Summary-Tori always knew that she was different from her family and everybody else. Tori is born with super human abilities and she now knows that she is not from earth but from another planet. Tori as to keep her abilities a secret from her friends and needs to learn more about her abilities and her biological parents and anything else that was kept from her.

Author-This is my first story for Victorious so there might bad grammar, some spelling, and some other stuff too. Yes this is a smallville/victorious story so I don't own them those go to the respective producers and writers ok hope you guys like the story. This is also a different universe ok so Tori grows up in Smallville, Kansas instead of Los Angles California. Don't worry all the characters are going to be in it except her parents Tori is going to be Tori Kent not Vega the rest of the characters are still the same except her. Some of the characters in Smallville is going to be in it too I might follow the Smallville story I'm still not sure though or make it up along the way. Yeah that pretty much sums it up it might suck so again first story so be nice to me please.


On a planet call Krypton there is lady holding a beautiful baby girl that was sleeping in her arms peacefully. This lady's name is Lara and her husband is Jor-el a brilliant scientist on their planet. Lara was sitting and talking with her good friend Kim and enjoying her new born baby girl in her arms.

"Lara what a beautiful baby girl you have." Her friend Kim said looking at the sleeping baby.

"Thank you Kim she's the light of my eyes." Lara said to her very happy looking down at her daughter then back at her friend.

"Have you and Jor-el decided a name for her yet?" Kim asks Lara.

"Yes we picked Katerina." Lara said smiling at her daughter. (If you guys are wondering where I got the name it's from the Vampire Diaries couldn't think of one so I'm using that one.)

"Katerina…that's a lovely name Lara and she's looks a little bit like her father." Kim said looking at the baby girl.

"And she's very beautiful just like her mother." Jor-el said as he walked in the room and Lara got up and walked over to him. Jor-el picked up his daughter from Lara and kisses her forehead.

"Jor-el I thought you were stilling working or finishing up some of your work?" Lara asks him kind of confused but happy that he is here.

"Nothing is more important than you or are new born daughter." Joe-el replied happily. "It's good to see you Kim."

"You as well Jor-el well then I shall get back to my husband then congratulations you two." Kim said and left the two happy couple with their daughter.

"Lara I have to tell you something very important it's about my work." Jor-el said to Lara sounding serious. Lara looks at her husband with a look of concern.

"What is wrong my love?" Lara said confused and a bit scared.

"At first I kept this as a secret because I didn't know how to tell you but-"Jor-el pauses for a second then he continues. "I've been looking into our planets core and…"

"And what Jor-el what?" Lara asks very afraid then she grabs Katerina from Jor-el hugging her very tightly.

"Krypton…our home world is going to self-destruct our home will be no more Lara." Jor-el says. "There's nothing I can do to stop it I'm sorry my love."

"No our child Jor-el OUR Daughter! This cannot be…how did this happen how long do we have Jor-el?" Lara asks sad and scared for their daughter her life.

"A week Lara…a week that's how long we have with our daughter Katerina and I warned the console about what will happen if they continued to miss with our planet's core." Jor-el replies looking at his daughter then at his wife with a sad look.

"I'm sorry Jor-el how long have you known about this Jor-el?" Lara asks as she walks over to a baby crib and sets Katerina in it then looks back at Jor-el.

"A week I'm sorry I didn't tell you my love I just… I just saw you with Katerina and you were very happy. I didn't want to worry you I'm sorry Lara." Jor-el said explaining his reasons to his wife.

"Is there any way we can save her?" Lara asks her husband not caring about anything else except the life of her new born child.

"Yes there is when I found out about this I started to build a pod for our daughter and I just finished it just a while ago. The cornets are locked on a planet known as earth that is where our daughter will live Lara." Jor-el replies then takes her hand and leads her to his laboratory. Lara then sees a pod for their daughter and has a smile on her face.

"Is that the place where your father sent you to teach you a lesson or to find your right of passage?" Lara asks remembering that Jor-el told her about a planet that is call earth. Walks up to the pod and touches it.

"Yes I remember these two lovely couple that help me and I want them to take care of our child Lara." Jor-el asks hoping that she will accept his decision.

"Alright Jor-el may I see these two people?" Lara asks and walks up to her husband also trusting him.

"You may my father invented some sort of portal that will allow us to visit earth but only for a few moments. I also believe that these couple have already passed away." Jor-el tells her and Lara looks at him confused on why Jor-el wanted these people to take care of their daughter if they're already dead. "They did have a child though a son and he's happily married to his wife they live in a small town call Smallville."

"I will like two see these couple Jor-el." Lara asks again wanting to know who these people are.

"Alright my love lets go then." Her husband said and grabs her hand and leads her to a portal and they walk through it and show up on earth inside a cave filled with their symbols.

"Jor-el does anyone else knows that Krypton is dying?" Lara asks him while they started to walk out of the cave and Jor-el leading her to the couple's house that their daughter will be raised by.

"Yes my bother Zor-el he found out right after I did I believe that is all I know. No one else will not believe me after what happen with Zod." Jor-el explains to her and they reached the couple's home. "Hurry my love they can be back here any minute."

Lara looks around the house while Jor-el explains many things about how humans are and how they act. Lara also smelled great food that was being cooked in the oven. Then Lara sees a picture of a woman and she is smiling and she picks up the photo.

"This must be her she'll make a great mother for our daughter Jor-el." Lara says then setting the picture down and then Jor-el tells her it's time to go and they zoomed out of the house and went back to Krypton.

The last day has come thousands of light years away the planet of Krypton will be no more. Lara was holding on to Katerina in her arms rocking her back and forth slowly. Just staring at her beautiful baby girl happy that her angel will live on a different planet and sad that she will not be with her daughter when she grows up. Jor-el was in another setting up the pod for their beloved daughter while Lara was standing there holding their little miracle…Krypton's little miracle.

"I'm sorry Katerina that I will not be with you on this new world that you will now live on. No matter what happens my beautiful daughter know that I will always love you my Katerina." Lara said stilling holding her and looking at the sleeping baby in her arms. Just then Katerina started to move a little bit then she opens up her little beautiful brown eyes and has beautiful brunette hair and looked at her mother. Lara saw her daughter smiling at her and reaches out her little hands to her mother. Katerina wraps her tiny little fingers around her mother's finger and Lara caresses her daughter's face. Lara then kisses her tiny lips then her nose and her forehead after that a single tear came from Lara.

"Lara the pod is ready we have to act now." Jor-el said as he finished the pod and Lara walks over to him.

"I can't send her there. She'll be an outcast, a freak they might kill her Jor-el." Lara said looking at him then at her smiling daughter.

"How? She'll be a god to them." Jor-el said as he turns and looks at his daughter. Jor-el's heart broke into pieces when he saw his daughter smiling at him. Jor-el then takes Katerina from his wife and kisses his daughter's forehead then places her gently into the pod.

"Katerina…" Lara started and tried to keep herself from breaking into tears as she looked at her daughter now fast asleep. "Our daughter...our love...our life. Last Daughter of Krypton..."

"Katerina our daughter and our treasure," Jor-El continued. "You will come to forget our world...and come to love another. You will hold it as your own, and love it with all the passion your mother and I have given you."

"The rays of the yellow sun will give you many gifts," Lara added. "You will be different from the rest of them; some may fear you...some may love you..." Rolling onto her side, the baby girl sleeping in peace, knowing she was loved. "But you must never use your powers out of anger."

"Katerina you shall be earth's savior a symbol of hope for all mankind. With our final blessing, our final apology, we must part ways. Krypton now lives through you...but know you are our greatest of miracles." Jor-el said trying to remain strong and not break down in tears.

"We will forever love you our beautiful Katerina." Lara said with a final goodbye. Then the two activated the pod's shield; holding the baby safe and sound within its blanket of glass and a scent that kept her at peace and in slumber. Soon, the thrusters ignited, filling the building with smoke, and carried Katerina into the stars. Lara and Jor-El surrendered themselves into one another's arms happy and sad for their daughter.

Fires erupted, massive statues and monuments crumbled and fell to the shattering ground, and the sunrise never came. As the pod sped among newly-born stars and worlds, Krypton shattered in a massive ball of volcanic fire and smoke. Within moments Krypton exploded, all that remained of the once-proud, once-promising world were chunks of debris and a field of cosmic gas.

It took about three or four years for the pod to reach earth's orbit and along with the pod huge meteors followed it the remains of Krypton. It was about crash into earth.

In Smallville, Kansas a helicopter was flying over some corn field and the Luther's were in it and Lex's father telling to open his eyes and not be afraid. That he will not make it anywhere with his eyes closed.

Jonathon and Martha drove into town and parked near a flower shop and got out of the truck and went inside the shop. Once they were in they saw three little girls playing around two were dress as fairies and the other was just in their normal clothes. These three little girls are Cat Valentine, Lana Lang, and Jade West playing in the flower shop.

"Afternoon Nell." Jonathon said to the store's owner.

Nell turned around "Jonathon…Martha what a surprise." She said to them. "What brings the Kent's into town today?"

"Tulips please," Martha replied simply. "Red ones if you have them."

"How about a tiger orchid?" Nell offered her.

"No thank you Nell." Jonathon said walking up to the counter. "Martha has her heart set on Tulips."

"Yes well they're a very uncomplicated flower," Nell said going to find the flowers for them.

Martha then looks at the three little girls that are still playing and having fun in their fairy costume well except Jade. Martha was happy at first then became a little bit sad and Jonathon notices this then Nell walks back to the counter with Martha's flowers.

"Hey where are all of their parents?" Jonathon asks Nell looking at the three little girls.

"Oh my sister offered to take care of Jade and Cat while their parents are away for a bit. So Lana had a little sleep over she's happy about that and right now they went to the Homecoming game like everyone else." Nell said and looks at the three little girls that are best friends eating their snacks. "I'm being the good aunt of course."

Jonathon and Martha then said their goodbye to Nell and the three little girls and went back to the truck. Martha sat in the truck staring up at the sky dreamily as Jonathon loaded some bags of seeds into the back.

"I saw that look on your face in the flower shop." Jonathon said as he got inside the truck and looks at his wife.

"Just to see and have a little face of our own…that's all I ever wanted." Martha said sighing a bit then looks at her husband.

"We will have our own one day Martha I promise." Jonathon said smiling at her and she smiles back. Jonathon leans in and kisses Martha lightly on the lips just then a convertible drove by honking its horn loudly. Cheerleaders were sitting on the back waving to the people along the street.

"Hey looks like Smallville won again," Jonathon commented he then pulled the truck out to join the makeshift parade that was driving up and down the narrow strip that was Smallville downtown.

Now just above the earth the meteors also followed by the pod in a fiery decent. The point of impact was Smallville and people will be in danger very soon.

Somewhere in Smallville While Mr. Luther was talking to someone and signing some papers off Lex wonder into the corn fields just looking around. Then suddenly Lex heard a voice and he turned around and started to run then he tripped and fell.

"Hey kid." A guy said Lex then turned around looked up slowly and to see a skinny teenager tied up to the post, a large "S" painted across his chest.

"Help me," the teenaged boy pleaded. "Help me please."

As Lex stared up entirely unsure of what to do a burning trail flew across the sky plummeting in the cornfield nearby. There was a gust of wind followed by a shockwave of dust heading straight towards them. The red-headed boy ran away too frightened to know what else to do. He wasn't fast enough though and the dust cloud caught up to him, knocking him off his feet.

In Smallville downtown the parade had stopped and everyone was staring up at the giant slanted pillar of smoke that had just raced across the sky. Nell came out of her flower shop holding Lana's hand with one of her own and Cat's with the other while Lana hold Jade's hand.

"What in God's earth?" she muttered.

Across the street a young couple got out of their car, "Hi Lana Hi Cat and Jade! " The woman called waving at them.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Lana exclaimed excitedly "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Lang." Jade and Cat said and the same time.

Then the couple joined the rest of the people on the street in looking up at the odd black smoke trail in wonder. Nell looked rather worried and confused. The couple continued to stare up at the sky as a ball of flaming rock came plummeting down directly towards them. The rock smashed into them enveloping them and their car in a giant ball of flame. The gasoline inside the car exploded sending debris everywhere and everybody on the street began to scream and panic. More meteors began to fall from the sky destroying anything in their path and sending the town into further panic.

Outside the flower shop Nell sat on the ground too frightened to move as she held onto Cat, Jade, and the now orphaned Lana who began to cry at what she just witness.

The Kent's were driving back to their farm when suddenly a meteorite hit the ground and blew about ten feet behind their truck. Both of them looked back in horror at what was just happening behind them.

"What's happening Jonathon?" Martha asked extremely panicked.

Jonathon didn't have time to reply as meteorite had just hit the road directly in front of them. Jonathon slammed the brakes but the truck toppled into the deep ditch the meteor had created.

Back with the Luther's

Luther saw the hole corn field disappeared and he was yelling for Lex and found a piece of Lex's hair on the ground and then looked up and saw a shape and he ran over there and grab the corn plants off oh his son then he stared at him in shock.

Lex was complete bold and was laying the scared and shaking.

When the Kent's regained consciousness they realized that their truck was upside down, but otherwise they seemed to be fine. As Jonathon looked outside his window he saw a set of little feet walking towards the truck.

"Martha?" Jonathon asked offhandedly at his wife. Martha turned her head and gasp at what she sees in front of her.

A naked little girl who outgrow her baby blanket bent down to look at the people inside the truck. Both Jonathon and Martha were speechless at the naked little girl that was just squatting there smiling at them. They quickly got out of the truck and wrapped the little girl in a blanket. They began investigating the ditch the meteor had created while Martha was holding the little girl.

"That's ridicules kids just don't fall out of the sky Martha." Jonathon told her.

"Then where did she come from?" Martha asks looking around confused.

"I don't know Martha?" Jonathon said still looking around where the girl just showed up. "But she must have parents." Then they reached a deeper hole looking down into the hole they saw a strange looking object that was half buried.

"Well if she does they're definitely not from Kansas Jonathon." Martha said looking up at the sky.

Jonathon also looked up at the sky and back at the half buried object then at Martha who was already infatuated with the little girl and having happy thoughts about finally having her own child.

"Sweetheart we can't keep her," Jonathon said. "What are we gonna tell people? That we found her out in the middle of a field?"

"We didn't find her. She found us." Martha said looking at her then at Jonathon. From then on they kept the little girl and raised her as their own. They then realized as the little girl got older she developed superhuman abilities.

Well that's the first chapter hope you guys liked it and if not then oh well nothing I can do to change your mind. Took me awhile on how to start this story so yea I hope the first chapter wasn't that bad I tried to make it different. So please r and r thanks for reading.