I do not own Soul Rescue. This is an AU High School: Soul Rescue Campus. This chapter is in Toi's Point of View.

A Eventful Valentines Day

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Currently, I'm stirring a large pot of chocolate. Vinny is smirking and holding up a heart shaped chocolate with white frosting saying 'To My Sweet Renji'. I know he added some sleeping drugs into that chocolate heart so that the taste would be masked by the sweetness of the chocolate. The rest of the chocolate is ours and we are not sharing it with anyone.

"I'll wrap it up." Vinny commented and a smirk still on his lips. The wrapping was black, tied with a grey bow, and a red tag reading 'From: A Sercet Admirer'. The large pot of chocolate is almost done.

Vinny finds Renji interesting. He calls Renji...His toy, his wild angel, his angel, and that Renji is his to mess with...and tease.

"So what is your plan, Vinny?" I asked him and his smirk gets wider.

"To get rid of my feelings towards him. I figure if I violate my sweet Renji's body that these feelings will go away...they are driving me crazy..stupid hormones." Vinny stated to me. "Anyway, He'll eat this chocolate...he'll feel weak and sleepy...I'll tie him up and then I violate him until I don't want to anymore."

My jaw nearly drops at Vinny's words. He has feelings toward Renji? Oh, He meant the hormonal kind of feelings...No wonder why Vinny has been more snappy lately. Hopefully, He gets it out his system.

"Oh, yes..I'll violate my dear sweet fight loving angel." Vinny commented and he places the wrapped chocolate heart into a dark red bag.

"So you are going to blind fold, gag, and tie him up...after the chocolate makes him sleepy and weak." I said to him.

"Correct and Toi if you want you can watch." Vinny informed me. He walks away, bag in his hand, and he closed the door behind him. I was briefly torn between staying with my chocolate or following after Vinny. My stomach lost. My hormones won and I follow after Vinny.

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