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Chapter 1

"I let you win." Hook offered up quietly as she passed by him on one of her rounds of walking around the top deck, out of boredom and a need for activity.

"What?!" Emma growled at the infuriating pirate, spinning back towards him. Hook had been on her last nerve since they had arrived in Neverland two weeks ago. It probably didn't help matters that she was itching for a fight, so she could expend some of this built up tension. The tension always seemed to be higher when he was in her proximity, and it wasn't like he had even done anything to piss her off since they had been here, no it was all her.

It was a combination of losing Henry and Neal all in the same week. On top of that, being stuck on a ship with Regina, Mr. Gold, her parents and of course Hook wasn't helping matters. The bickering that broke out as soon as they were through the portal was overwhelming. Everyone talking at once and everyone thinking their plan was the best one to bring Henry home. None of them have yielded any results yet; all of their searching and it hasn't turned up anything about Henry, not even any leads. There have been no signs of the Lost ones or Peter Pan. Gold and Hook had explained that he isn't the cute kid from the storybooks, that he is actually pretty evil. Go figure! It's not like any of the fairy tales have turned out to be like she had thought before coming to Storybrooke. Ruby being both the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood was a prime example and definitely not how that story went, she reflected shaking her head.

"I let you win," Hook repeated calmly bringing Emma out of her thoughts, "in the Enchanted Forest, that is, I let you win the sword fight."

"You did not" Emma huffed while rolling her eyes at him starting to turn back around dismissing his taunt. "I knocked you out cold with that compass buddy," she threw over her shoulder as she started to walk away.

"But," he said following her, clearly not finished, "if I didn't go easy on you love, you would have never gotten that compass. Face it. I. Let. You. Win." He smugly pointed out.

"Bullshit!" Emma spit out grabbing for the sword at her waist and turning towards him. She started carrying the sword when they arrived in Neverland at David's suggestion and she was happy she had it now. "Prove it," she hissed pointing her sword at his chest.

Within seconds her sword was flung across the deck and his dagger was at her throat. Hook standing to close for comfort and not even breathing hard. "I told you, darling, I let you win" he chuckled once again with that irritating smirk of his.

Emma felt her blood start to boil, "you caught me off guard, that wasn't fair!" she huffed, noticing her father, David, being held back by her mother, Mary Margret, or as some people knew them Prince Charming and Snow White.

She put her hand up to hold David off "I've got this, I'm fine," she told her father.

She strode across the deck and grabbed up her sword.

"Och, lass that wasn't enough proof for you?" Hook laughed drawing out his sword. "Okay, sweetheart lets make this fair."

They went to stand in the middle of the deck, swords drawn and facing each other. David and Mary Margret looking on as bystanders.

"Ready?" he taunted.

With a nod of her head she lunged for him swinging her sword for his mid section. He spun away from her and then faked a lunge for her, which had her reacting and blocking a blow that never came. It put her off balance and she stumbled, he was behind her with his hook at her neck before she knew what was happening.

"Dead" he whispered in her ear before releasing her.

"That was dirty fighting Hook." Emma stated glaring at him.

"Pirate," Hook replied pointing at his chest "why would you expect anything less, Swan? Could it be because I let you win before? Now you expect it? Tsk, tsk lass never forget what or who I am. I surely don't."

"Again" Emma countered slightly out of breath, lifting her sword again.

Hook lifted his sword and lunged for her. She staggered back and returned the blow cutting his jacket with her sword, smiling when she made contact. "You'll pay for that, love," he smiled back while returning the favor by cutting the arm of her jacket, but not touching her skin with his blade. Then he divested her of her sword again and it skidded across the deck stopping at her fathers' feet. He was at her neck with his sword held inches away from her throat and his hook on her side before she registered what happened.

"Dead" he repeated stepping back from her "your daughter needs more practice with the sword, Mate." He addressed her father with a wink. "I can help her handle a sword properly," he said suggestively as he looked at her from head to toe, making a small shiver travel up her body.

"Whatever, Hook" she rolled her eyes at him. God she was doing that a lot today she thought. Her father started across the deck for him and grabbed him by his collar. "Watch your tone when you talk about or to my family," he growled inches from Hooks face.

"Right, Mate, or you'll shoot me in the face," Hook finished sarcastically, jerking his collar out of his hands and turning his back on David "what is it with your family and your love of violence?" Hook questioned Emma dismissing David with his actions.

"Just remember what I told you, Mate." David warned.

"Well, love it seems that we are quite done for today" Hook announced happily ignoring her fathers comment, "maybe we could have a private lesson another time, I promise that I can teach you so many things that you don't already know." He finished while smirking and raising his eyebrow in question at her and then turning to go back up to the helm.

"Not so fast," Emma retorted throwing herself onto his back, forgetting her sword in her frustration. She vaguely heard it hit the deck with a clang. But she was focusing all her attention on bringing Hook to the ground. She heard him grunt as he landed hard on the deck with her on his back. She winced for him instantly regretting her rash decision to attack him and slightly released her grip. Simultaneously, he took advantage of her second thoughts and had her under him and on her back in seconds.

"Now, I don't normally like a crowd watching, but if you insist Swan we can give it a go, I might like it." Hook purred into her ear sending her pulse racing and that shiver to the very core of her. Before she had a chance to reply his warmth and weight was abruptly pulled off of her. David threw him to the ground and proceeded to jump on top of him landing a few good punches before Mary Margret pulled him away trying to calm him down. Hook laughed and wiped away some blood from his lip, like it was all in fun, as though David was not trying to kill him a moment ago.

Emma reached down her hand in an offer to help Hook to his feet. Shaking her head in amusement at the fact her father was protecting her from what he deemed a threat. Like Hook would ever be a threat to her, well a bodily threat that is, she wasn't so sure about her heart anymore. He could very well break her all over again if she allowed it. But that brought thoughts of Neal to her mind and she had been avoiding thinking of him, there would be time for that after they found Henry, she assured herself. Just as there would be time to figure out what was happening between herself and Hook she hoped.

"Okay, lets call a truce Hook? Lets at least try to be friends." Emma smiled a rueful smile still holding her hand out to him. Most of the tension in her body receded, like the waves in a storm that crash into the ship only to retreat after unleashing their fury. Hook always seemed to know what she needed and this 'fight' had released a lot of her pent up tension. Although, if she was honest with herself it had added to that other kind of tension she refused to acknowledge, that tension that is always in the air when Hook is around. It felt like electricity between them. Some day it would explode between them, she only hoped she was ready for it when it happened.

"On one condition Swan," Hook said reaching for her hand "you allow the Prince and myself train you on how to properly use a sword, I won't have you getting killed because you don't know how to defend yourself."

"Deal" Emma replied pulling him to his feet. He held onto her hand for a few seconds to long, and she let him while she fell into his eyes. Rapidly blinking trying to break the connection she felt to him.

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