The last one.


Life is a Dream

Harvey tried to peer through heavy eyelids, but everything was blurry.

As his vision attempted to adjust to the light of day, he caught sight of the fuzzy colors and shadows of the furniture around him.

He opened his eyes feeling completely lost. His body throbbed with pain and he could hear his pulse thumping in his ears.

Slowly, he swung his legs out of the bed.

He took a few seconds to regain consciousness, but it was difficult. The golden rays of the sunset coming through the glass wall of his bedroom were as painful as the sheets of his bed.

The fever was goddamn unbearable.

He groaned, finally standing up to drag his feet out of the room.

Donna will help ―he thought.

A little disoriented, he paused to stand in the middle of the large living room. Harvey was aware that he was in his condo, but the place was quiet and spotless clean, everything was in its place.

It was so damn quiet.

It struck him that nobody was there, he was alone.

His heart sank.

Harvey wanted to call out Donna or Amanda's name, but refrained from doing so for the fear that no one would answer.

He looked around him.

There was no bunny plush lying on the carpet, no baked goodies on the kitchenette countertop, no dinner served at the table.

There was no trace of his girls.

He ran his hand through his hair, coming to realize that the reason there was no sign of Donna and Amanda, was because they had never been there.

It had all been a dream caused by the fever.

There was no Amanda.

He and Donna weren't together.

His mind made it all up.

Harvey rubbed his eyes trying to relieve the sudden blues. His expression conveyed a mix of sadness and disappointment.

Everything had been so vivid and real to him.

It couldn't have been a dream.

Suddenly, the front door opened and a very concerned Donna stormed in.


She dropped her handbag and a small paper bag from the pharmacy on the kitchenette's counter to approach him fast.

Donna was so worried about him.

"You're burning," she touched his face and forehead. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"Whatever," He muttered, sad and dizzy. "I'm alone."

"No, you're not." She took his arm to walk him back to the bedroom. "Come on, let's get you back to bed."

"What did you do to your hair?" He observed her, all giddy. "It's so beautiful."

Her hair was long and straight. Donna hadn't curled it the way she used to, moreover, she looked like she had been taken out of her apartment in the middle of the night, in sweat pants and wearing very little make up.

"Seriously?" She lifted an eyebrow at him while she led him toward the bedroom.

"I don't want you to leave," he complained all melancholic.

"Harvey, I'm not leaving you."

As they walked past his study room, Harvey noticed the door was slightly open. Unexpectedly, reality hit him hard and without warning he headed straight to the room.

Donna followed him.

"Harvey," she whispered fast.

It wasn't a study anymore. None of his things were there.

The large glass window was framed by cream colored curtains, and a soft carpet of the same color covered the wooden floor. At first sight, there was a beautiful Victorian rocking horse standing on the floor, wooden toys adorned a white shelf on a wall, but the center of attention was an exquisite mahogany crib.

His study had been turned into a gorgeous nursery.

Harvey approached the crib without a sound, thrilled to see that the tiny bundle of love sleeping in it was real. A soft smile spread across his face whilst he leaned over to caress the hand of his newborn daughter.

"If you wake her up, I'm going to rip your arms off." Donna placed her hand on his back as warning.

Harvey was too absorbed in admiring their baby.

"Hey Iris," he spoke softly.

All of a sudden, he remembered it all. Iris had been born only a couple of days ago, right before he was hit by a bad case of food poisoning. Harvey had been sleeping so much because of the fever, that he forgot Donna went out to pick up his meds from the pharmacy.

"I love her," he turned to look at Donna.

"I know," Donna smiled at his words.

Harvey lifted his gaze to look across the room, where his eyes caught a sleeping form. Amanda was napping on a white couch with a story book lying on her chest. Her hair was long and pretty, just like her mom's. Harvey could bet that his eldest kid was dreaming of becoming a professional ballerina. His little girl had scored a spot in the School of American Ballet. Amanda was a winner, just like him.

"I love her too," His eyes glued on Amanda. She was real, everything was real.

He needed a good glass of Scotch. His fever was an asshole.

"She knows. Come on," Donna tried to pull Harvey along with her, but he didn't move.

He had never been so in love.

It was an irony of life to be surrounded by three beautiful girls that he loved more than he loved himself. It never ceased to amaze him how much they loved him, and how happy they made him. If someone had told Harvey that he would find the meaning of genuine happiness, he would've never believed it.

"I'm happy," he confessed out of the blue, looking at Donna. "You make me happy, you always did."

Donna tried to hold back her emotions, but it was impossible. She took a deep breath before slipping her arms around his waist, embracing him.

"I love you," she spoke against his ear.

Donna closed her eyes, as he held her close too. She relished the perfect moment, one of many to come.

"Do you want to build a snowman?" A playful whisper escaped his lips.

"You're getting worse," she chuckled, aware that the fever was messing with his brain. "Come on, let's go and play. I got your meds from the pharmacy," she managed to pull him along with her out of the nursery.

"Are we going to play doctor?" Harvey smiled as his wife led him to their bedroom.

"No sir," she gave him the sassiest look. Donna intertwined the fingers of her hands with his. "It's naughty nurse time."

He laughed quietly.

Harvey was sure that taking the risk of pushing Donna's boundaries the moment Amanda arrived to their place was the best thing he could've ever done. Yes, Harvey did it all for their kid, but he did it because he loved Donna too ―because he wanted her in his life this way.

Someday, he would tell her that he set her up, though Harvey was confident that Donna knew.

Meanwhile― he thought. Anything goes.

The End

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