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~Jane and Maura: Bound For Life~

It hurt.

Oh god, it hurt so much.

That was the only thought that flitted through Maura's mind as she lay post-op in her hospital bed, after having her kidney removed in a so-called minimally invasive surgery.

Minimal her left butt cheek.

Maura groaned softly as she attempted to move into a more comfortable position, and the sharp pain that blazed through her side put an immediate stop to that plan.

"Maura babes, you know you shouldn't be moving around so much right after surgery like that," a soft, raspy voice spoke up from the side of her bed, and Maura's eyes quickly flashed over to meet deep, chocolate-brown eyes gazing adoringly back at her.

"Jane..." Maura whispered softly, as she gingerly moved an arm out to intertwine and interlock with those of her lover and best friend.

"How're you doing, love? The doctor said that you wouldn't be awake for another half an hour," Jane said tenderly, as she gently and lovingly stroked her fingers across Maura's forehead. "I guess even in this, you're a bit of an overachiever," Jane continued with a light, affectionate grin for her girlfriend.

Maura allowed a small, pained smile to cross her lips as she gently squeezed the fingers protectively curled around her own.

"You know me, Jane. Always one to finish first," Maura replied jokingly, which caused Jane's eyes to light up with surprised pleasure and amusement. She then leaned forward and pressed the softest, sweetest kiss against her girlfriend's forehead, which caused Maura to close her eyes and sigh in contented pleasure.

"With you around Jane, I don't think I'll even need to call the nurse to administer my pain medication. You make all the hurt go away all on your own," Maura murmured softly against her girlfriend's neck, where her face was pressed softly against.

Jane swallowed a bit around the bit of emotion that lodged in her throat at hearing Maura's words. She always wanted to be the one to protect Maura. She always wanted to be the one that her best-friend-turned-lover would feel safest and the most secure around.

"I love you, baby," Jane whispered as she leaned forward again, and pressed her lips against the lips of the woman who owned her very heart and soul.

Maura hummed lightly into the kiss with pleasure, and went to deepen it slightly. However in trying to do so, she moved her body again and the wave of pain that hit her, caused her to lean back from Jane's delicious lips with a small gasp of pain.

Jane looked down at her lover with an expression of deep worry, before quickly pressing the button that would call Maura's nurse.

"Sorry love, as much as I may help you forget your pain, let's get some real pain medication into your system, alright," Jane said with a slightly worried, crooked grin as she went back to tenderly brushing her fingers across her girlfriend's forehead.

Maura took a few extra seconds to breath in deeply and slowly, as she worked passed the pain in her side. Once it had finally passed, she re-opened her eyes which had fallen closed during the worst of the pain, and gave Jane a slightly-watery smile.

"I hope that my sister...and mother...fully appreciate all that I'm going through for them," Maura said with a half-joking smile, even though Jane could easily see the pain hidden behind that statement. She could always easily tell what Maura was really feeling...even when they had first just started to get to know one another. There was just always something about Maura that seemed to connect her to Jane, and vice versa for Maura. Or at least that's what Maura had told her, when they'd embarked on the journey of turning their friendship into a relationship. That Jane had just always seemed to just get her, and that she had always felt closer to Jane than any other person in her life.

Jane loved knowing that she was the one person that Maura looked to the most, for anything and everything in her life. The good times, the bad, the ups and downs of their roller-coaster lives. Maura trusted in Jane to always be there for her, right by her side. And Jane trusted Maura to do the same. They both had become each others unequivocal support system, and they could no longer imagine either of their lives without the other in it.

The nurse finally entered the room and administered Maura's pain medication, along with a mild sedative. Maura complained briefly about the sleep aid, as she wanted to stay awake with Jane by her side longer. But her dark-haired lover quietly convinced her to get the much-needed rest she needed, so that she could recover quicker and be back home sooner. Maura agreed that it was a good plan, and she allowed the nurse to administer the sleep medication with no more fuss. The nurse gave Jane a quick wink of thanks that she had calmed her patient down so quickly and efficiently, and Jane gave her crooked grin in response as she watched the nurse leave the room.

Once they were alone again and Maura had slipped back off to sleep, Jane looked down at the love of her life...at the woman who had changed, well...everything...in her world..and her heart swelled. It swelled with unadulterated love and pride, for the woman who had just so selflessly given up a piece of herself, for two people who barely acknowledged her existence.

Jane frowned as she thought of how much Maura's biological family had hurt her. And then she thought to herself that she would continue to do everything within her power, to make sure that despite the hurt caused by her biological family, Jane herself would provide the love and care of a family that Maura always wanted. The entire Rizzoli clan loved Maura, and treated her like she had been born straight into their family. And Jane knew that it made Maura feel so loved...so welcomed and accepted...that her family took her in so wholly and completely. Jane hoped to one day form her own family with the woman sleeping so peacefully in the hospital bed before her. One day...not in the immediate future, as both of their lives were just too hectic and downright crazy to bring another life into it right now. But someday Jane planned to go down on one knee...to hold up a small jewelery box...and ask Maura to be her wife.

She knew Maura would say yes when the time came. Just like she just knew all the major and minor things about her lover. She and Maura just got each other like that. And Jane couldn't wait to get Maura back home, so she could shower her with all the love and affection that filled her heart for the petite woman everyday.

Because Maura owned her heart.

Wholly and completely.

And even though Maura's half-sister Cailin would now own a small piece of her body...Jane knew she would always own Maura's most important piece...her heart.

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