I do not own Soul Rescue. This is an AU High School: Soul Rescue Campus. This chapter is in Toi's Point of View.

A Eventful Valentines Day

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Renji has been placed on top of the bed by Vinny.

"So...What happens now." I said to Vinny in a hestiant voice and he tilts his head to the side.

"A few weeks ago I placed some items inside of his closet. It is quite messy in there. So it's easy to hide stuff in there." Vinny informed him. I briefly wondered what he could have placed in there, but I got my answer a few minutes later. Vinny opened up a black backpack...

Item One: A Skimpy Maid Outfit
Item Two: A Cock Ring
Item Three: A Black Silky Blind Fold
Item Four: A Gag
Item Five: Strawberry Flavored Lubricant
Item Six: Nipple Clamps

"No condoms?" I asked simply.

"Renji is a virgin so he doesn't have anything." Vinny said to me. "Help me get him into that skimpy maid outfit."

I helped Vinny undress Renji and we put him in the maid outfit. Vinny took out his cell phone, snapped a photo of Renji, and he smirks. Renji is wearing only that maid outfit.

"Hey, Toi spread Renji's legs so I can get a really good photo." Vinny stated firmly to me and I nodded my head.

"Yes, Sir." I said to him. Renji is still in a deep sleep.

"We will use the blankets to tie him up and keep him from leaving the bed." Vinny commented. It didn't take long. Renji starts to wake up, his eyes half-lidded, and completely confused.

"So you finally wake up my sleeping angel." Vinny said while smirking and he firmly grabs Renji's chin. "Now the fun can finally start."

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