1 year later

Emma awoke to warm hands traveling up her body. She felt lips nuzzle at her breasts and faint whiskers brush against her neck before his mouth was on hers, kissing her awake.

"Mmmm" she breathed as she pressed her lips into his. Waking up to Killian with a hot chocolate in his hand was good, but this was infinitely better. He held onto her face with both hands and drew back from her. She opened her eyes with a languid smile on her lips. She looked up into Killian's beautiful blue eyes. "I love you with both your hands, but if I'm being honest, I miss your hook." She said huskily. They had found his hand in Gold's shop when they helped Neal and Regina clean it out. He had a lot of personal effects that belonged to many other town folk. His hand had been kept in perfect condition by magic Gold had cast on it. Emma had used her magic to reattach it to his arm. It had been strange for the first few months. But they both had gotten use to it.

"Well love that can be remedied. I still have the hook you know." He said with a wicked smile. Then he reached over to a drawer in the table and pulled out his hook and a pair of handcuffs.

"What are you going to do with the handcuffs mister?"

"Oh, I think you know what I'm going to do with the handcuffs my love. It's something your quite fond of." With that he clicked them closed around her wrist and quickly secured the other side to the bedpost.

"What about the boys?" she asked in concern.

"I heard them leave a few minutes ago. We have a little bit of time before they will be back." He purred into her neck.

Killian kissed his way around her body. Using the hook to trace the path he would kiss. Her blood warmed and moans left her mouth unbidden. He held her still with his hands putting the hook to the side. Then he slowly entered her. Worshipping her body with each stroke. She tried to urge him faster, but he kept up the slow rhythm. He loved to drive her wild before he gave into her demands. His hand came between them and rubbed her clitoris in gentle circles. Entering her fully before pulling almost all the way out, his body entering hers over and over again. The waves of her orgasm came slowly like his movements, before crashing over her. He thrust into her one more time and let out a low groan, taking her mouth in a kiss.

He moved off of her and released her wrists from the unforgiving metal. He had just covered their bodies with the blanket when the door opened. Henry and Tommy stood in the doorway. Emma felt herself go red. Killian's hand stopped her from sliding beneath the blankets to hide.

"Come on guys we are going to be late for the wedding." Henry complained before taking in the scene before him.

"What are you guys still doing in bed?" Tommy asked.

"Uh- I was tired, so I was resting." She blurted, remembering finding her parents in a similar situation a long time ago.

"I suppose Killian was helping you rest. Ugh! Mom we don't have time to make tacos right now." Henry said clearly remembering the same thing she had.

"Make tacos? I thought we were going to Neal and Regina's wedding?" Tommy asked confused and Emma could no longer hold in her laughter.

"Come on Tommy, they need to get ready to go. We will be up on deck." Henry told them before closing the door.

"Make tacos?" Killian asked as his eyebrow rose in question.

"Yeah. Henry and I walked in on my parents a long time ago and that was the first thing that came out of my mouth." She laughed.

"Mmmm, I'm suddenly craving tacos, maybe we could skip the wedding." He murmured his lips trailing a path down her neck. She laughed and pushed him off of her and stood up.

"Oh no buddy, we need to go to that wedding. It would only be right since they came to ours." She bent over and kissed his nose and he pulled her back down to the bed. "Mmmm, well maybe we have a few more minutes to spare." She breathed and melted into him.

"I love you, lass"

"I love you too." She answered.

A/N - Posting this is so bitter sweet. It is how I've always planned to end this story. Although don't be surprise if some oneshots come up from it. I have a few in mind. Angelfan984 thank you so much for offering to beta for me what feels like forever ago. Everyone else thank you for reading the whole story and for sticking with me as I grow. It means way more than I could ever express in words.

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