A/N: Really nervous about this one... This idea came to me and I gotta say this is probably the darkest thing I have ever attempted to write. I'm not sure where it even came from. Figured I would write as much as I could when it came to me so I could get it off my chest. Four remotely short chapters in total. Let me know what you think?

Beth kept quiet as she followed Daryl into the woods equipped with one of the machetes. She had been the one to volunteer and go with Daryl this time since Rick made it clear that they weren't allowed to leave the prison alone. Not with the threat of the Governor still looming out there somewhere.

She had been stuck in the prison for some time now since she tended to Judith more so than anyone else lately but Carol took over for her. Beth needed to get some fresh air and stretch her legs. After all, Daryl didn't mind her coming along. He had shown her how to be stealthy and how to effectively kill walkers. Even if he seemed like the last choice Beth would ever take, he was fairly patient with her when he taught her. Then of course Glenn, Carl, and Rick had helped her as well. She was still a work in progress though. Everyone needed to be able to defend themselves now in case something was to happen.

Not that Beth ever suspected anything would happen. At least not unexpectedly.

Daryl had been tracking a deer while Beth tried to pick up all of his actions and take a mental note of everything—the way he walked, the way he held himself, the way he was reading the trail that, quite frankly, Beth found difficult to follow. It made it easy to admire Daryl's skills once anyone had gone out hunting with him.

They probably only made it half a mile or so before the ground just seemed to cave from under Beth's feet. Her scream pierced the air as she fell. Daryl came to an abrupt stop and turned around after hearing Beth's scream from behind him. He heard a small cough, realizing then that Beth had fallen into some kind of hole. A hole someone had purposely dug and apparently covered to some extent for Beth to have fallen in.

Daryl raised his crossbow and scanned the area briefly, nothing in view but trees and foliage. He cautiously approached where Beth had fallen, keeping a mindful eye of where he stepped and still making sure there wasn't anyone around. He felt a tad paranoid but there wasn't much else he could really do other than get Beth out of there and head back to the prison.

It obviously had to have been from the Governor. Who else would be running around out there that close to the prison creating traps?

"Ya alright?" Daryl leaned over the hole to see Beth still on her bottom as she slightly brushed herself off.

"Yeah." Beth worked her way back on her feet while rubbing her back.

Daryl glanced around one last time before he got down on his knees and set the crossbow down behind him out of the way. He dug his left hand into the ground to use as a grip as he lowered himself down and reached his right arm out for Beth. She gratefully grabbed his wrist and he in turn grabbed hers before she latched her other hand onto his arm. Beth dug her feet into the dirt and clay, trying to climb up the best she could with Daryl's assistance.

But when Beth glanced up at Daryl, he wasn't alone. He hadn't noticed her eyes locking onto the Governor directly behind him, growing wide with fear. She slipped out a gasp, "Daryl—"

Daryl noticed the look of terror on Beth's face then as he released her and she fell back down into the hole with an oof. He made a grab for his knife on his belt, made to turn around to face whatever threat Beth had seen, but was met with the butt of an assault rifle to his temple. He blacked out as his body hit the ground, ultimately leaving Beth defenseless as well as himself.

"Daryl!" Beth screamed but she already knew it was no use. She had seen the Governor smash the gun into his head and knock him out cold. She was alone in the woods, trapped in a seven foot deep hole with a machete. She backed up as far as she could but the Governor paid no mind to her. Instead, the Governor had picked up Daryl's crossbow and examined it as though he were going to keep it for himself. Or test it out.

He nodded down to Daryl with the bow still in his hands as he took a step back. Martinez came into view at that point and slid his arms underneath Daryl's, picking him up just enough to drag him to wherever they had planned.

"Get her." The Governor instructed his other henchman, his voice calm and collected.

The towering black male walked over toward Beth and reached down to grab her. He succeeded but Beth wished he hadn't. She preferred being trapped in that hole compared to what these guys could do. And once she was back on solid ground, she gave it her all: she kicked, pushed, clawed, and bit. She broke free from his grasp long enough to pull the machete from its sheath but he grabbed her wrist and twisted it painfully, making her drop the weapon and losing all hope with it.

Beth looked to the Governor and met his stare, his eyes glinting back at her maliciously as he cracked a smile.