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Chapter 22

Is morning in Metropolis City and a well dress man goes into a building to meet up with a business man. He goes to the very top of the building, walks in through the door and closes it.

"Killer view." The man in the suit says when he walks through the door. The other man turns to him.

"Good morning Mr. Rickman. Thank you for coming." He says to him while Rickman takes a seat.

"So, what can I do for the center of the environmental protection?" He asks to the other man who was still standing.

"Well I heard your people were down in Smallville doing some work." He says to Rickman while he sits there and listens. "And I wanted to discuss your intentions."

"My intention is to build a new pesticide plant." Rickman explains to him. He sits down and nods at him. Then he grabs a bottle that was on his desk and hands it to Rickman. He looks at him and the bottle confused. "What's this?" Rickman asks him as he picks up the bottle. Inside it had a yellow weird type of liquid.

"That is ground water from the last town where you built a plant." He explains to Rickman and he looks at him seriously, not believing him.

"I find that very hard to believe." Rickman replies still looking at the bottle then looks back at him. "Rickman industries have always had a good relationship with the CEP." As Rickman sets the bottle down on the desks, he looks down at the name tag that was on the man's desk. "Paul… can I call you Paul?"

"No." Was Paul response to him, Rickman looks at him confused. "Tomorrow I'll have a restraining order preventing you from moving to Smallville until every case against you is settled." Paul says with a smirk and crosses his arms over his chest. Rickman sighs and only nods at him.

"That's too bad I…I had my mind set on Smallville. That town uh…it has a special place in my heart." Rickman tells Paul all heartwarming, looking at the ground while Paul stares at him. Rickman chuckles a little bit then looks back at him. "I guess there's nothing I can do to change your mind, is there?"

"I'm afraid I'm not as easy to buy as the rest of the business men." He says to him. Rickman starts getting upset, He sits up a little and gets in Paul's face.

"I've never bought off a soul in my life." Rickman says with a very angry tone. "People listen to me because they know I'm right and when they do,rpbb br they have the best for it."

"Tell that to the 96 cases that have chloride poisoning." Paul says as he gets up and into Rickman's face also and he picks up a file and shows it to Rickman. "And I have tied that to your pesticide plant."

Rickman looks at the file Paul was holding in his face. He looks down for a while then looks back up at Paul.

"Well since there's nothing to do." Rickman begins and starts to walk over to Paul. "I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your work and I wish you luck." Rickman then held out his hand and waited for Paul to give a hand shake. Paul eyes him and his hand for a couple of seconds then decides to shakes his hand. Right when he does that Rickman puts his other hand and places it on Paul's other side of his hand. That's when Rickman's hand starts to glow bright green.

"Now listen Paul, I can call you Paul, can I?" Rickman asks him again then let's go of his hand while Paul looks a little lost.

"Uh…I guess." Paul says as Rickman starts to walk around.

"You've devoted yourself to this job and have a lot of passion for it. And passion hurts, doesn't it?" Rickman says to him while Paul looks at him and keeps on listening. "People don't see how much you devote yourself to what's right, huh. I bet you're afraid you give all that passion to a job that no one even cares about."

Paul looks at the desk for a minute and he says no to him. Rickman then locks eyes with Paul. Rickman nods his head and Paul then says yes. Rickman grabs him by the shoulders and walks him up to the glass window where you can look out into the city.

"Look at that world out there Paul. Is any part of it yours?" Rickman looks at him and Paul shakes his head no. "And you're right. All that pain you feel there's only one way to make it stop."

Rickman looks down and so does Paul, then Rickman looks back at Paul while he continues to look down. Rickman pats him on the shoulder then leaves the room and goes towards and inside the elevator. The elevator doors open, he pulls out his cell phone and starts calling someone. As he walks towards the doors to leave the building, a body comes falling down and lands on top of a car. Everyone outside and inside the building were screaming while Rickman tells someone to bring the car around and tells him that they're going to Smallville.

Tori's POV

Chloe came over to my house today and I was glad. She has been telling me for a while now that we have to hang out, because we hardly ever do. Of course since I'm a nice person I agree to it. So here we are hanging out and watching movies while eating some breakfast. Later on there was someone knocking on the door.

"Tori honey can you get that!" I hear my mom yell somewhere in the house.

"Yeah sure mom!" I yell back at her as I get up, walk over to the door and open it. There standing outside my door was Cat, Lana, and Jade. Ok I'm kind of surprised to see Jade here, Lana and Cat not so much because they always come over.

"Hi Tori it's good to see you." Cat says all happy and gives me a bone-crushing hug.

"Hi guys and it's good to see you too Cat." I say as I hug her back and she giggles while Jade and Lana stand there.

"Ok Cat, you can let go of Kent now." Jade says a little bit forceful and Cat quickly lets go of me. I just look at Jade confused wondering why she got so mad but I shrug it off. "Do we really have to bring her along Lana?" "Yes Jade I want her to come." Lana tells her a bit mad while I look at them confused wondering what they are talking about. "Go with you guys where?" I say as they look at me and Lana smiles at me and I return her smile. Lana was about to talk until Cat began to talk. "Riding of course, through the trail out there in the woods, come with us Tori please." Cat says before Lana gets to tell me and I laugh a little bit and no "Yeah sure and can Chloe come along too? She's here hanging out with me" I ask them and Lana nods and I smile. "Seriously? The nerd is coming along too?" Jade says a bit pissed off. Lana smacks Jade on the arm and glares at her. Cat just laughs, wow Jade must really hate Chloe and I. I start to walk back to the living room and Chloe is still sitting there watching a movie.

"Hey Chloe, Lana and her friends are here and they're asking if we want to go riding with them." I say to her. She looks at me weird.

"Riding?" Chloe looks at me confused as Lana, Cat, and Jade walk into the living room.

"She means riding on a horse. God, aren't you the smart one?" Jade says being mean and I glare at her. Lana then stomps on Jades foot hard. "Ow! Would you stop doing that!?"

"Nope, if you learn how to be nice, then yes." Lana replies back to her smartly and with a smirk on her face. Jade glares at her and starts to mumble while rubbing her foot. I try hard not to laugh but I couldn't contain it.

"Kent, if you don't stop laughing I'm going to pull out my sharp scissors and stab you with them." Jade says with a dead serious look on her face and I see her pull out her scissors from her black boots. I held up my hands up in surrender and stop laughing. Lana shakes her head, then we all get out of my house and I walk towards the barn and grab horses for Chloe and I. After that I walk out and go to where Chloe is and help her get on the horse. We were all on our way towards the woods where the trail was. It was Chloe's first time ever riding a horse and she was having trouble with it. Jade was in the front then it was Lana and I, and Cat was in the back trying to help out Chloe. "I thought driving my dad's old car was difficult but at least it came with wind shield wipers." Chloe says having a difficult time trying to control the horse. She was going back and forth and side to side. I was chuckling as I turn my head and look at her.

"Chloe, you're doing just fine." I tell her while Lana nods her head. In front of us we hear Jade said 'yeah, ok' shaking her head.

"Jadey please be nice. Chloe's doing good for her first time." Cat yells from the back. Lana and I agree with her, but Jade always has to be a gank, I don't know why it's so hard for her to be nice.

"Whatever." Jade replies not really caring as she continues to ride in front of us while we shake our heads.

"So Lana, how is Whitney holding up?" I ask Lana. Lana told me that he was ignoring her. So I decided to go find out what was wrong with him. He told me that his dad was in the hospital and I told him he should tell Lana because she was getting the wrong idea.

"His dad is still in the hospital so he's been working extra shifts at the store." Lana says with a somewhat sad tone in her voice.

"It's tough going through all that, especially running a family business." I say looking at her and she nods. I look back and see that Cat and Chloe are far behind us. Cat was trying to help her control the horse.

"I think he wants to secretly sell his dad's store. He doesn't want to take over once he graduates." I hear Lana and I look at her. She has a bright smile on her face and I laugh, of course he doesn't and I don't blame him, I mean I don't really see myself taking over my dad's farm.

"So Kent, are you planning to take over your dad's farm?" I turn and look at Jade who was still in front of us. I was wondering why she asked me that because I certainly remember her telling me that she doesn't care what I do with my life.

"Honestly I don't see myself taking over my dad's farm." I tell her and she nods while Lana looks at me for a while.

"So, what do you want to do?" Lana asks me. I shrug my shoulders not knowing what I plan to do with my life in the future.

"I'm still not sure. But as long as it doesn't involve a brief case and wearing a fancy suit all the time, I'll be happy" I say and we hear Jade laugh and we look at her weird.

"What's so funny?" Lana asks her, she shrugs her shoulders.

"I can totally see Kent wearing a fancy suit and nerdy glasses." Jade says laughing her a** off again. Lana shakes her head while I glare at Jade's back and I can tell she felt that I was doing it 'cause then she says. "Glare all you want Kent 'cause I'll still think it's funny."

"Hey guys." We hear Cat as she finally catches up to us. We see that Chloe finally has control over the horse. Then she starts to look inside the pockets of her jacket and on the ground. She frowns and Cat is the first one to notice.

"What's wrong Chloe? I thought you were having fun" Cat asks all sad and Chloe shakes her head.

"No it's not that, I drop my camera." She says still sad and Cat pats her on the back.

"Who cares? it's just a f*** camera, you can always get a new one nerd." Jade says annoyed while rolling her eyes not understanding why it's such a big deal.

"Jade, seriously, stop being mean to my friend." I tell her a bit frustrated and she just rolls her eyes at me. Ugh I swear why do I even like her… wait, what? I don't like her, I mean as my friend but… ugh never mind. "Chloe, why did you even bring that thing? I told you to leave it at home."

"Because once you said that we were going to travel through these woods I just had to bring it." Chloe states while we look at her confused wondering what the big deal about these woods is.

"Yeah, that still doesn't answer her question Blondie." And here we go again with the name calling. We all glare at her and she just sits there not caring that we glare at her.

"These woods are like the Bermuda triangle of Smallville." Chloe says excited but bummed that she lost her camera. We just laugh at her as she stares at us. Ah Chloe always doing the tail of the unexplained.

"You take this meteor rock theory way to seriously, you know that?" Jade states the obvious and Chloe glares at her. "Hey I'm just saying."

"I'm serious, people come in and through these woods and when they leave they can't remember a thing. There's been dozens of incidents here for the past ten years." Chloe explains and we all nod because what she is saying is true. Many police officers and detectives could never really explain why these things happen to people once they leave the woods.

"Wow, that's really scary Chloe." Cat says a bit shaken up and Jade rolls her eyes and sighs.

"Whatever let's just go home already." Jade says about to leave until Lana speaks up.

"I'll go get your camera Chloe." Lana says as she turns her horse around and goes to find the camera, Chloe tells her thank you. Cat and her start to go in front of me and Jade. We start riding together slowly so we don't leave Lana behind.

"Your nerd friend is a complete nut about this stuff Kent." Jade says looking at me and I nod 'cause it's true.

"Believe me I know but some of these things are true Jade, you should know." I tell her looking at her serious, remembering that one time where she saw what coach Walt did to Trevor's arm.

"Yeah I know Kent. It's just hard to believe." Jade says serious now looking ahead. I nod at her answer. Then for some odd reason I finally remember something that Jade was about to do to me when she came to visit me.

"Uh Jade?" I start and she looks at me, raising an eyebrow. "That um…day you came to visit me in my barn… uh… what were you trying to do?" Jade stares at me for a couple of seconds then she begins to talk.

"Tori… I was going to sho-"suddenly she stops talking 'cause we both hear a high loud pitch scream from the direction where Lana left to get Chloe's camera.

"Lana!" I shout but I couldn't get off my horse and use my speed ability to get to Lana faster because Jade was there. So I start to ride my horse fast to where the scream came from. I hear a second horse behind me, someone must be following me and I'm guessing it's Jade because she also heard Lana scream.

I see two bodies nearby and I get off my horse and start to run in that direction as fast as I can. I get closer and see Lana on the ground unconscious and a man hovering over her. He has his hands on her shoulders and looks like he's shaking her gently but I still didn't like it.

"Hey you! Get away from her now!" I shout, he looks at me for a second, then gets up and takes off in the woods.

"Kent what happen?" Jade asks as she sees a guy running. "Who the hell was that? Did he hurt Lana?"

"I don't know Jade." I reply as I walk over to Lana and kneel down to lift her head up gently. She wakes up and sees me and gives me a small smile, I return the smile then helped her up. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lana says while I look off in the direction where the man took off.

"Hey look." We hear Jade and we turn to her and see her pick up Chloe's video camera. We see the red dot blinking, most have been recording. "Looks like it's been recording, maybe we can find out who that guy was." We nod at her and we walk back over to where we left our horses and ride back home.

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