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Thus a Baby was Born: Part II

Welcome back loyal viewers, to another installment of Thus a Baby was Born!

I'm terribly sorry for the, ahem, small delay in the second episode of the show, but there were minor difficulties among the staff. Simply, they were lazy bi—wait, I can't say that on air…

Well, there is no other word that could describe the staff, therefore, we will just continue on because the older generation can fill in the blank.

Then tally-ho! We are ready to begin the rest of this baby tale! Though, a small recap before we engage the second episode. In the first episode...

Eustass Kidd and Roland Gabriella met, dated, did the deed and had a baby, Caden.

Well, that covers everything.

Now! Let's continue.

The new baby finally in the world, their first day or two is in the hospital with their mother and the nursing staff. Caden, in a rattled state surrounded by those unknown doctors and nurses as he gets all his check-ups without his mommy… Well, it was a very scary thing; my bones are just shaking thinking about it.

Though, as I mentioned in the first episode, Kidd and Gabriella weren't a normal couple, and neither of them were normal separately anyway. And apparently, abnormality is genetic and Caden was nowhere near a normal baby. Normal baby's cry when they were upset, but not Caden. When Caden was agitated with his situation of being held by an unfamiliar woman that was not his mommy, he would lash out against the strangers. And that was the beginning of Caden's lifelong mission of mischief of childhood among those poor unfortunate souls around him.

Only just a wee baby a few hours old and he's causing trouble for the nursing staff. It was only small, trivial things such as pulling loose hair, yanking on dangly earrings and snatching necklaces away. Once or twice is alright, maybe even funny, but after one too many times over two days, the nurses were way too flustered.

The nurse entered Gabriella's room assignment, the long braid of blonde hair hanging over her shoulder messy and frizzed, like it was yanked over and over again. The young woman was frazzled, heavy bags under her eyes and exhausted to the point where she looked ready to keel over and second. The only thing that held her up was pushing Caden's little baby trolley into the room and placed it beside the ginger's bed.

Gabriella looked up, blinking her golden eyes in confusion and her brows furrowed with concern when she was the weary nurse surrounded by stormy clouds. Cocking her head to the side, she watched as the nurse's expression paled and she hesitantly reached to pick up Caden then suddenly brought back her hands close to her chest, mumbling something under her breath anxiously.

"Is…something wrong?" Gabriella asked nervously, the worst possible scenario coming to her motherly mind; was there something wrong with her baby?

The nurse snapped away from her own little world and anxiously tried to reassure the new mother with smile, but the ginger could tell it was forced. "It's nothing bad…" The nurse murmured as she slowly cradled the baby in her arms, tilting her head as far away from Caden as possible. "He's just been pulling all the nurses' hair and jewelry…watch," and slowly she allowed the braid to fall tempting before Caden's little hands.

There was a moment of silence between the two women, they waited for the baby to do what the nurse had accused him of. Two minutes passed by, and the little babe had yet to reach up with his tiny hand and yank the nurse's hair. All the baby did was sighed tiredly.

Gabriella chuckled sheepishly at the look on the nurse's face. "…I'll take him now…" and she held out her arms and the baby was placed in her embrace.

Gabriella smiled sweetly down at her child, a soft glaze over her golden eyes as she gently pulled away the blue blanket so she could see Caden better. There was still a tiny tint of red to his tan skin and he had a full head of ginger hair, thin and tousled in such a way that she wished she had a camera to capture the moment. Though Caden seemed to be sleeping and didn't open his eyes, Gabriella knew before those lazy lids were golden eyes that matched her own. She exhaled happily and then leaned down to place a tiny kiss to her baby's chubby cheek. There was no way her little angel did something so mean, especially as a baby.

"…It seems he's not…active anymore," The nurse slowly said.

"Maybe it's just late," Gabriella replied. "You should take a break," she suggested.

The nurse nodded sluggishly, silently agreeing with the new mother; a nap did seem very tempting. But…when she looked down at the baby, she swore she saw Caden crack his eyes, his gold eyes gleaming with mischief and even a demonic smug curled the corner his lips.

She blinked in shock and then shook her head, ready to do a double take, but the baby looked completely normal. Maybe she really did need sleep…and a lot of it, too.

Well, as you can see that there will be more naughty deeds coming from Caden in the future; the feats getting greater as the days go on. Though, before we get ahead of ourselves and see the impish activities of his childhood, let's focus on babyhood, starting with the baby's first night home.

After the nursing staff, the family—as in only Kidd because Gabriella is in baby-denial—truly understand that trouble and Caden go hand in hand.

Gabriella, blissfully oblivious, and Kidd, maddened by the acts.

Sit back and watch the fun~

Gabriella was practically skipping into the apartment once she was home with wee babe cradled in her arms. She was as happy as could be, like a fish finally returned to its fresh water pond. It was a relief to finally be at home; the thing she missed the most the familiar scent. The warmth of the Yankee Candles she burned in the every room she could; Kidd always said their apartment smelled like a strawberry cake whenever he walked through the door. He didn't appreciate it whatsoever.

It couldn't be helped though; she liked the strawberry and vanilla scented candles and she showed no shame in it. Even when Killer would give her the evil eye because he still lived there too; yeah, he didn't like it just as much as Kidd did.

But she was queen and she could get away with things such as trivial as candles, especially when the smell of disinfectant overwhelmed her for three days; she liked her strawberry cake and vanilla icing scents.

Though, she noticed that the apartment didn't smell of her candles. Obviously since she wasn't home for three days and she doubted Kidd and Killer would light them, but there was an unexpected aroma in the air. As she sniffed the air, she turned to Kidd, eyeing him curiously with a soft smile on her lips.

Kidd huffed at the silent stare and looked away, a tiny blush on his cheeks. "Thought you'd like to eat real food when you got home."

"Too bad it's not real food," Killer bluntly stated, his head slowly towards Gabriella, a grim expression on his face. "I should know."

Kidd scowled darkly at his best friend and growled, but Killer merely huffed at the sharp demand and went back to watching the baseball game on the television. Though the stern aura radiating from the ginger made the two glaring men stop instantly. Kidd looked away again, biting his lower lip as he grumbled. "Sorry…" and his meek tone made Killer chuckle, which caused Kidd to retaliate with another deep growl.

Gabriella sighed at the bickering between friends and she abruptly cut it in half. "Kidd," she said in a firm tone again as she moved towards him. "I want to take a nice shower; hold the baby, would you?"

Kidd was sweating bullets as Gabriella nonchalantly handed the baby over to him before she went off into the bathroom. He glanced between the closed door and the baby in his arms, his eyes wide like he was a deer in headlights that belonged to a giant semi-truck. The soft hum of the running water in the background made him even more nervous now; he was alone now.

"You look out of place," Killer grunted arrogantly as he lounged further into the cushions of the old leather couch.

"Shuddap!" Kidd hissed, his words more dangerous than a venomous snake. But when Caden let out a tiny sob from the loud voice, Kidd instantly froze up. His mind was racing a mile a minute, trying to figure out what the fuck he was supposed to do now. Calm the brat? Yeah, logically. He needed to calm Caden down. But how to do that, he had no idea; and Killer's snickering in the background didn't help either.

Oh fuck…

Though, Caden sniffling calmed down when the baby's golden eyes widen at the sight of reflective surface of his daddy's goggles hanging around his neck. The baby cooed happily, his little pink hand reaching out to grab a hold the shiny item, his finger clinging to the leather studded band.

"Ah, no Caden," Kidd gently scolded his son and he gingerly held the baby's tiny wrist. "Don't touch that," and he tried to pull the small hand from the leather, but the hand wouldn't budge. "Eh?" Kidd blinked and tugged softly again. "He…won't let go? What the hell!?"

Killer sighed and shook his head. "Rub the back of his hand," Killer instructed.

Kidd's brows furrowed in confusion.

Killer sighed again, looking over his shoulder to face the redhead. "You heard me."

The puzzled expression increased, unsure of the outcomes, but Kidd did as the blonde suggested and rubbed the back of his son's hand with his finger pad. Slowly, Caden uncurled his fingers from the strap. Kidd let out a low whistle; wow, it really worked. But, Caden was none too happy with the smirk his daddy had, nor that his daddy took away his new, shiny toy. Little tears swelled at the corner of his eyes and his pudgy face scrunched up by for he let out a wail that woke the dead.

Both Kidd and Killer flinched at the sound, cringing as the baby continued to cry until he was almost blue in the face. Kidd was at a loss; he had no idea what to do. Though, Gabriella knew what to do, which was a double-edged sword for Kidd.

She emerged from the bathroom like a storm, only a towel covering her exposed form, and Killer turned away, shielding his eyes like a bro. Kidd couldn't keep his eyes off her, and it wasn't because of that. The look on her face was complete death; she was a mama bear ready to murder.

"What did you do?" She growled darkly, stomping over to where Kidd stood like stone.

"…Nothing," Kidd replied shortly.

Her eyes screamed bullshit and she snatched her crying babe from the arms of her lover, cradling Caden close to her chest. The dangerous glare didn't lighten up once the baby was in her embrace; Caden still continued to cry and Gabriella still continued to pass the blame upon Kidd.

Though, Kidd wouldn't let her scare him. "I did nothing," he repeated, his tone more confident, but the expression of his lover never changed. He pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing heavily to try and cast out unwanted stress that his frustrated girlfriend caused. "I didn't do anything to him. He grabbed my goggles and I took them away. End of story."

Gabriella held the stare between her and her boyfriend before she broke off completely and turned to her little newborn. The babe swaddled in a thin blue blanket was still sobbing his little eyes out, Caden wiggling lively in her grasp. To calm him, she lightly bounced and rocked her baby to calm him, but nothing happened.

So, she went to plan B. Her hand lashed out, fingers curling around the strap of his goggles and yanked with all her might. Kidd chocked at the force as his head was jerked down. His neck burned, and it didn't help that Gabriella didn't let up on her assault until the goggles were off.

When the spectacles were free of Kidd's neck, Gabriella dangled them above Caden, and the baby stopped crying in the blink of an eye and grabbed the goggle with a happy gurgle.

Kidd wheezed for air, pure oxygen that was ripped away from it for a mere second yet caused his body to go for a whirlwind. Rubbing the budding bruise on his neck, he looked up as Gabriella retreated, catching a small glimpse of Caden's face.

His brows furrowed together in deep—and slightly worried—thought.

Was Caden…smirking?

This wasn't the last time Kidd saw Caden's tricks, and he wasn't the only one to see them.

Gabriella and Kidd couldn't rely on their parent's money forever. So, even though they were still trudging through college together, they had to get jobs. Gabriella got a job working a tiny antique shop owned by Hawkins, a friend of both her and Kidd.

Hawkins was out of college already, which helped Gabriella and Kidd out quite a bit since when they—along with Killer—were in class, Hawkins watched Caden for them.

It was easy when Caden was just a newborn and stayed in his carrier for hours sleeping, but after several month that couldn't contain him anymore.

Caden wanted to be free, and in a store like Hawkins, that was a bad idea.

Hawkins had made his way into the backroom so he could look through the boxes for more lucky charms since it was a week before finals. College students figured they would get automatic lucky when they wore one of the many crystal gems that were rumored to have potential power, but that is not how it worked. There was a legend that went behind why the crystal gems were considered lucky and that had to do with an old legend of a King.

The King's wife was sick, bedridden until her pending death. None of the physicians of the land could produce a medicine to help her, nor could the witchdoctors concoct an herbal cure. The King was desperate and he went to the swamp hag. The hag had told the King that if he were to wish upon his lucky gem, then his wife would be healed of all her illnesses. The King with only one shred of hope left, the King did just that. He wished upon two hundred and ninety-nine gems, and then on the three hundredth one—




There was a sudden crash that made the fortune teller flinch; it came from the front of the shop and he would admit he panicked a bit.

Caden was there and he didn't want to feel the wrath of Gabriella if something happened to her baby; he witnessed when Kidd accused the infant of taking his pocket knife.

Hawkins rushed out of the backroom and went to witness the damage. His store was wrecked, and he would have thought he was robbed, but the front door was locked due to it being his lunch break. There was no signs of it being forced open and the glass windows in the front looked the same as when he left.

Despite the mess as his feet, only one thing was amiss.

Caden was missing.

"'Lo!" The happy chime of a baby rang in his ears and he looked down to see Caden on wobbly feet. The toddler laughed blissfully, his grin rivaling the smug of his father, and Caden leaned forward to embrace the fortuneteller's leg and then sat down on his feet with a cheeky smile on his lips.

"…" Hawkins had nothing to say, because he already knew that Caden won this battle; Gabriella would never believe that Caden did this.

Lovely, truly lovely, yes? With the ability to finally walk in the palm of his hands, Caden is reaching new heights, literally. But, is this the end of Caden's naughty, little tease?




Kidd rushed out into the garage of the auto-shop, panicked; so many bad things rushed through his mind, but the biggest question he had was: how the fuck did Caden get out of his play-pin in the office and into the garage. God, he hoped Franky wasn't there or else his boss would be telling him I-told-you-so until the end of time. Franky told him from the beginning it was a bad idea; he heard about what the baby did from Killer on a daily basis, but Gabriella had an exam, Killer had his own little issues and Hawkins didn't want to watch Caden unless he absolutely had to. Considering what happened last time, Kidd didn't blame the fortuneteller one bit.

Kidd, though, thought his plan was Caden-proof, but apparently it wasn't since he saw his bouncing baby boy standing atop a workbench and a sea of tools were between father and son. Caden was covered in oil grease and his hair was stick black goo so his hair stood up in every which way. The toddler clapped his dirty hands together, a large grin on his lips as he giggled away cheerfully at his handiwork.

"Fuck Caden!" Kidd roared at the top of his lungs, not caring that he cursed in the slightly as he marched over to his son. "Don't do that, you little brat!"

Caden just giggled with a wickedly giddy gleam in his golden eyes when he was picked up by his father and held over the mess he cheerfully created.

Kidd held his son out, hands hooked under the little brat's arms to try and keep him in place, but Caden squirmed in his grasp. He wiggled his arms and kicked his legs out in the air. Despite being so high up and also being yelled at, Caden still just laughed away in careless bliss.

Oh, Caden was in so much trouble.

"Kidd! I'm back from my exam, I'm here for Caden!"

Scratch that. Actually, reverse that would be a better term.

The voice of Gabriella's came from the lobby and floated into the garage where Kidd and Gabriella. Kidd turned the open doorway, hearing the clicks of her heels against the tiles, then he looked back to Caden. His eyes opened wide when he saw the look on Caden's face.

That expression that he was going to turn everything in his favor. His golden eyes narrow like a wicked warlock and his lips curled so far that it was something a person could only achieve when possessed by a fucking devil.

"You wouldn't dare…" Kidd warned his son coldly.

And Caden dared; he let out a shrieking wail that made Gabriella rush into the room at top speeds and snatch her baby from his hands.

"Kidd!" She snapped, clutching the sobbing toddler close to her chest. "You brute!"


"I don't care!" She screeched and turned sharply on her heel. "You're a brute! A brute!" and then she left with the sniffling Caden.

And over her shoulder, Kidd saw his son smirking through the crocodile tears.

Well, Caden learning to walk started out fresh; a lot of things in pieces on a floor, but the world it no limitless to the little toddler.

Though, wait until little Caden learns his first word…

Now what will his first word be?


Oh. This is turning out to be fantastic already.

Kidd stared at the smiling toddler standing before him, his eyes wide in utter shock. He had been sitting on the floor, err, playing with Caden—the Super Bowl was on—and something on T.V. distracted him and out of rage, he let the f-bomb drop.

And only a second after that happen did Caden stand up and scream the word in his childish voice, the toddler shouting his very first word to the heavens.

He didn't think this would happen…

He hadn't necessarily changed his habit of cursing in front of Caden because he was only and infant and he figured his son wouldn't pick up on it. Obviously he was very wrong and regretted that he didn't break the habit sooner. This was…Caden's first word after all…

Oh god.


Gabriella would never forgive him.

God, she will hated him.

She'll kill him!

Kidd went into panic mode. He hooked his hands under his boy's arms and lifted Caden up so they were face to face. "Don't ever say that in from of Mommy, got it? I'll give you a cookie if you do that for me."

"Fuck!" Caden chirped like a happy little birdie.

Shit, Kidd kept the curses inside and tried banter with his own kid. "Two cookies," was his next offer.



"Fuck! Fuck!" Caden continued to shout in glee.

"…Ten?" Kidd murmured, his brow already slick with sweat, but he wouldn't let Caden see. He shook his head mentally and then scowled at his son, a stern look in his eyes. "And that's my final offer!"

Caden cocked his head, his little eyes narrowing and his brows furrowing as well; it was as if the toddler was in deep thought. Kidd felt he was finally going to get off scotch free of trouble, but with his luck, of course it didn't happen. There was the tiny click of the lock in the background and then the hinges creaked when the door open, and all heads turned.

Gabriella had come back from her shopping trip, groceries packed away in a paper bag that was hugged against her side. As she kicked the door close with the back of her foot, she smiled at the pair on the floor and then asked: "How are my boys doing?"

Caden smirked, and a devious gleam shimmered in his golden eyes when he saw his mommy enter the apartment once more.

Kidd saw what was going to happen instantly. "Don't—" he tried to stop his own son, but it failed, miserably.

And Caden shrieked at the top of his lungs: "FUCK!" as he spread his arms out wide.

Gabriella promptly dropped the paper bag to the floor, her expression blank and her eyes dead like dull gold. She said nothing, but slowly her fingers curled into tight fists that trembled, and he skin turned from tan to red in a heartbeat as steam poured from her ears.

Oh fuck, was the only thing going through his head.


And that ends the second installment of this Thus a Baby was Born, but that doesn't mean the special is over just yet.

There are still many questions that need to be answered, the biggest one being…

Will Caden every go out of his nasty phrase?

Or will he forever torment his father and the others among him?

That is for next time.