm guardian hadn't even begun to appreciate him the way he planned, when Yamamoto already begged to be taken again. His needy words and sexy voice sent shivers down the Italian's spine. He pressed his half erect cock into his lover's thigh, smiling up at him.

"I fear you will have to wait a little longer, Takeshi." He rubbed himself slightly against the leg. "But if you keep saying those things in that fuckin' sexy voice, I'm sure it won't take long..."

Yamamoto's crazy-ass stamina was important in any fight and the storm guardian was thankful for it, but when they were alone it could sometimes drive him crazy. No matter how hard he trained, Gokudera never managed to keep up with the stupid athlete in that regard. No one could. Tonight though, the rain guardian might have too many reserves for his own good.

"Just let me take care of you," he said softly.

His wandering fingertips had reached Yamamoto's chest. His thumbs stroked the nipples, rubbing them slowly to full hardness, while he softly sucked at sensitive spots on his Japanese lover's neck. Once the little nubs were hard and straining for more attention, Gokudera ducked to lavish one of which with his tongue.

He growled at the lustful sounds Takeshi made. His fingers twirled the second nipple as his now free hand stroked lower. In his eagerness, Yamamoto pushed his hips forward. He was surely expecting Gokudera to touch his once more hard cock. But the Italian had different plans. His hand took hold of a firm globe at the swordsman's backside. Stroking along the thigh then, he urged Yamamoto to lift the leg and wrap it around his waist.

A deep and lustful moan escaped the silver-haired bomber then as their erections fully touched as their bodies grew even closer.

"Fuck...feels so good...I'll never get enough of your hot, naked body against mine. You got me fuckin' addicted to you," he admitted.

Again he rubbed himself against Yamamoto, rapidly growing fully erect at the action and even more at the wanton moans of his fuckin' beautiful lover.

He felt his lover rub his half-erect member against his leg as he answered that he'd have to wait. Gokudera's voice was low and husky, causing Yamamoto to shiver in excitement.

"I…figured as much…" The taller man gasped out in response as he felt the Italian's fingers start roaming down to his chest. "I guess that means that I'll have to…be more vocal so that I can get what I want."

Yamamoto moaned loudly then as Gokudera began rubbing his fingers against his nipples and sucking on his neck. The Japanese swordsman tilted his head away to give his beloved more access as light gasps and moans fell from his lips.

Just as the taller man was pushing his chest against his lover's rubbing hands, he felt Gokudera duck down to swirl his tongue around one of his nipples. Yamamoto moaned louder than before, his whole body yearning for more attention.

As Gokudera continued to lavish his nipple with his tongue while one of his hands massaged the other, Yamamoto noticed how his lover's one free hand was traveling lower. Desperately, the rain guardian pushed his hips forward, wanting nothing more than for his beloved to touch his hard, pulsating cock, but Gokudera's hand took a sudden turn and groped one of his back cheeks instead.

Despite not getting what he wanted, Yamamoto moaned wantonly all the same. He absolutely loved it when Gokudera squeezed his butt because the other's hands were just so possessive.

Feeling his lover stroke along his thigh, the hot and bothered rain guardian understood what his beloved wanted of him. Lifting his leg up, he wrapped it around Gokudera's waist, pulling the other in as he felt his lover push up against him at the same time.

"Oh, fuck, Hayato!" Yamamoto moaned out raunchily as his beloved's erection pressed up against his. He heard his lover produce the most erotic moan he had heard from him yet before Gokudera's next words turned him on to no end.

"Ohhh~!" The rain guardian moaned out loudly as he felt Gokudera rub their hard-ons together. "Oh, Hayato…I can't get enough of it either…" Yamamoto continued with a wanton moan. "I'm more than addicted to you…to your touch…to our love making…"

The taller man was so turned on by then that he began slowly rubbing his erection against Gokudera's, his movements sensual and needy as he gripped his beloved's sides. His body wanted Gokudera so bad, his mind was caught between letting the other top him or just taking him for himself because he couldn't wait anymore.

"If I had a choice…" Yamamoto gasped out breathlessly then as his hazel eyes pleaded for satisfaction. "…I'd want to experience this every day…I'd want to be joined with you…"

The rain guardian's answer made shivers run down Gokudera's spine and his hardened flesh twitch. Takeshi's lustful and sexy words never failed to turn him on like crazy.

"Damn it..." he groaned.

Eagerly, Yamamoto rubbed himself against him then. The action made Gokudera growl with growing need. If he hadn't been hard already by now, the wanton display of desire would have taken care of that. The next words of his lover made him throw overboard any plans he had before. With the hazel eyes pleading with him in the sexiest way, the storm guardian forgot everything. All he could feel was the deep desire to join with his love, to give him everything he had.

"Fuck...Takeshi...it's all I could wish for," the bomber moaned. "You make me so crazy for you...I can't take it..."

His hand, that had taken to massaging the back cheek again, urged Yamamoto's pelvis forward a little for a better angle. With his hand's guidance then, the head of his cock pressed against his lover's entrance once more. There was a little worry, whether he was still slick enough, but with the pleading look and his own urges, all he could do was take it slow.

"Damn it...Takeshi...you're getting more fuckin' sexy...every single time...I need you more...with every damn day that...goes by," the Italian groaned between panting breaths, as he slowly pushed himself into Yamamoto's still tight channel.

When the pained groans of his lover grew louder and his fingers dug into his sides to leave small bruises, Gokudera knew he should have been a little more careful about slickening himself up, but it was too late anyway. All he could do, was give Takeshi something to distract him.

His lips claimed the swordsman's then. As he inched into the narrow heat, his tongue delved into Yamamoto's wet cavern for a deep, sensual kiss. He used all the tricks up his sleeve to make the kiss as mind-reeling as possible, to keep the other from thinking too much of the pain. His tongue teased the underside of the resident muscle as he finally sheathed himself fully.

A low growl vibrated from his throat over his tongue onto Yamamoto's, then. If he could choose, he too would want to be with the rain guardian every night, loving him or get loved by him til dawn, but their life was not meant to be that way. Maybe that made their time together even more precious and special and their feelings so much deeper.

His lover's next words came out as an erotic moan, and it took all of Yamamoto's will power to not push Gokudera down onto the balcony floor and ride him. How was it possible for someone to be so damn sexy!

It was then that he felt his beloved bomber pull his hips forward a bit, and the taller man moaned ecstatically the next minute when the tip of Gokudera's erection pressed against his entrance.

"Oh, Hayato! Hayato!" Yamamoto called out in wanton desire, his whole body shuddering with anticipation as he waited for his beloved to enter him. His hazel eyes stared imploringly into the bomber's the next second, begging the other to hurry up and enter him.

"I need you, too," the rain guardian gasped out in response to Gokudera's words before a strained groan fell from his lips. His beloved was just beginning to push himself inside of the taller man, and Yamamoto was finding the movement very straining on his part. With every movement, the pain escalated for the poor swordsman, which caused his fingers to dig into his beloved's sides. His cries of pain increased in volume too, and Yamamoto was just amazed that their union could hurt so badly after their first round.

Assuming it was the lack of lube on both of their parts, Yamamoto just tried to deal with the pain. There was nothing he could do to change things now, so all he could do was bear with it.

Thankfully, that was where Gokudera saw fit to distract him with a searing kiss. The rain guardian moaned happily at the feeling. What Yamamoto didn't realize then was that the kiss would become more than just a distraction for him. It seemed that his beloved was doing everything in his power to make him forget the pain his backside was going through, because Gokudera was using everything he knew to kiss Yamamoto more thoroughly than ever before. The Japanese swordsman swore that he had never experienced such a kiss. It was beyond mind blowing to the point that he could barely even feel the pain as his lover finally pushed himself completely inside of him.

When their lips parted, the two of them panting for breath, Yamamoto stared at his lover with a half-lidded, dazed look. He felt such a mixture of pleasure and pain then that his mind felt a bit overwhelmed.

The two of them just held each other then as they waited for their breathing to even, and for the majority of Yamamoto's pain to subside. When the taller man finally felt ready, one of his hands caressed the side of this beloved's face before he placed a delicate kiss against Gokudera's lips.

"Love me, Hayato," Yamamoto whispered out breathlessly then as he stared tenderly down into Gokudera's eyes. "Please...make me forget everything else."

Only when he was fully sheathed inside his lover did the storm guardian end the kiss. The two of them panted heavily. Yamamoto looked utterly sexy. His half-closed eyes made Gokudera believe that he had enjoyed the kiss fully. This knowledge made him feel a little better. He hated the thought that he had hurt his lover for real.

Holding each other tight, their gazes were locked while they stayed still. For a few long moments, no words were exchanged, yet their deep feelings and the love they felt for each other was almost tangible between them.

A big, strong, calloused hand stroked his cheek very tenderly, then. He was the only one to ever feel it being gentle like this. Takeshi's warm, soft lips touched his, and with a soft moan, he closed his eyes for a second, just floating in the warm, fuzzy feeling the actions created.

He opened his eyes again as their mouths separated and the swordsman's warm breath poured new pleas onto him. A new flash of lightning lit up Yamamoto's face. Gokudera saw the love in the hazel orbs, but he saw the lingering pain and the doubts, too.

"I will, my love," he promised, his voice raw with heartfelt emotion. "Just let yourself fall, I will take care of you."

While one hand buried itself in Yamamoto's wet, raven hair, the other grasped the other's fleshy globe tighter. He moved his hip in a rotating fashion then, groaning at the friction. With a little more movement, Gokudera felt more than heard the squishy sounds of his semen (that had filled the swordsman a short while ago) overflowing and coating their skin.

"Now it's gonna be better," the storm guardian whispered reassuringly.

His stiff cock moved more easily, then. Still, he opted for shallow movements and a rotation of his hips when he was deep inside.

"Feel me, Takeshi...we're one...you're mine...and I'll always be yours."

A deep moan filled his ears at his words. His short nails lightly scratched the back of Yamamoto's head then as he sucked a colorful hickey into his neck, and snapped his hip for a single, hard thrust. Again he rotated his hip, barely brushing his lover's sweet spot.

"Feel me...deep inside...giving you pleasure...making you scream...I'll always be the only one."

With a husky growl, he returned to the shallow thrusts. He knew it would feel like teasing to Takeshi, but the moans and sexy words tumbling from his lover's lips were proof enough that he enjoyed it. Also, Gokudera knew that slow loving that kept him tensed up and denied fast satisfaction actually tired the swordsman out more than the hard and fast kind.

Lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating his lover's face for a split second. Yamamoto was able to see Gokudera staring up at him with all the devotion in the world as the other promised him that he'd make him forget everything.

He felt the bomber's fingers dig into his hair and backside then, the other's touch causing a light gasp to escape Yamamoto before said gasp turned into a moan when his beloved swiveled his hips. The friction was sensual, the movement becoming more erotic as the taller man heard the squish of Gokudera's semen inside his tight channel.

Reassuring words reached his ears then as Gokudera started to thrust slow and shallowly into him, the teasing bomber going in deeper occasionally with a well-practiced rotation of his hips. Even though the movements weren't hitting his sweet spot in the slightest, Yamamoto didn't care, because the friction was still present. He could no longer feel the pain from his lover's intrusion, because the other's movements, plus the very idea that Gokudera was moving inside of him, was more than enough to make him forget.

Pleasure-filled moans tumbled from the rain guardian's lips as his stormy counterpart started growling sexily into his ear, his words sending rapturous shivers down Yamamoto's spine. Before the swordsman could catch his breath, though, three amazing things happened simultaneously. First, Gokudera scratched the back of Yamamoto's head in just the right way, secondly, the shorter Italian sucked hard against the most sensitive part of his neck, and lastly, Gokudera thrust hard into him, followed by a rotation of his hips. The surprised rain guardian cried out joyously at the movements, the feeling so intense that Yamamoto's erection started to leak precum.

Even though his lover's last movement had felt amazing, a light whimper trailed after Yamamoto's ecstatic shout. Gokudera had been so close to hitting his sweet spot, and it was obvious that the other was teasing him now if the shallow thrusts against his backside were anything to go by again.

The very thought that his lover was personally teasing him and trying to make their union last, turned Yamamoto on all the same. His beloved's hot words of desire were only adding fuel to the taller man's euphoria.

"Shit, Hayato!" Yamamoto growled out huskily as his lover continued to thrust shallowly into him and rotate his hips. "Fuck! Fuck! Ohh, keep moving….Keep moving…Don't stop…"

The rain guardian's breath quickened exponentially as he was turned on more than his pleasure-filled brain cared to remember. The very fact that Gokudera was moving against him was highly erotic in itself, so what would happen when the other started screwing him seriously?

With one hand gripping one of his lover's arms, and the other cupping the back of Gokudera's neck, Yamamoto started thrusting against the other's movements in hopes of deeper penetration.

"Fuck me, Hayato! Fuck me, please!" The highly aroused swordsman begged as he tightened his one leg around his beloved's waist as if to bring the other even closer to him, and picked up the pace of his thrusts. "I need you. I need everything!"

With is hazel eyes staring imploringly into Gokudera's green, Yamamoto made his final plea.

"I want you to fuck me so hard that my body will leave an imprint in the wall," the taller man growled out with desperate need, his voice growing louder with every word that left his mouth until he was shouting. "I want you to make me come harder than I ever have before! Please, Hayato! Just fuck me harder already!"

A soft whimper left Yamamoto's lips at the shallow thrusts. Soon, he cursed again, which turned on Gokudera like nothing else. He just loved to hear the swordsman like that. Just like the other begged for, he kept on moving in the same way, but, very soon, it seemed that this just wasn't enough anymore.

Yamamoto moved against him, and pulled him in tighter with his leg. Again he begged, only this time, more explicitly. One look at the glazed over hazel eyes was enough to melt the storm guardian on the spot. There was no way he could deny Takeshi anything if he looked at him like that. The next demands that poured from the sinful lips were absolutely explicit. Even though they were not too rational, Gokudera was overwhelmed by the urge to fulfill them, nonetheless.

"Damn it, Takeshi...you're so fuckin' sexy...I could never deny you."

He snapped his hips then, penetrating deep.

"Aaaah...so fuckin' goo~d!"

Gokudera withdrew almost fully then and thrust in deep again, setting a fast pace to fulfill his beloved's wish. His hand at the Japanese swordsman's backside urged him to move with him as the fingers of the other hand clenched in the other's thick, wet hair. Growling lowly, the silver-haired Italian crushed his lips demandingly against his lover's once more. His tongue claimed Yamamoto as thoroughly as his hard cock did then, ravishing the eager swordsman.

The slapping of skin against skin managed to drown out the rushing of the rain as Gokudera snapped his hips, ramming himself into the overwhelming heat of his beloved. He wanted to give him everything he wanted, everything he needed. The smaller man drank in the sweet sounds of lust in their passionate kiss, their tongues tangling so wildly that he was wondering whether they would be able to separate when they had to breathe again.

A moaned out curse was the only answer Yamamoto got before his lover's hips smacked hard against his backside, the other's erection penetrating the taller man fast and deep.

"Yes, Hayato! Yes!" Yamamoto screamed out in ecstasy, his fingernails digging into his beloved's neck and side as Gokudera started up a fast pace. Rapturous moans escaped the swordsman's lips as, at his beloved's silent urgings, he started thrusting against the other's hips. Gokudera was moving within him so deeply then, the friction between them escalating to almost mind blowing levels, and yet…it still wasn't enough…Yamamoto needed more…He needed Gokudera to hit that certain spot.

Before the rain guardian could so much as utter this thought, though, he felt Gokudera's fingers dig into his scalp before the other's lips were slammed up against his. Yamamoto was practically blown away by the surprise kiss, his beloved's tongue overwhelming him in seconds as it delved as deeply into his mouth as Gokudera's hot length was doing to his backside.

Yamamoto was literally tongue tied then as his lover's tongue wrapped around his in a desperate tussle. With the hard, deep thrusts of his lover, and the way their tongues tangled together, Yamamoto had never felt more connected to a single person in his life. His erotic moans vibrated against Gokudera's mouth and tongue, but a few restless whimpers made their way through as well. He needed his beloved deeper!

When the two of them finally parted for breath, Yamamoto was hardly able to regain it with the way he and Gokudera were thrusting against each other. The taller man was moaning and gasping in pleasure with every breath, so he wasn't sure if he would actually be able to form any words.

"Ha…Haya…to…" Yamamoto tried to gasp out through his cries of ecstasy as he met his lover's movements with exact precision. "Dee…per…need…more…"

Even though the rain guardian met his thrusts, and their union was about as fast as possible, Gokudera heard the other whimper. He knew that it wasn't enough before Yamamoto told him so. In their current position, though, he couldn't go any deeper. Still, this was what his beloved asked for in sexy gasps.

To give the other what he wanted, they needed to change their position. As he continued to pump hard into the swordsman, the bomber tried to think of the easiest way.

"Put...your arms...around my neck," he demanded then as the hand that had scratched Yamamoto's head dropped lower to possessively claim the other's free back cheek.

When the other's arms were secure around his neck, Gokudera gave the raven-haired swordsman's ass a suggestive lift. Usually it was him in this position, with his legs wrapped tightly around his Japanese lover and getting fucked against the wall, but tonight, things were just different. Yamamoto instinctively understood what was expected of him, and wrapped the other leg around him. The next thrust drove him in deeper than before and at the perfect angle, judging by the scream that was torn from Takeshi's lips.

"Oh yeah! Scream for me!"

Pressing his beloved against the wall for support, the storm guardian gave it his best, ramming deep and hard into the tight channel, and aiming for that spot that drove his beloved Takeshi wild. While his backside was still getting drenched by the falling rain, his front broke in sweat at holding his taller lover up and screwing him into the wall. He didn't care, though. He didn't care whether his sore muscles would kill him tomorrow. All he cared about was giving his lover everything, and exhausting him to the point that he didn't have to deal with the pain this day had caused him anymore.

His hands kneaded the firm globes as he rammed himself home between them, again and again. He tormented the other's neck and shoulders with sucking kisses and bites, knowing his beloved liked the possessive marks and enjoyed the slight pain involved.

"Let...go...c-cum for me...Takeshi~...drench me... with your cum," Gokudera growled as he summoned his last reserves, putting on a last burst of speed, and pelted Yamamoto's sweet spot relentlessly.

A hot demand answered him in turn, causing Yamamoto to feel confused for a bit before he complied with his lover's request. As soon as the taller man had readjusted his arms, he felt Gokudera's hand leave his hair to grasp his other butt cheek. Yamamoto cried out at the feeling of his lover digging his fingers into his backside, absolutely loving the possessiveness that Gokudera was showing.

When he felt his beloved lift his hips with is hands the next second, the rain guardian automatically understood what was expected of him. Lifting his other leg, he quickly wrapped it around his lover's waist, and put his full weight on Gokudera, the other's hands the only things completely supporting his weight at the moment.

Before Yamamoto could suggest the other should push him against the wall again for better support, Gokudera thrust hard against him, the other's member driving into him deeper than before and hitting his sweet spot directly.

The loudest, most rapturous scream Yamamoto could ever remember producing was torn from the swordsman's lips as his lover continued to pound into him. Gokudera was screaming and moaning as well, egging the taller man on in absolute ecstasy as he pressed Yamamoto up against the wall again and started driving into him as hard, fast, and as deep as he could go. Gokudera was slamming into his sweet spot over and over again without remorse, and his taller companion absolutely loved it.

Yamamoto practically lost himself then to his pleasure as his beloved kneaded his soft backside with his fingers, bit and sucked wildly at his neck, and rammed into him over and over again. The swordsman was so overwhelmed by the pleasure that all he could do was sit back and scream with wild, euphoric abandon. He could hardly think, could barely remember to breathe with every scream encouraged from his burning throat to the point that he hardly heard Gokudera's next words. Yamamoto had heard them, though, and it was those sexy words of his lover that finally brought him over the edge.

"HAYATO!" Yamamoto screamed at the top of his lungs, putting the crashing thunder around them to shame as his orgasm ripped through him like a searing hot sword. His muscles spasmed out of control as the taller man continuously screamed out his lover's name over and over again, and as he ejaculated long and hard onto the both of them. Gokudera continued to thrust into him, even after he orgasmed shortly after Yamamoto; the storm guardian's hips never decreasing in precision or speed as he thrust hard and deep into the rain guardian's tight, constricting channel.

When the two of them finally came down from their highs, Yamamoto felt absolutely exhausted. He had ejaculated three times in the last hour, and his body just couldn't take it anymore. Breathing heavily, the taller man rested his head between Gokudera's neck and shoulder and kissed the wet, heated skin there.

"Thank…you…Hayato…" the exhausted rain guardian whispered out with a content smile before his heavy eyelids finally closed and he instantly fell asleep with his lover still connected to him. Yamamoto had never felt so utterly loved as he did then. He knew that he was truly blessed to have someone like Gokudera in his life, and he would never trade him for anything else in the world.

His words had barely left his lips when Takeshi screamed his name in absolute bliss, drowning out the still raging storm. Just like the bomber had demanded, his lover's warm essence drenched his stomach, and even sprayed up to his chest.

Just a second after Yamamoto, his own orgasm tore through him. He shouted his beloved's name as lightning raced along his nerves and fireworks exploded before his eyes. Once more, he flooded the swordsman's tight channel, making him overflow, since he still pumped into him hard and fast, making both their orgasms last as long as possible. Although he felt exhausted, and his arms hurt under the strain and the weight, he ignored it and gave his lover everything he had to offer for as long as his own name rang in his ears.

Only when the last tremor subsided, and Takeshi relaxed fully in his hold, did Gokudera stop his movements. A warm smile played across his lips as the rain guardian snuggled his head against him.

"You're very welcome," he whispered breathlessly.

A second later, the storm guardian realized that his wish had been fulfilled and that his plan had worked out. Yamamoto was utterly exhausted and asleep in his arms. A relieved sigh left the silver-haired bomber then. His own strength was at an end, and he wouldn't have known how to keep going much longer. But, as it was, he was just incredibly thankful for the respite his beloved was granted now.

Very carefully, he shifted his hold on the taller man. When he lifted him a little higher to get his arm under his butt, his slackening member slipped out, making the sleeping man whimper. There was nothing Gokudera could have done to change it, and, luckily, Yamamoto stayed asleep, nonetheless. His other arm wrapped around the other's back then, so that he had a secure hold on his beloved. With only slightly wobbly legs from his own exhaustion, the storm guardian carried his companion off to bed.

As gently as he could, he put Yamamoto down on the mattress, but when he tried to free himself to get them cleaned and close the glass door for the night, heart wrenching whimpers elicited from the sleeping rain guardian's lips as he reflexively tightened his hold. With a soft sigh, Gokudera stroked the agitated swordsman and just lay down beside him. The glass door had been open this whole time, so what difference would it make? And the stickiness of their bodies could be washed away in a long, hot bath sometime later tomorrow. The only important thing was Yamamoto's comfort.

Keeping their bodies in contact to reassure his sleeping lover, he pulled the covers up and around their wet bodies. Gokudera wrapped his arms around his beloved swordsman then, pulling him close to keep him warm and safe. With a soft moan, Takeshi snuggled close, his breathing soon even and deep.

Although he was exhausted himself, the storm guardian couldn't sleep quite yet. He softly stroked the sleeping swordsman's back as he looked out into the night. The storm had finally stopped, and only the soft dripping of a slow falling rain could be heard.

As he held and caressed the most precious person in the whole wide world in his arms, tears as soft as the rain drops outside fell from the storm guardian's eyes. He wept for the special kind of virginity that had been taken from his loved one that day, and for his inability to keep Yamamoto safe from the cruelty of the world. His last tears, though, before he finally fell asleep himself, were tears of relief that his lover had survived that day and was safe here in his arms.