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Fiona sits on the couch in her apartment. Its been nearly two weeks since she walked out on Sam when he told her to treat Michael better. She hasn't contacted anyone. Instead of working, she has been going to the loft each day and sifting through the rubble to see if she could salvage anything of her former home. Everything, except the snow globe that Michael gave to her when she came to Miami, is destroyed. She manages to find an antiques dealer who specializes in snow globes, who cleans off the soot and grime. He also replaces the glass dome and adds water with some glitter, restoring her snow globe to perfect condition. Fiona takes the snow globe and drives over to Maddie's.

"Madeline?" Fiona calls out.

Maddie comes from her room and puts a finger to her lips. "Charlie is napping." Seeing Fiona standing in the sun room, holding a snow globe, she smiles and asks "You look like you are a woman on a mission. What can I do for you?"

"I need to find Michael." Fiona looks around the room and questions Madeline. "I don't see his stuff here. Is he staying at Elsa's hotel?" Fiona asks.

Looking at the woman she considers to be a daughter, she motions to the couch. When both are seated, Madeline speaks. "I don't know if I should tell you where he is living. The last time you were here, Sam told us some pretty hard facts. Instead of listening to him and trying to understand what he was saying, you got up and walked out of the house. I haven't heard from you in two weeks and you've ignored my calls."

Fiona pulls her legs under her and says "Maddie, I…"

She is cut short by Maddie. "I'm going to be blunt. If you can't be nice to Michael and at least support him, then you can't come around. Michael is so strong, tough and smarter than all of us combined but we seem to forget that he also is the most fragile of us and when he breaks, he shatters in hundreds of pieces. He needs protection. He needs love. Can you do that? Can you put the past behind you and give him what he needs?"

Fiona takes the snow globe and shakes it, causing the glitter to swirl about the glass ball. "Do you know what this is?" Maddie doesn't answer. "When I first came to Miami, Michael gave this to me. When we torched the loft, I wanted to bring them with me but I couldn't. After I walked out on you and Sam, I ended up going to the loft. I walked around, sorted through rubble and found this snow globe. One of the first things Michael gave to me in Miami was the only item to survive."

Maddie watches Fiona shake the snow globe again, watching the glitter fall around the dolphins. "It wasn't the only thing to survive." She takes out a piece of paper and writes down Michael's address. She slides it across the table and sees Fiona's eyes grow wide. "He bought a house. Its a fixer-upper and he's been working on it day and night. If he asks how you got his address, don't let him know I gave it to you."

Snatching the paper from the table, she takes her snow globe and his address. "Thank you Maddie."

"Don't hurt him. I know you are upset still, but be gentle." Maddie pleads.

"I forgot how much I loved him. I promise I will never hurt him again." Fiona says as she walks out the door. Getting into her car, she places the snow globe into a box filled with tissue paper. Taking a few deep breaths, she drives away from the house, not sure what would happen next.

Fiona arrives at the address Maddie gave to her. The house is small and painted white. She grabs the box the snow globe is in and walks up the sidewalk to the front door. Fiona turns the knob on the front door and gingerly places one foot inside. She looks around but doesn't see anyone. "Michael? Are you here?" She asks. She gets no answer. Setting down the box, she pulls a pen and paper from her purse.

She walks into the kitchen and sees Michael in coming into the house through the back door. He stops for a moment then heads to the kitchen sink where he washes his hands. He finishes and dries his hands. He turns around and stares at Fiona.

"A little birdy told me you live here, so I brought you a housewarming present." She sets it down on the small rectangular kitchen table. Fiona looks at Michael staring back at her. His arms are folded and his eyes are narrow.

"Michael, say something!" Fiona pleads. Michael says nothing. Fiona's anger reaches a boiling point. She begins to yell. "After everything we've been through, you are just going to stand there and not even give me a response?"

Michael shifts his position, but remains quiet. Fiona continues to yell. "I've been warned over and over to be nice to you because of what you went through. No one, not even you realizes the sacrifices I made for you. Does everyone forget that I went to jail for you?"

Michael has heard enough. He raises his voice, not quite yelling, as he answers her. "I didn't forget you went to jail. You want to talk about sacrifices, we'll talk about sacrifices. I gave up any hope of a future with you when I shot Card. I made the damned deal to keep you out of jail. You think I could live with myself knowing that you were locked up again because of what I did? I went through that pain once before and it nearly destroyed me. Working for the CIA gives everyone freedom. No one has to pay for my sins."

"In what world did becoming a pawn for the CIA seem like a good idea? You knew you would never be free from them again!"

Michael tries to control his emotions but is failing. He shouts at Fiona "You don't get it. They took everything from me Fiona! Nate is dead, my career is shot to hell and I am here alone."

Fiona realizes that Michael doesn't understand the repercussions of his decision. She softens her voice, but there is still a hardness to her tone. "Michael, the CIA used you. They drove you to do everything you did, they didn't think twice when you took the deal Strong gave you and only took notice that something was wrong when you tried to kill yourself and ended up in the hospital." Fiona notices that Michael's expression changed when she mentioned his suicide attempt. "You realize that you almost died, don't you? We came to take you home, but we all thought you'd be in a coffin"

Michael's breathing changes and he feels a lump in his throat. "Being dead would have been better."

Fighting the tears that were forming in her eyes, she tells Michael "Don't say that! It wouldn't have been better for any of us. You have no idea how horrible it was for us seeing you lay there and not be able to help you."

Michael frowns and his voice wavers. "Sam has Elsa, Jesse and you have your jobs and my Mom has Charlie. I have nothing."

Fiona moves closer to Michael and corrects him. "You have me. You have Sam, Jesse, Maddie and a nephew who worships the ground Uncle Michael walks on." She puts her hand on his cheek, and is surprised when he leans into her touch and kisses her palm. She lets a few tears fall from her eyes, when she feels his tears on her hand.

She remembers she has the box for him. Wiping her eyes, she smiles and says in a cheery voice, "I got you a housewarming gift." She hands it to him and nudges him to open the gift. She watches him pull the snow globe out of the box. He shakes it and watches the glitter fall.

Slowly Fiona explains "Sam talked to us after your breakdown. I was so angry that I didn't want to listen to him and I walked out of the house. I drove around and ended up at the loft. I tried to see if anything survived, but I didn't find a single thing that wasn't ruined. When I was leaving I saw this in the corner. I took it home, cleaned it up and got it repaired." Looking into Michael's eyes, she added "If this snow globe survived the fire, Riley's team ransacking the loft and being unattended while we've been away, I thought if a snow globe could survive all that, then why couldn't we?"

Michael puts down the snow globe and take Fiona into his arms and kisses her. He plants his fingers in her hair, both whispering words of love, regret and need. Leading her through the house, they eventually make their way upstairs where they spend the rest of the day reconnecting.

Later that night, Michael leaves to get take out dinner from Carlito's. Fiona wanders around the kitchen, trying to find where Michael stashed his tea bags. She hears the door open and and someone walk into the house. Thinking its Michael, she comments without looking "That was quick."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Sam growls, noticing that she is wearing Michael's t-shirt.

Fiona rolls her eyes. "Sam, everything is fine."

Her words are no comfort to him. Instead he lashes out. "On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst possible thing for Mkey, this is a twenty. He doesn't need you coming in here and messing with his head. You should just call it a night and go home." He grabs her purse and keys, hands them to her, hoping she gets his message.

Fiona puts her belongings back down and points a finger in Sam's face. "Don't tell me what to do Sam and don't presume you are the only person who knows what's best for Michael! I came here and we talked."

"It looks like you did a little more than talking, Fi!." Sam retorts.

Before Fiona could comment, Michael surprises them both. "Enough! Sam, I want her here."

Sam spins around and tells Michael "Brother, I know you love her and all…"

Putting down the bag he was carrying, Michael explains "Sam, I know you want to protect me, but we talked and we're fixing things. Its ok. Go back home to Elsa. I'll call you tomorrow."

"You say you are ok, so I'll go." Looking at Fiona, Sam says "If you do anything to hurt Mike, I swear to God I'll be your worst nightmare." Sam turns around and leaves.

Fiona, seeing Michael staring at the door, wraps her arms around him and says softly "He cares so much about you Michael. I promise I'll be good to you."

Kissing the top of her head, Michael coos "I promise I'll be good to you too." Looking at her with a gleam in his eye, he asks "Why don't we put the food in the fridge and head back upstairs?"

Taking his hand and pulling him along, she tells him "I thought you'd never ask." They climb the stairs and spend the rest of the night entangled in each others arms.